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Customer Reviews of “CAO Flathead”
“I recently had the pleasure to enjoy the Camshaft (Robusto) prior to them being released on CI or most B&M. I actually won this cigar along with some others. Anyway the CamShaft is a great little cigar that will last you 45-50 mins. Very rich in flavor with a ton of smoke output. Get your hands on a couple of these.. You will be glad you did. Caution: do not try to cut this boxpress, some you can get away with... Not this one.”
KW of Houston, TX
“I tried the piston size and enjoyed it a lot. Nice smoke volume with a blue tint. The cigar had a nice sweet tobacco flavor and a nice aroma. Second third of the stick was great. The flavor really picked up. I smoked it until the last two inches and ditched it. I used a pocket knife to cut off the cap. A cutter may cut too much off with the square cap. Love the size and box press. I would recommend the Piston, but I plan on picking up some of the other sizes in the future. I always enjoy CAO cigars. I also like the box and presentation of this line. Recommended.”
EG of Wilmington, NC
“My wife ordered me a 5 pack of the v462, Excellant Cigar, well made, and a great smoking pleasure, the taste was excellant. Will buy again. Jim Brasby Sr”
JB of New Port Richey, FL
“I have enjoyed the Flathead 660 and v554 with several of my smoking buddies and we all give them high marks for their long lasting burn. The flavor is consistent throughout the smoke and deserves to become a measuring stick to other full bodied cigars.”
“Smoked the Camshaft on Christmas Eve and was pleasantly surprised. This thing is a smoke-stack full of peppery hardwood goodness! Great smoke for those that like full bodied sticks. The construction was excellent and this thing produced a 2 inch ash before I accidentally bumped it off. The extreme box press feels a bit strange at first but you get used to it once this puppy starts putting off incredible amounts of delicious smoke. This was actually my first CAO as I typically try to avoid "big box" cigars, but after trying the Flathead out I must say that CAO nailed it. I will make this my full flavor go to!”
SB of Oak Ridge, TN
“I bought a 5 pack of 642 Pistons recently. I'm normally a Churchill smoker, but this lancero size is a nice change. Very oily wrapper...kind of veiny, but nothing objectionable. The flavor is great. They're rich, toasty and earthy sweet. The wrapper seems to contribute a great deal to the flavor with this smaller ring gauge. I liked these so much that I bought a box, and sent a 5 pack to my brother who now enjoys them as much as I do. Give these a try. Oh yeah, be prepared for a tighter draw than you may be used to, as these are pretty tight.”
“The CAO 642 Pistons are terrific. The CAO Brazilia 5-Pack freebie was terrible... all five wrappers cracked within the first inch of burn... old dried out poorly constructed whatever... no freebie just a pain in the butt!!!”
RG of Biddeford, ME
“a very nice full bodied smoke...I like the fact that it's a big fat honkin cigar chewin while I smoke em”
JH of Lanexa, VA