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Cain by Oliva Reviews

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Overall Rating 4.55 out of 5 Based on 20 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Cain by Oliva”

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4 out of 5
Great stick. A little tight
Great stick. A little tight on the draw.
3 out of 5
Too bold for me but I finished it...
5 out of 5
Try them, you'll like them!
I was surprised by this stick. I had a Cain or two. I picked this up in a new shop and thought, well, it's worth a shot. Wow! I am way sorry not to have tried this before! Great taste, great construction, easy smoking. This will be my next box buy! AWESOME!
5 out of 5
Louis Hesselt-van-Din
Very good smoke. Lots of flavor not harsh at all. Only complaint, not as strong as original issue.
2 out of 5
Not the cigar it was in past years.
There is a change to the flavor and consistency that are not welcome. They burn somewhat hot rather than the smooth flavorful draw they had in the past. I was very disappointed, especially at the price of these.
5 out of 5
Great Cigar
Full flavor, great construction, lots of smoke. This is a just a great cigar, no doubt about it.
5 out of 5
An excellent full bodied smoke
Now my favorite cigar by far
5 out of 5
Cain "F" series
Being a fan of the original "Cain" series, I was doubtful of the "F" series, thinking that it was a piggyback effort like a lot of the cigar producers, my delight this was not the case. The "F" series is an improvement on a wonderful cigar, and not a cigar to be taken lightly,....
5 out of 5
Great Smoke
This was a great smoke. Great from start to finish if you're looking for a full flavor cigar. Will Buy Again!
4 out of 5
Good smoke
The Robusto F is a good smoke, but not as good as the 660. That is a great smoke.
5 out of 5
Awesome smoke
It has been one of my favorites since it came out. Wonderful construction and burn and a great smoke!
5 out of 5
From start to finish, a well made stick. Slightly firm yet steady draw with a perfect amount of smoke throughout. Flavor actually trumps strength in the final 3rd. Enjoy with your favorite beverage...
3 out of 5
Cain by Oliva 'F' Habano Lancero
I usually get the 660. I love it so much I decided to try the robusto and lancero. The 660 while very full is also very smooth. The lancero not so much. Kind of novel but will most likely not order that size again.
5 out of 5
Cain F
Cigars are bold and full bodied! I've been smoking these for a few years and never seem to let me down. Put your "big boy" pants on for a great smoke!
5 out of 5
Big Daddy Cain
Iv'e been smoking Cain's for a few years one of my favorites
5 out of 5
Top drawer smoke...
A very full flavored and balanced cigar.
5 out of 5
Hands down My favorite cigar
5 out of 5
ain by Oliva
Fantastic cigar. Perfect burn, nice pull, pleasant taste. It is now my go to cigar for that post dinner smoke.
5 out of 5
Can't say much more than excellent, I enjoyed it very much.
5 out of 5
Excellent cigar perfection in all phases. The closer this thing gets to the nub the better it is. Truly a wonderful cigar!!!
Customer Testimonials
Damn what a nice cigar. My new favorite.
Cain Maduro torpedo has become the standard by which I judge other cigars after trying over 100 different CI cigars over the last year and making notes on my reactions. These are the perfect blend of darkness, richness and strength, and the torpedo especially gets even better at the end because the shape concentrates the flavor. The robusto is good but the torpedo is the best.
The Cain F is a true full body. Exceptional construction with a notably thick wrapper that only ashed twice from start to nub. Solid spicy hit for the first inch and throughout the stick an occasional woody sweet after taste came up. Definitely a "meaty" cigar and must try if you enjoy a solid spicy blend.
You will never find my humi w/out some CAINS , the whole line up is outstanding from the F to the daytona....must smokes.
If you are a lover of FULL cigars, yet smooth at the same time. The description given by CI is pretty much on target. Had to love what the person said about having a root beer. My choice was a Propel bottle of grape water, since the smoke caused my palate to need something wet. Not being much of a drinker, with the exception of a scotch, or brandy every now and then. The Cane F would probably be a great cigar while sipping on your kind of Whiskey. My only complaint, I wish they had more sizes to choose from due to my love for a 54 ban. All in all, the construction, and even burn of the cigar, is clear evidence of quality. The question I now must ask myself; are they worth the price?
Cain F, Cain Habano, Cain Maduro...............All delicious. I keep a supply on hand.
I smoked the cain "f" habano double toro, it takes me about 2 1/2 hours to smoke this bad boy and i enjoy every nicotine filled puff. even though it sounds like an odd combination i always drink a root beer with this cigar because it compliments the cigar so nicely.
I have been smoking Cains out of curiosity since they first appeared, but recently I had the opportunity to smoke an "F" while sipping a glass of Jack Daniels, and the two paired flawlessly with Whiskey flavors blending smoothly with this full-bodied blend. Top 10 indefinately!
I purchased a five pack of Cain "F" Habano Torpedoes back in April of this year and finally got around to smoking the first one. This cigar has a great draw and it burned evenly the entire time, no touch ups were needed. Flavors were spicy/sweet with a touch of wood. There was a strong blast of pepper up front, but that quickly tapered off. It was a smooth smoke from beginning to end; be aware though, this was very strong in the strength department.
Cain F, outstanding. Full bodied, full flavored, and well made. Love all sizes in the "F" Cain Habano. Mixed feelings on this one. The 660 is excellent with nice bold flavors. The robusto has an off putting aroma of burning paper that seems to irritate my sinuses. Cain Maduro. Good cigar, not as full flavored or as full bodied as the others. Still worth trying. The "F" to me, is not over powering as many people have told me. It's a well balanced cigar that is just as easy to enjoy with morning coffee as it is after a big rich dinner. All around good line.
Cain "F" Okay, 1st: Set your seats in the upright position, fold your tray tables back to the seat in front of you, fasten your seat belts, remain seated during the flight! This cigar is the most powerful cigar I (and a few other smokers I know) have ever had! After the third pull I began to feel tendrils of ethereal pleasure finger through the front of my skull. I coupled this with a 2006 Velvet Glove Shiraz and was mystified. I have smoked this cigar on several occassions and have found the results to be consistent on each event. This full-bodied, full-flavored robusto burns well with a light grey ash while producing a host of cubanesque flavor. The sweet complex spice was noticeable and included the likes of nutmeg, cinnamon, and cardamom. There was smack of rich, but not overbearing tobacco, leather was dancing on the nose, and soft flavor of currants went with this smoke (most likely influenced from the shiraz). An adventure of a smoke and not for the faint of heart.
I think I just found my new cigar of choice! I ordered the Cain "F" Habano Robusto from CI's Daily Deal. Man, am I glad I did! This cigar is impressive!! It's full of flavor from the get-go. It burned very well and I enjoyed it down to the nub. I can hardly wait to try the "F" Habano Double Toro and the "F" Habano Torpedo. From now on I am going to keep this one in my humi at all times. Buy it, you won't regret it. Oliva does it again!! Thanks CI...keep 'em coming (especially in the Jambalaya)!!!
The maduro is a awesome heater! I was blown away by the taste of this cigar. If you like maduro's , this is a must try. It's up there with the Edge by Rocky Patel
This is another top of the line cigar. Excellent in; taste, burn, construction, draw and looks. At this level there is not much else to say.
Yet another great smoke from the Oliva family. I just finished my 5th one.....the F has full body, great burn, not overly spicy and smooth throughout.....and so far they seem to be consistent(no big surprise right?). Give this baby a squeeze, look it over, great construction and slow burning......give yourself some time to enjoy this one. What really surprised me was the aroma that the F puts out, it's sweet and I found it pleasant...a good change for me. I hope these age well.
In my view, the Cain F is an excellent cigar. It's beautifully made and offers an excellent draw and dead-even burn. I think it's best smoked slowly and perhaps after having something to eat and along with a flavourful cup of coffee...preferably something made by Martin Mayorga. This cigar could very easily become a favourite.
The Cain Habano shows all the solid reliable quality that I have come to expect from Oliva. The flavor is pretty much a one trick pony from start to finish, but it’s a pretty damn good trick. It’s not the kind of cigar that you savor so much as the kind you lean on for a reliable and enjoyable full tilt smoke. I wouldn’t lay a bunch of superlatives on the Cain, but I find myself reaching for one more and more often. It’s one that I now keep permanently stocked.
Talk about a slooow burner. I was still puff'n away on the Cain(torpedo) while my fellow smokers we're done with their churchhills (and I lit up well before them too). Great smoke with great flavor, not over powering, but strong non-the-less. Well constructed and an even burn down to the nub.
"F" series Habano Maduro. Straight, and to the point. One of my great birthday presents was a handfull of these. The best cigar I ever smoked. Absolutely delicious!
Okay people, I'm all for giving good reviews, but be careful, or these magnificent smokes will be backordered when we try to order them again! Seriously, this cigar wowed me. Full-flavored but soooo smooth. It's not often that I am this impressed with a cigar, and I've smoked all the top ones and tons of Cubans too. I daresay I might have liked it better than the Series V. I'll have to have a few more to finalize that verdict, but... wow. I'm hooked.
Seriously, an amazing stick. I was out in the backyard, under cover from a light rain...Raising Cain! Tremendous lively flavor, amazingly sweet scent and powerful kick. Ligero? Si! Lit one up during The Sox pregame show...was still enjoying it through the 3rd inning. Looking forward to the next opportune time to light up another. Give yourself time, a good hour and a half. Do yourself a favor and enjoy a few of these bad boys. Beyond any smoke I've had in recent memory. Pretty dang close to a perfect cigar.
MASTERPIECE!!How do they do it? Just got a 10-pk of Cain Habano robustos on the daily deal and tried one later this evening...boy oh boy!The prelight taste was so tasty I almost didn't want to light it but upon lighting it was a pepper explosion,the 1st inch was sink or swim ,in a good way of course.This continued about the 1st 1/3 and changed to heavy sweet cream and leather with the pepper still in the background.Then something marvelous happened,while this tastiness was having a dance session in my mouth,that sweet,fresh rainwater taste joined the party and this continued to the nub yep, took it down to about 1/2 an inch -totally scrumptious.This baby is very powerful,on the 1st 1/3 imo it's extra full-bodied,then scales down to full but the whole ride is perfectly balanced.I almost forgot to mention that classic salty,baked bread Oliva flavor was there as well with a long finish after each puff-excellent!!! Thanks C.I. you da' man!!!
Hey C.I. and cigar family,just received a 5-pak of the (Cain Habano Double Toro),and this has got to be one of the most beautiful cigars I have ever seen.The scent of the habano wrapper has the strongest aroma on a wrapper I have ever smelled in my 27+years of cigar smoking-a very earthy,spicy,leathery,dirty but not quite dirty,agressive in-your-face type of aroma that tells you right off the bat that this cigar will make you respect it.I will store these away for a few months before smoking them-I can't even imagine what they'll be like already knowing how wonderful a time I've been having with Oliva Serie V Dbl Toros-Appreciation to Oliva family and C.I.!
One of the best cigars I've ever had! Smooth, even draw and great taste. If you'd never tried one, your missing out!
All i can say is "WOW"!!! I've tried the habano, 'F' habano and maduro and have been very impressed with each one. I have found each one to have impecabble construction, even burn and a good draw. The flavor is very full but very smooth. Its hard to believe there is so much body until you get to the end and feel a little bit of a light-headedness. The kind of light-headedness that makes you want to light up again! I'd trade my wife for a box of these!
What to say of the Cain Maduro, pick a size? WOW is the only way to sum this cigar up. Amazing layered and abundant flavor with a deceptively full body. Nuanced, subtle and sneaky is the Cain Maduro. Like an exotic car that you don't realize you're doing 200mph in until you look at the speed, you don't feel the Cain's full strength sneak up on you until it's all over and you try to stand up. It's not going to punch you in the gut, but you may want to sit down again for a second. This cigar is phenomenal. I can't get enough of 'em. Order them by the ton, not the box, you'll like it that much.
Cain is another winner from Sam Leccia and the Oliva factory. Much like the Nubs, these cigars are big and bold. If you favor milder, conneticut cigars like Macanudo or Cohiba, you may want to stay away from these. The habano wrapper is like the porterhouse steak of wrappers, thick, beefy, yet deliciously tender. Before lighting one of these up, make sure you have allotted enough time. Every one I've smoked has burned for three hours.
To sum up this cigar...intense. It's a good one, but be ready, it is potent. I don't ever get buzzed off cigars, I don't think any real veteran (don't consider myself an aficionado) does, but I did off this one. Great earthy flavors though, all the way to the end.
this is a fantastic cigar, the habano robusto and the double toro were very full bodied cigars, sort of reminded of the oliva serie v, smooth and kind of sneaks up on you. it does not hit you between the eyes at the start, im a fan of the edge corojo and i think these are better, a little more exspensive too. the habano wrapper has nice oils and the burn was even. i think the double toro was the best of the 2, it was a little more balanced, but the robusto seemed to have more kick too it.both were leathery and earthy , with loads of pepper and slight cedar notes.
The Cain Straight Ligero Maduro is the single best cigar I have ever enjoyed! I have tried many different cigars but the pure pleasure of this smoke is amazing. Let's get them out of back order and start shipping.