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Phillies Reviews

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Overall Rating 4.33 out of 5 Based on 27 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Phillies”

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5 out of 5
Phillies Titans
Lowest prices and fast shipping. Can't beat that combination.
5 out of 5
Easy process, great price, fast shipping, fresh blunts, and another happy customer
5 out of 5
Old Faithful
I love having these around. A great whenever smoke. Yes they're machine made but always a good smoke and great for friends who always want to bum a smoke off you.
5 out of 5
Great and fast service. I got what i wanted and at a really good price. Will buy again!
1 out of 5
As bad as a cigar can be!!
Awful.....and that's putting it mildly!!!! as for the flavored version of these, they are even worse! I had rather smoke pine needles wrapped in a brown paper bag than smoke Phillies cigars!!
5 out of 5
On line cigars
Can't believe I haven't done it yet. Great cigars fast delivery I'm sold.
5 out of 5
my everyday smoke
5 out of 5
great cigars
5 out of 5
Stale and no strawberry smell
5 out of 5
I really enjoy the Phillies blunt and it has been a pleasure doing business with cigars international.
5 out of 5
Excellent service, will continue to
Excellent service, will continue to order through CI
5 out of 5
Good Old Brand
Tasty and pleasing especially with a good drink.
5 out of 5
Very quick shipment, Thanks. Sherri
5 out of 5
Great site
It is always easy to order and it gets here in a few days. There are always great deals as well.
3 out of 5
one stop shop
The price is right.
4 out of 5
When you getting Swisher Sweet
When you getting Swisher Sweet Grape Xl tube cigars back in stock? Thanks Dan Rubek.
4 out of 5
The quality is not consistent,but
The quality is not consistent,but for the money it's good enough..
5 out of 5
You can't beat these prices.
3 out of 5
Consistently Good Cigars
This is a consistently good cigar for everyday. Always mild, smooth, tasty, easy draw. Consistent cigar after cigar. A very good value for us non rich folks.
3 out of 5
They are what they are....
Machine rolled, beat around smoke. BUT...not bad if I do say so.
3 out of 5
No strawberry in this baby
It was a decent mild cigar but that's all I can say as far as the strawberry flavor it was not there . I'm a Beer Judge and have a very acute smell and taste and Phillies mist the mark on flavored cigars with these... I was very disappointed.
5 out of 5
Great value
My best friend enjoys the titans when we don't have time to sit and smoke a Churchill size they are sweet and enjoyable
4 out of 5
phillies titan
Bought them for a friend. He likes them
5 out of 5
Ordered,shipped,delivered. What more can I say!
5 out of 5
I have been ordering from Cigars International for several years. Their quality and promptness of delivery is exceptional.
5 out of 5
great service
Fast shipping
2 out of 5
phillies blunt
nothing special but a reasonably priced quick smoke
Customer Testimonials
I usually don't like MM cigars, but they do smoke evenly till the end. This is about a little more than a 1/2 hour smoke and at nearly the same as a handmade dollar cigar, I would rather buy the handmade one as they last more than an hour or so depending on type. MM cigars is often flavored like this one and they tend to get sticky on the mouth after awhile. This one does, but not as bad as others, and once in awhile they slightly unravel at the tip. These type of cigars do have their place as a "quickie" rather than a "more quickie" cigarillo.
I absolutely love these. I have them at work on drives I know are more than a half hour. Lighting them with matches really brings out their true taste! Mild, yet deliver that aromatic punch you can't beat. Two thumbs up
I love these cigars so much I share them with my sister!
I remember seeing my Dad smoke these Phillies a lot when I was young... So I am hoping he still likes them . Also found and ordered some Garcia Vega's (he used to smoke those too!). Normally, I buy him the affordable CI deal Cigars » 2-Fer Bedlam » Magellan Dominicans.. (he seems to like these a lot as of late) as they are similar in size.. So we'll see what he likes better.. Phillies, Vegas or Magellans! More later!
A very good cigar for the price, sure there are better ones out there, but they cost 3 times as much.
My son-in-law gave me one of these Phillies Blunts the other day, and i thought at first it tasted fairly decent for a tobacco paper wrapped cigar, but the more i smoked it, the worse it got. By the time i got down to the nub, i had a horrible bitter taste in my mouth and was very nauseated. This cigar made me remember why i never smoke these tobacco paper wrapped cigars anymore. What a sorry excuse for a cigar Phillies Blunts are!!!!!!!!!
Always was a favorite for me & still is!!!
Good cigar-reasonbly priced. (Phillies ) Pleasantly surpised by the hint of sweetness. A great companion for evening walks, or sitting outside meditating.
Good cigar-reasonbly priced. (Phillies) Pleasantly surpised by the hint of sweetness. A great companion for evening walks, or sitting outside meditating.
its good to smoke it up (Phillies)
BEST BUY (Phillies).
Ahhh... An American classic! Nothing like a Phillies and a bright, summer day!!
These cigars (Phillies) are great. I love the smooth flavor of the peach blunts.