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La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor”
Smooth, rich flavor with the right amount of spice and earthy flavor. Very nice sweet aftertaste. Well constructed and nice even burn with a nice easy draw. Smoked it down to the nub!
WC of Millville, NJ
Hi again with another review, if you are looking for a review with orange peel, strawberry short cake and anise I am not about that. Instead pure tobacco. This is a great stick, straight tobacco,Earth, pepper review. great construction with a white ash, properly aged. This is a great stick and a pleasure to behold. Although no sweet nuances, an upper medium- lower full smoke. This stick will have a home in my box, a must have. Once again thank you for CI with competitive pricing.
WS of Woodhaven, NY
The Mi Amor is an excellent cigar! Very complex with your classic DPG spice, followed by leather and mocha flavors. It's a cigar that you could enjoy at any time of the day, and believe it or not, enjoy as a dessert cigar. The best one out of the LAdC series.
GR of Sterling, VA
Great cigar along with Aston VSG Tre Mystic my favorite
GJ of Miles City, MT
I've smoked all three La Aroma de Cuba's and the Mi Amor is the smoothest of them all. I cant imagine anyone who already likes this line not liking the Mi Amor.
JS of Baltimore, MD
DPG has done it again. For once I agree with the self anointed egos at CA "ragazine" they should stick to vacations and watches. But the rating was spot on in regards to LAdA. I find it to be a very complex blend that starts somewhat harsh but quickly mellows out in the first third. Then creeps back up with a bountiful array of flavors. It's just packed with a beautiful balance of Coffee, Earthy and Peppery flavors with just the slightest hint of a caramelesqe creamy sweetness that you'll find yourself licking your lips to savor! I have tried all of the sizes and believe that the Churchill is the winner as it is the perfect size to allow all the flavors over the smoking time to combine. I will always have a box of these in my humidor as long as they are made. Also. Do yourself a favor. resist the urge to smoke them right away and give them a minimum of at least 6 weeks to rest and give them a chance to mellow. Keeping track in my journal I have found that after 8 months they are begging to be smoked! Enjoy them my fellow aficionados.
DM of Herndon, VA
The first third was amazing and the rest was a bit bland. The strength snuck up on me and I actually threw up at the end. First time ever in about 100 sticks. Would recommend based on flavor and it you like a buzz
BL of Somerville, MA
Mi Amor is the first cigar that Cigar Aficionado rated highly that I actually agree with. They should stick to Rolexes and private jets! This cigar reminds me of hot cocoa with just a bit of complimentary spice added. I don't find it anywhere near as strong as some other reviewers. The construction was perfect right down to the triple cap. Deeeelish!
GT of Philadelphia, PA
I ordered these knowing they ranked #2 out of 25 according to Cigar Aficionado in 2011. I must say that these are some of the best cigars I've ever smoked. Full of flavor and well worth the money. Do it!
NS of Palatine, IL
not since the Prensado AB have I seen a more beautiful band but that's not really why we smoke them right? I read a review that summed it up perfect: "This is a very cigary cigar" and I know just what they mean. It STINKS. If your wife hates the small steer away! Billows of rank smoke made me decline a box purchase, it was just too much for me. Almost as if the main objective with this stick was to create an overpowering aroma. Still a well built cigar with a great draw and even burn but just too stinky for me.
JL of Middle Village, NY
Wow, These smokes are killer. They stay lit, draw nice, and the smoke is awesome. Just bought a box after I tried 5. You won't be disappointed.
MM of Show Low, AZ
one of the best smokes I have tried so far. I have just started. I have a good smoke shop in Roanoke, Va. I bought this smoke and this is one of my new "best". very good. Getting ready to order more. LOVE 'EM.
If you enjoy a rich, med-full flavored cigar, this is for you. I don't usually write reviews, but the Mi Amor definitely earned it. All tobacco, and the price point is fair. Cheers
AK of Le Roy, NY
Another great one from La Aroma de Cuba! The " Edicion Especial #55 " and the " Mi Amor Valentino " are staples in my humidor. Very enjoyable cigars!
This is a legendary stick with a reputation that it very well deserves. This cigar is amazing, the whole smoke is bold with deep mocha and notes of cocoa. Its complexity and body are not meant for a novice smoker but eventually one has to experience this cigar. However, if you are looking for changes in flavor this is not the stick or you. It is very consistent. Hats off to the manufacturer.
CV of Manassas Park, VA
My go-to cigar! My favorite size is the Magnifico that I always smoke to the nub. Very smooth with lots of grey smoke, hints of cocoa with a slightly sweet after taste. The price point is perfect for an everyday smoke.
what a great smoke. this is as close as you can get to a true cuban cigar, reminded me of the legendary bolivar royal corona! buy a 5-pack of toros and try for yourself, i am stocking up!
This cigar rivals the Padron Anniversary at half the price. No B.S. Phenomenal smoke.
Very easy to light. Above average construction, draw and burn. Very little draw resistance demands constraint to avoid bitterness. Voluminous smoke output. Very cool burn. Thick smoke but dry on palate. Medium to full strength and medium to full flavors. Intense coffee and leather flavors with a black pepper taste and bite. An ever so slight sweetness fades in and out. A bolder style cigar that becomes a bit smoother and milder in the second half with flavors that remain consistent from beginning to end.
Pepin Garcia does it again..... I dunno, I hear these babies have been around for quite some time? Different leafs, different soils?? Whatever or however this is a cigar that has few equals and even fewer toppers. My personal experience wit Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor is amazing to say the least.... From your first draw to the nub there is nothing but pleasure. If only I could make this an everyday smoke.
WS of Taylor, PA
I am about halfway done with this cigar and I must say it is fantastic. Burn has been slightly erratic but over all burning fine. Making room in my humi for this top notch smoke.
WM of Little Rock, AR
This is a great smoke from DPG. Cocoa, cocoa, cocoa. I prefer a bit more full but this was a nice lighter smoke to end my day. It would go nice with a cup of joe in the morning.
SB of Oak Ridge, TN
Good strong cigar - but the draw can be uneven wthin the box of cigars - some are very good and others have a very tight draw.
JS of Purcellville, VA
Great Job CI!
PJ of Staatsburg, NY
I recently ordered a 5-pack of these wonderful cigars from CI. I've been behind on my ratings lately, but this cigar deserves special attention from those who love a medium-full bodied Nicaraguan long-filler blend. Out of the package they look beautiful with their box-pressed construction. These cigars are well made; none of the five had a single flaw. Before lighting, I could almost smell the soil they were grown in. Immediately after lighting, there were hints of wood, some coffee, and a natural, but attenuated sweetness. The cigar burned evenly, produced copious amounts of delicious smoke, and held its ash like a pro. At the half-way point, the cigar was still yielding wonderful tastes that were very complex. Near the end, there was no bitterness or "bite." The draw was easy throughout. For the price, I would highly recommend this exquisite cigar. It earned its rating. I ordered the Churchill and would do so again in a New York minute.
DS of Saint Paul, MN
My favorite cigar hands down. Halfway through a box of the Belicoso and every stick has been perfect! Smooth draw, even burn, nice medium-full body flavor - what more can you ask for? These will always be a staple in my humidor - a must have for any true BOTL!
A lovely cigar, indeed. It fits the description all the way. I enjoyed this cigar to the fingertips, very smooth and meaty. Beautiful in presentation and well constructed. It was good while it lasted.
EW of Virginia Beach, VA
One of my favorites. I wish I could have one everyday
BL of DeRidder, LA
THIS IS ONE FINE CIGAR. I have tried these many times and can say without any reservations that this is a must have for any serious cigar smoker. It is rare for me to really "LOVE" a cigar that does not hail from CUBA as I live in Canada, but this is one of the better non-Cubans in my book. I also like Padrons and Fuente(DON CARLOS)and most of the ASHTON cigars as well as the AVO line. This cigar, while not having the same flavours of some of the others I mentioned, does have a unique flavour of its own. It is definitely well constructed and I'm sure fine tobaccos are used. It tastes too good to be made with lower end stuff. I smoke one of these EVERYDAY without fail. The cigar is ALWAYS great from start to CANNOT go wrong with this smoke......ENJOY
I have tried this cigar in every size and it never disappoints. This one is a keeper.
DB of Glenburnie, MD
Very smooth and full smoke!
AT of Arlington, VA
Many an hour pass for me pondering the mystery of life with either a great cigar or pipe in hand. The better the tobacco, the more intense and pleasurable the experience. So with the La Aroma de Cuba, Mi Amor (Duque) next up in my rotation, the upcoming sit-down event was slated to be glorious, and it was. Analyzing all of the attributes of a fine cigar such as La Aroma is tantamount to expounding on a glorious sunset, nothing to say, just marvel at it. Suffice it to say that only a super quality tobacco leaf, masterfully blended, could yield the natural sweetness and rich tobacco flavor this cigar brings to the table. Pondering life with La Aroma--Mi Amor!
CS of Ringoes, NJ
Awesome smoke, great flavor and burn. Can't get enough of them! Thank You CI.