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Fonseca Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Fonseca”
Fonseca Vintage is one of the finest cigars I have ever tried and a truly wondrous experience! Do yourself a favor and TRY IT!
JH of Folsom, CA
For any who are fans of a strong, flavourful cigar the "Serie F" (Fonseca) is one of those must tries. It is a delicious blend of smooth yet powerful tobacco producing a genuine, full flavor that tantalizes the palate while providing a relaxing and enjoyable smoke. I would recommend this cigar to my friends, so it must be good.
KS of Chicago, IL
I've NEVER had a bad Fonseca. That being said, my favorite cigar is a Fonseca Vintage, but the regular Fonsecas aren't far behind. By the way, the Vintage is what Manuel Quesada, President of the company smokes himself. That's quite a recommendation. Try one. You will not be disappointed.
JH of Houston, TX
Several months ago I visited my old home town to see my folks and stop in on a few friends. One also enjoyed a good smoke from time to time but couldn't get away from work long enough to join me for a Fonseca Vintage robusto, so at the end of our short chat I reached into my glove box and told him I had a very special cigar for him. Last week when I returned I stopped in on him again, and he couldn't wait to tell me what a delicious cigar it was and how he smoked it till he couldn't. I'll dwell on the experience for days myself. I'm going to have one right now!
RV of Minneapolis, MN
The 5-50 is a wonderfully mild bodied cigar. To me, it whoops on Macunudo any day of the week. A perfect morning smoke.
PN of Yelm,, WA
The F Series (Fonseca) is a quality cigar. I received it in the Top Tier 3 Sampler. It turned me on to try more of the Fonseca cigars. I just purchased the Fonseca Sampler. I look forward to smoking them all.
GH of Bordentown, NJ
The Fonseca Serie F is a delight to the palate, beautiful in construction, and a must try for those of you looking for a medium cigar with no after taste. I'm looking forward to a Private stash as soon as I get another humidor!!!
DK of Mt. Holly Springs, PA
Nice cigar, indeed. Fonseca Well made with no flaws. Excellent flavour and about a medium body. I like these....
MC of M Leesburg, VA
Ide just like to say well done CI,i come over from the UK every year & buy from you,Great cigs great prices,as for the Cusano Grey ,what a beautiful smooth mellow smoke ,just get home sit down & enjoy. if you like mild-medium & creamy smooth look no further. well done guys. Steve U.k
SC of Knt, AA
I have just recieved my sampler pack from cigar international today. The Fonseca stood out among them for a very strange reason. The ring was small and not flamboyent. It was like the little thing was hiding behind its bigger brothers. Needless to say being the big bully I am, I snatched it and lit it up. Kind of hard to light but that is okay as the flavor just hit my tongue and the cigar should have been a cow, cause it is that creamy. wow. Nice white ash. I am a Manduro smoker by habit but man this would be good after a light lunch or a heavy supper. I can see me sippen mixed drinks and smoking this on a beach somewhere.
JC of Louisville, KY
Fonseca 5-50 is one good smoke-just the right amount of flavour: woodsy and creamy. If you're looking for an everyday cigar, then look no further.
GT of Lillington, NC
A pleasant cigar! I smoked one from a sampler pack and am impressed with the overall experience. The smoke was not complex, but very consistent and rich throughout. For a lighter cigar, I noticed a nice spice through the sinus and a dominican aftertaste that leaves you enjoying the palate. The draw was easy and the burn was very straight. All other details are's a buy!
NK of Bettendorf, IA
I just finished a Fonseca Vintage 5-50 Robusto which I received a couple of months ago with the Cigar of the Month Club. I had not heard much about this brand and none of my friends were familiar with it either, so I didn't expect all that much. This has just jumped to the top of my list ahead of the Macanudo and 5 Vegas Gold as my favorite mild. Creamy is the best description, and extremely well made. My ash didn't drop until about 2.25 inches in. What a fantastic cigar!
RH of Spokane, WA
I am smoking a (Fonseca) 5-50 right now. Smooooth. What a nice smoke. Thanks for the recommendation.
MG of Fort Collins, CO
I sampled a ten pack that I scored on a joe's daily deal,and a deal it was!! This is a fantastic cigar. I ordered forty more.
JC of El Paso, TX
WOW! had a chance to meet Mr. Quesada himself this past saturday at an event here....also had the pleasure of trying 2 diffrent sizes of the (Fonseca) Vintage series. again CI reviews were right on the cherry.. great medium body cigar, smooth to the end, now I always see the term "creamy" and this cigar showed me what that meant. Anyway very good cigar by a humble man. Thanks CI
JR of Parkville, MO
The construction of the cap was a mess once I clipped it and not completely, the cigar wanted to unravel on me. But the smoke was enjoyable with woodsy spicy flavors and a pleasant aftertaste that stayed consistent. The filler was nicely packed and gave a well compacted ash after the fact. I enjoyed the cigar, but was slightly bothered by the loss of the cap at the get go. All in all I would suggest if you are going to smoke these be careful of your initial cut.
DF of De Queen, AR
I really liked the 5-50's mild to medium taste. It was smooth, creamy and burned like a champ, no construction issues at all.
TS of Corona, CA
Very fine well build cigar. It's not my favorite but I'm satisfied. Appearance 90, Taste 88, Construction 91, Quality 90.
FD of Gardena, CA
MH of Cumming, GA
This was the very first cigar that I ever smoked. My GF got me a selection of 5 cigars from a local shop to get me to quit smoking cigs..OK. So I didn't kick that awful habit but I'm happy to say that 5 years on I now have over 3500 various cigars resting quietly in 2 huge humidors!! DAMN HER! lol.. This is a great cigar for the money. VERY tasty exceptional construction and draw. I keep buying box after box every year and never have I had a bad one. I honestly hope they never stop making these sticks. I for one am a fan for life. get some. You'll thank yourself that you did!
DM of Herndon, VA
Having never smoked one of these before I really didn't know what to expect. Wow, it was a cigar that I kept it in my mouth until there was nothing left to keep. This is a great cigar, and one that I could smoke all the time if needed. The flavor seem to change all along the cigar as I was smoking it. Never did it become harsh, or the smoke burn in your mouth. Dr. Bill
DM of Taylor, MI
Here is a cigar that is very consistent every time you light one up. It's a nice mild cigar that's great with coffee. Holds its ash and burns even with construction that's always there.
Of all the cigars I smoke regularly, the standard Fonseca series (10-10, 5-50, 8-9-8, etc.) is far and away the most reliable. I've smoked hundreds of them in every size, and I've encountered not a single knot, plug, canoe, or tunnel among the lot of them in 20+ years. Every last one has been flawlessly constructed; every last one has delivered an even burn, an effortless draw, and the smoothest light-bodied mild flavor you'll find this side of a Dunhill or a León Jimenes. The 2-2 Claro in particular (4.25" x 40) is the best companion a double cappuccino ever had.
NI of Jefferson, LA
The 5-50 brings back memories of the "Cigar Boom" days. It is a classic mild bodied smoke of unwavering consistency. Back then, a 5-50 commanded a Princely sum, but was an available alternative to the Punch EMS Rothschilds I was addicted to. The Fonseca blend is far too mild for my personal taste, yet I burn them down to the tiniest nubs, whenever I smoke one. If you like Macanudo, you may like the stick & a half you get for the same price when you choose Fonseca. I'm probably not the best judge of mild, but this one is perfectly constructed, consistently tasty & almost affordable. You can do a lot worse for more.
The worst cigars I've ever purchased and attempted to smoke. I say attempted because they were in-smokable. This may seem harsh but I'll never get any thing like these again. The main issue I think is the batch was too dry. The wrapper flaked a was falling off. - and I do have a humidor.....The cigars do not burn without constant drawing which was odd as the draw lacked any kind of resistance. A bit like sucking on a drinking straw. I have not managed to smoke one yet. I get about a inch and then it's lights out. To be pulling and pulling in every draw makes for a bitter taste and even that didn't keep it alight.
DV of San Antonio, TX
Mildheads must worship Manolo Quesada, in the same manner us fullheads put the skills of Abdel Fernandez up against any blender alive! The Fonseca 5-50 robusto is an example of Manolo's mastery of the blending art. Mild, but full of flavor, thanks to the five year aged Dominican fillers, a tasty Mexican binder leaf & a pale, shade grown Connecticut wrapper, 5-50 will keep even the most jaded follower of full-bodied cigars attention. It makes a great change of pace smoke or compliments coffee, wine or hard liquor. One of a few mild cigars that I like enough to keep on hand. Ultra consistent, exceptionally well made & affordable enough to earn an 89/100.
A real favorite of mine. Mellow but flavorful. Very consistent from smoke to smoke.
EH of Philadelphia, PA