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CI's Fat Camp Super-Sampler Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “CI's Fat Camp Super-Sampler”

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There is not a bad cigar in this. Do I need to mention the ridiculous price? Nah.
Great selection of cigars at an un-beatable price! You gotta try these...
This sampler is a no-brainer. Total quality throughout and each brand presents it's own unique flavor profile. These fat bastards are the right stuff.
I was pleasantly surprised at the consistent quality of all in this sampler! Flavor, draw, burn and pleasing aroma/flavor. A superb deal for the dollar. I will definitely order more of these fat little devils! Keep 'em coming CI, you've got a friend in me!
I'm a fan of the "short and stout" cigar so this is a great sampler for me. They keep tweaking the line up and I'm a bit bummed about losing the Ave Maria previously offered in this sampler, but I've been wanting to try the new Shorty Rossi offering, so it's got that going for it. The Obsidian and the Diesel are a couple of outstanding cigars and the Nub Habano has been a favorite for a while.
I am ordering more.... Enough said
Great cigar at a fantastic price....
This sampler was backordered for the past couple of weeks, and lo and behold it pops up yesterday so I snagged one of them while I could. Sure enough, I come back today and it's backordered again! How about that price. too? The Ave Maria, Nub, and all those great smokes. What a fantastic deal.
I just received this sampler in the mail today and couldn't be happier with my purchase!
Love this deal. This is my 3rd time getting it in the last 3 months. My only gripe, and this is a small gripe, is that sometimes the Nubs are a little hard to pull. Obsidian is quickly becoming my top everday smoke. Kudos to CI for this deal.
I have hesitated to write a review on this sampler for selfish reasons, I have now tried one of each of these fine fatty's and I'm in love with the Fat Camp Sampler. Each and every cigar was amazing, my personal favorite was the Ave Maria closely followed by the Obsidian which had impressively sweet and spicy transitions, and tons of thick smoke. I'm sure that's no surprise to anyone who has tried them. If you haven't tried this sampler you owe it to yourself to try it!
Guess im the only one who received this sampler with a NUB missing and replaced with a cuba libra?? I don't think so CI. Thank god for their easy return policy and helpful customer service reps.
Very good cigars.... However...................... The cigars that are in this package are all very good cigars and I enjoyed them as much as I could but there some problems with them. I like the Obsidian cigars a lot and was happy to see three of them in this sample but all three of them had problems with the wrapper. The cap on the first one I had literally went to pieces when I tried to cut it and I couldn't leave the wrapper on because it covers most of the cigar. By the time I was halfway done, I had lost the entire wrapper. The 2nd Obsidian did the same. The third one lost most of the cap before I even had a chance to punch or cut it so I tore the band down a little so I could keep it in place to hold the wrapper together. I had a similar problem with one of the Diesel cigars as well. I understand that a lot of these samplers are put together out of partial boxes but realistically, people will stop buying them if problems like this continue. Outside of these problems, I really enjoyed these cigars. I was very impressed with the Ave Maria which I had not had in the past. I plan on getting more of them in the future. I hope also that the problems I had with the Obsidians were a rarity since these are usually awesome cigars. I will order this sampler one more time to see if the problems I had are still an issue since the price is so good.
Everyone of these fat fellas are excellent, thank you.
Love the FAT camp size. Love CI's samplers. I've had enough NUB's to know what they are all about. Love the Nub's and thought....why not try others?. This is an amazing sampler. The Diesel's make no excuse for what they are...simply punch you in the mouth full strength sticks....great smooth draw an beautiful ash. The Nub's are just militant in their construction and flavor. Just beautiful. I was blown away by the Obsidan! What a AMAZING SMOKE! Just creamy and beautiful. Smooth draw, huge smoke, amazing medium to full smoke this was....blown away. I was hugely disappointed by the Ave Maria.....perhaps this was not their size? Poorly crafted. Wrapper kept peeling away and bland flavors. The Cuba Libre was a lovely smoke. Huge smoke, great flavors and even draw. At the end of the day...........GET THIS SAMPLER!!! GREAT VALUE and tremendous smokes!!!!!
I have purchased this three times so far in the last 12 months. These are great smokes at an even better price! The Ave Maria and Diesel are really awesome and I have purchased a whole box of each since trying this sampler. Thx a bunch CI and please keep this offer going!
Great group of cigars for the price. I have purchaed from other catalogs and have been disappointed. But CI has best selection and price, they also ship to maintain the quality. This is a MUST for a new buyer wanting to try various brands.
Great bunch of cigars. First obsidian, I am a fan. This is a great buy. Don't miss this.
Amazing smokes... Quite a price for such great smokes
Wow, what a great sampler....Thank you CI for offering this! All were worth the money, but two stood out as a champions...I loved the Ava Maria and Diesel cigars... they stood out as as very fine cigars with a great draw and very fine smoke and aroma. They are very full of flavor, inciting the taste buds....very relaxing as I leveraged my limited time to enjoy. I am ordering more of these beauties for my humidor! Thank you CI for offering these 60 ring samplers!
Ordered and recieved! These things are great. Not a bad cigar to pick from. I only regret how long it takes me to pick which one to smoke!
A great selection of full flavored cigars for when you only have 30 minutes or so to smoke. I've smoked a few of each and they are all solid! The Nub & Diesel are leading the pack, but the other 2 are also great.
All fantastic! Great smokes, especially the NUB Habano.
Awesome sampler, first and second time. There will be a 3rd 4th etc....
It has all been said but I concur with all the great reviews. Price, quality, smoke-ability, and size, all checks. I have purchased five so far and will continue till the deal is gone.
Great choice and a great deal for exploring new cigars. I love the bundles!
I enjoy the short and fat cigars, so I gave this sampler a shot, and I was glad I did. Unbeatable price, highly recommend!!
A great package to sample some great cigars! I found a new favorite in the Big D!
Great selection of some excellent cigars. I can't wait for it to be available again.
This is a great sampler. It helped me find which wrapper and filler I liked and didn't like and it was in the ring gage I typically go for. Worth the purchase.
Always a great product, fast shipping and we never have any problems. Thanks!
This sampler pack is the bomb! The Nub's are my favorite of the bunch. I will definitely be buying this again. Hope to find some under the tree this year also!
This package is everything the reviews say it is... great smokes. I've smoked three fattys and my concern was with the cigars being shorter they would smoke only for 30 mins but not so. Today I smoked one and made it last 1 hr on average an easy 45 minutes-1 hr smoke. I will buy it again.
My husband's favorite sampler; I love the price, he loves the brands!
Overall good sticks. Got me hooked on Ave Maria.
This and the Nub sampler are easily the best I've had, and by far for the price. The Nub Maduro is fantastic, and sits happily with the Shorty, the Obsidian is kind of an odd-man-out with its sweet offering, the "Brute" has an almost absurd burn time and all four are just great cigars -- but the Ave Maria kinda ended up being my special buddy out of this bunch. I had just smoked some cigar I absolutely hated, or rather, thrown it away after a couple minutes, and one draw off the Ave Maria and I just melted into my chair. These are good cigars, these are what's worth spending 10+ USD a week on, and spending a few hours out of that week doing. I love this sampler, and recommend it to anyone who likes a medium or full-bodied cigar. If you only like lighter ones. . well, then no. But only in that one case :P.
Good every day smoke. Can't beat this price per stick.
Nice for a quick smoke. Decent variety. Good for the price.
Great I'll do this again.
Great price for great cigars. Ci always ships fast and has great deals
Very good quality I will be back for more
Sign me up for Fat Camp - I am fat and proud of it. I love all of these dark rich fat boy flavors.
It was the best bday gift i got this year!
Loved everything but the Cuba Libre. The NUBs and Diesels were my personal favorites.
Great fat chunky sampler at a skinny price!
After trying these I've decided that fat is the way to go, not one bad cigar in the group.
Great sampler. All top quality fatty's. The Ave Maria Ark of the Covenant was a great surprise for me. I will buy more for sure!
This is a great value on solid smokes. For all you duck hunters listen up. We shoot in flooded midwest corn fields--often in blinds but many times sitting on marsh seats in a few inches of water. A nub is the perfect cigar for duck hunting. The short size does not break down. In the cold a longer cigar wrapper will crack and unravel Not fat boys. Also--if you have incomings h you can drop the nub in your jacket pocket---shoot---and pull the smoke out without burning your coat b pocket. The reason this sampler is perfect for duck hunters is---well we some times drop a good smoke in the water. At these prices it does not sting as much to see a perfectly good smoke drop in the mud just when a few Drakes came in. I pay almost twice this at my local shop. Love CI.
Great price for some really good cigars. I am finding that I like the shorter fatter cigars (I used to burn mostly robustos) and after having some longer big ring cigars (Black Markets and extraordinary larry) I wanted to try some shorties. The Fat Camp was the ticket! I am hooked on these guys. I must say the Nica Libre was a surprise, and the Ave Maria and Nub were as good as expected. I only have the obsidian left to try. all have been great so far!
ummmm yea....if you're reading this you better buy these amazing tasty treats
ummmm yea....if you're reading this you better buy these amazing tasty treats
3 - Cuba Libre 'The Brute' (4.5” x 60) All of the ones I received burned poorly pitting a lot overall 3 out of 5 for good flavor. 3 - Ave Maria Ark of the Covenant (4.5” x 60) My favorite of this pack 5 out of 5 stars really good and could turn into a daily cigar. 3 - Diesel Shorty (4.5” x 60) I love these but I prefer the Unholy cocktail a little more. The increased ring gauge causes the flavors to change in my palette and towards the end of the cigar I get a bitter taste. Liked it overall 4 out of 5 stars. 3 - Obsidian Gordo (4.5” x 60) Really enjoyed this cigar it's my 2nd favorite of this pack. Burned clean to the end and the flavor never changed. 4 out of 5 stars. 3 - Nub Habano 460 (4” x 60) I like nub's overall and Habano is one of my favorite wrappers but these seem to have the flavor turn when you get 50% into the cigar which makes the last half for me a little less enjoyable. Overall good cigar though 3 out of 5 cigars.
Love it, can't believe those short chubby cigars last long like they do and taste great.
What can i say about this sampler. I started off with the obsidian and it was great! it got better and better as it went down. Nice spice and nuttiness. Lots of smoke too, which is something i like. Then i had a Nub and it was amazing (Nubs are probably my favorite cigar). Then i had the box press Cuba Libre which was fantastic also. I'm about to light up the Ave Maria and then later i will try the Diesel shorty. So far so good. A great sampler for the money. Thanks again CI.
As always CI delivered not only on time but with quality and care. By far my favorite sampler loved the taste of the AvaMaria
GREAT package deal for the price
Awesome cigars!!! Haven't one yet that I don't like.