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La Aurora Principes Reviews

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Overall Rating 4.41 out of 5 Based on 91 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “La Aurora Principes”

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3 out of 5
Good Taste, a bit small
La Aurora is missing a great opportunity, a good tasting cigar but needs to be a size 44 or 46, then it would be perfect. There is a dozen size 42's with this taste on the market.
1 out of 5
I have purchased many boxes of these, but these were dry and brittle.
5 out of 5
great morning cigar
Great in between cigar when you don't have time for a larger one.
5 out of 5
great golf smoke
great smoke for the Golf course they come in there one wrapper so they stay moist and good to go in the box no need for a humidor they last about 3 holes I got the natural 5x38 love them will get more maybe the flavored variety.
5 out of 5
A slice of heaven
I purchase these little gems to have around when there is not enough time to enjoy a larger ring cigar. They use top quality fillers and are smooth as silk. One of my all time favorites!
5 out of 5
La Aurora P
Funny how a simple cuban sandwich small cigar can have so much flavor. The damn things are so aromatic before you burn them. Don't understand how this blending formula doesn't apply to rest of the La Aurora line or all cigar master blenders. I know market is varied for strength and spiciness but the FLAVORS are what count for me Thanks CI
5 out of 5
Terrific little smokes!
This is the most satisfying small cigar I’ve tried. Usually go for toros and robustos, these are as smooth and rewarding as many larger cigars.
5 out of 5
Great fishing 'gar
Great fishing 'gar, great taste, good burn and foil keeps them very fresh. A good cheapy to hand out to cigar moochers.
5 out of 5
Exactly what I thought it would be...
I give this 5 stars as it is exactly what you think it should be: a very smokeable and tasty cheap cigar. Great cost to value proposition. The vanilla flavoring/infusion is noticeable and pleasant. Now, if like others, you think this is going to be like a long filler cigar, is NOT. However, there is good volume of smoke, it burns well, and leaves a pleasant aftertaste. This is a great daily smoke at an extraordinarily reasonable price. They are precut and due to short filler can leave some particles in your mouth, especially if you are a stogie chewer. And if you are a tip chewer this has a pleasant sweet flavor, much like Levi Garrett chewing tobacco. The foil wrapper keeps them fairly fresh for a few days, even when left in your closed up hot car.
5 out of 5
La Aurora principes Vanilla
Great smoke.
4 out of 5
Great cigar for the price!
Good taste and burn. Good construction and wrapper. Only thing I don't like is the way the end is cut off. When I lite a cigar it stays in my mouth till it burns my lips and I have to spit out pieces of these now and then, but not bad enough to not recommend them.
5 out of 5
I really like this cigar,
I really like this cigar, and will be buying more in the future
4 out of 5
Great Little Smoke
A small cigar with a great flavor and very smooth!!
5 out of 5
Perfect Cigar Lovers Club!!!
Just a ridiculous number of choices throughout the cagelog. Mix very affordable bundles and boxes with the monthly club member selections!!! The best of all worlds and a never ending supply. All of this on top of great service and fast delivery. CI is awesome!!!!
2 out of 5
Good taste. Needs to be
Good taste. Needs to be wrapped tighter. Cigar tends to fray at the mouth end as u smoke it. End up with a lot of tobacco in ur mouth when cigar is smoked down. Needs better outside wrapper as well.
5 out of 5
Great everything
Great product, great hassle free service!
4 out of 5
Lightly flavored...great burn
It is my understanding that these are machine made....who cares? For the money, these are really great. I bought a box of 55 coronas for everyday winter smokes, (not that I get to have one everyday mind you); and I have been very satisfied with these; lightly sweet on the tip with just a bit of flavor that is supposed to be like rum I suppose, but I don't really get any of that. These cigars just have an overall pleasant taste and aroma. I purchased cigarillos last year for winter and found that they were a bit too small (those were also La Aurora brand, except Cameroon) but still very good. I only give these four stars because the smell of the cigars on their own is a bit off-putting in my opinion, but has no affect on the smoke once lit. I would absolutely buy more from La Aurora, but perhaps I would get the naturals next time; not because of the flavor, but because of the overall pre-light smell that I don't find particularly enjoyable....still, that said, I will smoke all of these happily. Also, everyone that I have given these out to really enjoyed them as well. Overall, I'm very happy with the stogies! Thanks CI!
5 out of 5
free shipping on less total value!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5 out of 5
A great little smoke
A great smoke for the price Cigar International lets you have it for. I smoked them constantly. I would buy again
5 out of 5
Agreat cherry smoke
A smooth yet rich flavor. Great draw. Most are good smokes. Sometimes a bitter taste comes through. Whe that happens I toss it.
5 out of 5
Best smoke for your buck
I thought I'd try these and to my delight I found these to be as good as some $10.00 sticks that I've smoked. They were very smooth for there strength and the vanilla is not over powering, actually very light not to cover up the flavor of the tobacco which is a good dark color . the quality for a machine rolled was fair, it burned evenly and slow to a nub. I teamed this up with a home brewed Heffenwieser beer and let me tell you " Man life don't get no better "....
5 out of 5
Great small cigar
I had reservations about trying these small cigars but after smoking them in was amassed at the quality and taste. I would recommend LA Aurora Principles for a great everyday cigar you will be surprised with all the flavor.
3 out of 5
Nice quick stick
Good value for 55 sticks.
5 out of 5
I like every one.
5 out of 5
Principes Cherry
These Cigars are smooth, relaxing, pack a mild punch and very cost efficent for the quantity. I recomend these to any looking for a chilling relaxing sensation. Keep the price and quality rite and I'll continue to buy!!!
5 out of 5
Awesome cigars
Best place best quality to go to buy cigars !!!
5 out of 5
Great smokes
They're cheap but good. Recommended!
5 out of 5
Aurora principes
By far one of the best and ever made cigar. I highly recommend this cigar for a good light and smooth taste. very inexpensive cigar and well assembled.
4 out of 5
La Aurora Principes
I've tried several of the flavors with rum and cherry being two of my favorites. Pleasant short smokes with delicate hints of flavor. Perfect for a relaxing break.
5 out of 5
well worth it
The cigars were consistently good, and the individual wrappers kept them moist. No complaints.
5 out of 5
Worth the buy
Worth the buy
4 out of 5
I order lots of cigars at CI and its a good experience
I always have a good experience ordering here. Im surprised how drastically some items change price so its good to keep up with prices so you buy them on the lower priced passing. I recently realized I had a missing order but was actually delivered and was probably a victim or a thief in the neighborhood stealing packages. Good bargins are to be had if you look for them.
5 out of 5
easy transaction!!!
5 out of 5
Great cigar
Love this cigar. Great price. I don't feel bad when I share one.
3 out of 5
Best flavored little cigar for the money
This is one cigar that I recommend to all my friends and family even if they are not cigar smokers. My wife's favorite!
3 out of 5
They are ok
I may just be spoiled to the bandidos. The principles are good size and burn good, the taste is just ok. I would buy them again if bandidos weren't available (I hope that don't happen ).
1 out of 5
The La Aurora Ron's seem to be fine, alone with the Swisher's but about 1/3 of the Cherry's are stale, cracking, drawing hard ect. I had tried a few of them from a friend who referred me to you but not really happy with that product. Odd that today I get an e-mail to feedback as I struggle with a stale one.
5 out of 5
Great little cigars!
i love these little gems. They're so convenient I tend to grab them more frequently than any other in my humidor. Plus they're a Cameroon wrapper, perfect!
5 out of 5
Best Cigar I have ever had
I have had cigars from all over the world this is by far the best ever, and the individually wrapped probably keeps them fresh and very flavorful.
3 out of 5
La Aurora Principes Cherry
OK day cigar, but not the best. They are precut and end shreds while first smoking. Would not order again.
2 out of 5
It was worth a try
While checking out different smokes , I tryed these because of the discounted rate. Personally I wasn't thrilled. But nothing ventured , nothing gained.
3 out of 5
Inexpensive but satisfying nonetheless. Good
Inexpensive but satisfying nonetheless. Good for a quick smoke, even if there's not enough time to finish it. Cheap enough to toss and not feel bad.
5 out of 5
Great little cigar for a
Great little cigar for a quick smoke. Will definitely purchase more.
5 out of 5
Terrific service
As always service, shipping, pricing and the product are fantastic. Always ships in a timely manner, well packaged and protected.
5 out of 5
Best Little Cigar I've Found
I enjoy this cigar for its easy draw, plentiful smoke and its light taste for all the flavors offered with vanilla being my fav. Just the right size and amount of tobacco for an hour long soothing smoke outdoors while seated in a reflective mood with a favorite beverage on the side.
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
La aura principes chocolate
Excellent! My go to cigar when I'm short on time .
5 out of 5
great little cigar
now that the end is pre cut so you do not get a mouth of tobacco great cigar goes with coffee in the morning and bourban at night every loves the aroma,even the people who do not smoke will order these again
3 out of 5
Good inexpensive smoke
Like it for a short smoke. Pre cut and tasty but lacks the fullness (knew that in advance) of my favorites - La Gloria Cubana.
5 out of 5
Great short smoke
when I bought these it was a tossup between these and seconds I bought these because they were wrapped for freshness and a little bigger it was a great choice I smoke them on the golf course one lasts about 3 holes they burn great taste good all the way to the end great short smoke love them will buy more, I got the natural
5 out of 5
Very smooth
I went looking for a decent smoke with a little flavor. Turns out these La Aurora's became my everyday smoke. Its a little slice of heaven and worth trying.
5 out of 5
Aurora Principes
Great smokes Is it possible to sell them in 25 packs?
5 out of 5
Excellent quick smoke. Yes, I know it's a flavored cigar but sometimes it just works. And the ladies love the smell
5 out of 5
Great little cigars
Love these little beauties. Not a sophisticated cigar smoker but I know what I like and I like these. I am a box wine drinker to
5 out of 5
Must Have
This has quickly become my go to smoke. Nice draw, Great flavor and an exceptional Value. Although it is a short filler cigar, you would never know. They are a great alternative to lighting up a $$ cigar when you don't have enough time to enjoy it. La Aurora Principes Natural will ALWAYS have a place in my humidor. My only gripe is that they are not offered in 25 count boxes like I have seen else where (I'd like to try the flavored ones)
4 out of 5
Palma Natural
Got the Palma Natural. I was a little dissapointed when I pulled the first one out of the foil to see the wrapper was not near as dark as in the picture. Non the less, a good cheap smoke for everyday. To me they are not anywhere a medium but far on the milder side of medium. It's still a good smoke. I wish they offered a variety box so I could try the different flavors to see which one I liked. Next order will be either the vanilla or rum.
5 out of 5
Great medium to short smoke
I read the reviews of previous smokers and took a chance on the principles they were spot on this is a great smoke i take them to the golf course the sealed wrapper keeps them fresh they last about three or four holes.great taste good aroma not to hot a burn very even burn. Love them will buy more.
5 out of 5
Inexpensive cigar...but not cheaply made !
One of my all-time favorite cigars. Good, mild, natural flavor from quality blends: consistent draw and great quality-control. Thanks for keeping them in stock.
5 out of 5
Great smoke at a GREAT PRICE !!!!!!!!!
If you are looking for a good smoke at a great price, you need to try la aurora principes.
5 out of 5
Great smoke, little price.
I know these are cuttings from the regular La Aurora's, but they always draw great and the smoke is much like the regular ones. A great smaller cigar! Love them. Never had a bad one, and have smoked over 200.
5 out of 5
The product is super
can't be be compared to any other products because of its good.
5 out of 5
100% satisfied and I will
100% satisfied and I will to do business with you again and again
3 out of 5
The Three Bears
Aurora Principes are my every-day cigars. They are mild and have the right size for my use. Unfortunately, their quality control makes the draw sometimes hard, sometimes soft and other time just right. They are probably saving the good ones for the local tourist market.
4 out of 5
Very good small cigar
Great small cigar at a very good price.
3 out of 5
Flavor ordered in error, however pleasantly surprised
A little difficult to unwrap foil, nice size inexpensive for quick smoke
3 out of 5
Cheap & fast smoke, good
Cheap & fast smoke, good flavor & good aroma
3 out of 5
Good smoke for commute
These cigars are just the right size for the commute to/from work. Should have skipped the rum flavor.
5 out of 5
Great little cigars
for a twenty minute stick. Theses are great. Short leaf but good Dominican tobacco. Individually wrapped. A good smoke.
5 out of 5
Best daily smoke.
Replaces my José L. Piedra cigars when I'm feeling extra cheap. Good aroma and mild, one-dimensional taste. Better than any bundle cigar I have tried. I will be buying more as soon as I can.
5 out of 5
Great smoke.....great value
Really enjoyable smoke to have with my scotch out on the deck overlooking the golf course⛳️
5 out of 5
Value + service
I appreciate the excellent variety of choices and all at bargain prices. Keep up the good work. I always know where to go to get the cigars I want...CI.
4 out of 5
A good short smoke
A good short smoke. Just light it up. No clipping. It is a short filler smoke so occasionally you get some leaf in your mouth, but nothing bad.
5 out of 5
nice cigar for a quick change of pace.
5 out of 5
very good like alot
very good like alot
5 out of 5
Fantastic Cigar - Principles Vanilla
Fantastic, smooth and burns even. Truly a great cigar for the price. I love to sit on the back porch with the wife and enjoy the smoke!! Wife said they smell great! Can't wait to try the rest of the Principes.
4 out of 5
Smell like Tootsie Rolls (TM) right out of the box!
Delicious. Well-made. Even burning. The chocolate flavor isn't just a suggestion; my wifesmelled one out of the box and exclaimed "Tootsie Rolls!" She loves the room note and even tasted one for herself (she's not usually a cigar smoker). And these little darlings are inexpensive. Very well worth the money, and I'll order these again!
5 out of 5
Short, sweet and mild
These cigars are short, but they hit the spot when you need a change in flavor and don't have lots of time.
4 out of 5
Good price for a good
Good price for a good cigar!!!!
4 out of 5
La Aurora Principes Natural
Smooth even burning smoke... Very enjoyable... A great price for a 15 minute smoke
3 out of 5
Great little flavored cigar.
This Is a great little flavored cigar. Like all short filler sticks you can get some tobacco bits in the mouth but nit always. Try the rum ones as they are my fave. These burn great and are a fun quick smoke.
5 out of 5
Good everyday smoke
Good everyday smoke
4 out of 5
Huge savings - even at full price
I myself am not a fan of flavored cigars. My wife, however enjoys a flavored cigar , but we rarely kept them in the humidor. She was smoking Gurkha Park Avenues, Beauties and some other higher priced cigars. I bought these for her and she has not smoked anything else - Huge savings - even at full price! She's happy, I'm happy.
5 out of 5
I like them...
5 out of 5
My Daily Companions
I was sitting and smoking cigars with my son the other day and he asked me if I had a favorite cigar. I thought about it for a moment and said I really don't have any favorite cigar, as I seem to appreciate all of the different brands available at CI and love to purchase the amazing samplers CI puts together. Then, I realized I do have a "favorite" cigar, my daily companions for as many years as I can remember, the La Aurora Principes Vanilla. I even seem to compare the quality, taste, and experience of other more expensive cigars to the Principes! Far too many smokers seem to think machine made cigars are of a lesser quality than handmade cigars. The La Aurora's never have the burn and construction problems that many of the less expensive hand rolled brands have, and even expensive handmades occasionally have. You know what I'm referring to, instead of enjoying your smoke, you end up fiddling around with the stick the entire time while the burn runs up one side of the cigar and ends up canoeing on you as you're trying to clip it or burn it away. Machine made cigars are consistent in quality. The La Aurora Principes are a medium body smoke made from the clippings of some of La Aurora's premium blends. Try them out if you haven't yet, and you might find yourself comparing other more expensive machine made and hand rolled cigars to them!
5 out of 5
Just exactly what I wanted. Thank you, Cigars International!
5 out of 5
Great for quick smoke , smooth !!!
4 out of 5
Good Smoke
This was my first purchase of La Aurora Principes Natural's and I wasn't disappointed. A pleasant little cigar, good smoke.
4 out of 5
Love them because they are always fresh. And love the Cherry flavor!
4 out of 5
Economical everyday smoke
Principes are good cigars for their price, tasty and consistent.
4 out of 5
La Aurora Principes
Nice mild cigar. Was looking for a cheap cigar for yard work and this cigar worked out better than expected.
5 out of 5
La Aurora Princpes Natural- great quick smoke
I love to light these when I want a quick smoke. It's the cigar I pack when I go fly fishing so I can have one out in the water or if I have a job or two around the house. Very handy. I keep several in my truck door pocket. I always make sure I'm stocked.
Customer Testimonials
Got these in vanilla. Some positives: good fairly quick burn time, always a consistent burn, half decent flavor if you slow down with it, cheap! Some negatives: bitter flavor if smoked in a hurry, not much vanilla on the actual smoke (just on the lips). Over all not a bad cigar really, especially for the price. I've enjoyed them so far but the taste is no where near a hand rolled so don't be too excited! Would buy again.
Mild, flavorful, smooth, and inexpensive! I just received my order of these in Rum flavor. They are everything they are advertised to be. I do not claim to be a cigar "expert" but I do know what a good smooth cigar tastes like. The fact that these are made from the trimmings of the regular La Aurora cigar production comes through in the taste of these. A great smaller 30 minute smoke, that is satisfying. These, along with CI Knockoffs, are my favorite smokes, and I will be ordering more of both. The price for these is also better than the same La Aurora cigars sold by a competitor. For a great smooth smoking experience, that is very affordable, give these a try. At this price, you can also indulge your friends.
Unbelievably tasty small smokes. Go with the naturals, unless you like cloyingly sweet flavored sticks. When you crack the foil, it's so fresh and the aroma is value I've ever seen. An absolute pleasure.
Was not sure what to think at first, but they kinda grew on me as a good throw down when I am not sure how long I want to smoke. And with the choc. flavor the ladies appreciated the smell. Over all these are not your fine cigars, but you get what you pay for and maybe a little more.
Principes are great. Wonderful after dinner with an Octuplet malt scotch.
These are honestly one of the only cigars that I can say tastes as good as some that are much more expensive and they have a superb aroma. I've been through 2 boxes over the last two winters. I smoke less in the cold weather and these are perfect!
The only machine rolled cigar I like so far, vanilla and chocolate. I like them for yard work and all day smokes. Save the premium sticks for occasional and nightly smokes. Chocolate is smoother to me, flavor is mild and not smack in the face.... Gonna try the natural and maybe cherry just to see.
Very surprised. Just wanted a walk the dog/daily cig. Wonderful taste, good even burn. For $34.95 for 55, can't beat that with a stick. Get it, with a stick.
Good everyday cigar. The draw is variable.
These Gars are great tasting, especially if you don't have much time for a long smoke. I always have these in my humidor.
A good cigar with a very good flavor for about half of the length of the stogie. The wrapper tends to fall apart if gnawed on much and the ash tends to fall off if not tended to. Better than most machine made smokes, just not a long burner here. For the price,a good deal,and the vanilla flavor is well blended.
Loved it.
Great aroma, smooth draw, a little bit too large a ring for my taste.
These are a nice quick smoke. I usually don't care for machine made cigars, but these smoke smooth. They light easily, burn evenly, and have a great draw. The only thing I would do differently is that I would opt for the non flavored instead of the chocolate. When you open the wrapper they smell like the chocolate icing on those vending machine doughnuts, but they just taste slightly sweet without the chocolate taste. Bottom line is, I would buy these again only I will skip the flavors and save my flavor craving for my Kuba Kubas.
Hard to beat for the money. Nice subtle flavor that still tastes like a cigar (I started with a box of Vanilla). Great daily smoker sized nicely between a cigarillo and a big stick. They are a little loosely packed, but it makes for a nice draw. Definitely will not hesitate to buy more. Wish they had a sample pack to try some of the other flavors.
Love the taste! Great for after dinner.
Nice smoke for the money. Don't expect a premium, but a decent smoke. Perfect mild smoke to give to your non-cigar smoking friends!
I keep trying to find a inexpensive hand rolled to replace these, but I cant. I love these cigars and are by far my favorite. Every time I give one out to a friend they ask for more!
Tasty smokes! I will be sure to purchase them again.
These cigars are great for the price. I've bought the vanilla and the natural. No complaints at all.
A year ago I purchased a box, I loved the sweet flavor. It was a great inexpensive smoke. I was excited to order another box but I was very disappointed when I received them. The cigars had no flavor at all. I do not know what changed but I will not be ordering them again.
Great Cigar for the buck i wish the flavor was a little more robust and more consistent but they are fresh and burn very well. The best flavor of the bunch is the vanilla, the rum has a funny taste it shore is not rum.
Lets see, better wrapper, burn, construction, and consistency... only $0.63 each! HELLO! I'm smoking these and all La Aurora flavors all day long! TOTALLY AWESOME!
Well worth the price. Perfect for mowing the lawn or doing some gardening. I've smoked $20 sticks that aren't as good as these.
These little cigars are one of the best I have ever smoked. Easy drawing, burn even and great flavor. I have tried all the flavors and I think each one has it own taste and complexity you can't go wrong with any of these cigars.
Forgot how much of an enjoyable smoke Principes are, would tell a new cigar smoker to order some. They are smooth and slightly sweet and are what I call a slow smoking cigar.
Ooohwee as sweet as a tootsie roll, soft and hydrated fresh out of the wrapper with a consistent taste. I can't wait to taste to the vanilla!
I ordered these a few months ago and am almost through the box. I ordered the Vanilla and I absolutely love them. Very easy to light. Burn is slow and even, even in windy conditions (I live near Chicago). The flavor of the tobacco is amazing and the vanilla flavor is sweet but not overpowering. Would definitely recommend. I will probably be ordering these again, and definitely want to try some of the other flavors. For the price, you can't beat these guys. Perfect for short smokes with a morning coffee or to take on the golf course!
Being new to the 'sport' of cigars, I have found these handy little smokes very tasty. Scent of cocoa and tastes like a tootsie roll, I'm sure the other flavored from this collection will be just as interesting. Great and smooth draw, flavor throughout, wrapper burns at an impressively even rate. Probably one of the most flavorful cigars I can recall of late. I recommend getting a box, as I know I will enjoy mine to the last puff. Smoke on, and here's to the simple pleasures.
A great deal for the money. They're consistent, and have a good quality tobacco. A nice stopping off point between cigarillos and the bigger sized of cigars.
Very nice, ordered a second shipment. Loved the chocolate aroma.
Pretty good taste, open the box & smells like a sweet bottle was just poured all inside of it. They don't even really need to be humidified, got my box a month ago, still haven't put them in my humidor, the silver wrap just contains this reallly good sweet taste to them. When you smoke it, it's a pretty quick burn but it's got a smooth aroma. I like to think of it as a legitimate rolled cigar that is like a REALLY high quality Swisher because of the flavoring. for an MSRP of 2.50 each and a sale of 65 cents each it's pretty good & well worth the cash. 4/5
These little boogers are great and cost friendly.
These are great little cigars with nice aroma of chocolate and a sweet smoke with a chocolate smooth easy draw. The price is fantastic and go good with a Johnnie Blue or Remy. Rated at 93 points. Try some, great smoke!
Very nice cigar if you like Cherry.
I normally smoke cigarillos(Swisher, Black & Mild, Good Times) but I was looking for something different. After reading about the history of the company and the reviews, I decided to give these a shot. No guts no glory, right? I am so glad that I did! The taste, the burn, are fantastic! While these probably won't be an everyday smoke for me, they will most definitely be a welcome change when I'm in the mood for something different!
Nothing new to add here but to agree with lots of other reviews. these little guys have a very strong vanilla aroma. i got a good 30mins + smoke time out of it. they do look like a more expensive cigar with its individual wrappers. I think i just found my go to flavored stick. I also purchased Swishers and by flavor comparison, these seem to have much more infusion of its flavor.
These are okay but the rum flavored ones are 100 percent better.
Nice quick smoke with a hint of vanilla.
These little Principes are not bad at all. Nothing fancy, but nothing to scoff at either, especially at that price.
Very nice inexpensive cigars and they sure are the life of the party. With a nice not over powering flavor that fills with the nice vanilla aroma. Favorites of both friends and their wives and girlfriends or those wanting to try something different. I'm glad CI carries such a nice variety of flavors.
Love these. Perfect when you don't have the time to enjoy a 'big' cigar. Smooth with a great burn & draw. A tasty smoke.
I love the flavor and special pricing.
I have to say that these cigars for the price are great. Overall a good cigar.
I really enjoy the taste, however, seems like you're spitting out the paper after every single puff.
This is an excellent cigar! Smooth and flavorful, a really nice smoke!
This is one great little cigar. I love 'em
I truly enjoy these cigars! When I saw how they were packaged...the appreciation increased! The draw was pleasant, the even burn was pleasing. I would order these as a "filler" for the auto-shipment to arrive...knowing full well that they would last me until then. I consider these as a "staple." To have until the order arrives. And still feel that it was money well spent!
Great little cigars, priced right.
Great Price for an excellent daily smoke. Smooth, well packaged with a superb aroma in every puff.
I recently placed a large order for inexpensive cigars, and included was one box of natural Principes. I have come to enjoy a lot of cheap cigars, including a number of machine made smokes. Chief among these are Marsh Wheeling Deluxe, Parodi King, De Nobili Tosconi Long, Avantis, Muniemakers, and Antonio y Cleopatra Grenadiers in the candella wrapper. Add to the list, very near the top, Principes. These have a good, honest cigar flavor. It is by no means exquisite, but it is solid, uncomplicated, and enjoyable. Being made with trimmings from La Aurora's premium blends and a natural wrapper, they have a predominantly traditional flavor, but the homogenized binder add a minor "machine made" flavor. This is extremely subtle, to the point of barely being worth mentioning. I prefer the Marsh Wheeling, Muniemakers, and Parodi, but the price of the Principes is more along the lines of what you might pay for a Phillie or Swisher Sweet, yet with a far, far better flavor. Out of the first ten or so, one of them was packaged without being given a wrapper. That is, it had filler and binder, but no natural wrapper leaf like the others. Considering it cost me less than 75 cents, this wasn't a big deal. I've not heard of this happening with other folks, so it may very well be an exceptionally rare mistake. The cigar, apart from being squishy around the "cap" end, still smoked well and tasted fairly similar to the others, but with a less solid traditional cigar flavor. The major drawback to these is since they are short filler and precut to allow an open draw like you'd find with a good premium smoke, they can burn fast and hot if you puff on them too frequently. You CAN smoke one of these in 15-20 minutes, but if you do you sacrifice the cool smoke and mellow flavor. If you smoke slowly and deliberately, you'll get a razor sharp burn and a very pleasant 30-40 minute smoke. These are mild-medium, and I find them more on the medium end. There are machine made cigars I enjoy more, but only slightly more. Given the price of these, at under 70 cents a piece, these are the single best value I've found to date. They do have a slightly sweet flavor, but it isn't a major feature in my experience with them so far. I've smoked three of them today, and thoroughly enjoyed each. If I get through the box and still think as highly of them as I do currently, I will not hesitate in the least to buy another box or two. I might even, purely out of curiosity, try a flavored variety in addition. I wish that CI would sell 5 packs of these because I avoided trying these for a VERY long time because until recently my experience with White Owl, Phillies, and Swisher Sweets had me very hesitant to order these. 55 cigars is a large commitment if you don't know you'll like them. But I'm glad I did. Gamble on this one and you may find you like them very much. For 60 some cents a piece, even if you don't like them they will be good for passing out to friends who just want something to smoke over a game of cards or checkers, while watching a game, or fishing or whatever you do for fun. I regret not having tried these sooner; when I still smoked cigars more often than my pipes, I could have saved a lot of money compared to buying value priced handmades like Flor de Oliva. They won't completely replace my premium cigars, but the will sure make up a large portion of what I smoke from here on out, and with the exception of overruns and seconds, I think they (and other good machine made cigars) will completely replace the economy hand mades
Straight out of the foil, the Principes Natural has a hint of that odd molasses-sweet taste like one finds in a Swisher or King Edward. I find that this disappears if you remove all the foil wrappers and just put them in a humidor nude for awhile. Then, the flavor actually is fairly pleasant, the body just a hair above mild but not quite a solid medium. A decent everyday cigar for the morning commute or puttering around. I wish they had put them in standard cello instead of the silly foil which incidentally is also a pain to open as it has no pull tab.
I was a little skeptical about ordering these, but I am happy I did! Getting ready to order my next box. I was surprised how good they were, lots of flavor, and excellent burn. I have shared these with friends (at this price you can afford to share!) and they were a big hit. I unwrapped the cigars and told them I was trying a new brand and wanted feedback. Needless to say several of my buddies have already ordered them! Keep up the good work CI
I was at a resort in the DR and asked for a recommendation by the proprietor. This is what he recommended. Great everyday smoke, sometimes inconsistent but well worth the price. I will be ordering more. Echo all the other positives.
Needed a cheap everyday smoke and man did I find it! The coolest thing about these are the real leaf wrapper, the pre-cut, non-drilled ends, and the tightness of the cigar itself. The taste is enjoyable but not sophisticated but thats what I expected. Buy these if you are looking for a box a cheapies, you can't go wrong!
Well I finished the 3 boxes/75 cigars I had. Must say, I ordered another 3 boxes today simply because I love the size of this cigar. It's right in between a short smoke and a full smoke and I don't look like I'm in the Mafia smoking it at the Country Club. So far I haven't offended any women with the aroma. It lasts about 30 minutes and isn't overpowering or boring. The roll is outstanding.
They taste like if you were smoking a donuts, if you like the taste of tobacco when you smoke pick something else
Been searching for a good, short smoke that's easy on the wallet. Found it! These puppies are just right for the morning ritual or a quick break. Smooth burn and very consistent construction, not at all harsh (like most cheapos) and value plus priced. Very much like the regular La Aurora sticks. Thanks CI!
Ok, so having smoked almost everything La Aurora has to offer(including some one of a kind cigars rolled by Nestor for Rigo Diaz of Miami Cigars and Jose Blanco,) I decided to put my faith in their outstanding quality and try these machine mades. I bought the 75ct. deal here on CI and let me tell you, it's a purchase I don't regret. These little guys pack some serious and complex flavor in a small cigar that, for the price, makes the perfect "no-guilt" any time smoke. This cigar is truly a work of art for a machine made mass produced stick with notes of cedar, leather, earth, and a little pepper in the last 2/3. I get some of the same cedary/peppery flavor notes as the La Aurora 1495 and the smoothness from the Leon Jimenes line. Overall I'm extremely impressed by the price/quality of this smoke and highly recommend you go out on a limb and grab them while they're in stock.
I am very apprehensive about trying a new "value" cigar, but decided to give these a try. These little smokes are worth each of the few pennies you'll pay for them. Sure, I had to spit a few tobacco clippings, but the flavor and price more than make up for this shortfall. It does fall a bit shy of medium bodied.
I'm half-way through yet another order of Principes. These are damn good everyday smokes. Do they stack-up against a Ghurka or a Padron? Hell no! Are they good little smokes that will help you wind-down from work and the kids? Hell yes! When I have the time and opportunity, I spark a high dollar smoke, like a Ghurka. On a night like tonight, when the wife is working, I've just finished feeding the kids, and I'm watching them play with their friends until bath time.... aah, now it's Principe time! Do yourself a favor, guys, and put in an order for 50 or so.
This is an amazing short cigar! It has a perfect burn, great taste, and the foil really keeps them fresh. This has become my everyday cigar!
I got home with my Principes and just had to break one out of the foil and see what they're all about. Man I'm not sure what it is about the foil, but it tasted like it had just been given to me off the rolling table at the factory. It almost felt too wet to light, but it smoked so rich and smooth I thought to myself, so this is what a real cigar tastes like. If La Aurora puts this much quality into an 80 cent stick; I'm gonna have to use some WD 40 to get my wallet open and try some of their $2.00 + versions.
These little cigars are great! Panatelas would be cool. I'd also like to try the other flavors besides the Naturals! Thanks C.I.!
...These are barely a step above machine made malarkey that you can buy at any corner store....
I've been on a quest for a decent everyday smoke that meets three criteria: 1) Inexpensive so I can smoke a couple everyday, or not feel guilty if I have to ditch one; 2) Decent quality so it doesn't taste like I'm smoking a dog rocket; and 3) a smaller size so I can smoke it in 20 minutes or less for those occasions when I don't have the time for one of my beloved toros. Principes hit the mark and then some: They're well under a buck a stick, they taste pretty good and are well made, and I can smoke one in 20 minutes or less. I don't normally smoke Dominican cigars, but these are an exception that I'll be making on a regular basis. Many a cigar snob or uber rich yahoo may turn up their noses at a cigar that meets such requirements, and that's too bad because they'd be missing-out on an enjoyable smoke. But if you're not a cigar snob or an uber rich yahoo, then take my advice and grab up 50 or so of these little gems - you'll be glad you did. Damn good smokes these are!!
Wow! My good friend Dan introduced me to these (La Aurora Principes) superb cigars and I've been completly hooked ever since. They are without a doubt the mildest, best drawing, smoke I've ever run across and the price is a great bargan that allows you to enjoy them without the guilt. spend more time spiting than smoking!
These are not bad (La Aurora Principes) for an inexpensive smoke. Not super consistent but for a short quick smoke not bad at all.
I never liked cigars before.. that is until my neighbor turned me on to the La Aurora Principes. Now I'm hooked..and as my luck goes they are always sold out..
Principes (Principes by La Aurora) natural provide some BIG $$ flavor in a small, inexpensive cigar. Yet another superb CI deal!
Principes by La Aurora in the Natural wrap is a great cigar. Give them to someone in the tube and they think they are getting a $5 stick.
Just got them (Principes by La Aurora) today - La Aurora has a winner here are you sure that these are the clippings from THE BIG BOYS??? Nice smooth cigar and the size is perfect for me. Just a hint of vanilla - I am a french vanilla coffee guy any way, no bite and the Tubes make them all the nicer. These babies will go to Disney World and my travel humidor can stay home. Thanks Again C/I.
Principes (Principes by La Aurora)prove that the stuff they sweep off the floor at La Aurora makes better cigars than most of the cigars you pay $3 to $5 for.
First enjoyed these (Principes by La Aurora) in the DR 4 years ago and have been a loyal fan ever since. Great for a quick quality smoke or relaxing with a fine sigle malt after dinner......
These are fantastic little cigars (Principes by La Aurora)! I was very surprised and pleased with the burn, taste, and consistancy. I will definitley buy more!
These are great cigars (Principes by La Aurora) for when you don't have a lot of time to sit and enjoy a good smoke.
Me encantan los de vainilla (Principes by La Aurora), son los mejores cigarros.