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Berkshire 200 Humidor Reviews

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Overall Rating 5 out of 5 Based on 1 Rating

Customer Reviews of “Berkshire 200 Humidor”

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5 out of 5
I've had two other humidors
I've had two other humidors before I bought my Berkshire humidor and none of them compare!Top quality!!
Customer Testimonials
I have been using this humidor for about a year now. Compared to every humidor I have ever bought this is by far the best one I have. In terms of quality it's spectacular. It is incredibly sturdy with no crafting flaws. I have no issues with any of the paneling or seals. Everything comes together perfectly. It's so well built that when you let the lid fall you can feel and hear the air cushion it creates when sealing. I've had no issues maintaining humidity levels and temperature. I quickly swapped out the analog temperature gauge for a Humi-Care electronic one along with changing the floral foam to a Humi-Care Gel Beads Humidifier. I only need to refill the humidifier once a month. You can even stack stuff on this with no worries. It is that strong. The latch is also very tough and you can put a nice lock on it to keep friends or kids out of it. In short, when you lock it up no one but you is getting in it. I don't use the top tray but I did use the three dividers that came with it. I can divide my regular smokes from those I'm aging very efficiently and the 200-count storage allows me to keep a decent amount of cigars in-stock. If I had to I would buy this again. The only place to go from a humidor like this is a cabinet humidor. You will not be disappointed with this humidor.