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Q & A for Tower of Power Humidor

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Does the unit come complete (assembled)? And what are the prep steps to take before it's unsable? (E.G. wipping down the interior w/distilled water, 'seasoning' the cedar interior, etc)

03/23/2013by JS of VERONA, VA
It comes completely assembled, just have to take off some packaging and put the drawers in. To prep, be sure to season the humidor, drawers and all. For the run down on how to do this properly copy the following link in your browser: Thanks James!
by Jeff K
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Does this unit have interior AC outlets?

03/26/2013by PP of CLIFTON, PA
Unfortunately no they don't
by Steve R
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Can the main door be reversed to swing left instead of right?

06/08/2013by BM of PERRYVILLE, MO
The hinges are recessed into the wood, only on one side. So without some minor woodworking, this is not an option.
by Jeff K
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When a box of cigars comes sealed in plastic, for example, Rocky Patel Olde World Reserve Toros, should I remove the plastic wrapper before putting the box in the humi? Does the box lid need to be open while in the humi? Can I keep the box sealed, out of the humi if I will not open it for a while?

07/15/2013by MD of SAINT LOUIS, MO
Plastic wrap does breathe, which means two things. One, you do not need to remove the wrap when you put them in your humidor. And two it also means that they won't last long without humidification. Some fellas swear by removing the plastic first, as they feel it is a more natural method of storing. But ultimately the choice is yours.
by Greeby
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