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Guillotine Cutter Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Guillotine Cutter”

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The standard Double-edge Guillotine Cutter...does the job nicely, doesn't cost a lot and mine has been with me for quite some time including Afghanistan (sandy conditions) and still works great. It even works better than another cutter that is more than twice the price that a friend of mine has. He can keep his shiny finish, I'd rather not have cap problems.
I see no problems with this cutter at this point. I have chopped the tips from five cigars with it, and thus far it has done a good job. It seems sturdy and sharp, and chops smoothly! I would recommend it to other new cigar users who are just starting this hobby, and don't want to sink a ton of money in all at once.
This by far is the best cutter I own. Better than my $20 $30 cutters. And it survived my last deployment don't waste your money on the expensive cutters.
I have always been disappointed by expensive cutters. After using these for a few months I threw the expensive ones out. These dont break wrappers as much as all my spendy ones.
It cuts cigars. I've used better, but this is awesome for the price.
Cheap, but does the job! Good for an extra in car or work place.
It is what it is. meaning it does its job. It can be a little clunky to use at times, and i'm not an extreme fan of the triangularish shape of the holes where you put your fingers, but it does what it is supposed to do, is pretty sturdy and has a good price. I would recommend this if you aren't extremely picky about how you cut your cigars, or if you are on the go and like to have a backup cutter or something "just in case" you get your hands on an unexpected tasty treat.
Good cutters for the truck or on the go.
Bought this with a sampler pack and works great. Good price. Would recommend.
Inexpensive and effective. Gets the job done every time!
Works nicely. Low price and was happy enough to buy two. I recommend that everyone else does the same. Buy one for yourself and another for a friend.
Double edge, you guys ain't kidding! Sharper than a katana blade on steroids, have decapitated a few sticks with it and many more in the future to come, great price, cuts better than my other name brand Guillotine Cutter, thanks CI.
Dulled on me pretty quick, should've spent the extra few bucks and got the stainless steel one at first
Ok for the price. Good to use as a spare.
Does ok, but flimsy.
For the price, it works really nice, nice cut and doesnt tear the wrapper at all.
Nothing fancy, but it gets the job done.
Feels a little loose and a bit flimsy, but does cut great and smooth.
It's okay, doesn't cut as well as I would like
Simple inexpensive cutter. The blades are sharp and held closely together to give a clean cut.
These things work well and they're cheap. Which is good because I keep losing them.
Perfect cutter, inexpensive and works every time. Clean cut. Far better than the single guillotine.
not received with with order, called CI toll free and item shipped next day...mistakes happen!! when received they cut clean & straight...will be getting other cutters as my collection grows! 2 for $7.95 typical CI sizzler...THANKS CI !!
Works as it should.
Slow and steady wins the race, as the saying goes. These cutter's get the job done every time.
Great for smaller rings...