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Magellan Dominicans Reviews

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Overall Rating 4.16 out of 5 Based on 62 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Magellan Dominicans”

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5 out of 5
Quick Smoke
When you don't have time this cigar is 15 min. of smooth enjoyment
3 out of 5
Magellan Dominicans...
Cheap... and a decent smoke... great value.
1 out of 5
Sorry, but I agree with the other 1 and 2 star reviews. Price should be a BIG hint...Construction looks nice, but the good stuff ends there. Burn is fast and hot, taste is very harsh, followed by aftertaste that make you wish you'd never bothered. NEVER again. Not sure what the filler is, but it's horrible. Very disappointed in both Magellan Domicans, and with CI for selling them, regardless of price...your customers deserve better, and tend to have long memories...going back to my Aurora Principes right now.
4 out of 5
These really surpassed my expectations
I ordered these looking for a nice corona size stick that would fit the budget for a short everyday smoke. I get off of work pretty late so having a toro or churchill sized still would have me staying up way too long. These gems fit the criteria perfectly when it comes to time, cost, and most importantly taste. I was expecting a cheap tobacco cigar like flavor due to the fact that these are short-fillers. Boy was i wrong.. these babies have my vote for the best bang-for-your-buck everyday smokes.
5 out of 5
Very mild a good smoke
Very mild a good smoke
4 out of 5
Good value
A good economical smoke. Reliable draw, rapper, and flavor.
2 out of 5
Bandidos! Are my favorite!
I'm a HUGE Bandidos fan. They are fantastic. I didn't order my beloved Bandidos because I wanted something a little larger. I'm not a fan of these. They have a taste only a maker could love and they leave that "you smoked a cheap cigar" taste in your mouth. Popa Mitchell is getting second one.
5 out of 5
There nice and mild
I enjoy them working around the yard.
5 out of 5
Magellan Dominicans Corona Maduro
They are a fantastic cigar for the price and I will be reordering shortly. Joel G.
5 out of 5
Good everyday smoke.
Good everyday smoke.
5 out of 5
best value for a quality stick
I buy these by the 100 lot. These are the best/value smoke on the planet. Real good flavor and only a couple per 100 that need help.
3 out of 5
If you ask for overnight shipping make sure you check your invoice. Twice now I have asked for overnight and they have sent my order 2nd day. And after I told them they said they would credit my account but never did. So buyer be ware!
5 out of 5
Great little cigar
This is a very nice smoke the last over 30 minutes, I smoke them while i'm working and at the price of 69 cents each if I drop one in water or someplace inaccessible I'm not heartbroken.
4 out of 5
Magellan Dominicans
These were recommended by a good friend who smokes cigars on a more regular basis than myself. I am not a $3 a stick guy and wanted something that would offer a decent smoke to go along with an adult beverage sitting on the patio or around a fire at deer camp. Have not been disappointed thus far. Am going to try the Fields of Gold next time.
4 out of 5
Good cigar for the price.
Good cigar for the price. Bought them for working in the yard, and was very satisfied.
5 out of 5
Pretty Cool
Pretty tasty little cigar I would defiantly recommend these little beauties.
5 out of 5
Pretty Cool
Pretty tasty little cigar I would defiantly recommend these little beauties.
5 out of 5
Buy them
I smoke the hell out of theses them you will be happy
3 out of 5
Not so Mild.
I'd been wanting to try the Maduro's , but I like the Corona's better there more mild.
5 out of 5
Magellan Dominican Firecrackers
I was totally surprised with these little suckers. I've been disappointed by quite a few cigarillos and panatellas because of extremely tight rolling causing them to have an impossible draw. These were such a surprise I plan on ordering these on a monthly basis.
5 out of 5
Surprisingl little firecracker I highly recommend
I wasn't really expecting much with these after smoking quite a few cigarillos and panatellas that were either too tight to smoke or were just plain flavorless and bland. These are nice little firecrackers. Great flavor nice draw and beautiful little aftertaste.They are the perfect size for a short 20 minute or so smoke. I will definitely be putting these on my reorder list.
3 out of 5
Not as good as they once were
These have been my preferred cheap smoke, but the quality seems to have gone down. These seem to be less tightly packed and lacking the flavor they once did this time around.
5 out of 5
Very good cigar, they need to make a Churchill.
5 out of 5
this is my favorite go to cigar
I think this is a great everyday cigar. Good early in the day with a cup of coffee or the end of the day with a night cap. Mild but with some body to it with a great price to boot. I treat myself to more expensive cigars now and then but for the everyday grind gratification this is it for me.
3 out of 5
OK for the price
Super cheepies, pretty smooth
3 out of 5
They are what you get for the price
These really are not awful. They burn a little hot and fast but if you don't get crazy on the draw they aren't half bad. Or at least they are worth the price
5 out of 5
don't run out
Love these things
5 out of 5
I'll keep my humidor packed full of these
2 out of 5
Price tells the tale
Sometimes you get more than you pay for at CI, and we're all looking for those deals. These coronas are low priced for a reason and the reason in taste. First draw or two is pleasant but I found them to turn harsh quickly -- I rarely get more than halfway through before snuffing it ... but then I tried it because of the price per stick...which is about the lowest in the catalog. I'll stick with 1876 and Palma Real for the exceptional values.
5 out of 5
you always send the order
you always send the order right away i send them to my son in Az. thank you said the order is always correct thank you
5 out of 5
Just Right!
A SUBERB medium size cigar! Not too strong - not too mild- but just right! Also burns slowly which makes for a nice pause/breather time with coffee, tea or a libation!
1 out of 5
Magellal Dominicans Coriona
Very harsh with an unpleasant taste. While the price was reasonable they are the quality of a very cheap cigar. Do not waste your money.
5 out of 5
Mild and mellow. Good buy for the money
4 out of 5
Little quickie
Good faster smoke. For those times you don't have time to enjoy a longer smoke.
3 out of 5
Magellan cigs
Cigars were decent, good prices. A little dry , but I was able to revive them!
4 out of 5
Good Little Smoke
Decent daily smoke. Wish they were available in a slightly larger ring size that is the only reason they didn't get a five star from me. For the price they are a good little smoke.
5 out of 5
Great Deal...
Very flavorful bundle of Maduros... 50 cigars for less $$$. Definitely would order again
4 out of 5
Magellan Maduro is a great dog walker cigar.
For the price this is a great 20-25 minute cigar. I smoke one when walking the dogs in the evening. It is a better cigar than anticipated. Worth the money.
5 out of 5
very tasty
very tasty
4 out of 5
Good for the $$$
I like them. Good draw. I've only had one or two of them fall apart at the mouth. I would order again. As always thanks C.I.
4 out of 5
Great smoke, great price.
Great smoke, great price.
1 out of 5
it was okay
I've ordered these three times now, the very first order I was happy w/ and the second two I have not been happy with, rolled loose and doesnt smoke well
4 out of 5
Magellan Dominican Corona
Good cigar for the price. I like a mild cigar and one that lasts the right length of time. I'm an old Marine that likes to sit on the deck in the evening with a good cold beer and a good cigar and listen to my 60's music.
5 out of 5
4 out of 5
Great little smokes
I had tried the Connecticut wrapper previously, and it was OK. I picked up a bundle of the maduro sticks, and I have to say I enjoy them a whole lot more. They’re great little smokes, and you can’t beat the price.
5 out of 5
Couldn't be happier
5 out of 5
Great daily smoke
It has a great mild flavor that is quite satisfying, burns very evenly and not to fast. I would say out of the several hundred I've bought only 1 or 2 out of each bundle(25) gave me trouble great cigar for the money
5 out of 5
Nice & Tasty 20+ minute smoke
This cigar has mixed filler, nevertheless it smokes great with some pepper and excellent smoke volume. This is my budget go-to cigar. Not too sweet, the maduro wrapper gives a nice aftertaste and room note. I found, like with most mixed-filler smokes, you have to be sure you cut the cap as little as you can stand, otherwise you will get tobacco bits in your mouth. If you like a cigar that tastes and smokes consistently, this is it. I'm thinking of putting this on auto-ship!
5 out of 5
Great little cigar.
I drive a limo for a living and don't have time for a full size cigar. These little beauties fit the bill for my short smoke breaks. They are tasty, well rolled and very smokable. Have purchased these before and will again.
5 out of 5
Magellan Coronas
Nice little cigar. Tightly wrapped for a good long smoke.
5 out of 5
great little smoke-nice draw-even burn-just
great little smoke-nice draw-even burn-just right for a quick break
5 out of 5
they are for judy
she likes them for the taste.i like the price so i can smoke better cigars. she is cost effective. it's a good mild starter cigar.
3 out of 5
Hit or miss
Usually u get a descent bundle especially for the price.. Then U get ones that fall part , huge hole in center like Tryin to smoke a straw.. But a that price . Stuff happens..
4 out of 5
Good Cheap Dailey Smoke
This is my dailey go to smoke. They are a good smoke for the price.
4 out of 5
Good little work cigar.
If your looking for a inexpensive cigar for yard work this will fit the bill nicely.
5 out of 5
magellans definitely worth a try!
A great inexpensive cigar. Mild with a little kick at the end. Decent draw and burns even. A good everyday smoke. A satisfying smoke without breaking the bank, Thanks C.I.
5 out of 5
Possibly my best purchase yet.
I love these. The price is great, I got the 50 box. Good for a quick smoke break, tastes great. Smoked a handful out of the box while doing yard work. The map cracks me up. Hard to slip the bands off and they sometimes tear in layers when you just rip them off but for that being the only issue, WHATEVER. Construction is good. Noticed one minor chip but I may have caused that but hey, cannot beat less than a buck a stick. I'll pass these out to everybody I know and not even care. I was smoking Rocky Patel Vintage 1992s yesterday and can still appreciate these little guys.
5 out of 5
Awsome little smoke
These are tasty little cigars that are just the right size for the quick break either in yard work or watching the the game
5 out of 5
Magellan Madura
nice little cheap smoke. Well made.
5 out of 5
Nice and mild at a great value!
Magellan Dominicans are smaller and mildly fragrant. I have received many compliments from those who regularly smoke more expensive cigars. I recommend these cigars for the everyday enjoyment of a quick relaxation.
2 out of 5
Very mild quick smoke A
Very mild quick smoke A few get a hard draw or burn down the middle or sides
3 out of 5
Natural vs. Maduro
I really enjoy the natural mag. Doms. You have been out of stock, but I ordered my normal 200 recently of the naturals based on your Internet page. I received a couple of natural packs, but most were maduro. Hopefully, your stock of naturals will full the next time I order. This is a great golf course cigar as it doesn't fall apart as I swing.
Customer Testimonials
I'm smoking a Magellan Maduro right now. I'd ordered a pack of these previously and I'd enjoyed them, but I like a more medium to full smoke, and the Connecticut wrapper is definitely a mild blend. Enter the Maduro. Yum, yum, yum! For less than a buck a stick, these things are a steal. I'm going to be smoking these on an upcoming trip, and I'll be passing them out to my buddies who smoke. The burn is good and even, the flavor is great, and I can chain smoke these bad boys while I'm driving without busting my bank. This cigar is going to fill my second humidor on a regular basis.
These little cigars are the best value on the market as far as I'm concerned. Well made, easy draw, smooth full flavor and the price? You can't beat 'em. I'll be ordering more of these for sure.
I'm more a fan of medium/medium-full cigars, but these are nice short smokes and fairly priced. I've probably smoked a few hundred of these and have found them to be consistent and worth keeping in the humidor.
Not sure where all of the positive reviews are coming from, but my experience is quite different. While the taste is pleasing for a milder cigar, I have found that the majority are very under-filled (they easily squeeze down to half their diameter!) and so they smoke rather hot and very fast. I hate under-filled cigars. Maybe I got a bad batch? Don't know, but I won't be buying these again. Two thumbs down from me!
I would give 3 of 5 stars. Not an everyday smoke, but definitely something to keep in the humidor when you are running short on time and need a short smoke. One of the biggest, and most consistent issues was that unless you cut them really shallow, you will have problems with the wrapper unwrapping. Once you get used to how they need to be cut, then they are great if you need a holdover cigar between orders.
For the price these are hard to beat. As they sat in my humidor for a while they got better and better, with the occasional black sheep in the flock popping up every now and then. For a quick smoke not too bad. However do not expect hints of nutmeg, coffee or fairy farts. When I finish all 50 of these I will purchase more for my quick smokes or for friends who are not interested in quality cigars.
Are these guys a Macanudo or Monte Cristo? No. Can I detect nuances of walnut, jelly beans & liquorice? H*** No! But are they are a really nice 30+ minute mellow tasting stick with a pleasant after taste? Yes!!! I've been smoking these for several years now and will continue to do so as my daily drive time smoke. What the crap light up several back to back on the deck for that matter; you can't go wrong.
Not bad if they stay lit. Threw a few out for being unable to keep torched up. Good for a quick smoke though, will buy again.
These are my short go to smokes,great taste with a peppery finish. I like full flavor gars and these hit the spot had 150 of em so far with only 1 rolled loose. Hey for the price ya cant beat them. I will always have at least 25 on hand
I've smoked hundreds of these and they've proved to be a consistently good smoke. Not a great smoke but exceptional for the price!
I like em for a quicky and you don't want to half burn a better cigar. I'm amazed they actually get a little flavor in these small cigars, they are too small to blend much. I will buy again and again. good for: Short lunch time, puttering around after work waiting for the wife to get home. washing the car any small short job or honey-do. If im going to be out of the house for more than 5 minutes, I'll burn one of these. Id estimate maybe 5 % have some little issue and maybe 1 percent are not smoke-able. Who cares????
At 59 cents each these are an absolute treasure. I tried them because they were inexpensive. I will reorder them because they are damned tasty. Punch . Don't cut unless you want a chew with your smoke. No the color od the wrapper isn't always the same on each, And, no these aren't super premiums. But, for the price they are excellent. The four fer price makes them that much better.
These were not quite what I was expecting. But, they were plentiful enough to get me closer to the shipping date for my usual brand coming. At first, they were pretty nice. But as I went deeper into the bundle...My thought was looking at the calendar, awaiting the future shipment date. So, after perhaps 10...I was distracted.
Great short smokes, especially for the price. They've got a unique flavor and almost always have a perfect draw. Great for after a meal or when you want a small cigar that's better than chopped filler but isn't a premium.
Wasn't too happy with the last order. Uneven burn. Unraveling of the wrapper. A few even had green mold on them. May have to look else wear of a daily yard-gar.
Got a two-fer and about 15 sticks into them, they work of my purpose, and that is for the time I just don't want to sit too long or have to think about my smoke. I would say the general burn is good, about half of them are drama free and the other have need a little attention with a couple that are throwaways. Not much in the flavor department though which is okay because they are so small I don't get board with it before its about time to toss it. So, with that said I enjoy Principle's more, more flavor, similar price and a little less drama.
Now I enjoy this cigar, trust me....The price and taste make it an excellent every day cigar. Just for your info however, the last batch I got wasn't quite up to par. I will continue to order them.
Have smoked Magellan's for near 10 years. Yep, the price has gone up. Still a great buy. I date them as I get them. Found a bundle that got lost in my humidor of 1500 cigars, 3 years old, still smoked great. Time to buy more.
I just received my first order of 50 Magellan Dominicans yesterday and had to try one. The cigars looked and felt quite good and the one I smoked was good. The cigar is no La Flor Dominicana, but at less than $.80 each this is a real great buy. Recommended!
Very surprising! Echoing the majority of other reviews, Magellan Dominicans are a nice mild and tasty smoke. I look forward to smoking these and they have quickly become my go to daily stick. Another gem which has found a permanent place in my humidor. Thank you CI for the super deal. May they always be in stock.
I just got this in the mail today, and my first impression was "wow they're tiny". I think the ring size on mine was closer to 32.
This cigar's filler is loose, and therefore burns quickly which imparts some harshness. On the other hand, you get what you pay for and for less than a buck a stick they are OK - somewhat reminiscent of Macanudo.
These are a nice, mild cigar at a GREAT price. I've recently started infusing them and they go from nice to superb! My first efforts were with Capt. Morgan. I'm currently waiting for my batch of J. D. Tennessee Honey to mature. Thank you, CI Nation, for an affordable, everyday cigar.
They are very good and I have been buying them regularly for about 2 years now. I smoke them at work, on my breaks, at home, and just about everywhere I go. Thanks CI for the 2Fer deal.
I just received a 2 bundles of 25 of these, as soon as I got them I opened the package and took one out to smoke put the rest in the humi. And I must admit for being such a cheap smoke they really surprised me. Very smooth and mellow, great on taste and relatively even burn for the most part. I really cannot put how good it was into words for the price. I just smoked a premium before it and had this after and it was a great follow up cigar. I fully intend on making this my everyday smoker. As well as I plan on keeping these in stock constantly. Thanks for the great smokes CI!!!!
Delicious, smooth smoke ... smoked to a nub without harshness! Mild, but flavorful. Good for 30-40 minutes, plumped up nice in the humi. Only wish they came in a variety of sizes. I will be buying more!
Okay, my previous comment isn't too far below, but I am now down to just 26 Magellan's, after having ordered 100 a while back. BUY THESE IF YOU WANT A GREAT INEXPENSIVE EVERY DAY CIGAR! They hit the spot with the morning cup of coffee, have a great taste, and burn very well. You can't beat this.
I just received my first shipment of the Magellan Dominicans, and I'm pretty impressed. First, the construction is overall pretty good. So far I haven't noticed any soft spots or bad wrappers. The two I've had so far draw perfectly and burn evenly. The flavor so far is pretty decent for a cheap smoke, and those that are in my humidor should just get better. The cigars that I received were a 38 or 40 ring size, and are perfect for a short smoke--say 30 minutes or so. Only one other cigar company I've dealt with has an all natural cigar of this size for close to the price with names like "Green Label", "Gold Label", etc. The last batch of those I tried were horrible--smelling of ammonia and a third of them wouldn't even allow the wrapper and binder to burn. For an inexpensive bundle, CI has the best deal around.
Got two more bundles and they are great short smokes as always. I too got a Palma Real in there!
Great size not like some of those kielbasa ringed ones, ata price ya can't beat. Lots of people must be smoking them...since the price just got kicked up.
these are a nice mild smoke for the price especially after a few days in a humi. i bought a 2-fer of palma reals also and these are definitely more flavorful, albeit still nothing to brag about. these will smoke tastily for 20 or more minutes but can be harsh if smoked too fast. a better buy is the helix remix in the tins which are smaller but offer as much smoke time and taste superb
I was at the Superstore last week and grabbed a bundle of these. These little devils are great when you don`t have a lot of time to smoke . Good tasting cigar for the price. I even got to taste Palma Real with the deal. Try them. You won`t be dissappointed. GREAT little cigar!
I smoke these on a pretty regular basis, maybe switching to the Principe every other order. I love these cigars! For a cheap bastard like me, and with no guts for anything heavier, these guys are perfect. Also, just like TQ, I also ended up with some Palma Reals mixed in, 2 in each bundle last order. I notice that size Palma isn't available here but I'm ordering some Palma Lonsdales now. Anyway, these Magellans are an excellent smoke at an unbelievably excellent price.
wow! heres one ive bet you never heard before. ive been smoking for over 30 years and this never happened before! i opened up the bundle and there were 2 Palma Real in side! same size and color. im guessing thier made in the same factory. aside from that i concur with the rest of the reviews, a good little smoke. if you consider the cost, a great little smoke! and like Arnald said "I'll be back!"
Supertramp's staff review is dead on. Like him I feel a little weird saying I like these but I do. This is a nice tasty, well built little guy that makes for a perfect short smoke. After lunch. Any time you have 20 minutes to kill For <50 cents a piece there's is absolutely no down side. I have found I've actually developed a mild craving for these things and look forward to burning several a week as in between smokes. This cigar fills a niche and I expect I'll always have a bundle stashed to grab when the time is right. RJ
My wife likes these gems, every so often you will get a shorty or two in the batch. Good buy tho!
I am really surprised by this cigar. While I expected a bland cheapo that I will be handing out in the dozens, I was surprised to find that what I got was something absolutely different. Now this cigar packs some real flavors here. Citrus, menthol, some wood. It's really surprising coming from such a cheap short filler stick. I would say this cigar is really much more complex than what it was supposed to be. Do yourself a favor and grab a bundle. And if you don't like it, you haven't payed much anyway.
This is a decent cigar. At less than a buck a piece my expectations weren't very high but they are a good value. They're a little grassy at the start but a lot of mild smoke throughout and a decent finish. Planing on handing them out for an event and I think they will go over rather well.
Perfect for a 15 minute smoke break. I've smoked half a bundle and not a damaged wrapper or tight draw yet.
I'm really impressed with these little guys, especially for the price. As far as I can tell, all of mine in the 4 bundles received are consistent in size. There is some variation in wrapper color, and they sure ain't the prettiest girls at the prom. But who cares? All draw very well and are the perfect size and strength for my 20 minute morning commute. Taste is clean, creamy, mild and they go great with a cup o' joe. I SERIOUSLY hope CI continues to offer these, especially at prices like this. I can stuff my large 'daily smokes' humidor for peanuts.
Well, what can I say that hasn't already been said? Yes, they aren't pretty. Yes, they're not always consistent in size. Could they use some rest in the humidor? Heck, most cigars do better after some time in one. But these are some tasty little treats! Now if they just made this same cigar in a lancero length, I could spend an hour enjoying them, instead of just 20 minutes. Another C.I. hidden gem!
Magellan Dominicans are now my go to cigar when I want a real cigar but do not have the time or environment to enjoy a good sit down cigar. These cigars are great. The flavor is superb, the draw perfect, the burn even and the ash is perfect. These cigars will always have a spot in my 500 capacity humidor designated for my cheapies. They were slightly under a 38 ring gauge which is a little disappointing. However for the price you cannot go wrong with these. These are cheaper than drug store cigars that contain homogenized binders and chemicals out the wazoo. I have found my go to cigar after collecting more than 200 cigar bands and trail and error. Thanks C.I.!
WOW!!!!!!! these little gems are perfect out of the box. Smooth and mild at a great price. I have tried the Brocatus, Reserve 1876, Liga IVA,and Cuban Delights. Best smoke for the Money!!!
A very simple, but superlative, "WOOOOWWWW" will suffice.
great cigar for the money. i'm amazed at the price, but 1 out of every 5 or 6 is a train wreck (tight wrap and tobacco "veins" make the draw impossible) and can't be smoked.....irrelevant at these prices. it's better than several other brands at $3 a stick. just toss the bad ones and move on.....
I first tried this brand about 10 years ago, and I never found it again until I saw them in a recent CI catalog. Shocked at the price, I quickly picked up a double bundle. At less than a buck a stick, you absolutely can not go wrong!! The overall quality is fantastic for the price. The flavor is peppery with nice thick smoke at first, and then mild all the way through with a very pleasant aroma. This cigar doesn't have a gritty aftertaste like most inexpensive cigars, so you can easily smoke two or three in a single sitting. Although consistency is not 100%, these are great for when you want to conserve your more expensive sticks, and still enjoy a good smoke. Whether you smoke them behind the lawn mower, walking the dog, or after a nice dinner, these cigars should be in your humidor!! Thanks, CI!!
Given some time you can't beat them. Let them sit in the humidor for awhile, otherwise they can taste a little green. Once they hit their peak they become a good mild smoke. Haven't found anything that comes close for the price.
WOW! Magellan Dominicans are a great smoke.... I received my shipment and lit one up that evening while speaking to a buddy on the phone... I told him how great of a small cigar it is so many times that he finally said "I know, I know, you have said that two minutes ago, and four minutes ago and eight minutes ago..." It was so great, I lit another right away and had two back to back! The draw was perfect, the construction was pretty good. And the Flavor, AWWW the flavor, I cant describe it that well, but it is the flavor in a small cigar I have been searchin years for. Has little woody undertones and does not get harsh or bitter towards the nub. I will be ordering MANY more of these. For those of you who have been on the fence about these, go ahead and order 50, then smoke one and kick yourself in the arse for not getting the 100 deal! Cant go wrong...
Are they 42 ring size or 38. I really could not care less. The flavor and draw are the two most important factors of ANY cigar, and these (Magellan Dominicans) get a positive rating on both. Great golf course smoke and probably my favorite 'cheapy' that I have tried.
These are very good (Magellan Dominicans). I bought them for a yardgar and they do not disapoint. Give them a few months in the humidor and they really mellow out. Great with a Sam Adam's Cherry Wheat Beer!
These little ones are great (Magellan Dominicans). It's smaller than it says on web but it sure worth the money. For 50cents, it is wonderful for short time break and good for my budget.Keep the good work CI.
These (Magellan Dominicans) are great! Honestly, I was not expecting much for the price, and I was VERY surprised at how good these little smokes are. The wrappers ain't the prettiest, but they are tasty little cigars. A definite humidor stuffer.
Very nice inexpensive mild smoke (Magellan Dominicans). I just measured one at 4.7" x 34 gauge so it's nowhere near advertised size. Definitely worth the price in my book; perfect for my 15-minute morning commute.
First of all, the shipment arrived in 2 days! I was pleasantly surprised. The cigar (Magellan Dominicans) is a great smoke, but it is a 38 ring and not 42 as advertised. I would recommend it for short smokes.
A good value and a decent smoke (Magellan Dominicans). Magellan fits the bill for a mild daytime break smoke. Not terribly complex or deep, but still rewarding. I was disappointed with the size. I would judge it to be a "petit" carona . . . still, an excellent value and enjoyable smoke.
More like a coronita than a corona (Magellan Dominicans). I was surprised how small they are (thinner than advertised). Light is body, with just a little "edge" (Cool the edge by leaving them in your humidor for several days - if not weeks - and keep the humidity higher than 70%: Putting a soda cap full of extra water in your humidor should do the trick.) Even burn. OK draw. I wouldn't call it a Macanudo sub, though. Buy the 100 deal and split it with a couple of friends. Not great, but a good value.
Perfect bargain buster smoke (Magellan Dominicans). Mellow smooth a great smoke anytime for the price you can't beat it.
I'm normally a macanudo smoker but I've always been on the lookout for a cheaper smoke. Once I saw magellans (Magellan Dominicans) in the catalog I said "what the heck, lets try it". I am very pleased.
While Macanudos are my favorite, I can't afford them!! Tried the Magellan Dominicans, and even my wife tends to smoke one once in a while!!! An everyday smoke that you can afford AND enjoy.