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Cigar Bobken Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Cigar Bobken”
The Cigar Bobken is the best invention I've found. I got mine to use in the golf cart. Got smart after having had too many $15 sticks roll of the floor and have to go back and hunt for them. It fits nicely in the drink holder easy to reach but out of harms way. So good I bought two more as gifts for cigar puffing golf buddies. Rate it a 10.
Wonderful ashtray for people on the go. Have mine mounted on my truck door for easy use. Keep the cab relatively smoke and odor free. Now need a new one for the shop
This thing does the job. I use it everyday in my work van (shhh.... don't tell the boss. LOL) It keeps the smell down and now I have a place to set down my cigar when I arrive to my service call.
Excellent value and works great. It doesn't fit well attached to my door/window on my F150 (too close to the steering wheel for me) but it works well in my built-in cup holder on my dash!I recommend it to anyone.
JF of Oconomowoc, WI
The little hook thing on this is wonky. I've yet to find anything it hooks on very effectively, but as a drink holder ashtray, it's great. Definitely a secure way to plop down your stogie when you need to execute some maneuvers in traffic.
LF of Saint Paul, MN
Works well. I think I'm going to get the Xikar Ashcan though because the top of it can be closed.
WW of Hamilton, VA
Took this little guy golfing with me over the holiday. It was great when I was in a cart as it kept my sticks safe while I swung at balls. When I used a pull cart, it even fit into one of the holes in my bag so I could still use it. Definitely worth the cash as it will keep your sticks safe while you enjoy your time outdoors or in the car.
This is great! Have to get one for the other truck.
My first bobken arrived incomplete. I contacted CI customer service and they sent a new to me free of charge and within a few days. The Bobken is absolutely perfect for that long drive/smoke. CI is the best and remains my #1 choice for cigars and accessories. -GB
This works great in a golf cart or out on the beach! Easy to use and easy to discard ashes without blowing all over in the wind!
GR of Saint Petersburg, FL
Being a trucker for years on end, I have seen all kinds of gimicky ashtrays(butt cups) they sell out on the road, and thought I had seen them all. Finally one I can use without modification, and even a place to lay my cigar when I need it. Where has this been for all these years?
SM of Kokomo, IN