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Maestro Burl Humidor Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Maestro Burl Humidor”
Very nice humidor (Maestro Burl Humidor), just perfect for the size cigars I smoke ( 5.5 x 44 ) when I unpacked it I noticed the humidor was much darker & richer in color almost a reddish brown not like the photo at all, plus there was no circular guide for placing the distilled water disc, just the velcro tape which works fine, It arrived in a double box and upon inspection I found it to be flawless, another great deal from C.I.,,,I will buy another down the road,,,Thanks again.
This humidor has a solid, hefty feel to it and I'm sure it will do it's job off keeping cigars safe from dry air, dust and light. I am a bit naive when it comes to reading between the lines, but when I read that this is a "handsome burl humidor", I envisioned a burl veneer and not a printed on burl design. But then, I'm the guy who has a shelf in his garage with a collection of olivewood burl that's awaiting the right project. That aside, I am pleased with my purchase; it was certainly worth the price and I look forward to puting this on my bookshelf as a new home for my cigars.
AA of Redlands, CA
This is a gorgeous humidor! I don't know what I was expecting for only $30, but this humidor blew me away. It's well made and closes very snuggly. It's seasoning at the moment but I can't wait to fill it full of tasty maduros... I would highly suggest this to anyone wanting a humidor to store their cigars at home or at work. I can't say it enough... Beautiful! Oh, and be ready to ward off the ladies trying to talk you out of it for a jewelry box!
SF of Booneville, MS
Nice item. I will use it for the robusta size.
I love my new humidor, my only issue is the ring gauage of the sticks I smoke won't allow me to get anywhere near 50 cigars...Oh well I guess I'll have to buy another.
JD of Detroit, MI
just like in the picture....NO COMPLAINTS
PJ of fort washington, MD
Great humidor. Once seasoned, this humidor holds humidity and temperature great. The only down side is that it only holds 50 cigars!! About time to get a bigger one!
SG of Marshfield, MA
This purchase was one of my better deals. It sits well and performs like a trooper!
AB of Oklahoma City, OK
About what I expected.. Holds humidity well and easily passed the dollar bill test.. outside finish at first, looks lovely but after a second look it seems a bit unrefined with unfinished edges. I'd recommend this humi for anyone not looking for an exclusive show-piece. For the price it's a great deal to keep your gar's ready to smoke..
SD of McKees Rocks, PA