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Montecristo Classic Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Montecristo Classic”
A very mild cigar with decent flavor but with quite a few burn problems...tunneling, ash wouldn't hold, etc., things you would expect from a cheap cigar or 2nd but not from a ultra premium cigar such as Montecristo. It was a little disappointing.
VA of Hot Springs, AR
These are among my favorite cigars. Smooth with nice woody hint and ending with a hint of spice. Perfect smoke for any time. Try one, I am sure you will agree. No humidor is complete without containing at least one of these babies.
JA of Shoreacres, TX
Sit down....smoke it and enjoy it. Can't buy a lot of these, but you deserve one now and then. I won't get all corny about the different flavors you'll experience, but you will find a nice change in taste through out. If i was smoking these every day, then you know I won the lottery. Hide a little secret money so the wife won't be upset. Tell her (or the kids) how much you enjoyed it You just might like your birthday or fathers day a little bit more.
Montecristo Classic Churchill, mild bodied. Flavors of cream, spice, wood, cedar, tobacco, and hint of nuts. Very mild. Good draw. Excellent smoke output. No construction issues for me. The classic is a really mild pleasant smoke, I prefer medium to full bodied. The flavors were consistent but faint at times.... Will have to rest them and see how they perform later. I rate a 88 for consistent mild flavors and good construction
VF of margate, FL
Was out of town and stopped by a smoke shop and bought a classic. It's an excellent cigar to smoke very nice flavor through out.
MG of Warsaw, VA
I love this cigar above all others (and I love me some others). It is my measuring stick. It is the reason I play lotto.
I received this cigar as a gift. I light one after a week in the humidor and the taste was great. The taste and draw was smooth. The smoke was heavy and pleasant. Thank you CI.
ST of hill afb, UT
Having waited until I smoked several of these before writing a review. It can be said that the ones I purchased had plenty of humidor time prior to being lit. With that said, I have had nothing but a great cigar and not one single regret on my purchase. It should also be noted that I am far from a novice, but I've never stopped trying to learn all that I can when it comes to the world of cigars. Without going into detail let's just say that I've smoked a great deal of different brands including some from Cuba. Because of this, I've had my share of both bad and good cigars. When it comes to the Montecristo Classic it is not a smoke that you want to rush, it is one that needs plenty of your time. The last one I smoked took 1:45 minutes to finish, which is a great deal of time unless you are enjoying yourself. The ones I received had great construction, even burn, plenty of flavor, with an abundance of smoke. The Montecristol Classic is smooth from start to finish, and isn't harsh in the least bit. It is worth the money spent to try a 5 pack of these and judge for yourself. I pulled the trigger on a box of the Churchhills and will probably do it again when the time comes
DM of Hixson, TN
Wonderful cigar. Yes it is mild so if you don't like the milder side, probably not for you but I have had nothing but a great experience with them. Great even burn, great flavor, just an all around good cigar.
MB of Portage, MI
I picked up a few of these churchills, and while it is a commitment, I loved every minute of it. It was a smooth smoke that happily finished a little spicy. Highly recommended.
GREAT texture, even burn, flavorful, mild. Very good cigar to enjoy while watching NFL playoffs.
JK of Henderson, NV
Just finished my Montecristo Classic Churchill, my first Montecristo actually. Been waiting patiently for 2 weeks for it to get a good rest in my humidor. Toasted it, and lit it anticipating a great experience. To say I am disappointed would be a massive understatement, but first I will tell you what I did like. Beautiful cigar, massive, well constructed, the burn is flawless and the draw is amazing, lots of smoke. Now the bad news..... it starts out harsh as many cigars do and it did settle down a bit. As far as flavors ..... all I could taste was "dirty ashtray",.... Once I peeled the yellow "classic series" label it started to get a little better with faint spice, but the taste never left completely. I will not even smoke the other one that came with my sampler....
CA of Sioux Falls, SD