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Puros Indios Viejo Reviews

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Overall Rating 4.27 out of 5 Based on 15 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Puros Indios Viejo”

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5 out of 5
Puros Indios Viejo Toro
I love this brand, and CI pretty consistently has them at great prices. A really nice balance of flavors - right in the middle of the mild-strong continuum - and consistent craftsmanship. Not too densely wrapped, so they don't take forever to smoke, but not so loose that they burn up in an instant or fall apart before you're done. Nice in several other shapes and sizes (though the Gordo was inexplicably harsh; couldn't figure that out). Heard awhile back they were going out of business, but clearly CI still has some. Hope it wasn't true!
5 out of 5
Great cigars and service.
Great all around!
3 out of 5
Let em rest
Purchasing a fresh bundle didn't bring a smile. The taste is off but I'm not going to fault it right now. It's pneumonia. That tells me the leaf is still green and fermenting. I know with more rest, this cigar will turn into the sweet bliss I used to know. Yes, the bunching is loose but that doesn't bother me. I hate tight draws anyway. I'm putting these to rest for a year or more. I'm sure they'll come out shining brightly at a later date. Fact is, at this price, I may buy a few more bundles and let em to bed.
3 out of 5
Not Bad but
Loosely rolled and poor burn on more than half of the bundle. Flavor was good but construction issues let it down.
5 out of 5
Great cigar for the money
Ditto great cigar for the money
4 out of 5
Great smoke when I can get it!
Great anytime of the day. Normally, good burn and draw, very consistent.
4 out of 5
Good smoke at bargain price
A smooth relaxing smoke. Nice medium flavor for spring enjoyment.
2 out of 5
Not burning evenly. Acts more
Not burning evenly. Acts more like a ' sandwich' of cuttings instead of long leaf.
5 out of 5
Great Smoke for price
Hard to find and always good smoke from my past. So when I find I buy some.
4 out of 5
Puros Feedback
Good draw, but don't burn evenly, compared to the last batch I bought.
4 out of 5
Good cigar and value ...
Good steady cigar. Smoked these for years. Occasional burn issues. When these cigars are set down for a nice nap, they really shine.
5 out of 5
Buy it, age it and enjoy a fine everyday smoke.
Ok so there are a bunch better cigars out there. But this everyday affordable is well built, smooth draw and has more of earthy level of taste. But here is the kicker - keep these in your humidor for a couple of weeks and they become a really great smoke for the money. A little of that home aging seems to make the Indios come along as a much more expensive tasting cigar.
5 out of 5
great cigars
These cigars are just the right blend for my taste and the price makes them an excellent value.
5 out of 5
Puros Indios Viejos by Rolando Reyes
This was my first experience with this cigar. I blindly bought a bundle of twenty, and smoked them for the few that I shared with friends. Jamastran tobacco isn't for everyone, so I wanted their input on the cigar as well. The wrapper felt like velvet; this is a cigar that one could tell had been aged for quite some time. According to the catalog description, the filler (and possibly the binder and outer wrap) had been aged for around six years, so when they arrived, I felt they were ready to smoke and didn't need much, if any, extra time in my humidor. I lit one up as soon as they arrived, and could tell they had enough aging time within the first inch of ash, which is nice compared to receiving them and having to let them rest. As my herfing friends and I experienced this stick, we all concluded that these were delicious smokes, with the Jamastran filler having a taste unlike any cigar we'd had before. The first third had a sourness that wasn't unpleasant and backed off just before the second third, where a creamy smooth flavor and aroma took over. In my opinion, this may be why there aren't very many cigars on the market that use Jamastran filler; most avid smokers don't expect a cigar to start off with sour notes. I, like all smokers, have my "go-to" sticks, but also like to change it up from time to time. Neither I nor my cigar smoking friends had a problem with the first third. It was a newly welcomed experience. Not a single burn or draw issue in the bundle. The sticks felt loosely packed, which I concluded was due to the long aging process. Each could be squeezed on the foot without fear of tearing the wrapper. A very different, yet pleasant smoke indeed. The second third brought out the innate flavor even more. Soft on the palate, the Viejo filled the room with a surprising sweetness that made these a joy to smoke. During the final third, strength picked up a bit without losing the sweet flavor. Creaminess was still present, and the cigar remained cool; it wasn't a lip burner. With this blend, you won't have to sacrifice smoothness for strength. While being quite a different smoke in terms of taste, it was a truly enjoyable smoke with no burn or draw issues. If you are looking for consistency and something a bit out of the norm, I highly recommend the Puros Indios Viejo.
5 out of 5
Puros Indios Viejo Corona
This is a favorite, not overpowering, and it goes great with a glass of red wine while working on my crpytograms and sudokus.
Customer Testimonials
Enjoyed them. Good cigar for the $. Would buy again.
Like many others that have written reviews on Puros Indios, I am a true fan. I have a lot of cigars, I love cigars. Almost all of them cost more than the Puros Indios. That is why Puros Indios is the perfect daily smoke. It tastes great to me, burns well and I can save my money to buy more cigars for my humidor. Perfect.
This a a very decent cigar. Not great but good. These cigars are regular and burn well. For the price these are a great buy.
Great eveyday cigar. Just wish they stayed in stock.
I was fishing on the North Platte two days ago with my 3 rather large nephews. Halfway down the river I pulled out some robustos and passed them around. Overheard another boat full of fishermen remark, "Those cigars smell awesome!" These are great cigars- my taste buds aren't anywhere near as sensitive as the staff dude who thinks these babies turn bitter and then turn back again- I have never noticed ANY bitterness in these, and I always smoke them until my fingers burn. Will definitely order more.
The staff review hit it right on the head.......bitter, tasty, bitter, tasty....all the way through. Smoked it 1 day after receiving a five pack. Gonna let em sit for a while in the humi and see what happens. Construction, on the other hand was flawless. Razor sharp burn, tight ash held on for almost 2 inches. No attention needed whatsoever.
OMG, I am brand new to cigars in everyway with the small exception of the gift cigar every once in a while. I got the Gurkha sample bag and have smoked the "Beauty" first for all of the good reviews. Although the Beauty was good, dare I say not where near as good as these steals. Its not to weak yet not to strong. I wil for sure be buying as many as I can before they are all gone. Thanks CI. :-)
I bought a bundle of the Bronco Natural on a weekly special WOW what deal! after a cpl months rest theses are awesome tasty cigars, smooth, good construction a real pleasure to smoke.
I didn't like these at first, but after a month in the humidor I warmed up to them. I now smoke these after work to unwind. They last me a good hour and provide nice flavor to a cup of strong coffee although the smoke is too harsh for my lungs and I find myself having to wave my hands to clear the smoke from my face. Decent cigars at a really great value.
I couldn't wait for the Puros Indios cigars to be delivered. It is a budget priced cigar so my expectations were not very high. It starts off a little green, but after a while mellows right out. I am sure it will improve as it ages in my humidor. It compares favorably with many of the more expensive cigars. I would rank them in the top 10 of cigars out there. Try them. I guarantee you will not regret it especially if CI continues to offer them at a bargain price!
Fantastic medium-bodied cigar! Puros Indios provides a smooth, creamy, almost vanilla, type finish on the palate. Great smoke for the price!
Awesome cigar from the first toasting stage!! The cedar, tobacco and vanilla cream soda flavors just overwhelm and linger down to the nub. The whole bundle performed just a great and on many, the ash held for almost 3 inches before breaking off. Wow!! I knew Rolando was good, but this goes beyond the call of duty. Will definitely be a staple of my humidor from now on.
Smoking one right now as I write! If you're a regular cigar smoker on a budget, the Viejo has it all. Great taste and not too strong throughout, burns well at a nice price. My neighbor even enjoys the smell! It also does well on a golf course. You won't freak out if you lose it in the leaves b/c you can fire up a new one. Enjoy!
Stumbled onto the Puros Indios Viejo in a sampler and was surprised at how good they were. Then I bought a mazo of twenty Coronas for $35 that came with a torch lighter worth twenty bucks. Deal of the century. I can't remember when a better cigar was available for less. These are already a staple in my humidor. They are a "celebration day" smoke at an everyday price. You can afford to hand these out, but you won't want to. When I am trying a new cigar, I compare it for quality and value to this one. None have come all that close. I like to hand one of these to my $10 per stick boutique smoking buddies at the cigar shop and ask them how the Puros Indios stack up. Surprising well. Three mazos of twenty purchased so far and no duds in the lot. They compare well to the moderately priced Oliva Series G maduro in flavor profile at a fraction of the cost.
Received a bundle today of natural robustos, great smoke.
A great tasting cigar, not a bad deal for a bundle. Downside - This cigar burns uneven and I've been told its due to the hand roll. This has happened with a number of different orders of these Indios Puros, I've watched friends have the same problem during their smoke and I have to admit its a bit of a deal breaker for me.
Cigars can be an expensive lifestyle. For us guys on a budget I think this is the best cigar you can buy for the money. As a matter of fact I think it is better than most cigars that are priced two or three times more. I recommend it as an everyday cigar. Try the Viejos Double Toro.
Picked up some of these "natural" wrapper sticks on sale the other week. The wrappers were about 1/2 a shade of green away from being Candela, and tasted like it. If that's what you like, great! I was hoping for a little more body.
I dont know what you guys are talking about. I definately prefer the private stock after trying that. I regret buying the puros.
A stalwart in my boxes. You can't go wrong here. Great blend, construction and aging for this price. Long live Rolando Reyes !!!
I will just say you get what you pay for on this one. Very happy with my purchases from CI but this cigar really has no taste. Hope they get better with time.
Grabbed a bundle on the weekly special. Just arrived and burned my first one. Very smooth enjoyable smoke at a steal of a price. I prefer a med to full smoke and this was definitely on the low end of the medium scale but a nice draw and lots of smoke. Good to the end. Will be back.
I got a purios indios viejo in the brown bag sampler. Great draw and even burn. Nice spicy bite and lots of smoke. Will order more.
Good smoke. Great value. Med-full flavor. Med strength. Could be smoked daily, but also good enough to be enjoyed as a treat. Yeah, you could spend $6 on a better smoke, but these are plenty good.
Smoked this one in churchill size on the way to work this morning. I received this in a sampler and after a week in the humidity it tastes great. Its not spectacular symphony of flavors that will knock your socks off or anything but it is a good and pleasant smoke. I could see this being a good everyday mellow smoke for me. It is definitely worth giving a try especially at this price point.
Just came in from enjoying a toro maduro. Overall it was a good experience, my first with this brand. Wrapper quality was questionable and I had to cut a little extra so it didn't unwrap in my mouth. (Maybe an inch worth?) Other than that it was quite pleasant. A mild smoke with a good burn. Had about a 2" long ash till it fell. Not my first choice in a cigar by any means, but nor would it be the last.
I used to want to be a rock star. But now that I smoke the PI Viejos I'm too relaxed to bother.
I like all the Puros Indios cigars, but this one is fast becoming my favorite. Even though it is a budget priced cigar, it compares favorably to some more expensive offerings from Puros Indios...I like this one because it has a more...well, "earthy" quality to it. What I imagine American cigars were like in the 19th century right down to the rough construction and clouds of white smoke! Can't go wrong buying a bundle or two at these prices.
I like all the Puros Indios cigars, but this one is fast becoming my favorite. Even though it is a budget priced cigar, it compares favorably to some more expensive offerings from Puros Indios...I like this one because it has a more...well, old fashioned "earthy" quality to it. What I imagine American cigars were like in the 19th century right down to the rough construction and clouds of white smoke! Can't go wrong buying a bundle or two at these prices.
These cigars start out earthy with pepper and leather and end creamy with still a peppery note. Lacking in depth flavor I feel they need to sit and marry in the humidor. However I finished the first right out of the bundle satisfied. Quite an unique cigar with lots of smoke and for the price I feel they are they best bundle of cigars yet, competing with other top quality cigars. Like their cousins, Cuban Aliados, they are hard to describe but somehow enjoyable. I will buy these again and I prefer medium to full flavor.
As my interest of cigars have been growing I have decided to help others pick the right cigar for them by rating every one in my collection. These are my opinions and are not meant to be taken too critically. Scale 1-5 Wrapper: (3) Decent I suppose Taste: (3) What you would expect Burn: (3) Pretty decent burn Feeling: (3) Ahhh, lifes good A perfect 3! Aka, a all around good cigar, nothing really special about it, but no real flaws!
Nice easy burn, good draw, creamy smoke about ahhhh an hour smoke, pleasant, nice aroma, not to strong. constructing at the tip of the cigar was flaky but may have been because of shipping.
So many cigars taste alike and are not memorable. These are unique, and I like them. Yes, the burn isn't always great as the construction is questionable at times, but the flavor is great and nothing in this price range is as enjoyable as these.
I got some of these on sale not long ago and the flavor is GREAT for the price the only issue I have is that the construction is lacking in several areas. I have had several start to unravel after about 20 minutes of smoking and the draw is so loose sometimes its almost unsmokeable. I have a fix for the loose draw, I use the smallest gauged punch cutter I own and that has helped alot. These are really good for the price.
awesome cigar!!! On my 2nd bundle of toro maduros and I'm sold. C.I. is the only ones i've found that carry P.I. for anywhere close to this price. Only problem- like them so much that can't even smoke my "premium" cigars w/o wishing it was a Puros Indios Viejo.
You talk about deals! I'm one of the biggest deal hunters on the face of the earth! If it's cheap and above all a tasty smoke then you can bet that I'm trying to get dibbs on it. I've tried just about all of Rolando's line of bargain priced beauties and Puros Indios Viejo is by far my favorite! I can't believe how smooth this cigar is! Not to mention the taste! Now I've tried some premium and super premium smokes and let me tell you these babies come close if not go toe to toe with the best of them. WOWWWZAAA!
I tried the Toro Maduros. They have a decent burn, and a pretty easy draw. They tend to stay cool pretty close to the nub. To me, the taste is kind of one dimensional, but I do like it for a good "yard gar." I will order more of these.
Ordered 6 x 52 Toro Madoro. I think this would be a good cigar while riding a lawn tractor, fishing trips, golf outings, etc... A better cigar in this price range would be the Bahia Toro Madoro.
Very Nice!! An effortless draw with a cool burn right down to the nub. My wife made the comment that it didn't 'burn' her nose. She wants these as regular smokes for her to enjoy with me. I loved the flavors that were not overwhelming yet enough to enjoy a mild smoke. Only down side is that it doesn't last as long as some. I will most definately make these a main stay!
I've tried these in three sizes and have ordered 8 to 10 bundles. For my tastes, the toro is the best. This cigar has an almost effortless draw and the construction is consistent. I have more expensive cigars in my humi but this one doesn't take a back seat to any of them with regard to taste. PLUS, they are excellent right off the truck.
Nice smooth smoke. Got it in the brown bag special, great deal. I gave it a good 7+/10 overall, with a nice earthy texture, and a bit of sharp 'mocha/java' flavoring. great down to the nub. It gives you a nice smooth smoke with lots of great flavoring. The ash was a little flaky and it burned just a bit uneven but nothing that an novice smoker can't easily keep lit or burning smooth. I was really surprised when I tasted this one, I wasn't expecting it's subtle flavors.
Wow, got this in the brown bag sampler, just lit it up...stunning! Its not the prettiest girl at the prom but boy it has a great burn,smell(cuban smell) and is rich and full flavor in the mouth. I cannot belive the price. Buy 2 bundles and enjoy.
I had this one sitting in my humi for a month. To be honest, I was a bit skeptical. Glad I waited since it came "out-the-box" soft and supple- in perfect condition. My only 'constructive criticism' is that it burned a bit fast and uneven: took me half the time to smoke as other sticks and I was constantly having to ash, which was a bit annoying. All in all, though, this is a quality, soft 'gar offering tons of thick white smoke and a pleasant taste throughout. A great pick for parties, the beach, boardwalks/theme parks, etc. This is one you'll smoke right to the nub!
Wife picked up a bundle of the Media Coronas for me at just a dollar a stick on sale. I mean for this price not such a huge gamble so, I wasn't expecting a whole lot. They are GREAT! Yes, there are a few construction issues here and there but so are there with cigars costing 10 times as much. Starting off mild but quickly deepening to a medium body as you get into the 2nd third, these smokes are extremely satisfying. Decent draw with a good amount of smoke. Wonderful flavor: a little earthy, leathery, quite yummy. I should have begged her to buy 2 or 3 bundles for this price! I see why they were voted No.17 by Cigar Aficionado in 2006. Holy Crap! A top 25 rated cigar for just a buck a stick...I have to go to Confession for stealing :) Been dealing with CI for a few months and could not be happier with their service! This is where you wanna get your smokes, man! ...and on the 7th day Don Pepin said "Go on, take a break, I got it from here"
I remember smoking these at an event a couple years ago and they were darn tasty then too!! I hesitate in writing this review because it will only encourage purchases, thus deminishing supply. Long ashes!
I bought a bundle of 20 Toro Maduros at a very low price from CI. Had not tried the Maduros until the order arrived and was extremely pleased with them. In fact, several of them had bloom upon arrival, which means they had been aged perfectly. This is something that Puros Indios Viejo does very well - aging their cigars! For less than $2 a stick I would highly recommend this purchase.
I was looking for an everyday cigar when I happened upon these. Suffice to say I am very pleased with this cigar. It's consistent with it's flavors and ran smooth to the very end. Alas, I am no longer looking for an everyday cigar.
I don't really agree with most who have reviewed this cigar. I bought a bundle of these trusting the reviews but they did not live up to the expectations. They are a little too earthy, a couple burned very hot. Not pleased.
Absolutely the best cigar for your money. Rolando Reyes does not know how to make a bad cigar.
Medium and smooth all the way to the nub. Lots of flavor, well made. Great smoke for the money.
This is a wonderful example of a well made, good tasting cigar that is affordable enough to smoke on a regular basis. I don't have any cigar smoking buddies to impress with outragously priced cigars, I smoke what I like, and this is definately one of my regulars!
This is a dang good cigar, got 2 in a sampler that had many of the other cheapie brands, and this one stands at the top. While some of the others wasn't shabby you could still tell you where smoking a cheap cigar, wheather it was in the feel, or the flavor. These however feel like any other premium, and have a taste all their own. Mild and buttery smooth these are, and I'm sure glad I tried them cause I'm actually craving a cheap cigar, and thats just dandy...
A very fine mellow Churchill. Lasted through a long walk in the park and a perfect compliment to an espresso afterwards. Enjoyable all the way down to finger-burning level.
I'm one of those cigar smokers in the first camp: I think Don Rolando practically walks on water. This cigar is a lovely thing with a pleasant pre-light aroma and a lot of excellent flavour. What does it taste like? A good cigar, that's what it tastes like. At any price this is an excellent choice. CI makes it simple for us....