Man O' War Virtue Toro 5-Pack Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Man O' War Virtue Toro 5-Pack”
“I'm an aficionado who has had a life change returning to the cigar hobby after a 10 year sabbatical long time lover of fine food, wine & my cigar pallet starting with mild-medium body...this MOW Toro was a recommendation from a mentor...beautiful wrapper, good hand heft, nice easy draw with billowy clouds of tasty smoke, cool & even burn...its now a part of my regular humi rotation!! CI's 5 packs, special offerings, daily deals and overall discounted prices keep premium stix & accessories within the price point for all us little guys !! THANK YOU CI !!”
SB of Fontana, CA
“Smooth, even, mild and tasty. Everything this cigar promises it delivers.”
NG of Fabius, NY