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Staff Reviews for 5 Vegas Gold Maduro

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5 Vegas Gold Maduro

Steve R

When word got out about a new, maduro version of the top-selling 5 Vegas Gold, I instantly grew nervous. The Connecticut-wrapped Gold Series is the golden goose of the 5 Vegas line, a mellow but flavorful stud that outsells bigger name brands like Macanudo and Ashton. You don’t want to mess with that kind of success. However, I soon learned that 5 Vegas Gold Maduro would be sporting my beloved Pennsylvania Broadleaf wrapper, making me eager to sample the blend. A mild-bodied cigar using this thick and chewy leaf as a blanket? This could be good....damn good.

I was in Nicaragua a couple weeks ago and had the pleasure of sampling the new 5 Vegas Gold Maduro right off the rolling tables of Nestor Plasencia’s massive Segovia factory. This factory is gorgeous. A massive operation full of top rollers crafting some of the industry’s biggest brands, an endless tobacco inventory with countless varieties, a beautiful central courtyard with a 10-foot fountain, and a labyrinth of hallways leading to various bodegas, aging rooms, storage rooms, and even a separate rolling floor and team of torcedores specifically made for the 5 Vegas brand.

But I digress, back to the cigar. Upon first glance, this cigar is dark as night with a thick, toothy wrapper glistening with natural oils. No doubt, this PA Broadleaf wrapper is legit. Each cigar is well-packed and feels heavy in the hand with not a single soft spot to be found. There’s a slight barnyard aroma when smelling the foot, and a touch of sweet tobacco on the nose.

The cigar opens with a warm, toasty bouquet and charcoal-like aroma. The smoke is thick and heavy on the palate, coating my taste buds with a silky, chewy feel. White pepper finishes the first few puffs and is more prominent through the nose. Had I not known that this cigar was mild to medium in body, I might have assumed I was in store for a medium to full or full-bodied ride. After the initial few puffs, the rich maduro wrapper takes over, taming the aged Nicaraguan and Honduran long-fillers within. The bouquet is soon dominated by meaty notes of coffee and dark tobacco, while the smoke leaves my palate in butter-smooth fashion with each exhale. Yeah, this is nice. A supremely rich and toasty bouquet deep in dark, maduro flavors without the kick. Midway through and I’m still enjoying rich notes of coffee. The white ash is perfectly straight, no flakes, and seems to be holding on with both hands. I tapped it off to produce a lovely cone at the foot of the cigar. A subtle sweetness now enters the fray, as the filler leaves mellow further into a rich, smooth array of sophisticated flavors, letting the thick broadleaf wrapper take control. This sweetness becomes somewhat oaky in the final third and remains a major player til the end. Coffee, toast, oak, dark tobacco, and sweet notes....while never leaving the mild to medium-bodied realm. Lots of flavor, no oomph, and my temptations caused me to light another right when the first was finished.

Since returning to Pennsylvania I’ve burned through at least two dozen of these cigars, and handed out equally as many at a BBQ last weekend - I think I made a few new friends.

If you are primarily enjoy mild-bodied cigars with Connecticut wrappers - or, if you are hesitant to try anything darker than Connecticut-seed - I urge you to try this cigar. It truly shows that darker does not mean stronger, and is a perfect gateway to bigger, bolder flavor profiles without going up in strength. Additionally, if you're a fan of Macanudo Maduro, Ashton Maduro, Gurkha Doble Maduro....while those are all great cigars, I think this may become a new favorite.

5 Vegas Gold Maduro


One of my favorite people to visit when I travel down south to cigar country is Nestor Plasencia, Jr. I don’t know whether it’s the greeting of a cigar and Cuban coffee when arriving to his Esteli factory, the bales-upon-bales (properly called “pilones”) of tobacco at his fabrica in Ocotal, or possibly the delicious feast his family puts on at his home outside of his Danli, Honduras facility. Either way, when meeting with Nestor, you will be well-nourished with cigars, Cuban coffee and tasty traditional cuisine.

I was told at one time, “If you ever want to get into the cigar industry, contact the Plasencia’s.” Well, if you’ve ever seen the amount of tobacco this generational tobacco growing family possesses, you would be flabbergasted. 

For us here at CI, Nestor Plasencia, Jr. has somewhat become the face of the 5 Vegas brand. Though 5 Vegas has a fairly diverse group of cigar-makers which comprise the brand as a whole, it is the Plasencia-made gems that have been the real heavy-hitters in recent years.

One of the newer Plasencia-comprised 5 Vegas blends that really impressed me is the 5 Vegas Gold Maduro. The Gold Maduro, a rich blend of perfectly aged tobaccos, has maduro fans grinning from ear-to-ear…full on Ross Perot size ears.  The 5 Vegas Gold Maduro is rich in taste, mild to medium in body and skillfully produced by Plasencia.

What makes this puro stand out is the gorgeous maduro wrapper that is grown, not in the tropical fields of Central America, but, in the horse-and-buggy-laden landscape of Pennsylvania Dutch Country. The Pennsylvania broadleaf maduro wrapper, which is grown only corn fields away from a shoe-fly pie bakery, blends perfectly with the Cuban-Seed Nicaraguan and Honduran long filler tobaccos.  Plasencia has done it once again; this time captivating the lovers of dark, oily maduros.

<>The flavor profile of the 5 Vegas Gold Maduro: all-natural organic maple syrup on Bisquik buckwheat pancakes…oh wait, that was breakfast yesterday at Perkins. This tasty morsel, which is offered in 6 different sizes, smoothes into a nice flavor of rich coffee and cedar, with just a slight touch of pepper. It has taken 4 years of skillful blending and re-blending to master this cigar, but, just like the year 2012, it’s finally here.


Jason Brown, an enthusiast of the Gold Maduro and employee at the CI Super-Store, once told me, “The 5 Vegas Gold Maduro is leaving stores as fast as it’s being brought in. On a lighter note, did you know Amish buggies have turn signals?


A former fan of Macanudo Maduro, Mat Cook, commented to me once, “The masterful blending and aging of this cigar makes it my new go-to stick.  Out of the bowels of the Plasencia factory dropped a fine nugget of gold."


Plasencia, the creator of the 5 Vegas Gold Maduro, hails from numerous generations of tobacco farmers and operates out of Nicaraguan and Honduran rolling factories.  Cigars International is the first company to release his latest creation. Pick up plenty of these. I like the robusto.

Expert thought for the day: Just because you’re on a steady diet doesn’t mean you can’t look at the menu.

5 Vegas Gold Maduro - Gonz Live #16