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Bahia Gold Maduro Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Bahia Gold Maduro”
I remember Bahia Gold from the late 90s. I bought one at a shop in Evansville, IN, and it was a great cigar. Twelve years later I took a chance on the Bahia Icon and Bahia Insignia. What a disappointment! It was therefore with great reluctance that I purchased the Gold Maduro. To my relief the Gold Maduro was quite pleasant. I tasted classic maduro flavor with the addition of aged tobacco nuances. An all-around pleasant smoke! I never tried the original Bahia Gold Maduro blend so I have no basis for comparison. However, the new blend compares favorably with other good medium-bodied maduros. I will smoke more of these.
AF of Bloomington, IN
I love the regular Bahia Maduro, it's one of my favorites. So I thought the Gold Maduro would be like an upgrade. Yes...and no. This is a very well made cigar, and it is a very, very smooth, easy going smoke. I'm kind of confused by the full-flavor designation though. Though it was pretty tasty I found the flavor to be more subtle. It's a nice Maduro flavor that comes and goes as you smoke it, there just isn't a ton of it. The post-exhale taste was disappointing, not much there at all, not nearly as much as the regular Bahia Maduro. If smooth is what you are looking for this is a good bet, but if you want a full flavor smoke you might want to try something else.
DA of Costa Mesa, CA
Got a few of these in a Bahia sampler. Maduro was really tasty. I wouldn't say it was full bodied but definitely medium to full. Construction was outstanding though. Not a cigar that will disappoint even the professional.
Bought a ten pack for the free shipping deal. Been in the humidor about 5 days. Nice prelight aroma, the prelight draw was easy. This cigar feels well constructed. The wrapper is a chocolate brown, but hardly oily as stated in the description. The burn was even to the nub and the ash burned white to gray. Tipped only twice. It is a smooth smoke and as the previous review stated more to the side of medium rather than full in my opinion as well. The maduro flavor was less prominent than I prefer and the fillers are more Dominican than Nicaraguan.... A very nice cigar for <$3.00 a stick.
JF of Rockwood, PA
I bought 10 of these on a free shipping promotion and I was wondering if I was going to regret the impulsive decision. I did not! Very nice smoke, especially for the price. As another reviewer said, this is more of a medium-body than full body, but the flavor is very pleasant.
DS of Niwot, CO
This cigar is classic to smoke and enjoy with your friend. Have a drink with it like Johhny Walker Black with coconut water. It's the best smoke you can ever have. The cigar is a full gauge and very smooth...Enjoy!
Great smoke at a great price. If you're a maduro lover like me your gonna love Bahia Gold Maduros. In fact the entire Bahia line of cigars are wonderful!