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ACID Cigars by Drew Estate Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “ACID Cigars by Drew Estate”
For years I have been looking for a smoke that I would really look forward too. And I really never found just the right one. Now I have enjoyed many good gigars from time to time but never any I would buy over and over. Until I found the ACID brand. The Blue Connecticut and Gold Sumatra and the Red Cameroon are the best little cigars I have ever had. And I do buy them over and over. Just keep them coming.
WB of Wheatland, WY
Got 10 Kuba Kubas for $30 free shipping during the Cigar Jam a few weeks ago. These are $6-8 per stick at any cigar store near me. CI rocks, 'nuff said.
EI of Stow, OH
I have always had people who are not cigar smokers complain about the smell,well no more. The acid line is a very aromatic and unique in taste. The flavor of the premium tobacco and botanicals is a great combo. Not overbearing, you still get the great taste of a premium smoke with a nice twist in flavor and the chicks absolutely love the smell. The kubba kubba and atom maduro are the best.
SC of Cathedral City, CA
I have been smoking a pipe for a while and decided to try cigars. My first was an ACID and it was UNBELIEVABLE! The Blondie is sweet and will give you a lift. Refreshing. The Kuba Kuba is liken to a cuban handrolled. The KMV is, to me, mild and fulfilling. I love ACID cigars because they 1) do not stink up the house..2) they taste GREAT!!! I am a big fan.
CG of Denham Springs, LA
I have been smoking acids (ACID) for one year now and just tried the Nasty, two words for you - simply great. Keep up the good cigar making.
JB of Westfield, MA
I just smoked my first Acid Def Sea. I am very skeptical of infused cigars, but this is a really enjoyable smoke. I smoked it down to the nub, about an hour and fifteen minutes of faint orange herbal pleasure. The draw is easy and the burn is even. Best of all, it does not leave the room smelling smoky. I plan to order another box and I can't wait to try the blondies.
WW of forest, VA
I like several of the ACID smokes, but the ACID 1 and the ACID 5 are exceptional smokes. The 1's start of with a peppery taste, and just get better as you smoke. The 5's are more subtle, with a nice spicy / woody note to the taste. I wanted to smoke another one as soon as it was out - an excellent smoke. Both have a nice draw (as have all the ACIDs I have tried) and are nicely built. The ash hangs on quite well for more than 1" for both smokes, and the aroma is really nice - even the wife doesn't complain (too much) about these. Worth a try, and it would seem that CI has the best price. For my taste (5 Vegas series "A" and CAO Black are among my faveorites), these are both great, the 5's coming in a bit in front. Either one of these smokes is 45 minutes+ of our short existence on earth very well spent.
PJ of Crystal Lake, IL
Acid cigars are some of the richest most flavorful cigars I've ever smoked. My personal favorite, the Blondies, smell and taste good enough to eat. Id also recommend the Krush Classic tins.
RB of New London, CT
Acid Roam cigars are great.Their perfect for chillin with a few friends and watching the paint dry over a few brews.Great smoke very mild and smooth.Let it sit in a proper humidor for 6 months and their even smoother.If you got friends who dont smoke cigars this cigar will make them wanna start
EF of Napa, CA
Acid WOW! What A Trip.Acid Blondie My Top Fave What A Flave.
PG of Knox, IN
I am relatively new to cigars. The Acid Kuba Kuba is by far my favorite. Smooth even draw, great taste and no aftertaste. Very satisfying cigar.
BC of Leedey, OK
I guess that I have to be a little sheepish….I took off for a sponsored event at a shop that advertised ACID cigars at bargain prices. I picked up a box of one of my favorite smokes, Cold Tea Infusion and took them up to the cash register to get my great deal. The price almost seventy dollars more than CI! I couldn’t even begin to say how quick I was to say no thanks and quote your price…..The guy at the register just shrugged his shoulders and I was out of there. Some event… I’ve ordered samplers and boxes of cigars made by Drew Estate and have to say they are all great! After my experience tonight I won’t have to remember where I’m going to buy them at! Keep the prices low and the deals coming! jh
JH of Springfield, OH
I had given up cigars while my kids were growing up. Then I found the Cold Tea Infusion by ACID. As soon as I put it in my mouth and lit up I was hooked! There really is no way to describe the taste, you just have to try it. But be careful, you may never look at flavored cigars the same!
GS of Hesperia, CA
I had my first ACID cigar when I was deployed to the Middle East. From the first puff I was in love. About 2 weeks ago I purchased the box of 24 Kuba Kubas. I waited in great anticipation to taste the sweetness that is Drew Estate. When I got the package in the mail it reminded me of Christmas. My jaw literally dropped from the amazing display. I dropped everything and smoked one right then and there. Now my shop smells like Heaven. All I can say is thank you Drew Estate for making possibly the best cigars ever! My favorite cigar will forever be the Drew Estate ACID Kuba Kuba.
I really enjoy the Kuba Kuba(Acid) honestly, best flavored cigar out there hands down. I swear I can taste notes of almonds on it too. Great for ending a night; the right way for sure!
MC of Holt, MI
I usually despise flavored cigars, i have always hated them. I recently tried a Kahlua and a package of C-Notes from drew estate. I ordered a box of both. I love them. I highly reccomend these two cigars from Drew Estate, and am looking forward to trying more.
JB of Meza, AZ
I've smoked Gurkha's, Rocky's, Cohiba's, and various Cubans. Hands down...the Acid Blondie is my favorite cigar.
KT of St. Paul, MN
ive tried most of the acids but i just recently smoked the subcutre toast it looks like a real dark cigar but it realy isnt, i would say it was the best cigar i ever smoked, i cant wait to try the rest of the subcuter acids.
EC of lake villa, IL
Man-o-man. What a fine cigar (ACID). Smoked my first one last night and have just ordered a box of 24. This thing is so smooth and it gives the smoker a slight vanilla aroma when you take a hit. I'm gonna keep on pimpin!
St of an RushFt. Worth, TX
My favorite acid (ACID) cigars are Kuba and Liquid cigars. These cigars are best either after eating steak or mowing
ML of Groves, TX
Smoked Acid Liquid Red label. Cigar taste is nothing like the smell, which is powerful. Very smooth, perfect draw and burn. Good, mild taste. Worth a try.
RH of Coraopolis, PA
The Blondie is so popular here that I rarely find it locally. (CI has better prices but I hate to wait!) Get ready for a strong, airomatic, long lasting smoke. It's truly unique. This is a cigar to save for that (outdoor) concert or sunset cruise. Smoke 'em if you can get 'em!
DP of Albuquerque, NM
I recently had my first kuba kuba at a race track in upstate New York. While making a few modest wagers and viewing the very fine looking fillies,a gentleman next to me lit up a kuba kuba.I worked out a trade. All I can say is wow what a great cigar.I know I defintely got the better end of that deal. When I got back home I quickly went on line to order a box.
TM of Malta, NY
I recently had my first taste of an Acid Kuba Kuba, and I have one word, "KICK BUTT"!!!! I love this cigar, and I am looking to try the Blondie and 1400cc very soon. This brand is a must try for every cigar smoker.
RD of San Antonio, TX
I've tried them all and the (Acid) Cold Infusion Tea is the most refreshing of the bunch. I don't normally like a mile cigar, but this really does taste like tea. the prelight aroma is addictive. It smokes evenly and never gets hot. I gave my wife's uncle this cigar a couple monhs ago. He had never tried an Acid. He went nuts and couldn't stop expressing his delight about the flavor. It's my go-to Acid cigar...never a disappointment.
PK of Milwaukee, WI
Just smoked the NASTY.....WOW that was great! loved the mild taste and the great smoke from the cigar. Been smoking CAO's for a while, think I just found a new brand. The taste and smell matched perfectly and truly did not want to put this thing down. Great cigar, bought the sampler a bit back and let mellow out in the old humidor and most of the cigars, C-notes in particular, stand out. Great job Drew keep em' coming.
MN of Kansas City, MO
Nasty and Blondie are the extreme edges of great smokes (ACID). Nasty with her wild eye catching figure, dark skin and wrapper. The full flavor(without the choke yourself smoke)is a perfect lounge cigar. Blondie is scent from heaven with her sweet innocent flavor. But don't let her fool you. She packs alot of aroma and taste. Love the smoke you smoke.
SW of Bakersfield, CA
Never was a big cigar smoker until I tried a Kuba Acid and now I am hooked. Especially enjoy the tin krush classic connecticuts for a quick smoke with a nice kick. Awesome job Drew Estates!
JP of East Rutherford, NJ
Not new to cigars, but new to trying other names, upgrading my taste you could say.. the Kuba Kuba (ACID) was a great initiation into trying other cigars. The aroma, taste, feel and affect was brilliant. I am a fan of this cigar.. and look foward to trying the whole line.. And thanks to CI for a great service. You'll be getting my business!
DV of Philadelphia, PA
This brand and cigar (Acid Kuba Kuba) has been fantastic, that and the great service and fast shipping overseas by CI. No complaints and alot of thanks. Keep up the great service!
JH of Iraq, AP
What a fabulous cigar!! My buddy and I just received our Acid Tin (ACID) and if the rest are like this first Acid smoke, then we have found a gold mine!!
TS of Farmville, VA
Wow.. Xtremely good deal on this (ACID). THe def sea is a home run but combined with a free 24 sampler of naturals how can you go wrong. Best $117.00 i ever spent and the 48 cigars filled my humidor nicely. A++++ CI J Ps. You got a customer for life.
JM of Lower Burrell, PA
Recently tried the (ACID)Cold Infusion Tea out of curiosity. Definitely different, medium bodied and superbly constructed. The 'different' part comes when you actually have the cigar in your mouth, it's like tasting a honey flavored lollipop. The actual draw is not honey flavored and this sweetness offsets some of the power of the tobacco. Like I said, it's different so if you're feeling adventurous go ahead and give it a try. I plan on trying out (and reviewing)a few more in this line.
Mi of chael PasvantisPompano Beach, FL
Acid 1: I'd been gone for a few days on a business trip and was elated when my wife told me I had a "present" from CI waiting for me when I came home. I had bought a 5-pack of Acid-1 to try out and as soon as I got home I parked out back and tried one. I smoked this thing to the nub; there is NO bitter after-taste and the flavor was perfect all the way to the end. Yeah, they're a bit pricey but so worth it. The flavor is mellower than the other Acids I've tried, good flavor but not too strong. This cigar is great for when you gotta have an Acid but want a more toned-down but yet good flavor to the end type of cigar.
HA of Watauga, TX
After enjoying a sampler tin from CI, I ordered a box of(ACID) Blondie's- superb flavor and aroma and you can enjoy a couple in a row if you wish with no bad after-taste. I tend to lean towards the Acid/Estate brands simply because of the way they are infused with flavor and good scents. Get a box and share....they'll appeciate ya!
HA of Watauga, TX
Just recently tried the Kuba Deluxe (ACID). WOW what a taste. I think I've found my favorite. Will soon order a box or two.
GS of Oswego, IL
Simply put.....I have yet to smoke a bad Acid cigar. I started off with their sampler and then moved on to their Copper Labeled Legends series (one of my favorites), Cold Infusion Teas, Blondies, their Natural line and now I just ordered 30 Def Seas. I love them all and have turned alot of my friends on to them as well. Before I tried them, nobody in my area heard of Acid cigars. Now when they try to bum one from me they pick Acids over anything else I have. That's right....they try to bum one. :)
this is the closest to a flavored cigar that I'll smoke. Does anyone ever notice how flavored cigars are either covering up shortcomings in deficient tobacco or mask the taste and nuance of good tobacco? These do neither. The aromatics accentuate rather than mask, cover up, or overwhelm. They are consistently very smooth with ample amounts of smoke. I prefer the Atom Maduro and the Kuba Kuba.
JP of Fairfax, VT
I smoked my first ACID cigar the other day. (Deep Dish) The cigar itself, in terms of quality, was fine. The pre-light aroma was like a flashback; I knew I knew that smell from somewhere, but I couldn't pin it down. After the first third, I had it figured out. It smelled/tasted like a low end party girl was in my grandmothers bathroom. I might have enjoyed the smoke, but I kept being bounced between memories of bachelor parties, and Gramma's guilt trip for my impure thoughts.
JB of Bemidji, MN
I just smoked my first Acid (Blondie) and this is definitely in my top 3 for favorite cigars. It is hands down the best when it comes to aroma. So if you have a ball and chain at home, this might be one smoke you can pull off in the house. It smells like really good incense. The flavor is just as described, slightly sweet and it is mild. It might seem a little pricey for a small cigar but it lasted much longer than I had expected and the draw is just about perfect. So I have to move from the 5 pack to a full box now. Damn you CI! You just keep me coming back for more!
JW of Sidney, OH
Being deployed there are only three things I can say really give me enjoyment over here; leading soldiers, workingout, and smoking an ACID Blondie at the end of the day. The is nothing like fighting for Freedom all day and then smoking a very fine and tasty cigar in the Iraq night.
SM of Ramadi, Iraq, AE
I like the flavors of the ACID line. When I smoked my first one I was hooked. I like the prices of them and the shipping speed. Keep up the good work.
Just smoked a ACID Nasty yesterday. Started off plain, like any other smoke, even though before I lit it I smelled it and you can smell the hundreds of herbs and such infused in the cigar. For such a small cigar, it lasted a long time. A lot longer than some of the cigars that where twice its size. It finised clean, with a lot more kick to it then I first lit it.
JC of Louisville, KY
I really like the Kuba-Kuba (ACID) for something different. Nice smooth smoke with a kick and a flavor thats still with you on the 18th green when the cigar went out on 12th. Just Yummy!
JB of Shelburne, VT
I smoke a lot of brands, especially while playing golf. I got an Acid Sampler tin last year and my favorite was the Kuba Kuba. What a great cigar! Since then, I've purchased several boxes of Kuba Kuba or Kuba Tubero. I gave one to a friend who was dead against any "flavored' cigars, but he was blown away. I highly recommend these cigars.
WG of Reno, NV
Tried the earthiness and now im hooked on the acid line of cigars, very enjoyable and mellow aftertaste. top of the line.
RA of Nutley, NJ
I just smoked my first Acid Blondie, Wow! I had an Acid Earthiness and was extremely impresssed. These are great cigars, this shows that Drew Estate knows what they're doing. Highly reccomend this to anyone.
CR of Dunkirk, IN
Bought 10 Deep Dish a few months ago to try. I still have 9. I don't know? I just don't get it. Not tasty...I really like the Tabak Especial Red Eye by Drew Estate because it tastes like coffee and chocolate. But..the Deep Dish smells like Aqua Velva Musk and tastes like a clove cigarette on steroids.
LM of El Paso, TX
The ACID Earthiness is a pretty tasty cigar. The tobaccos used on this blend are hearty enough that one can taste tobacco in this ACID blend. (Who'd a' thunk it? Being able to taste tobacco in a cigar!?) I find this blend pretty enjoyable. No way to describe the infusion. Perfume? Fruit? Vegetables? Zirconium Nitride Hydro-sulfante? Who knows, but the aroma is really nice, the tobacco flavor comes through quite nicely and it ends up being a pretty nice smoke! I recommend this cigar, however with a warning - the head of the cigar is sweetened. I find that pretty disgusting, but someone at Drew Estates must have figured that sales to 9 and 10 year-olds would increase of this thing tasted like candy. Dumbasses nearly ruined a halfway decent cigar in doing so. Anyway, this one os worth a try!
PJ of Crystal Lake, IL
I started out as a casual smoker. By casual I mean I would enjoy a Black and Mild cigar. Dont get me wrong, I occasionally enjoyed a Cohiba or Romeo & Julietta but not very often. (once or twice a year)While being deployed I decided to expand my horizons a little by getting the Acid sampler tin along with a pack of Blondies. It was simply the name of the company that attracted me. That was the wrong thing to do! I am now completely hooked on the Drew Estate catalog. Since than I will give you a list of my fav's. I am not one who knows how to rate a cigar as in full bodied, maduro wrapper that kind of stuff so I am going to say it in laymans terms. At first I loved the Kuba Kuba. Not too strong to overpower with an excellent taste. The Blondie is a smoke I can enjoy every day. Like some other fans it is the perfect smoke to end the day. I like to have a cup of coffee and just kick back and enjoy a Blondie. Now for my absolute favorite. The Natural Pimp Stick! This is in my humble opinion is the prefect Cigar. A little expensive to enjoy every day but I have to tell you I never knew that it was possible to make a cigar this good. I am sold. I am looking forward to trying the entire Drew (Natural & Acid) catalog. They have a great website too. As far as CI goes. I am extremely happy they ship over here. They are very fast at shipping and offer excellent customer support. I hope this helps with your selection. Enjoy!
DP of Balad Iraq, AE
I typically hate flavored cigars. Acid Kuba Kuba converted me to become true believer! This is my after Church cigar. The one day of the week where you can relax. I reach for my Kuba Kuba and meditate on how good life is. The taste is superb and the burn and construction are flawless. These are not for everybody. Try five and get hooked, or give the other four to me if you don’t like them! I give this cigar a solid “ 95” Thanks CI!
KG of Dugspur, VA
I started with C-Notes about a year ago and went through five or six boxes; there was great! But then I discovered the Krushes, WOW what a mouth full of flavor.
NT of Maineville, OH
Excellent cigar (Acid), the C-Notes are great, flavored cigars. Favorite Cigarillo, I ordered a box and I know they will last a long, long time. A Tad bit pricey, but I seriously think 89 cents is a small price to pay for a damn near perfect cigarillo. Great in the wintertime when you don't want to freeze while smoking :) Take it from a soldier, these are great cigars ^.^ Purple wrapper is my favorite! Thanks CI
WB of Elmendorf AFB, AK
How do they pack so much flavor and aroma into those blondies? I did not want to put it out for any reason, in fact, I didnt. I got to as far as i could go and just let it burn out in my ash tray. ACIDs are AMAZING! Thank you Drew Estate!
HA of snyder, TX
Acid Sampler!!! Many troops have found the Acid Cigars. They are an awesome line of cigars. You can tell when one is being smoked. You can smell the smoke and see the content smoker. It makes the stay more pleasant in Afghanistan. I will have to get some more to smoke.
AP of Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan, AE
I recently tried the Nasty from Acid . OS far its my fave . from the pleasing smell of spice when you open it up . This little pyramid shapped MAduro hasa nice spicy yet almost chocolaty taste to it . Giving of nice plumes of smoke and nice firm ash this isa pure pleasure to smoke . perfect relaxing cigar .
SW of wisconsin rapids, WI
Alot of the Acid line is a bit too sweet for me, thus my favorite is the ATOM MADURO. This cigar is simply perfect. Dark Chocolate Maduro wrapper that adds a slight sweetness to the finish, and the aromatic blend on the ATOM is perfect. It does not overshadow the rich black tobaccos used and its essence is intoxicating... You'll find yourself sniffing the smoke! The taste is truly amazing and the flavor builds nicely. You'll be tempted to smoke this thing fast, but take your time, its worth it. The construction and burn is perfect, you'll no doubt be looking forward to the next one!!!
JP of CSomerset, NJ
Like many, I thought infused cigars were "flavored" cigars and not to be taken seriously. I WAS WRONG. These Acids are the real deal with a pleasant twist. Now, I want to smoke the entire lineup. Of course, my wife loves the Blondie. I have been wanting to try Kuba Kuba having heard so many things for so long. We each smoked a Kuba Kuba while playing Scrabble, a nice night. She loved the Kuba Kuba and for me it was a great change of pace cigar. The flavor and aroma are heavenly.
BN of Zion, IL
I just smoked my first Acid cigar, a Krush Gold Sumatra. From the first moment I lit it the aroma was incredible. The light herbal flavor and aroma stayed consistent right to the very end. Having smoked many brands of flavored tobacco I highly recommend this one for its rich and pleasing flavor and aroma.
MG of Monsey, NY
I am hooked the KUBA KUBA's, A realy well made cigar, very smooth with a nice draw. I usualy go for a stronger maduro with more of a punch. I bought a box after trying just one, they are that good.
MW of Boardman, OH
Acid cigars are supurb! I tried the Extraordinary Larry, and is was very sweet and juicy. Also, Ci has great prices and great shipping! CI is the best site for online stogies!
JP of canton, MA
I have been enjoying the 1400's (ACID) for a while now, but recently I brought 4 of them to share with my team at a golf tourney. At the end of the day my team talked more about the cigars than they did about the golf game.
DS of Swansea, IL
I have tried the Kuba Kuba... and honestly thinks that these are some of the best cigars around. The flavor is nothing like anything I have tried in the past.
TC of Chicago, IL
Acid cigars are by far the best cigars ever made!
P of Rlake havasu, AZ
What can I say about Acid? It is one of the many staples in my humidor and I constantly restock on this beast. Start to finish, it packs a punch that you can definitely appreciate. Just enjoying the cigar pre-light, you know that there is some solid quality tobacco in it. The draw is smooth and the flavor is strong and sweet with spicy tones but not overwhelming. If you get a chance to get your hands on this cigar, I say you should definitely try it out and you won't be sorry.
DT of Buena Park, CA
I don't get it, these cigars are not worth the match to light em. Yes they are well constructed, draw well, burn evenly and look good, BUT they taste awful and smell worse. For those who are in search of a decent flavored cigar, try Profesor Sila or an Erin Go Bragh. Both of these cigars are available from CI taste pretty darn good, (considering the fact that flavored cigars at best are flavored cigars ie low end sticks that are flavored to hide the real quality level of what the are constructed from). In addition either one of these are much less expensive than the highly promoted Acid products that really suck.
KG of Acton, ME
A recent purchase of mine was a box of 25 Superiores. It's a nice mild cigar with a great taste and even burn. Very enjoyable smoke. It was a closeout item in which I'm pleased to say I got a great deal. Thank you and keep up the great deals. Louie <><
L of DARevere, MA
Tried the Acid Kuba Kuba tonight and while the smell of the cigar was pleasing, I was not pleased by the taste. It was way too sweet for me. That's just personal preference though. Nice construction and burned pretty good. Definitely not my favorite and will probably not give this one a second chance.
TS of Pendleton, IN
I was introduced to ACID cigars while deployed. They are simply the most flavorful cigars that I have ever tried. Whoever in Drew Estates came up with the idea of the ACID cigar ought to be given an award or something. Break the seal on a box of these cigars and take a smell. There is nothing quite like it anywhere else. To sum up an ACID cigar in 3 words: Beautiful. Stunning. Flavorful.
MB of Camp Taji, Iraq, AE
Just smoked an Acid Kuba Kuba after a friend told me how great these cigars were, and I have to say that I am not a fan. Perhaps because I am more fond to a tradiational tasting cigar, the Kuba Kuba had a very distinct taste which I was not very keen to. It had a very spicy taste and left a strange, sweet, aftertase. I myself will most likely not purchase another one of these and will be sticking too a more traditional tasting cigar.
LI of Galloway, NJ
Once you get past the sweet tip these cigars are delicious. Those of you who aren't admitting it are kidding yourselves. Acid has made me a convert (though not totally) to the infused side. I have tried nearly the entire line with the Liquid and Cold Infused Tea being my favorite.
RL of Ridgecrest, CA
A friend has gotten me into cigars recently and I ordered the Acid sampler. Tonight I smoked the Kuba Kuba and wow...what a pleasant surprise. It was a very mild, sweet but spicy cigar with no after taste and a pleasant aroma. It burned very even and was great from beginning to end. Definitely adding this one to my list to order more.
KC of Navarre, FL
I tried the Kuba Kuba (natural) on Christmas Eve 2010 on my way home in my car in NE Ohio. This was my first try of the Kuba Kuba. I had the Acid Ltd. Def Sea a few times and enjoyed it. This is no different from the Def Sea. It has a great incense aroma and mild, spicy flavor. If you like infused cigars do NOT pass on this one. It has great flavor that is mellow and mild. However, the price is kind of high but it may be worth it...I have to try a few more to see for sure.
JB of Garfield Heights, OH
Let me first say I was not into ACID cigars when I first started. Then I had The Opulence 3, the best cigar I ever had, I HAVE HAD EVERY MAJOR BRAND and all the reviews I read just did not seem right, It comes down to one thing alone...You have the taste for these or not, For me, ACID cigars are all I go to, they are all Great in there all way. Just getting into The Atom, Very Good
MC of Henderson, NV
I tried the Acid Toast this past weekend and was blown away. I had to grab a few more and ended up smoking these cigars 3 days in a row which I rarely do. Smooth and flavorful, very tasty all the way down to the Nub!
DT of Wayne, NJ
I've been at this "find my flavor" mission for several years and now I can say, "THIS IS IT!" All angles of Drew Estate have hit my pallet with pleasure. Whether it be for a casual smoke (C-notes) to an extended tour (Extra Ordinary Larry) I've yet to be disappointed. Though most seem to be looking for the "traditional" cigar I'm happy to say the "infused wonder" of Drew Estate will ALWAYS be close to my heart. Also, their amazing capability to continue to challenge the market with new experieces (My Uzi Weighs a Ton) seems to reflect their ability to sustain a strong future within the rolled leaf world of cigars.
HH of Crestview, FL
I've tried to become an ACID fan, but always come up a little disappointed. I ordered the Deep Dish special recently. These cigars have a great taste if only they would burn straight. Would not recommend these large box-pressed cigars. They're just a little too square and the burn is annoying.
TV of State College, PA
After hearing about the Acid Kuba Kuba, I decided to include one on my regular order. The smell of this smoke was great! It comes off with a slightly sweet and spicy flavor, and burns evenly all the way to the nub. I can't wait to order more.
RH of Baghdad, Iraq, AE
My favorites are Toast and Kuba Maduro. Strong, botanical, with a sweet flavor and aromas. I recently tried Drew Estate Legends and Opulance - both of which I recommend to fans of Acid.
MM of Brigantine, NJ
Drew Estates really knows how to say hey this is how the Pro's Roll a great cigar! I love them! The Acid 1 is my favorite all the way, the Atom Muduro would be my second, the Extra Ordinary Larry would be my third, and the Kuba muduro would be the last of my favorites, but there are so many and they are all SO tasty. I think the Def Sea was my least favorite but that one was still good, thick rich smoke. The Naturals are also really good too, the Java's are really good my Favorite of the Java's are the Mint's. Also if you dont like Spending an hour puffing away at your Drew Estates rolled Cigar, the C-notes are really awesome! Very delicious. Small and maybe about a 20 minute burn time. With the C-notes I can finally go outside with my buds who smoke regular cigs knowing I wont be the last one sitting or standing out there. Thanks CI for giving us the best deal on these awesome Cigars!
ML of Deridder, LA
Sorry Folks, I'm Hooked!!! I HATED flavored/infused cigars until a friend gave me my first Kuba-Kuba. WOW! What a cigar, then I tried a Java, If it's good enough for Rocky Patel to get into the action, then it's good enough for me. My advice, if it smells good at first, try it you'll love it!
EK of Scotch Plains, NJ
I had the ACID Atom Maduro yesterday, and the flavor that is infused is amazing. With that being said, I did not fully enjoy the cigar. I was confused between flavors and although individually they were outstanding, together they confused my palate. The cigar burned well, the draw was superb, and I recommend any fellow cigar smoker to at least try one. I want to try some other ACIDs, such as the famed Kuba Kuba; this one (Atom Maduro) just won't be included in my rotation.
AB of San Antonio, TX
I am an acid nut ! I have tried most of the line and my top 3 are blondie, kuba kuba, and kuba maduro fantastic keep up the good work !!!!!!
SW of Chino Hills, CA
I recently tried the "Blondie" and all I can say is WOW!!! Amazing. It is actually blended with three different distinct tastes. The first is very mild and slightly sweet with an almost nutty finish. Second is heavier spicy/sweet earthy flavor with hints of the first flavor. The last is a more traditional flavor with a mild/medium body, but it still has great flavor. I highly recommend trying them! You won't be disappointed. As for me, I'll be buying a box soon!!
BY of Wellington, OH
The Blondie: Overall good. Very sweet to the taste buds, a pleasing thick smoke. If you're looking for that good half hour smoke, then I'd say do it and don't think twice about it. You won't be disappointed with anything by Drew Estate!!
KT of Afghanistan, AE
There are a lot of cigars out there that are just great cigars to smoke. I must say, the Atom Maduro is an enjoyable cigar to smoke. Exceptional taste, smooth nuances, and great burn...except when I take it to down to the thumb...OUCH. I salute you DE!
JA of Warner Robins, GA
Like many of you out there, I enjoy my traditional smoke, but for quite some time now I been interested in trying an Acid cigar to see what all the hype was about. I decided to try the Kuba Kuba, and I can safely say they are an unique smoke. Good construction and even burn down to the head. The aroma reminded me of hanging out in a hippie's basement(in a good way thou), with strong flavors of incense and herbs. I enjoy pairing my stogies to a drink, but have know idea what would match well with this, let me know if you have any ideas. - keep smoking my friends!
DS of North Wales, PA
I bought one of the Blondie (4.0" x 38) by Acid just to try as I usually do not buy flavored cigars. I was amazed with how sweet this cigar was from start to finish. I am now convinced that I will be buying a box from CI. The cigar was sweet from start to finish. My non-smoking wife did not complain one time about the smell. This is the cigar to have on long trips or just anytime you want something sweet tasting. I felt as if I could just have chewed and ate the cigar as a food source. The burn was wonderful and lasted longer than I expected. I cannot wait to get a box as this will be the cigar of choice when driving with the wife. I like heavy and mild cigars but don’t let this one fool you. I suggest to at least try one. I might get a sampler after getting the box of blondes on next order. Life is full of flavors thanks Acid for convincing me.
TH of Morristown, TN
Deep dish is fantastic, I highly recommend. I tried it at the Memphis music festival last year and everyone thought it was smoking something else... the liquid is fantastic, the very first acid cigar I've ever tried. The nasty is supposedly the same tobacco as the liquid, but it must be the usual wrapper that KILLED the flavor for me (grossed me out). The Blondie was very nice but it was a bit sweet. I also concur if you like these cigars, try job by Drew estate.
MN of North Little Rock, AR
Kuba Kuba - Like smoking sugar cane... not for somebody that doesn't care for an OVERLY sweet cigar.
ST of Oregon City, OR
smoked an acid deep dish the other day... WOW! what a cigar perfect flavor all the way to the end ...this cigar is defintely a mouthful
BJ of Pgh, PA
If you buy any type of acid cigars, I promise you, You'll love the Kuba Kuba's and the cold tea infusion and the ONE! I tried the sampler pack and I enjoyed everyone of them. Once you go Acid, You never go back!
JW of Williamson, GA
KUBA KUBA ! Loved it ! Very nice flavor , No lighting issues , Great taste. One of the best I have ever tasted. Much better than the lower price cigars out there and worth it.
RC of Clovis, CA
Im a deployed soldier and all i got to say is,,ACID cigars are the best, they are just what i need after a long hot day, when the sun goes down over here in iraq. I was given one from a fellow soldier one nite after a promotion, and have always tried to have one one hand for a special occasions. or after a rough day of chaos.they are great conversation starters as well as bragging rights to have one on hand. every one thats walks by wants to know what it is and where they can get one!! so i got to say THANK YOU to Drew Estates for a great product and a great Thanks to CI for getting them to me. -The blondie is #1 over here.
NW of Groveport, OH
I tried a Kuba Kuba and that will probably be my first and last flavored cigar. The wrapper was so sweet I really couldn't tell what the fillers tasted like. Hats off to you if you enjoy that, but definitely not for me.
EY of Fayetteville, GA
The only one I have had, but I have fallen hopelessly in love with, is the Extra Ordinary Larry. My cousin gave me a few over time, and at first I didn't like the aroma. Now I am hooked. Something about this cigar spells relaxation. I feel like some hippy when I am smoking these, and that isn't always a bad thing. I will say though that I had one of these after a Diesel d.6 and I got light headed and woozy like I drank too much (and I wasn't drinking anything but Coke Zero). My only beef with the Larrys are that they are expensive so I can't smoke them as often as I prefer. They are worth the price though.
TC of Wallington, NJ
The Nasty... Would I buy a box? Never. But I love to know this chocolatey passionfruit break from reality is around. Loosely rolled, smokes like a b*stard, but as it burns down to the chocolate waffle cone shape it gets more and more delicious and refined... a recipe thrown together by a mad genius. Good silver tequila with a splash of lime-ade and a nasty will smooth out even the worst work woes. Enjoy!
CG of Malibu, CA
Ok.. Been smoking Acids for a while now, I was completely stuck on the Cold Infusion Tea. That time has passed and was taken over by the Roam.... sooo smooth and creamy.. has a hint of nuttyness too it that is amazing. Trust me if you want to mellow out and enjoy a pleasent stoggie this is the one.
MC of N. Las Vegas, NV
If you going to try a Kuba Kuba, make it the Maduro. Way richer and complex...
JT of Powhatan, VA
The Kuba Kuba maduro is one of the most pleasant and fine tasting cigars I've ever enjoyed. I have and do smoke the best, and I rate this near the top! The price is right and I make sure I always have a few in my humidor!
CG of Staten Island, NY
I read the reviews of the Acid cigars and was excited to try the Blondie so I went and got a couple. Maybe it's just not my cup of tea, but I really didn't care for them. It was just way to sweet for my liking. Don't think that I will be trying too many infused cigars.
JW of Fremont, NE
As my interest of cigars have been growing I have decided to help others pick the right cigar for them by rating every one in my collection. These are my opinions and are not meant to be taken too critically. Scale 1-5 Wrapper: (4) Wrapped perfect just could be only a tad smoother Taste: (5+) Best tasting cigars to ever grace my lips Burn: (3-4) Sometimes perfect other times a minor issue Feeling: (3) You feel good, but there are cigars that produce a deeper sensation A MUST TRY! These things will knock your socks off, put them back on for you and knock them right back off again!
RM of Norristown, PA
I'm not a big flavored cigar guy. However, the Acid Blondie was a pleasant change up and a quite pleasant smoke all the way down to the nub. I'll try a few of the other flavors from time to time. My neighbor smelled the waft downwind and asked me if I was starting up a headshop boutique. He said that the smell instantly tranported him back to the 60's! I guess the smell could be considered reminiscent of that venue
MS of Bethlehem, PA
Acid is one of the best brands out there. I've tried most of them, I still have a few in the humi that I need to try. Blondies have to be one of my favorite. If you like Acids...try the Java, also from Drew Estates.
KL of Truckee, CA
Ive never been a fan of anything flavored but had to try one out of curiosity's sake... I bought The "Toast"... And I liked it! Would it ever be an every day smoke for me? No but its worth putting a few in the humidors to mix things up a little once in a while.
CD of Vacaville, CA
After not smoking for a while I visited my local cigar shop and found that they no longer carried my favorite brand. The sales clerk recommended an Acid Blondie. It was great, but a bit out of my price range for an everyday smoke. I found that I could find samplers here that included various Acid cigars for a much lower price and tried a variety of them. While I have not cared for all of them I must say that any of the Acid Blue Label sizes have been consistently great. The only ones that I didn't care for were the Deep dish, because I don't care for the square shape, or the krush, they seemed to give me a weird rush. The Kuba Kuba and Blondies are my favorite. Sorry to see that they are no lomger as prevalent in the samplers.
Acid cigars have been reviewed to death it seems, which means a lot of folks have an opinion to express. My two cents begins with a story of smoking my first Drew Estate offering some 13 years ago. Blondie has, since that time, been my favorite infused, Connecticut wrapped, mild bodied smoke. When I came across the Blondie belicoso in a recent catalog, I was compelled to try a 10 pack. Packing a slightly more robust flavor profile than it's mini lonsdale counterpart, I suspect the added tobaccos packed into this robusto sized belicoso, are the reason. Otherwise the flavors are identical. Drew Estates are the masters of infusion. I like almost every offering they trot out, but have a special affection for the Blondies & the incomparable Tabak Esp. Limited Edition Red Eye. Blondie Belicoso receives a 4 1/2 vitola rating & slides in just under my strict limit of $5.00 per stick. Highly recommended to anyone not yet on the infused cigar bandwagon & those who are, but have yet to experience just how satisfying they can be, when lovingly produced by madmen on a mission to conquer the cigar world.
I really enjoy the infused flavors of the acid line, however the acid liquid was not to my liking. In my opinion, I found that the liquid was weak on the infused flavors and tasted more like a regular cigar. That's good if that's what you're looking for as for me I'm sticking with the Kuba Kuba.
GK of Kahului, HI
Krush Red Camaroon, Tastes like patouli smells. I didnt like it, the people around me didnt like it(not that i care).
My favorite is the Acid 1400cc, however the Kuba Kuba could be tied for first. Anything Drew Estate makes I will smoke. A class act, exceptional cigars and Marvin and Drew are the best. MJS Bronx, NY
Mi of chael Shapiro DCBronx, NY
I normally smoke more powerful cigars. Man O' War, Diesel, Alec Bradley, and Liga Undercrowns are the norm. There are times, however, when I want something...umm...different. Acid, Natural and other lines by Drew Estate are a perfect change of pace.
The Kuba Kuba is one of my all time favorite cigars. I experience so many different flavors in this smoke. This is an extremely unique cigar with a wonderful aroma that even non cigar smokers can appreciate.
I am a big fan of Drew Estate's ACID brand. the first one I had was an ACID Kuba Kuba. In fact I smoked one as a tradition after my highschool graduation ceremony was over with the rest of my class. They are simply a pleasant smoke with a very unique flavor profile. One issue I have with the brand is that the wrapper is a bit thin for my taste. I have had different ACIDS over the course of my cigar smoking habit and I must say, everyone I have tried, with an exception of the mini belicoso, have had thin, frail wrappers. Other than that, the smoke is superb. I would recommend this cigar to first time smokers who aren't used to a straight tobacco smoke and would like a bit of instant sweetness with their smoke.
MC of East Haven, CT
I love the Kuba Kuba, sweet yet robust stands out all the way to the end of the band. I would suggest this cigar to those who like a medium flavor and still keep the taste of aromatic through the whole cigar. Thank you CI for bringing to my attention this cigar, I wouldn't found it otherwise. :)
AK of Akron, OH
Want an acid trip without losing your mind or seeing pink elephants dancing around your head? Then give these bad boys a go! I've been an ACID smoker for nearly 10 years, and after all this time they still have that same magic. My favorite is the Kuba Kuba.... Great draw and distinctive aroma. Crack a cold beer, light one up, and you'll be on a trip to remember.
DD of Hampton Falls, NH
What a different cigar! I couldn't put my finger on the taste...but almost comparable to "Thrills" gum....but not in the bad way......smoked this down to the nub, almost burning my fingers.....I will buy this again; it's a nice change to my regular buys!!
SW of Grand Portage, MN
What a great smoke. I was a bit worried about purchasing them. I never had an ACID KUBA KUBA. It blew me away; I plan on getting quite a few of these cigars.
BB of Palmerton, PA
With 135 reviews already in the books, it might be hard to decipher all the intel, but this review will be of only my favorite Connecticut wrapped cigar, the incomparable, Blondie. I discovered her about 14 years ago & was astonished at the flavor Drew Estates had infused into this little bomb. The whole infusion thing was quite new to me at the time. Needless to say, Blondie has been a treat cigar for me, that I hide away in my humis, whenever I can afford to purchase a few. My one beef is that it's a 4 buck, 30 minute smoke. I pray for sales, or freebies, but they are few & far between with DE, due to their amazing popularity. I tried the Belicoso & liked it, but strangely, not nearly as much as the original mini corona. If there are any "non-believers" left, I suggest they give Blondie a whirl & see if they might just be missing something very special.
Received my Drew Estate's sampler order with 5'ers of the NATURAL "Big Juicy" & "NDB"in addition to ACID "Blondie Beliscoso" & "LTD Def Sea", after letting them rest overnight in the humi...just finished my very first Blondie Belicoso, and loved it all the way to the itty-bitty nub!! Taste, Flavor, Draw & Burn were all exceptional on this very satisfying stoggie!! I was introduced to Drew Estate cigars by CI's "$10 Infused Grab Bag"...while I didn't care for the "Kuba-Kuba" much, but I loved the "Dirt", "Dirt Torpedo" & "Cold Infusion Tea" I've decided to smoke my way through the complete Drew Estate product up, the "LTD Def Sea"...I'll keep y'all updated!! One thing I don't have to update anyone about is the simple fact...if you're not buying your cigars from CI, you're paying way too much...just giving your hard earned $$ away!!!
SB of Fontana, CA
...just finished the Ltd. DEF SEA, my 1st and the 4th from the ACID portfolio...It's sleek "double torpedo" shape and a beautiful wrapper gives this stix exceptional eye appeal...a wonderful "wholesome feel" in my hand...great richness of flavor and a subtle orange peel overtones...Easy draw...Even burn...Lots of white billowy smoke...the white ash held like velcro almost 2 inches before it fell in my lap...the roll seemed a little loose, but it might have been a one time thing, I'll check the others...Overall a great smoke and definitly a new addition to my humidor !! Well so far from the ACID line the BLONDIE, COLD INFUSION & Ltd. DEF SEA all get "2 thumbs up", while the KUBA-KUBA didn't make my personal taste test Drew Estate product line tasting continues !! 8^)
SB of Fontana, CA
I have recently gotten into cigars after a nice little Cuban Cohiba I received from a friend for my birthday. So far I have tried Macanudos, Romeo y Julietas, a cheap little Phillies Titan, and like I said.. a Cuban Cohiba. This cigar is pretty decent. I'm not too keen on the flavoured cigars but it was a nice smoke which lasted about 40 minutes. I enjoyed it with a cup of coffee and it held really well. It was a windy day and quite chilly but it held. Had to touch it up twice, but like I said only cause of the wind. Sweet taste, a creamy texture, and at the end a nice little spice. It mixed really well.
AS of Las Vegas, NV
ATOM Maduro Amazing! Long with the CI-Legends Copper Label are my go to sticks for the early morning cigars with I get an urge to brave the cold out in Afghanistan. I can't say anything bad about this, except wishing I had ordered the 24 count box instead of the 5 pack
CW of Port St. Lucie, FL
Had my first ACID Blondie tonight, been sitting in my humi for some time. Better than what I expected (I was told think of incense), not as great as I hoped. (had JAVA by Drew Estate), unless I'm comparing apples to oranges. Light smoke, pleasant all the way through, even burn throughout the duration of the smoke. Went well with a cup of coffee but because of the "incense" taste, coffee maybe wasn't the best pairing. Very good yes, great no.
The ACID Toast has become my favorite morning cigar, maybe my favorite over all. I smoke them in the morning at work while we get the bar setup for the day. They start out mellow and sweet with enough spicy flavor to keep things interesting and slowly build to a more creamy, earthy flavor towards the end. The spice notes also get more intense as you smoke and leave a very pleasant taste on your tongue. Also, the aren't a strong cigar; I get a little buzz from them if I smoke on an empty stomach but nothing crazy. The sweetness of the maduro wrapper goes great with my black coffee and keeps me coming back for more, I can't set these things down. My only complaint is that the draw isn't all that great with these but it doesn't bother me much, they last for an hour or more and like I said, I never put them down. The build quality is always perfect and they burn really evenly. All in all I love these things and can't say enough good things about them. If your a fan of ACID cigars or infused cigars period, or your looking for something different, you owe it to yourself to try one of these ACID Toasts. Awesome. Happy Smokin' CI Nation!
AH of Detroit, MI
After smoking pipe for a few years, I decided to try cigars. Never really found one that fits me till I was passed the Kuba Kuba. That has been my staple for years now. And the madura is amazing. I have had several of the Acid line since and have not been disappointed yet. Drew Estates in general has been a pleasure for me to smoke. Now I get these new Kubo Gordos. Now you're talking. That is what I have been waiting for. And who better to bring them than CI. I get my e-mail special 10 box of Grande's with 12 'gar DE sampler for less than the 10 box any where else. I hope you guys at Drew and CI are huggers. Come Cigarfest '14, someone is getting squeezed for this one. Love it...
I am smoking a Blondie Belicoso as I am writing this review. I have only had two other infused cigars before. One from a not so premium brand that was cherry infused wasn't so good, the other from a very good brand infused with cognac was pretty enjoyable. Neither holds a candle to this! It is one of the best constructed cigars I have smoked and burns evenly. It has a very loose draw but shows no signs of unraveling even as I reach the end. The taste is slightly fruity with a hint of herbs. The tobacco itself is mild yet flavorful and you can still taste it under the added flavors. It is a pretty good smoke although I wouldn't smoke these all the time. I will probably smoke these when I am in the mood for something radically different. My only complaint is this super sweet flavor that clings to your lips for the first 1/4-1/3 of the cigar. Some people may like this but it is too strong for me. It does wear of pretty quick though. I do recommend these to people looking to shake things up and I do plan on ordering more ACID cigars in the future. I cannot wait to try the rest of the line along with the rest of the cigars from Drew Estate.
PF of Syracuse, NY
my smoothest cigar. stays stocked in my humidor.
AB of Hampton, VA
Just had my first Kuba Kuba last nite.... ridiculously amazing..... I don't know how I will ever go back to another cigar after that.
BM of Thousand Oaks, CA
Received an Acid Sampler Tin for a present and have to have ACID brand on hand ever since! Extra Ordinary Larry tops the list with the sweet and spice notes with a well described medium/full bodied. The Larry is a nice addition to a glass of Wild turkey American Honey in the evenings. Next in line for a bit of lighter smoke is the Kuba Kuba Maduro, good balance of flavors, nice even burn, good addition to a spiced rum.
JI of Pollock, LA
I purchased an ACID Toast from my local shop not sure what to expect. I must say that I personally will not be an infused cigar convert anytime soon. That being said, it was not a terrible smoke. Just a word of warning; the ash on this thing is loose so just keep that in mind. Also, the burn was less than perfect. I had to touch it up thrice (3 times). The smoke output was plentiful (which I like in a good stick). The smoke was also very aromatic. Kinda like a incense or potpourri smell. It also burns very cool. I nubbed this sucker down to about 3/4 of an inch no problem. If this stick were gifted to me or came in a sampler, I would smoke it. But I wont be buying any of these in the near or distant future. I am a fullbodied cigar guy.... That's just me.
JR of ennis, TX
I had the pleasure of smoking my first of the box of Acid Shorty's that I received in February of 2014. I am a fan of any of Drew Estates cigars. This one is a bit different not only because of its large guage but in intensity. If you enjoy and appreciate the infused Acd line; you have to try this one. It is much bolder than the rest as far as my taste is concerned. I have 3 left of the original box and have enjoyed every one.
I never thought I would enjoy an infused cigar, but the Kuba Kuba is definitely one of my favorites now! Even my wife enjoys them! These are a wonderful choice for a seasoned smoker or someone new to cigars - you won't regret it!
RL of Mouthcard, KY
I was an early adopter of the Blondie for a quick tasteful smoke, the last two boxes I have purchased became very evident that Drew Estate is now more focused on quantity and releaseing new blends than keeping their loyal fans happy and purchasing. The cigars straight out of the box the day they delivered were not righ, unraveled, and had a bitter finish.
TB of Louisville, CO
excellent flavor. very satisfying. I've found a cigar that has cubano quality and flavor. you will feel like you're doing something you should not be.
SM of Sunnyside, NY
Acid is my favorite brand of cigars, especially the blue labels. I have only had a few that I didn't care for, but the reason was more a shape(Wafe) or size (Krush) issue. I normally buy the Po' Boy samplers for my most common smokes but savor a more quality cigar occasionally. I had been away from cigars for a while and when I was in the mood one day, visited a local news stand and had a Blondie Belicoso recommended by the clerk. It was the most enjoyable smoke I had ever had. I was hooked. I usually buy samplers that include Drew Estates cigars once or twice a year so that they are more affordable and my family will make them a wonderful birthday, Christmas or Father's Day gift. I am enjoying a 1400 cc tubo as I write this and urge anyone who has not had the pleasure, to try one.
JD of Newark, NY
Always look forward to getting these, it's like Christmas morning.
JL of Glenwood, IA
Let's just clear the air first by saying I hate flavored cigars. I am not a fan of the syrupy, unrefined mess that is several of the brands which many of us find in gas stations. I was attracted to ACID after smelling one in a shop. It was a Cold Infusion. After I made my purchase I lit it up and was amazed at how much it reminded me of a glass of Iced Tea. I have bought several ACIDS since, some favored over all, but one thing is for certain that Drew Estate really knew what they were doing with this one. I can smoke my Kuba or Blondie in public and people will actually compliment the smell of the smoke. I'm a ACID man for life.
CM of Columbia, MO
Bought the Cold Infusion, and all I can say is they are outstanding. Will be getting more very soon for sure.
DA of Des Moines, IA
Outstanding smoke on par!
AH of Jacksonville, NC
Great smoke!
NB of Lubbock, TX
AMAZING! These cigars were exceptional. I had to keep myself from smoking all ten one after the other. When they first came I was actually disappointed because I had ordered the wrong ones but these are my new favorites. The pull is perfect, the taste is sweet without tasting like a child's candy, and the aroma is outstanding!
MF of Dickinson, TX
Tried the Kuba and I must say, it was an extremely pleasurable smoke. The cigar poured out smoke and the draw was rich and tasted great. The sweetness added by Drew Estate was a nice touch and it really blended in well with the overall flavor. The cigar smelled fantastic and was obviously wrapped well. A quality smoke that I will certainly not forget, and will absolutely come back to. Great overall flavor for a "once in a while" smoker and experienced smoker alike.
JB of Perryville, MD
The acid 1 was the first acid I smoked and still my favorite. Can't wait for them to become available again. I believe they are on back order right now. I have smoked a few others by acid. All I can say is you can't go wrong with anything in the acid line.
GD of Washington, NJ
My 1st "flavored" cigar...Kuba Kuba...I like it. Something different from the usual cigars I smoke. Not an everyday after dinner smoke for me, but I get why people really go for these.
SL of Horseheads, NY
I'm a big fan of Drew Estate and their infused cigars. Don't let anybody tell you that infused and flavored cigars are for sissies. Just not true and you would be missing out. They combine well made cigars with outside the box thinking, and you get delicious smokes. And I mean delicious. Try the Kuba Kuba. Mild sweet and satisfying. Don't be afraid and go for it.
WP of Cincinnati, OH
Great little cigars tastes just like the Kuba Kuba!
SW of Abingdon, VA
Best cigarillos money can buy. Very smooth. HUGE flavor. After taste is that of a cheap machine made cigar and it will follow you but that is the only down side. These things are simply immaculate. 8/10 Rating.
MK of Farmington, IL
Acid cigars By Drew Estate are simply awesome if you like ciagrs or not. I had my first Acid cigar in Al Mahmudiyah, Iraq in '08' from the sampler a combat brother had sent to him. Since then I've been on the hunt to try the entire product line.
SO of Richmond, TX
This is still my go to infused cigar.
RH of Bridgewater, MA
Delicious little cigars. They are sweet to lasting but not like a perfume.
JC of Ludowici, GA
These are great for when you have only a short break to enjoy a quality cigar. People like the smell, and they are a good representative of the larger cigars. My wife loves them and has her own supply.
BM of Poplarville, MS
Really love the aroma and taste of the Kuba Kuba. My fav infused stick. Always perfect burn. Acid's construction is usually flawless. However, NOT a fan of the DEF SEA. I found the construction too loose and not much smoke output. Also really disappointed in the faint flavor.... Way too weak for my taste.
MD of New York, NY
I was told I had to try these, so I did. I liked them, but they aren't my favorite because infused cigars are not my favorite. Solidly medium bodied, lots of clove/dark spice flavor with hints of sweetness that sometimes make you forget you are smoking at all. Construction was a bit poor, but doable. For my friends who like infused cigars or those times when I crave a change of pace I always plan to have a couple on hand.
TP of San Antonio, TX
I had tried the Blondie and it was great for an infused! Smooth draw and good flavor, you can definitely taste the different hints of flavors in it. A great mild cigar with a mostly white ash. It did burn a little hot towards the end though.
SS of Portage, PA
If you asked me what my absolute favorite cigar for a softer palate is, I would have to say the ACID Blondies. They have a mild and smooth flavor but are still able to deliver that classic taste.
JM of Douglas, AZ
Acids cigars will change your mind when it comes to flavored cigars! The Kuba Maduro is my favorite so far, it is simply a joy to smoke. Don't let the comments saying theses are young cigars sway you from partaking of this gems. I look forward to sampling more very soon.
VL of Monroe, TN
I have been a fan of the ACID line by Drew Estate for quite some time. The Krush Blue Connecticut's are among my favorite. They offer all the flavor and quality of their larger kin but in a quicker smoke. If you like the full-size ACID blue line you will enjoy these.
SC of Browns Mills, NJ
I don't consider myself an expert, but so far this one my favorites.
KD of Indianapolis, IN
I began with ACIDs but I've learned from sampling other brands that the wrapper is inferior. Nice flavor, decent draw, sometimes difficult to keep lit, and affordable.
NL of Rushville, IL
Amazing flavored cigars that seem to have about 4 distictive changes throughout. These have to be one of my favorite infused cigars. Perfect when paired with a good read, quiet reflection, and overall cigar smoking enjoyment. Constucted with the quality I have come to expect from Drew Estate and good even beyond the ring. Great burn, taste, and quality. More oomph than the Kuba and Blondie.
AB of Columbus, GA
I would say it was good from start to finish. Very flavorful, a good draw, very good notes. I would buy again.
JD of Leflore, OK
I became hooked on ACID Cigars 10 years ago and I love them!
Great smoke for the golf course!
MR of Fort Knox, KY
I purchased one of the little Acid Nasty at a local cigar shop, simply because I still had a couple dollars in my pocket (I've been hesitant on trying any of the infused cigars). I must say, it was a true finger burner! A very pleasant aroma and chocolaty/nutty taste all the way down to the nub. I would put the ash and burn up against any super premium stick out there. Wouldn't call it an everyday smoke, but it was definitely a breath of fresh air that you will not regret giving a try. I will be purchasing more Acids in the future.
CS of Saint Cloud, MN
Love this cigar, I drink a lot of sweet tea and this is the perfect companion.
Absolutely love this cigar as a smooth celebratory stick. Its huge dominating appearance makes it look and feel like a cigar should and the smooth mellow taste is great!
AH of St Cloud, MN
All I can say is that I am hooked on this cigar - amazing taste!
This flavored cigar has clean fresh taste through out and is a nice change from the mild-med sticks I usually smoke. Two thumbs up!
MF of Bloomingburg, NY
Always a smooth smoke that stay mellow down to the nub. This is my "go to" smoke for doing yard work and sitting around the pool, as the aroma doesn't seem to offend those nearby as much as other premium cigars. Great to have on hand for when friends stop by that haven't tried a Drew Estate before. Nice texture, smooth, with a slightly sweet taste, due to the infusion process. If you haven't tried them, pick up a few and enjoy.
Great cigar with a fantastic taste.
REALLY Good Cigars worth every penny.................!
The best cigar there is! Wish they were a little cheaper but the best place to get them CI as we all know!
JJ of Cape Coral, FL
OK for a flavored cigar and small enough where you don't have to puff on it for too long. I'll stick with regular cigars myself, but it was a nice change.
AE of Fremont, CA
Great cigars. Really like the blondies. They are a nice mild cigar when you are just looking for a quick smoke.
SO of Massapequa, NY
I first tried a Kuba Kuba that was purchased from the store down the road. It was so sweet that I regretted my purchase of these "blondies". However once the blondies arrived at my house i was pleasantly surprised to find that this infused cigar still held a great mild-medium taste. Perfect for a quick smoke but spendy for the size. Loose wrapping but nice smooth draws. All in all it was a good smoke.
AF of Minneapolis, MN
Not a bad little cigar for the price!
KF of Bluffs, IL
Much like Natural by Drew Estate but a bit more mellow and lite.
RM of Salem, OR
They are so smooth, but will put you on your butt if you don't pace yourself.
WS of North Las Vegas, NV
One of my favorite cigars. Great tasting, great draw of smoke, and it smells sooo good!
EW of Virginia Beach, VA
Loved them. Great taste and fast service.
EB of Carthage, NY
Awesome for when you don't have time for a full cigar. Bold and sweet.
JM of Lawrenceville, GA
Krush Classics are constantly stocked in my humidor. My favorite Krush is the Morado Maduro. ACID is an outstanding brand.
SR of Dallas, GA
Oh, what flavor and delight! This is not only great for lovers of infused cigars, but it is also great for about a nice 30 minute smoke. I recommend.
JS of Chelsea, NY
Love the rich flavor, not too strong just right. Haven't had a bad Acid yet.
BT of Federal Way, WA
LOVE them!!!
JB of Revere, MA
I really enjoyed this smoke. I am new to the world of cigars and I think these are a great cigar to get started and more interested in them. They are nice and small and dont take so long to smoke. Also it has a great flavor to it.
CL of Manchester, CT
My fiance loves cigars, but the Acid Toast is what got him started on cigars, period. This was his first one and he was hooked. It's a little pricey, but when you think about it, 1 cigar a day for a 24 pack is a great deal.
SE of Dalton, GA
Wow, I'm not much for flavored cigars especially sweet, but this one is different. The mild sweetness is almost a slight cherry flavor to me. The toastiness of this smoke overpowers the sweetness just enough to make this a very enjoyable smoke. I really enjoyed this cigar and will buy more.