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Royal Tradition Humidor Reviews

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Overall Rating 4.63 out of 5 Based on 16 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Royal Tradition Humidor”

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5 out of 5
Quality humidor
Fine quality humidor. Beautiful craftsmanship, and holds a perfect 72% humidity with ease. Holds the perfect amount of cigars for my needs. I would highly recommend this humidor.
5 out of 5
Good humi for the price
Well built. Some one said the humi-care humidifier only had a few beads I'm it. I must have got his beads. Poured my distilled water on it and it busted open had to pull the foam out of the one it came with. Now I got two humi-care humidifiers. So far so good
5 out of 5
Very good
Excellent customer great product
5 out of 5
Amazing Gift
This was a gift for a very close friend and he was thrilled with it. He indicated it is a beautiful work of craftsmanship. Thanks also for getting it to him before his 60th birthday. I will definitely use you guys in the future
5 out of 5
Very happy
I had to Fix the bottom . it was pushed out . Other then that I like it
5 out of 5
Royal Tradition Humidor
Have only had for a matter of weeks but impressions so far are it is a nice, solid humidor for the money. Seasoned very nicely using Boveda & so far is holding a steady 69% with 4 69% packs in there. At this point would definitely purchase again. Another great purchasing experience with CI.
5 out of 5
The craftsmenship was fantastic
I reviewed a lot of humidors and although this was a little bigger than I wanted, it is beautiful. What an exquisite gift for Father's day, the finish is perfect and the workmanship of the box is great. Recommend this one.
5 out of 5
Beauty meets function
This humidor is a piece of artwork. Great finish to the wood. No flaws or gaps in the seal. Seasoned with no issues. And the packaging is well done to make sure the customer gets what they paid for.
5 out of 5
Excellent holds humidity and keeps
Excellent holds humidity and keeps my cigars fresh.
5 out of 5
Royal Traditions Humidor
I have two of these and they have been great. Keeps humidity at 70%, easy to season wiped down with distilled water and was ready in one day. I use the Humicare X-10 humidifier one works most of the year, in winter I use two. The included hygrometer was easy to calibrate and works great. No need to spend your money on a digital one. Very satisfied!!!
5 out of 5
very nice!
Great Humidor. The look and finish is exactly what i was looking for.
5 out of 5
Royal Tradition Humidor
The humidor is roomy and gorges looking. It seasoned very quickly and is working great.
5 out of 5
Quality Humidor
the Royal Tradition humidor is very nice and high quality craftsmanship. It was seasoned quickly and hold the correct humidity very well. It is spacious and keeps my smokes perfect. I use it to age my cigars and the deep bottom works well for this. Thanks CI for the great recommendation.
2 out of 5
A fixer upper
I originally bought his humidor because I loved the look of it, I wanted to something bigger, it got decent reviews. When I unpacked it, I noticed the inside seems of the lining had a fairly big gap between them. I unpacked the hygrometer to calibrate it and it literally fell a apart in my hands. Then I decided to check the lock, the mechanism jammed on me and wouldn't turn after trying to lock it a second time. I called CI customer service and they sent me a replacement and return slip, kudos to them for great customer care. I checked the new one for the problems I had with the last one that I received, the interior panels with nice and snug and the hygrometer stayed in once piece. However, the lock didn't even turn this time around. I ended up taking the plate off and dropping a little oil in there and managed to free up the lock. All in all, it's really a nice looking humidor, seasoned well, seals tightly (once locked) and it holds all my cigars (for now). I was expecting a higher quality humidor, I wouldn't recommend this to a friend or potential buyer.
5 out of 5
Great humidor
This is a thing of beauty. This humi seasons fast, keeps your sticks at a perfect 70% when you put the extra 5 bucks in and get the Humi care X 10 unit. As with any analog hygrometer, throw it out and replace it with a digital. The other reviewer who gave this humi 2 stars apparently has never owned a larger humidor. No humidors will hold 100% of the sticks claimed because of the new found love for big ring cigars. This is a top notch humi with the cedar planks across the bottom to keep air circulating under your prized cigars to keep them in top shape. Again, top notch humidor sold by a top notch company with top notch customer service. Great job on this one CI.
2 out of 5
Looks nice, but not exactly what's described.... Read and see
Humidor although looked big and beautiful on the outside, was not as big once it was opened. Not much if at all larger than the 75-100 stick humidor I was replacing. I have to say inside cedar is nice, and seasoned relatively easy. Locking mechanism is terrible and half the time does not latch and lock correctly. Humidifiers as well as analog hygrometer that came with humidor would not stick to lid, and therefore kept falling on my sticks, causing the ones who came in contact with the humidifier to be completely ruined. Lastly as you see I did the combo and purchased the humidor-care humidifier with the humidor. BIG mistake. Not only is it. PIA to charge, it does not hold the charge very long. I finally opened the element to see what was inside, just a cheap piece of screen and maybe 20 "humidifier balls" which barely when charged took up 1/3 of the whole element. Feel real ripped off, and forced to order a different element just to keep my box at the correct RH. Probably last time I'll order a humi offline, I'd rather see it in person. Not worth the headache trying to return for a refund I'll probably keep and use for a overflow humi.
Customer Testimonials
Excellent transaction, Cigars International, with super fast shipping, beautiful packing. Congratulations. The humidor: elegant, solid construction, very very nice, and fantastic.
I've had this humidor for about a month now. It looks good. The fit and finish are great. It is significantly better at holding in the humidity than my old humidifier.
Have had it for about two weeks now and it's maintaining about 72F and 72% RH. Good seal. Bad humidifiers that don't stick. Same with the internal hydrometer. Recommend the humi-care humidifier deal. I have about 60-70 cigars with the tray installed and it's about 75% or more full.
I love this Humidor. It was delivered quickly and took no time to season. Once seasoned, it keeps the humidity perfect on the top and the bottom. I had trouble at first with the hygrometer and the crystal humidifier, but CI always stands by their products and shipped me out news one right away. Now with them installed, I am able to keep the humidity perfect on the top and bottom shelf. A must have for your home.
This humidor is awesome. Keeps humidity and looks great doing it. No useless external hygrometer deal with either. Looks so good, it even got compliments from the wife. Get the bundle w/ the one, blue humidifier. That and a good digital hygrometer and you're all set.
This is a beautiful humidor. Holds humidity VERY well. I don't leave my humidifiers in there very long or it over humidifies. I seasoned it as per the instructions and kept the top shut and locked for a week. If you are looking for something a little bigger than the standard 100 count this is great, but don't expect it to hold anywhere near the claimed number unless you smoke coronas. The exterior is made of hardwood, or a great imitation and I can't tell the difference. It's heavy and a great looking piece. Looks great on a mantle or on top of a dark wood table. I'd rate in a solid 8 out of 10. Only thing keeping it from higher rating is the capacity.
Well, I used the Humi Care Seasoning wipes one time, then filled the humidifiers and Humi Care Black Ice 8oz crystal jar to season the box. After only one day, humidity was holding at 75 percent. I waited two more days, humidity stayed perfectly the same. I had to remove the Black Ice jar sections since they were a little too tall to use in the upper tray. I was able to put 90 cigars in the box, mostly 50 gauge toros and churchills with some Gurkha Centurion Perfectos. After one week, humidity holding at about 68 percent which was what I was shooting for. I am not planning on smoking anything in this box for at least a month, preferably two so they can start reaching the perfect maturity. This is an excellent humidor and should be on everyone's Christmas Wish List.
I needed a larger humidor to stock all the specials I have been buying lately, too many good deals to turn down. I got this humidor and several accessories in only a few days, priority shipping is well worth the extra few dollars. I was really surprised on how heavy this humidor is!!! It is very solid, well constructed and looks great sitting on my desk right here by the computer. The included instructions say not to wipe down the interior with water that might cause warping of the wood. They say to use the shot glass full of distilled water method along with the humidifiers getting soaked and installed, then let the unit absorb the moisture untill reaching the desired humidity. I got some of the Humi-Care seasoning wipes, so I think I will do a combo job seasoning this unit. I will use the shot glass method, but will also give the interior a light wiping tonight and again tomorrow. I will review again when I get the box stabilized. This is one great looking humidor, and will be stocked with my best cigars that I want to age for months to come. Thank you CI for having this great unit in stock, shipped right away and arrived in tip top condition.
This is by far the best humidor I have owned. As stated here by others, glue down the gauge and humidifier base plates. They will fall off within a day. But other than that minor detail I recommend this box to any serious cigar person. Don't waste your money on the cheaper ones first, only to end up with the best. Get it now and save yourself the hassle. This is the humidor.
Wow, Shipped with no damage and what a beauty, Seasoned in a day and is staying right at 71 degrees and 71% humidity, Well constructed and just love looking at it. using 2 HX10's with a digital guage.
Just got this humidor... It's a nice unit with a great seal. The cedar trays are fragile and I immediately broke one handle by picking up the tray on one end the first time. Not a big deal as I won't be using trays, but if you get it beware. Also, the humidification units and hydrometer don't stick well so you'll need to apply some super glue, again not a big deal. All in all, it's worth the $... Good capcity with 2 trays and 3 dividers which provides lots of flexibility for arranging your sticks. It's a great looking piece and well constructed, got to 65% humidity in under 24 hours.
Just received my Royal Tradition and it is really a nice unit. Well constucted and tight. I replaced the issue humidifiers with the Humi-Care HX10's and issue hygrometer with a digital unit. The unit was seasoned in under 24 hours and was back to the desired humidity level in under 30 minutes after stuffing it with 95 cigars in the 44-52 ring size. 95 is going to be the max cap on the larger ring sticks and that is without using the tray. If I need more storage space in the future I will purchase another Royal Tradition rather than a larger capacity unit. This is really a great quality unit for the price.
Beautiful humidor. Great seal and top quality all around including the hinges. This humidor easily hold 110+ sticks depending on size. You will not be disappointed if you get this humidor. As always CI ships it in perfect condition and offers great customer service.
Good humidor! Looks good and after proper seasoning this box works well. Very low maintenance.
This is my second humidor. My first one was very high maintenance maintaning the RH. This is a good looking box and holds a lot of sticks. Properly seasoned and this box really maintains RH with very little work. Great product. Highly recommend it!