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Romeo y Julieta Reserve Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Romeo y Julieta Reserve”
I bought one of these at the local cig store thinking it would be a good everyday smoke. The wrapper was smooth and tasty as it burned evenly all the way down to the nub. It has a medium to full flavor (which I like) and pleased all the way through. CI has the best prices on the market so buy a box and try one.
DS of Modesto, CA
TOTALLY agree with the last 2 gentlemen. It started ok and went down hill. Even though the flavor was good I hate having to babysit a cigar by re-lighting it 5-6 times and it refuses to burn. Oh well you win some you lose some and hopefully with age they will get better.
MC of Rancho Cucamonga, CA
Romeo and Julieta is known for making several of the best churchills on the market. This Habana reserve has an excellent draw and has consistent flavors of earth spice and cream from start to finish. It is a solid hour of delicious smoke and an excellent choice for those of us who never like to put a cigar down.
DB of Whittier, CA
I'm a fan of Medium bodied cigars, Rocky Patel 1992 remains my favorite, but these are my second favorite. Why? Well, the flavor is unique. They are nothing like the other Romeos. I can't quite pin it down, but a great draw. A medium body with plenty of flavor. I love them!
SL of Elmwood Park, IL
Don’t let the price of this R&J Cigar dissuade you cigar snobs from making a smart choice. I am not a huge R&J fan but this Habana Reserve is making one of me. This is a very aromatic cigar that is both earthy with strong hints of leather. It is well constructed with a great draw and a very even burn. Regardless of the occasion, this cigar is absolutely a great addition to any humidor. Just remember to remove the price tag so your associates wont think your cheap…just a fine judge of cigars.
MM of Meridian, ID
R & J had done it again! This is a fantastic (Romeo y Julieta Habana Reserve) offering from one of the most prolific brands on the market, and certainly one of the most well loved and for good reason. This Habano is just ooooozing with flavor, from the velvety No. 3 wrapper does not bely the complex flavors of its consistent draw, to its flowery, almost buttery smooth bouquet... this is an awesome stick, and reasonably priced to which makes it even more a joy to burn one back. My rate this stick: 89
C of SSouthern, CA
WOW!!! I picked up A Romeo y Julieta Habana Reserve to smoke in the car, just because I have tried every other R&J blend. This Habana Reserve is truly one of the tastiest blends I've had, hands down. I decided to try it while on my usual rounds at work, so I let it go out at each of my 3 stops. Each time I relit it, it was just as good as the first puff. Truly a "yummy" cigar. I forsee many box purchases of this blend in my future.
SB of La Puente, CA
As a long time R&J smoker, I can honestly say that these (Habana) "Reserves" are just about the best non-cuban smokes I've ever had. Medium body smokes that deliver a smooth even flavor from start to finish. Can't get enough of em........
GP of cape coral, FL
I smoke alot of cigars, this habano is excellent. Two of my gar buddies and I split a box and we all agree at this price this is our everyday cigar. I have lit once every stick and have not had to light again. CI has done it again with the best price around. The draw and flavor excellent, has nice pre-light spice and very smooooth! Puffaliousious!
SP of allen, TX
Best RyJ by far, (Romeo y Julieta Habana Reserve) and the best bang-for-your-buck cigar out there. The Corona was a very nutty, earthy tobacco taste from start to finish. Not the most complex cigar, but has a very similar flavor profile to some "Island" cigars. Highly recommended if you ask me!!
BH of Valencia, CA
I hope smokers don't find out about these. Great smoke for the money. (Romeo y Julieta Habana Reserve) For an everyday smoke...they are unbeatable. Silky feel...amazing look...great taste. If you can beat these...I would love to know how
EH of Abilene, TX
I read some reviews on these cigars on a number of sites prior to buying a box of Robustos and although the flavor is there.. I have had a bear of a time with their draw. I am disappointed with whomever rolled the first two of these I smoked out of the box. I even tried lancing the second cigar pre-light to get more air thru, but by the time I was half way through the cigar I would have to puff 3-4 times to get any smoke out. I hope the remainder of the box is not so tight, but I am not optimistic.
JH of Cleveland, OH
Love the Toro, but the Churchill is hard to draw.
MP of Naperville, IL
I usually smoke the Reserve Real but thought I'd buy a few of the Habana Reserves and give them a try. I really enjoyed this cigar. I thought the draw was smooth and I had no problem keeping this cigar going. It was mild to medium and very enjoyable. One of my new favorites from R & J. I'll be keeping these stocked in my humidor.
NT of Rockwall, TX
My friend and I each bought one of these at a store in Newport. The man in the humidor suggested them to us and they were at a decent price. When we first started smoking them they were fine. I have had better but they were good. After we each dropped our first ash we started having problems. The wrapper stopped burning and just the inside was. We tried to fix it and it just wasn't working. This turned out to be one of the worst smokes I've ever had. It could have just been ours or it could have been the breeze (which wasn't very strong at all). But I will not buy these again.
EK of Cincinnati, OH
I bought a Toro today at a local cigar store,paid $6.00 for it. Glad my wife wasn't with me. This is the finest cigar I've smoked, I'm new at handmades and still trying to learn the flavors of what i'm smoking. There's nothing to learn with this Hanbano it was great and i'm craveing another as i'm typing this. I checked the prices for a box on other web sites. CI you are the lowest. I'll save my $ and buy a box from you. I recommend this R&J Habano to anyone and Buy it from you CI.
FB of Aliquippa, PA
I wrote a comment earlier. On the R&J Habana Reserve. I paid $6.00 at a local cigar store today. I checked your price and others on the web. CI you did it again Your price per cigar from a box of 27 is $3.18. Thats 50% off of what I paid at the store. Thank You. "I'll Be Back" and when I do I'm buying a box of the R&J Habana Reserve. Their Fantastic!
FB of Aliquippa, PA
the belicoso is my everyday stick, very reliable taste and burn. Actually, several women, including a tobacco waitress at Richmond's Tobacco Factory restaurant, have remarked at how good it smells. Also, I cannot remember having any problems at all with staying lit.
TK of Woodbridge, VA
I have two sizes of these, the Toro and Belicoso. I purchased the Toros first and they are very good in taste. The first two had "tunnels" running half way through them so I had to plug those with ash as I smoked. The Belicosos have a different taste. They aren't as good to me as they leave an "after taste." They are good enough though. To me, there are much better smokes for the money out there but everyone's taste is different.
CS of Rock Springs, WY
I love these cigars, and I will make a place in my humidor for them. They were included in one of the samplers, and CI knew what they were doing. I smoke the Churchill, and they are well worth every dollar. It's my desire to try some of the other blends of Romeo Y Julieta in the future.
DM of Taylor, MI
Bought a R&J Habana Reserve at a local shop. Got it in a churchill. Excellent aroma out of the package,even burn,great aroma,but I had a terrible draw and it went out many times. Not much to the finish either but I like a little more flavor on the palate.
MS of Charlotte, NC
Very nice smoke, smooth and full of flavor. Hard to beat these especially at the prices here. These burn really well, nice solid ash, hardly ever haver to touch em up. This is my go-to smoke.
MM of Chicago, IL
A Medium Bodied Creamy Tasting Cigar, Perfect For Anyone's Humidor.
MF of Bogalusa, LA
Nice cigar. Had some issues with the draw with the Churchill. Actually had to take a steak knife and make a little x in the head. Even doing that I had to relight three times. I would definitely recommend it in a smaller size.
DM of Washington, DC
Excellent cigar! Smooth and plenty of rich smoke. Consider that they go for $170 on Thompson (pg 32 of the April 2013 catalog), they're unbeatable for $100 here!
This tastes like a good 'cigar' and like tobacco. Forget about nuts, toast, and whatever crack-pot lemony, pallete and other bs lingo you read about for the boutique cigar culture. It is a cigar, tastes like a cigar, and a damned good one. It burns true, even, plenty of smoke and draw. Get the whole box. It's comparably well worth the money.
I bought the Churchills in a sampler. No problem at all with the burn or the draw, but it's not an overly-complex smoke.
Man, I could puff these babies all day long! And at CI's prices, I just might.
Had the robusto last night. Great cigar for the money - cofee, earth and bitter dark chocolate for days. I did have to re-light a few times, but hey, this is a $5 cigar that delivers great flavor. I'll be buying a box to keep around for an everyday smoke / a smoke for friends. Even my girlfriend liked this one!
JW of Norman, OK
Buyer Beware!!! Terrible experience with the Churchill. I received 5 in a sampler and could only smoke one of them. The others either had a draw too tight to smoke (or keep lit) or the wrapper was too fragile to hold together. I had high hopes for this cigar. It looks great and has a great price, but buying these would be a total waste of money.
BM of Franklin, TN
This cigar, for me, is hands down the best cigar on the market! It has real tasty leathery notes with some spice towards the end, and burns well. Please don't buy any as it makes it hard for me to get them.
ND of Morristown, TN
Normaly, Romeo y Julieta is my go-to brand, for the quality and mainly the price tag. I normally smoke the Robusto or the Churchill, but my friend bought me the Belicoso from Specs on a whim. I don't know what the disconnect between these was, but I found it around 2/3 through the stick. When I started, I easily drew a mouthfull of smoke. It had a slightly spiced taste until about half way down. Then it seems like disaster struck. All of a sudden, the smoke went to a foul tart/bitter aftertaste. The last third was unsmokable. I had my friend take a drag and he agreed. I snubbed it and had to finish his Rocky Patel to get the foul taste out of my mouth. Love the brand, would not buy the Belicoso again.
BW of Corpus Christi, TX
aroma is great, flavor is spot on, problem? it would not burn correctly..the wrapper never catched up, had to help is by lightning the bottom half 3 times and it went out on me twice..such a shame cause its a beautiful stick..i have 4 more in the humi and hope those will burn better but for now i have to give it 1 out of 5 stars..
Got a 5 pack of the Habano wrapped Churchills in a sampler and experienced the same result as one of the previous reviewer had. The draw was impossible. Required numerous relights because the wrapper would not burn as fast as the filler. Exceedingly frustrating smoke. Because of the burn issue the taste was dry. Will not buy these again
Bought one from a BM yesterday. Had to re-lite 4 times. Uneven burn for the first 2 inches then evened out. The flavor was very good however. For the price CI has them I just picked up 5. I strongly feel the BM Store had horrible too high humidity in their walk in. I'm going to let these rest a good month in my humi unwrapped at 65%. I'll update then, but again the flavor was really really good. I'm blaming the burn and re-light issues on the store.
MW of Costa Mesa, CA
Rec'd a 5 pack in a sampler. Smoked two so far and was not impressed with the construction. First third burned well and tasted good, but about 3 inches in it began to go mushy and wanted to tunnel. Tried to save it a few times, but was unsuccessful and the taste just got nasty. Buying a 7" stick and being able to only smoke 3" of it is a waste of money.
The Churchill was an excellent smoke and a very good bargain at the sale price especially. More on the medium side than mild, had a great flavor that was pretty consistent during the long even burn. Had to interrupted the smoke so let it go out and was just as good on the relight. Lots of flavorful smoke and good draw. Highly recommended.
DO of Jefferson City, MO
The R y J Reserve is an excellent smoke from start to finish. I was very surprised at how good it was. Excellent draw with consistent notes all the way through it. I typically buy the R y J 1875 Havoc and now I will be adding the Reserve to my purchase list. Try it and you wont be sorry. This is an excellent cigar.
The 6" x 56 Toro is in my top five cigars with taste, burn and ash, for me it has it all. I highly recommend this stick. try it you might just like it. Oh yes the CI price is great too.
Nice stick, perfect burn all the way to the nub. Flavor was consistent all the way through.
BW of Longview, WA
Very tasty cigar and the price is great. Smokes as a quick work cigar or as an evening cigar. Its very diverse like that.
BK of Columbus, OH
Lovely in appearance and delicious in taste. A great cigar indeed. Burns evenly and leaves a nutty flavor on the palate.
EW of Virginia Beach, VA
Working my way through a Churchill on a Sunday afternoon in the Motor City. A few blemishes on the wrapper, but nothing serious. A smooth draw, razor sharp burn line and holding a one inch salt and pepper ash all the way down. Tastes of leather at first, then a consistent earthy taste, with a peppery aftertaste. Not a huge smoke output. Many reviewers have commented on relighting and tunneling issues. Mine had been in my humidor for three or four months, and my patience has been rewarded. Consistent, and quite satisfactory.
KK of Beverly Hills, MI
This is an update to my earlier review. After resting for a month, they just keep getting better. I had one at 8 months and Wow! Smooth and rich. Great smoke at a great price. These will be replacing my normal go to 1875. This review is for the 7x54.
Perfect everyday cigar. Good draw, even burn, and the smell.... Well, my wife even likes how the smell and she always complains when I light my gars up. Go FOR IT!
RS of Ladson, SC
The first couple of boxes I bought were good, especially the first box. The third and last I will buy was bad. Did not burn evenly.
I normally enjoy these, but the quality on my last box was very poor with a majority of the cigars so loosely rolled that the burn was uneven and the smoke very hot from the second half of the cigar on. Don't know what's going on with Romeo & Julieta quality control but I'll be trying a different smoke for a while
KH of Landing, NJ
Great cigar.
A very good smoke. My brother and I played a round the other day right after receiving them and both were superbly....
These are my favorites, the best premium cigar for the money, period.
GP of Marlton, NJ