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Oliva Serie G Maduro Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Oliva Serie G Maduro”
3/4 thru my first series G maduro and I'm blown away! My focus has been CAO, Graycliff and Ashton for some time but Oliva has now entered my stable! Wow... what a flavor and what a draw! A great smoke and at this price you can't go wrong.
RG of Oklahoma City, OK
Just had the Belicoso, and it is a wonderful smoke. Good draw and the strength is leaning towards medium-full. Earth, chocolate, cocoa, and a small bit of pepper. Lasts about 45-60mins, great size of you don't have a lot of time. One downside: burn can get a little uneven but can be easily remedied. Nonexpensive and worthwhile addition to your humidor.
GB of San Diego, CA
It is a dynomite cigar (Oliva Serie 'G' Maduro)! Love the Maduros....Great Price Point. excellent construction, great ash, eventful smoke, satifies completely. Smoke it to the NUB....
RW of The AT, GA
Rich creamy smoke, slow burn, awesome coffee notes, ending in a chocolatey haze. Great price. (Oliva Serie 'G' Maduro) I am some what new to Cigars and have been enjoying all that I am learning. Having both expensive and cheap cigars by now (never experiencing the coveted Cubans). I have to say that this is my favorite, by far, yet. The Torpedo is the smoke... anything shorter makes you want more. Smoked several of these to the nub.
RT of jacksonville, NC
I just had a maduro after marinating in various humis for the past 18 months. First, construction is PERFECT! Burn unbelievably even and symmetrical. First third was sweet and really floral, with the second getting more leathery and picking up medium spice. The back end had much more spice/pepper. Although, it changed throughout, the sweetness stayed the whole time to varying degrees. I didn't expect this much complexity from a gar at this price point. Well done to the Oliva Family! I keep a lot of nice cigars, meaning I don't have what could be considered a "bad smoke", so this one ends up in the middle of the group, BUT it's not the smoke's fault. I just have others that are higher on the food chain. Overall: 90 pt score from me.
BN of Zion, IL
For the price can not be beat. If you have not tried one please do, you will not regret it. Oliva Serie 'G' Maduro
PF of fall river, MA
This cigar was a home run for me. Tons of great rich cocoa, some wood, some earth. One of the best smokes I have had in a long time. You will not be disappointed.
KH of Jefferson, AR
NUB! Smoked it until I felt my upper lip burn (Oliva Serie 'G' Maduro). Beautiful stick: even burn, clouds of smoke, nice smooth easy draw.
JB of Canyon Country, CA
I'm enjoying this smoke. This cigar has a coffee-like taste and also it takes about 1" inch before all flavors comes together. Very smooth at the half way mark, burns pretty good. Smells fantastic and semi strong. This one very well rounded. It's a keeper that's for sure. I can only imagined if it stay in my humidor for six months but that not gonna happen. Maybe if my wife take my keys away.
FD of Gardena, CA
This cigar is just "excellent." Don't worry about wasting money buying these because they will be worth every penny that you spend. This is a solid, well built smoke. I give it a solid rating of 91.
CS of Rock Springs, WY
The special G is a great quick smoke. Medium body and tons of toasted wood flavors.
PW of Rosedale, IN
Great cigar took almost one hour and fifty minutes to smoke, watched almost all of the cowboy and giants game, started smooth and cool, had a slightly uneven burn but finally settled down, finished smoky and woodsy, loved it will buy more of these...
TM of Muldraugh, KY
I must say its a very good smoke, it made an impression on me.
GK of Kahului, HI
Very enjoyable smoke. Just finished the belicoso and have to say for the price point you can't beat it. Full of flavor and very rich smoke output I would say this is a staple in my everyday humidor. I am a Ashton fan, but not an everyday smoke, so the Oliva family is becoming more and more a part of my everyday humidor. I have tried quite a few of the G and V series and I am very impressed.
JN of Pageland, SC
I went with the Special G Corona. The aroma is half the experience here; half incense, half cigar, all great tobacco. These start out as a very slow smoke and progress to a slow smoke. They produce a good amount of smoke, but they won't yield to a long draw. Small puffs yield a good long lasting experience. In case I didn't mention it, these are a slow smoke. They would be best for someone who smoke passively, enjoys lots of tobacco perfume and appreciates an easy to hold package. I will keep these around for backyard get-togethers where I am the only smoker. I won't stand out but will still get to enjoy a good cigar.
MA of Olathe, KS
A stellar offering at a lower price than most Olivas. Better than the higher-priced O series. But, for the occasional treat, step up to the V series (especially Melanio).
A classic Maduro blend. I am smoking one that I confiscated from the "only 1 left" humidor. A bittersweet occasion, since it means I will need to restock in the near future. But the experience is delightful. This lone wolf had been resting for a year & it is delicious to the max! I grabbed a tenner from MMAO for 3 bones apiece. At that price, these are a must have Maduro. Give 'em a try & see if you don't agree. 90/100
Picked up a Churchill at my local B&M. The box press is beautiful, dark and sleek. The smoke was smooth and creamy for me until the halfway mark. It maintained its smoothness throughout, but here I thought the woody, leathery notes really started to stand out. For the rest of the cigar, it reminded me of why the best tobaccos are coming from Nicaragua nowadays. Enjoyable cigar.
ND of Morristown, TN
Hands down. One of the best cigars out there. At least in an affordable price range. I dont even have to explain whats good about because everything is. This is one of my daily smokes for any occasion. You wont be dissatisfied with this smoke as a maduro fan.
JS of omaha, NE