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Humi-Care XG1000 Pro Humidifier Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Humi-Care XG1000 Pro Humidifier”
Yes! This is exactly what I wanted. It is 110(120) volt. It plugs into a flat tape or ribbon wire that slides through any door or lid. (Think of a ribbon). No drilling necessary. The water reservoir slides off the bottom and is refillable. These are questions I had before I purchased. It works perfect. Moist cigars (YES!!)! I wish I would have purchased this 15 years ago. It is worth the money.
The Humi-Care XG1000 Pro is perfect for larger humidors or cabinet units - this is a big unit. It’s easy to setup and the ribbon wire allows you to place it on any shelf. I’ve had other electric humidifiers and this one is by far the best one I’ve used. It’s very easy to slide the top off the reservoir for recharging. As I said, this is a big unit -- it takes about ¾ of a gallon to initially charge. When it can’t humidify due to low water, an alarm will sound. Mine went off when it reached about 64%. Besides providing constant humidification, the lighted digital display makes it easy to read through a glass door. The wire remote is perfect for converted coolers. An extra fan can be added for more circulation. Most of all, this unit is very quiet. The whisper fan comes on and in a minute or two the humidity is back to where you set it. Well worth the investment.
CC of Norton, MA
Too large for my 4-level humidor. Must return for a small model
KR of Goodyear, AZ
I highly recommend this for a cabinet humidor. It is user friendly and most of all, very quiet during operation. It has a nice digital display for humidity levels and an alarm for low levels of distilled water. Excellent for my collection of cigars. It is a great investment for the humidor. I am very happy with it.
EW of Virginia Beach, VA