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La Perla Habana Black Pearl Original Reviews

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Overall Rating 4 out of 5 Based on 8 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “La Perla Habana Black Pearl Original”

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3 out of 5
Black pearl original
Not what I was expecting
5 out of 5
I think the Black Pearl line is my favourite cigars. The taste, burn & aroma are great. Can't beat the price as well
5 out of 5
good smoke
5 out of 5
Thanks, CI
You guys make it very easy to enjoy my favorite cigars! Top shelf service
3 out of 5
Black pearl
Very good flavor of beginning very neatly constructed and packed tightly slightly hard drawl great finish burn pretty slowly which is OK however the flavors faded out smoking it up so I would say this was pretty much an average some up but still a good one
3 out of 5
Black Pearl Rojo Review
good medium bodied smoke, reasonably priced. burns uneven sometimes, but a great bargin, a good smoke.
5 out of 5
Pleasant Cigar
Just started smoking the La Perla Habana Black Pearl Original Belicoso cigars. What a pleasant and enjoyable surprise. Don't hesitate to try them. You will not be disappointed.
3 out of 5
Black Pearl Original
Decent smoke but not as good as the Black Pearl Morado.
Customer Testimonials
I would rate this cigar as a middle of the road cigar. The toasty tobacco and a hint of spice is all I get from this cigar. That being said the flavor and aroma I get is good. The wrapper is very dark and attractive. The burn is mostly even and the draw is smooth but fast. All in all, a well built cigar for the price.
Very good cigar; nice, sweet tobacco flavor. Good value. Will buy more.
Only one thing wrong with the Black Pearl cigar. They are not available anywhere but CI Cigars. Thanks guys.
Nice and tasty cigar....
Bought a box. The flavor was good, but over half of them were just rolled to dang tight for me...
This is a good cigar, but not a great cigar. It's not offensive, but forgettable.
I really enjoy the entire line of cigars from La Perla Habana. This one (La Perla Habana Black Pearl Original) is most likely my favorite of them all. Anytime I'm at a cigar lounge or smoke shop and I see these I have to grab a few. To be able to get them from CI on a special like this is just icing on the cake. Deep smooth flavor with a good draw. Very earthy and woody with hints of leather around the middle of the stick. I nub these every time. It's one of the cigars that I just cannot keep stocked in my Humidor.
A friend handed me one, almost three years ago and I seem to always put them in my cart when I get low or when I can't feel impressed by other brands. Try it once and you'll buy more. In short, it's as described; peppery but not too strong and satisfying to the end. I like a smaller ring to keep the dark wrapper fresh.
Loved it!
A great tasting cigar and sweet!
Not big on the terms, slang, or lingo... but this is a very, very fine smoke. Not a smudge of harshness to it, smooth as silk, and fantastic, mild flavor. Received it in a bundle of included cigars at the 2014 Great Smoke Inn, West Palm Beach, FL. The cigar burned extremely evenly, with a nearly pristine white to very light gray ash. Only other cigar I have seen in my experience that burned this straight and white were the H. Upmann No.2 sticks. I will be purchasing a box of these at my earliest ability.
Got a box of 20 on one of those "limited time" deals, and I have to say, these are on my permanent list now. This is one smooth cigar! Plenty of flavor, lots of billowy, white smoke, but very little "bite" I associate with cigars on the fuller side of medium. I usually compare everything to my favorite stick, the Montecristo Classic, as I have always preferred the mild side of medium. This is nothing like that cigar, and may yet supplant it as my favorite. As long as they're available, I'll be back for more!
Very nice cigar, great taste and aroma; bought a box this time, great everyday stick. You can't go wrong for the money.
These are an okay smoke, I like mine a little more mild to medium, these are a medium to strong cigar. But good.
Not a bad cigar at all. I noticed that not all of the cigars are consistant. Overall they're pretty good, especially for the price that you're getting them for.
I ordered a bunch of cigars from CI and on the final page before checking out, they offered a 10 pack of the La Pearla Habanas robusto sampler. I figured for 25 bucks, what the heck. I typically smoke $10 plus cigars but I have to say, after trying two of these Black Pearls, I was pleasantly surprised. The first was what I think was a Connecticut wrapper and while it wasn't a blow me away type cigar, it was nice. Tried the maduro today and again, a very nice surprise! Peppery, good medium body and a great burn. Haven't had to touch it up at all. I see they're all less than $4 a pop, and in my opinion, a heck of a bargain. FYI, my usual smokes are: San Lotano Oval, Mi Amore, most of the Alec Bradley line and the Don Pepin line and an occasional Davidoff Winston Churchill. So for the most part, I typically enjoy a heavier smoke. But these were great! No complaints here!
I really like this cigar, almost like a montecristo but with more flavor to it. It's in my opinion more medium than mild in flavor. Good even burn all the way to the nub. The cigar didn't get hot or bitter near the end like some do and kept a good consistent flavor throughout the smoke. Well worth the price that CI has them on special for.
Got a box of the belicoso 6.2 x 52 last week. Good cigar, on the med. side of its description rather than med/full. Flavor was nice. It was as I expected it to be.....
I was able to enjoy this cigar during a Victory Cigar Club evening while stationed in Iraq. Cheers!
delicious....this cigar makes the snazzberrys NOT taste like snazzberrys! and thats a good thing because you should never trust a man who would enslave orange midgets. sob got no class, but this cigar does.
These beauties are just what you need after a long day!! Very enjoyable and easy to nub. From Afghanistan to Jacksonville and every where else I can always count on La Perla Habana Black Pearl to relax me!!
Pros: beautiful white ash from a toothy and rustic wrapper. Usually medium tasty maduro type flavors. Cons: proverbial box of chocolates. Most are very good, some are so so. If they get the consistency down these would be premiums.
One of my favorites. This is my go to cigar. I think the reasons are first the consistency of this cigar, havent had a bad one yet, it fits my flavor profile and the quality of the cigar for the price is awesome. I like cigars that deliver smoke and this one does for sure. Another cigar somewhat close to this one is the arganese maduro but I've only smoked one of those so if you like those you'll probably love these.
OK, so after 2 months in the humidor Black Pearls are decent $2.50 cigars....Yeah,they're OK but that's it....fess up up to it No one should go out of the way to pay more for these.
....These cigars are ok but not very good. Nowhere worth more than the fifty bucks charged.The flavor wanted to come through but just never did.I don't care much about burn or appearance,it's about flavor!The cigars I ordered were Black Pearl Maduro.What I received were what appeared to be sort of a darker natural and tasted like a weak natural....
These Black Pearl cigars could easily develop a cult following. They are a very tasty, middle of the road smoke with a good burn. The first box I bought had an old fashioned pic of a woman on the lid but the second box didn't - they need to go back to that.
The Black Pearl is a good value for someone looking to step into the world of boutique cigars, it's ok. My rate this on this stick: 82
Simply put, the Black Pearl (Gran D) is the single best cigar money can buy at any price....and I've had about every 'gar available run through my coolerdor at some point in the past 10 years. I am so glad these La Perlas are back at CI. My recenly arrived box of robustos is just as good as those Black Pearls of lore from years past. Another fine (re)addition fellas.
I got the robusto and it is a very fine cigar. Lots of flavor and very smooth. I nub these down to where they burn my fingers and hate to toss them even then. I am so glad that CI sells them for not to much money.
....I found the black pearl to be a very tasty cigar with great aroma......and large plumes of smoke.... nice overall cigar..........
Great maduro for a killer price! It's an easy 90+ rated cigar. Keep the pricing right where it is; I'll be back for more....
WOW...complex,rich,smooth,...a must try!!!! at a KILLER PRICE.not sure if I should eat it or smoke it..YUMMY
Short and to the point: Simply don't miss this thing. Totally worthwhile...
Just tried this cigar for the first time tonight, and loved every minute of it! Will definitely be buying this cigar again come pay day!
Just tried my first Black Pearl, what a DEAL on this smoke. Picked up a box on the advertised special. These would be a deal at twice the price. Excellent job once again CI
SteveR - Nice review on the Black Pearl. I smoked a box of these and the Rojos back in '06 and liked them then. Picked up a 10er of the Black Pearls a few jams back. They taste better than ever.
I am happy to see that CI has the La Perla Habana Black Pearl again. This is a great cigar.
I had a chance to taste this particular cigar (Black Pearl by La Perla Habana) in your Top Tier 3 taste pack --- and the first one I picked was the Black Pearl. Since this was my first time tasting really GOOD cigars ( I was prior to this, messing around with the regular Machine Made Garcia Vegas) This cigar blew me away. It was as some of the other reviews had said --- you light it up, had a nice smokey aroma --- and then all of a sudden " BAM!" --- the spices and perfected tobaccos roll into the mouth, and like smoking poetry, blew out in a nice rolling fume --- and it cooked into the pours of your tounge. After the first puff --- the long drive didn't really matter much, as a great relaxation overwhelmed the senses. This Cigar is one of the best I've tried so far --- great blends and crafstmanship have been put into making such a beautiful product. If you would like to purchace a box of really strong and very powerfull cigars --- the buck stops here. This is a very serious Cigar folks, one of those Cigars that you'd want to whip out after a hard week's work, or if you want to chill and relax over the weekend, with a good brand of Chateu St Michelle and some good company. A simple 10 out of 10 in my book. Great Job CI!!!
Simply one of the best cigars I've had in a long time (La Perla Habana Black Pearl). My first box lasted only a week... and I've not shared one yet, I'm enjoying them way too much! The great ratings this cigar has received since it's arrival are in fact an understatement. I can see that in time this one only gets better, but they are near perfection now. The combination of body and strength are perfectly in sync. The explosion of spiciness tends to hit at about the halfway point and then mellows again until you smell burning flesh. Construction is perfect.