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Gurkha Ninja Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Gurkha Ninja”
A similar blend to gran habano #5. I love this flavor,rich cedar and tons of smoke on an easy draw that lit nicely and smoked to the nub with a lot of flavor subtleties through the nose on the way.
CB of Vale, NC
A strong spicey little devil, she'll seduce you with with a flavour to equal the best, and leave you very happy and satisfied.
MN of Lincoln, CA
This little baby hit the daily deal at a good price so I thought, 'what the heck' ... Got 'em in and put 'em to bed for a few days. Woke one up, set it on fire and said, 'what the hell??????' Like it's namesake, this little critter snuck up and sliced and diced my tastebuds like a stick selling for a whole lot more moolah. The only thing that sucked about the whole thing was I didn't buy enough of 'em at the pittance they sold for. Nice medium to full body with tons of flavor all the way to my burnt digits.
RR of North Port, FL
I try to find cigars that have ample flavor and set themselves apart from all the others out there and provide a unique smoking experience. The Gurkha Ninja is just such a cigar. I was already a Gurkha fan and had high expectations of the Ninja. It did not disappoint. I found the big 6x60 Perfecto to be an absolute work of art and a flavor bomb to boot. The cigar has zero issues and the strength is solidly in the medium to full bodied realm. I found the taste is very similar to the much higher priced Centurian and Crest but at a much more reasonable price point. I would highly recommend the Gurkha Ninja as a “must try”. Keep the great Gurkha deals coming CI!
MO of Little Egg Harbor, NJ
A buddy and I split a box of these, and now we're hooked. Excellent flavor and excellent construction (we didn't find ONE that didn't smoke like the very picture of perfection), this is a must have for all Gurkha fans, and indeed all cigar fans. Totally lives up to the Gurkha namesake. Well done.
ES of Spencer, MA
One of my favorite gurka cigars, very good construction and nice experience, solid feel, and heavy in the hand, light it up and enjoy.
JB of Marrero, LA
I had bought one of these at a smokeshop for my boyfriend and I ended up loving it! I had no idea it was a Gurkha until i searched for it on here. I will definitly be order a 5 pack of these amazing tasty cigars.
JW of Oxford, NE
Don't let the "medium body" moniker fool you. There is simply TONS of flavor in these cigars. Yes, the body is a medium at most, and the smoke is silky smoothe, but there are ample sweet and lucious tobacco notes to be tasted in this cigar. And at this price range, these should be a staple in your humidor.
MW of Fresno, CA
Got one as a gift, very impressive. The draw and ash were perfect and the flavor was tasty. I'm partial to 5 x 50's and Padron 2000 natural is my benchmark smoke. I'm going to buy a box of these and if they are as consistent as the 2000 in construction, the Ninja Knife will usurp it because it has better flavor with less after taste.
Gurkha Ninja, a medium to full bodied smoke. Core flavors were earth, wood, and a hint of very unsweetened nuttiness. Definitely no sweetness in this cigar compared to Gurkhas other Maduros. Plenty of smoke, easy draw, no construction issues, with a quick finish. Good switch up from the normal sweet maduros. I prefer the Cellar Reserve, Evil, Ghost, Blue Steel,.Crest, Cuban Legacy for sweetness. I rate a 89
VF of margate, FL
Very smooth and rich. Mellow flavor at first kinda cocoa and light, then gets stronger and even more flavorful toward the middle. Has become one of my favorites , and its affordable enough to keep plenty
SW of gray court, SC
One of my very favorites. Notes of dark coffee and black pepper. Even and slow burn every time. The head smokes like a bonfire the entire time filling the room with a wonderful aroma even when you're not puffing. Amazing.
CR of Redding, CA
This is one good cigar. It puts out a ton and a half of smoke. I'm not one who can define the intricate flavors of a cigar, I just know when I like it and when I don't. This Knife has a unique flavor, unlike any other cigar I can recall having. As long as they keep making them, this will be one I'll smoke often.
My favorite cigar to date. First off, appearance. Oily and black. Beautiful band. I prefer the torpedo. Great draw and smokes like crazy. The head puts off more smoke than any other cigar I have had. The aroma and flavor are life changing! I highly recommend the ninja.
CR of Redding, CA
Top end quality for a fair price. One of my go to smokes and favorites.
BK of Columbus, OH
Easy to light. Above average construction, draw and burn. Slight unevenness to burn line requiring minor touch ups and heavier than ideal draw. Heavy smoke that is dry on the palate. Medium strength with medium flavors. Rich earth and black pepper flavors up front with a slight sweetness. No spice. A bit flat and sour mid palate with a finish of coffee and mild chocolate without the sweetness. A very nice cigar that would benefit from slightly smaller sizes to even out the blend and likely correct the slight construction flaws.
Nice draw, beautiful looking cigar, great smoke and burn. I was hesitant at first but after I lit it up I was very surprised with the taste and the smoothness. I would stock these guys for a good all around cigar. Ninja knife.
CP of Ancaster, ON