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Biarritz 3-Finger Cigar Ashtray Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Biarritz 3-Finger Cigar Ashtray”
“A must have (Biarritz 3-Finger Cigar Ashtray) for your cigar collection!”
DT of Blacklick, OH
“Just a warning to keep this ashtray inside as it is made out of pressed wood. If you're an outdoor cigar smoker and you leave this out on a table where it gets rained on, it will bulge/crack and look like a homemade pile of sawdust and fail.”
JW of Spokane, WA
“this thing is awesome. (Biarritz 3-Finger Ashtray) well designed, this ashtray provides three separate specially shaped cigar trays, while providing a solid brass bowl for their remains. beautifully finished, with classic colors combined.”
MK of Salinas, CA