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Torano Reserva Decadencia Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Torano Reserva Decadencia”

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Just had my first Res. Decadencia today. I have been a Carlos Torano Fan for a while now and went into my local Cigar shop and the guy jsut walked over and handed this smoke to me without even asking what I wanted. Well, ya dont say no to something like that. This smoke is amazing, the description is spot on, the wrapper is slightly sweet and has hints of chocolate. The draw is great and it puts out good sized clouds of nice white smoke. rather full bodied with just a hint of spice. One of the best smokes I have had in a long time. order now!
very good(Carlos Torano Reserva Decadencia).
Love, love, love this cigar. You will not be disappointed!
Amazing cigar! Enjoyed it with some friends and it truly is a one of a kind flavor. Recommended!
Such an amazing cigar. When you open the glass tube, it smells like a bottle of wine. Just amazing. I smoked it down to the point it was burning my fingers. So I put the rest in my pipe and smoked till it was all ash.
Enclosed in tube. Once opened, intense red wine and oak aroma. A rather moist cigar in tube. Very dense and heavy feel. Below Average construction, draw and burn. Several hard areas in cigar and very tight draw. Rather disappointing overall performance for this price point. Low smoke output with a decent red wine aroma. Smoke very thin on palate. Mild strength and medium flavors with exception of the red wine. Heavy flavor of red wine with mild oak and caramel. Red wine sourness on a lengthy finish. This particular Churchill sized example proved to be a very poor performer with unbalanced and harsh flavors.
Listen to me!!!! I am going to tell the world about the best cigar company in the world, and that is Torano! I have been smoking cigars now for 7 years and they are the best around hands down. The Reserva Decadencia and the Reserva Selecta are the best on the market to me. If you have not tried one of these, well my friend you need to and thats the bottom line. I have read that some complain about it being to moist, take the top off and let it simmer for a couple of weeks at 65% to 68% and then smoke it and you will change your mind my friend.