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Customer Reviews of “Liga Privada Unico Serie”
“Nice smoke. A tad on the expensive side but had a nice 45 minute smoke break out of 'em. Produced tons of thick, creamy smoke.”
JC of Belleville, NJ
“WOW! These are an impressive little stick. I didn't get a ton of complexity, but it's a bold tobacco taste and consistent throughout. I've never seen so much smoke roll off of a cigar, even after letting it rest for a couple of minutes.”
WW of Whitman, MA
“I have been hesitant to write a review on these little gems, seeing as I want to keep them a secret. But I feel like a jerk not letting the world know how I feel about these. I must say, these are just fantastic little sticks! One would never know that they are a mixed filler unless they are told. They are the perfect 30-45 minute smoke, with bellowing clouds, and a very oily, rich but smooth tasting smoke. I bought a few tins, and by the time they showed up they were very dry. I let them sit for about a month, but the pig tail on the cap still just snaps off, but the cigar has come back to life very nicely. I actually like how the pigtail just breaks off, I don't even need to cut the cigar if I just snap off the pig tail and start toasting, and enjoying. I will tell you, the tins of 4 are cheaper than buying a box. Anywho, enjoy the little sticks in good health.”
AU of San Jose, CA