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Romeo y Julieta 1875 Reviews

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Overall Rating 4.76 out of 5 Based on 29 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Romeo y Julieta 1875”

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5 out of 5
Great Cigar, Great company!
I love these cigars. RyJ is by far my favorite cigar brand, heck anything Altadis has seems to be quality. These are great quality smokes. The fresh loc packs deliver what they promise. Cigars were ready to smoke as delivered. Usually I have to let internet cigars rest in my humidor for a month or so before I am ready to smoke them. These were the perfect moisture as soon as I opened the pack.
5 out of 5
R and J 1875 Petit Bully
I like the 1875 Bully but sometimes want a smaller cigar. This is just the right size. These are great and recommended. They are also reasonably priced.
5 out of 5
R Y J 1875 CEDRO #2 the very best
this cigar is a smooth burning and great tasting cigar for the money. Never a disappointment.
4 out of 5
Always a treat
I look forward to coming home, at the end of the day, and lighting up this cigar. It is always a treat, always a smooth and steady smoke.
5 out of 5
The service has been excellent ! I am treated like a much valued customer. They even send my cigars to the hotels on my business trips which I truly appreciate. Thanks, jeg
2 out of 5
Romeo y Julieta 1875 Romeos Cigaros
A very tight draw, unlike other sizes of the same 1875 brand. Almost as if every one has a plug.
5 out of 5
Prompt and fresh
Great service
5 out of 5
The best
when I order my sticks from CI I know I am getting the best and most fresh cigars you can get
5 out of 5
Best cigar prices on the web!
Always the best deals with a vast selection of cigars.
5 out of 5
CI is the best!
Ive shopped at CI for years. Their cigars are always fresh. Ordering is easy and delivery is prompt. Their enormous inventory can fill any request from one to a dozen. There is nothing not to like about CI.
5 out of 5
Great tasting. Flavorful. Changing near the end to a wonderful smoke that will want to have another
5 out of 5
smooth cigar
Great everyday smoking cigar.
4 out of 5
Romeo oh Romeo.....gottcha
A stable "go-to" nice flavor and body, Great nose for down the porch.
5 out of 5
Taste great burns great overall excellent smoke
4 out of 5
85% great!
the only thing I don't like is the wrapper. on occassions, the cigar swells up and the wrapper falls apart. other than that its a great cigar.
5 out of 5
Romeo y Julieta Bully Belicoso A+ Staple Cigar
The Romeo y Julieta Bully Belicoso is a must-have for my humidor! It’s truly a staple. Everything about this cigar is excellent; however, I might classify it more as a light-medium bodied cigar versus a true medium bodied.
5 out of 5
Great choices, prices, fast delivery. Cigars arrive fresh and at proper moisture.
5 out of 5
Customer service was great...cigars were great...I was made to feel like a valued customer! I am a big fan!
5 out of 5
great selection of cigars
Always prompt service and great selection.
5 out of 5
Consistant quality
I can always rely on never being disappointed by the freshness and quality of the R&J Bully's I order from CI Thank you
4 out of 5
Romeo y Julieta 1875 Churchill
The RyJ 1875 blend is an affordable medium-bodied smoke that never disappoints. It starts out smooth and the flavor becomes more complex and rich as it burns, but never over-bearing. Always a favorite of mine for a evening sit on the porch with a good beverage.
5 out of 5
Romeo Y Julieta
Cigars arrived on time. They are in great shape and they smoke quite well. Price is right and I will order again.
5 out of 5
Fine Cigars, Fine Service
Always fresh cigars quickly delievered
5 out of 5
Love this cigar!
This is a great mild cigar you can puff on for a long time!
5 out of 5
Good service and fresh product
Good service and fresh product at a fair price
5 out of 5
Romeo and Julieta
Great cigar and saves time as i enjoyed the.shipping to my home. Thank you
5 out of 5
Always fresh and delivered on
Always fresh and delivered on time
5 out of 5
Very smooth classic
5 out of 5
Customer Testimonials
I've smoked nearly 40 of the 5x50 Bully's and found them to be remarkably consistent. I'll unsleeve 10 at a time and give them 2 weeks acclimation time, notch cut it and light up. Some white pepper up front, then the big broad flavor profile starts within the first half inch: leather cedar and spice dance on the palate in uniform fashion. Last one inch gets a little hot and strength increases. Best $4 stick I know of. Thanks CI
Great smoke!
This is my first review and I am relatively new to cigars in general. I was gifted a 6-pack of the petit bully and so far have smoked 3. The first was decent, however the flavor of these is a bit basic. The second was very difficult to draw. The third was not only difficult to draw, but began falling apart halfway through. Here's to hoping the last 3 are more like the first one. Either way, while they aren't terrible, I will not be buying these in the future.
Nice blend of flavor and smooth.
Bought the Romeos. Pretty damn good. Smokes like their normal cigars but the smaller size is perfect for when I'm pressed for time.
Great smoke! Now if they could just keep them in stock.
The only surprising thing about the Romeo Y Julieta 1875 Petít Bully is that it's taken me so long to try one. This is a great little cigar! A brick of 30 just came in this afternoon (prompt as always from C.I.) and I smoked one straight away. I'm pleased to report that these babies arrived perfectly humidified and rarin' to go, with a razor-sharp burn, effortless draw, and a fine, pale-grey column of ash that held on for a good inch or more. It tasted to me like a tiny version of the Cedro Deluxe No. 2, every bit as aromatic, but with noticeably more pepper to it (which I happen to like— I know it ain't for everyone). I will be sticking with these.
Great cigar. One of my favorites. I highly recommend it.
I 1st smoked an 1875 over 20 years ago. Funny, but back then, many considered it a bold & full flavored blend. I will say, that for a medium-bodied Dominican filler & binder, topped with an Indonesian wrapper, the Bully robusto delivers a fair amount of spice, in a smooth & creamy manner. That was the heyday of Dominican puros. A generation later, Nicaraguan & Honduran manufacturers, blenders & growers have taken those Cuban seed strains that landed 1st in the DR, to majestic levels of strength, flavor & full bodied spiciness. So our, or at least my, affections moved to the wares of geniuses like AJ, Rocky, Drew, Felipe, Ramon, Don & Alan, to name a few. However, this classic shaped rothchilde is as unwavering today, as it was all those years ago. Back then, it rotated with Punch, Camacho, Sancho Panza & Hoyo de Monterrey. Now, it is a memory overtaken by Diesel, Man-O-War, Core, Presado, Tempus & Genesis. Today, I am smoking one I have had in storage for over a year. It's quite good, too. Medium bodied, smokey, leather & cedar flavors, mixed skillfully with light spice from the Far Eastern wrapper. Basically, just as I remember. Worth a look, if you are ready to move up a notch or two from mild Dominican vitolas. Consider its $4.00+ pricetag before investing. 89/100. Despite its amazing consistency, I prefer Alec Bradley's medium bodied delights like Family Blend, Black Market & the best medium three clam 'gar ever, Sancho Panza.
This is one of my favorite cigars for the past 15-20 years!
At first I really didn't think it was anything special but then as I continued to smoke it it grew on my by nub parting was such sweet sorrow it had such a spice and at the beginning it was all spice then it mellowed to a nutty cream I loved this cigar
So good, Highly recommend this sampler, great price, great taste! Very enjoyable.
very good cigar, first a peppery type of taste, after about 2 inches it starts getting very mello, almost a sweet taste. great with a cup of coffee or vodka and oj. I love the Churchill, smokes well over 30 minutes. this was my second order of them and was worried they would not be consistent but each was the same.
Excellent medium body smoke, just right size for a 30 minute break, especially like the packaging, very handy when on the road.
Robusto size aged several months: Very easy to light. Excellent construction, draw and burn. Flawless white ash and above average smoke output with a pleasant aroma. Creamy and silky on palate but dissipates quickly. Mild to medium strength with medium flavor intensity. Sweet cedar wood, sweet caramel and hints of spices. No pepper or bite. A mellow flavored experience without complexity and a medium length finish after each draw.
I have been purchasing cigars from CI for many of years. My favorite stick is the RY Bully. I just wish that CI could offer a special deal for their Loyal customers. Blade : Balto. MD.
I cant say more that what has been said. A great smooth medium bodied stick. A GREAT relaxing smoke. From start to finish one of the best in my Humi which is why I ordered more at one of the best prices your find them at. This is a cigar I can say IS for everyone.
Just got it with a bargain pack, boy this is a great buy item.
RyJ 1875 the Bull....Perfect construction and draw; lots of tasty smoke. Cedar, nuts, slight pepper nuance and very enjoyable.
Sadly, I would like to smoke this cigar, but it is not offered in a 60 or larger ring size. If it ain't a sixty then it doesn't go into my humi.
As a loyal fan of the Partagas Black Label, the only cigar I've never found an equal to, the 1875 was the first cigar to challenge my loyalty. Compared to the richness of the Partagas Black Label, a "rich Starbucks Coffee", the 1875 could be best compared to a "Sweet Tea" level of aroma. The aroma is much lighter, sweeter, creamy aroma with "less sting" than the Black Label but equal, if not more satisfaction. As of this writing, the 1875 ranks #1 with me from among hundreds of cigars in regards to claiming the prize of the most well balanced, pleasurable, creamy, "sweet tea" level of aroma.
Someone told me with my likes in cigars, I should try a R y J. Just got off of an 1875 Bully. Wow. Was that great! And quite affordable. A local shop had an open box and it said wrapper, Sumatra, filler and binder, Dominican. That's all it said, but it told me what I liked. I'll be ordering more. So many cigars, so little time...
Great 'gar. Just what I expected... Thanks
I really enjoyed the 1875...Very good cigar especially when paired with a good beer. I particularly like it with the Sam Adams Summer line especially the porch Rocker beer. Try won't be disappointed. A great afternoon cigar!
I may be all wet, no pun intended, but the problems claimed by some of the reviewers sound like cigars that are too moist. Hard draw, uneven burn, bad taste, etc. all sound like damp sticks. I keep my humidor between 65 and 69 per cent humidity. Never had a problem with these are any others that I can think of.
An old friend revisited. The Bully is a very good robusto, with consistent flavor, flawless construction & a medium bodied profile. Like so many other cigar-heads, my taste has developed to a point where I appreciated more robust blends. That being said, the 1875 line still delivers a creamy base & light spice, dominated by notes of oak & an almost sweet vanilla flavor. Mild & medium bodied cigar smokers should find this blend to their liking. There is enough going on to satisfy even those who prefer more full bodied blends. I think the most impressive aspect of this particular cigar is the amazing consistency it has displayed over the years. Give one a try & see if you agree.
Always my favorite. Try other brands but always come back to Romeo y Julietta 1875.
You can never go wrong with a Romeo, great staple cigar co., would enjoy a Romeo anytime of the day, these are always good, very pleasant cigar to smoke in any kind of weather. enjoy these, especially when on sale if you can find them.
Great smoke, will recommend to the friends
I ordered these 1875's in a herf-a-dor combo package that came with 10 sticks. It was my first R & J. The burn was good, the draw was good, but the taste was not. Closest I can describe is burning horse hockey. I have read good things about R&J and was looking forward to a great smoke. Now I don't care to ever have another one.
After reading the reviews of others, I highly suspect that I received a bad 1875 in the sampler I had ordered. Not only did the smoke burn your palate as it entered your mouth. The taste was that of a bunch of weeds rolled into a cigar, the weeds would probably have been better. It was so tight that no amount of humidor time would help, and who ever said that any cigar can be rescued with time in a humi was wrong. There are around 5 no draw cigars in my well maintained humidor, that have been resting for more than a year. Even so, the draw is no differnt than the stopped up stick I first received. I'm now left not knowing which way to go, since I would like to try the 1875. After reading another review of the cigar being tight, I'm wondering if this is something that is always a problem with a few in every box. There is not a month goes by that I don't make an order from CI. Because of this, I have had the chance to try cigars of all levels. While we are suppose to except that not every cigar in the box will smoke well. I'm starting to loose my exception of this rule, and send each bad one back. It may not be the fault of CI, but they are were I buy all of my cigars from. Should we really have to expect a box of cigars we have purchased at any cost level, have ones that can't be smoked included? Yes, we can send back the box in so many days if we haven't smoked so many. However, what about all the ones that do smoke well and you won't to keep? The only way to bring pressure on the cigar makers, is if every bad cigar we receive is sent back for a refund of the amount each cigar would cost. The CI Summer Vacation Mega Sampler is the best that has come along in awhile. There was a cigar in it that looked like a Romeo y Julieta 1875, but I can't tell you how it smoked since it wouldn't.
I am not one to deviate from the brand that I love. I decided once to purchase a Romeo y Julieta Churchill. All I can say is wow. It has everything that I love, perfect draw, creamy and smooth flavor, and an even burn. I have a habit of chewing on the cigar after its out and down to the end, and I can tell you, this cigar, more than lives up to the brand's reputation. Quite possibly one of the best cigars I have ever had! Do yourself a favor and get one, you will end up hooked just as I am.
Liked the stick but tasted like a cheap black and mild but with better after taste beautiful ash but with hardly any smoke and tight draw
This is just a great, smooth tasting cigar(1875). I always seem to come back to these after trying other brands. Their construction is consistant, no harsh or bitter taste, reasonably priced and they burn evenly. Try some, you won't regret it.
While typing this, I'm puffing the "Bully" at the same time. By far a great smoke, construction is firm, tight almost invisible seams. Double capped and the aroma pre-lit is a nice woodsy, tobacco scent. Minimal amount of smoke, good draw with a bit of resistance and a nice even burn. Since I'm still a novice in identifying the nuances, I can catch some coffee, and chocolate in there. Smoke is a bit airy, but still delivers flavor. It's a smooth medium body that went down to a mild to medium at the last half. The finish is not too long and leaves a bit of pepper taste at the back of my mouth. It's not harsh, but not as peppery as the Don Lino Africa that I have. All in all it's a great stick and having it rest in the humi will definitely make it a better smoke. I'm satisfied with the purhase and I hope the rest of the stick will be consistent. A great buy!
This is a pleasant cigar. Slightly woodsy flavour with a similar aroma. Excellent draw and an even burn.
Nothing but a Cuban IS a Cuban, but having said that, the R y J Churchill I'm working on right now comes mighty close. Perfect burn, splotchy grey ash and clouds of fragrant smoke all contribute to a delightful afternoon's relaxation. Too early in the day for a snifter of anything, but a sweet, hot cup of tea is a lovely accompaniment as a nasty winter seems finally to be heading for the door. By my lights, CI's pricing on these old-school gems is a real draw, almost as easy as the draw of my cigar. I like to look around at other brands and shapes, but I'm strongly tempted to make my next purchase another RyJ size, just to see if the whole marque is this wonderful.
I feel an update from my previous review is in order for this cigar. My first review was written after smoking the first one which I was well pleased. However, each of the other 4 in the 5 pack I purchased had to be disgarded due to the amount of draw it took to get the smoke in my mouth. It was if half the cigar was stopped up an I could only inhale a small hole. My review is now more in line with what the others had to say. I find it difficult to understand how one smoked really well, while the others were unsmokeable.
So far I have smoked several different brands looking for the cigar that best duplicated the Cuban Cohiba VI. By far, this Romeo y Julieta Churchill is as close as I've smoked to the real Cuban. This is a cigar that burned evenly, stayed lit, and I kept smoking it until I couldn't hold it any longer. I'm not sure what happen with those that wrote poor reviews, maybe they received a bad lot. I can see myself enjoying many more of these cigars in the days to come.
I received a box of Bullys. I'm disappointed on their draw. But still satisfying. They should stamp a number on the box to identified each roller. So when I and others complain they know which roller making that mistake. That would help the customers have a good cigar. Cigars aren't cheap and one good cigar takes away my current stress for that moment. Now my R&J draws better after two inches. Everybody knows R&J are great. Thanks CI for having cigars at reasonable price.
So far I have been quite disappointed. I just bought a box of 25 bully's and out of the first 5 smoked they have been all over the road. Uneven burn that required multiple lighting to one that wouldn't draw. I hope this is a fluke and not the result of some sort of change at the factory as they have always been an enjoyable staple cigar in my humidor. 20 to go with high hopes.
The Bully is the first cigar I have ever smoked all those many years ago and I keep coming back to it. Always a pleasure to burn.
I had my first Romeo y Julieta last night #2. Wow this by far is the best smoke so far. I have only been smoking cigs for a few months and have been dabbling with different brands. I walk into the smoke shop and picked one up. It wasn't till the next night when i lit this one up and was going to save it for later, but my wife said " i do think if you like it, they do sell more". So as somme as it was lit and smoking well i then decided this was the one for me.
I got a 10-pack of the Bullys (Romeo y Julieta) from the Joe Cigar daily special, and I have to say that this is the BEST Robusto that I have ever smoked. I can usually burn one of this size in about 30 minutes, but this one is a solid hour of pure heaven. Slow, cool, and tasty. Need I say more ?
Bought a couple of samplers to test the waters as a newby cigar smoker. The RyJ cedro #2 (Romeo y Julieta) is my hands down favorite. I have a box of em' heading my direction by the end of this week! Great construction, flavor, burn. May be a little mild for some of the HERFs out there, but it suits me right down to the ground. And best of all...its not too expensive. Doesn't get much better than that.
Had my first Romeo y Julieta Cardo Delux #2 last night while relaxing outside after a long day. This has to be one of the best evening smokes I have ever had. I love Macanudo and Magellan's but this one is right at the top of my new list of great smokes.
Had my first one (Romeo y Julieta) today. One hell of a smoke. I had it over an hour and a half ago and I'm still coming off the head rush.
What a wonderfully smooth, great tasting cigar (Romeo y Julieta)! I have bought a lot of these over time, and recently found CI. At about 1/2 the price of other retailers, I can tell you, I will never buy anywhere else!