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Customer Reviews of “Alec Bradley Tempus Maduro”
“Not has good as the regular Habano wrapped TEMPUS line, but still a very good maduro cigar. Definitely worth a try.”
RH of Coraopolis, PA
“I tried the Tempus Habano and it was tasty . So , when I saw the Maduro on the daily deal I had try it. I actually talked my girl into buying 10 of them, and that makes it a sweet deal all the way around for me . I was suprised how well the wrapper and fillers flavor meld together . You'll just have to try one , or 10 and see . They are good !! Kinda reminds me of a Padron !!!”
LW of Sylmar, CA
“Tempus Quadrum was not Alec Bradley quality that I know and love. In fact the wrapper leaf was powder coated for color.”
LH of Malverne, NY
“As soon as I lit my firsts Tempus Maduro I felt in love with it. Smooth and very flavorful, coating the palate with nice chewy flavors. I try it with an espresso, a dark chocolate and a glass of single malt scotch and I'm impressed by the good pairing it was with each. A 90 rated at least!”
MF of Rincon, PR
“I am pleased to be one of the first to review this cigar. This review was done on December 13, 2010. I received these from a Joe's Daily Deal and the first smoked was right out of the package. Please remember that! First off, the light up flavor was fantastic. I can't discern the flavors that many people can but it was absolutely fantastic. The cigar itself was soft but that should improve with age. The burn was fairly even and I am sure that it will be excellent after aging. A wonderful full flavored chocolate smoke. I will wait to see if they are as good as the original. Humidor time will be required for a side by side comparison. Smoke on everyone. BUY SOME, YOU WON'T BE DISAPPOINTED!!!”
CS of Rock Springs, WY
“Just Finished my first one. Just an awesome cigar. Chocolate and coffee. Smelled so damn good it made my pregnant neighbor horny!!! Her husband, needless to say, is a fan now too ;)!!! Only one small problem. There was a small pin hole in the wrapper, causing the cherry to tunnel away from it. After the 1st ash ( which was about 1 inch) it burned back to even by itself. That alone is a feat. But every cigar is a snowflake. Draw was semi-tight but the volume of delicious smoke was tremendous. Will repeat purchase and recommend to others.”
DH of Fort Carson, CO
“The Alec Bradley Tempus Maduro Terra Nova Robusto is a darkly wrapped, creamy smooth example of this companies penchant for delivering superior blends & exotic tobaccos consistently. Another winner in a stable full of 90+ rated gems. Complex & eventful throughout, the Terra Nova is among my favorite Maduro cigars. Well worth a try, this is a worthy recreation of the original 94 rated Tempus.”
“I enjoy trying cigars that are new to me. I got two of the box pressed maduros in a sampler. my pre light draw was so open that I feared a problem. I was wrong. these are something special. Tons of thick smoke and a great cigar experience. Definitely going on my "to buy next" list.”
“1 of my top 2 favorites. Very smooth on the retro-hale, nice smoke plumes, creamy taste. Very light on the pepper side; Just enough to let u know this is a mans cigar. I prefer Maduro's. This and CAO Brazillias are my favorite. I highly recommend and thank Cigars international for the hookup. Be blessed.”
AB of Hampton, VA
“Beautiful looking and tasting cigar. Mexican maduro wrappers rock !!”
RZ of Barto, PA
“A nice looking cigar (Quadrum) that is bland, boring and monotonous....”
MB of Whitehall, PA