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Humi-Care EH Plus Electronic Humidifier Fan Kit Reviews

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If you have a humidor that holds 100 or more cigars, & your using an electronic humidifier. These fans are a must in order to move the air around. My 300 count humidor would not hold the humidity at the desired level. I placed hygrometers under the tray & on top & there would always read different. Adding 2 fans solved my problem but they are really inferior in craftsmanship. One side of the fan had nothing covering the fan blade. Since these are the only ones I've seen offered they will have to do.
User friendly and very quiet.
I bought the Humi-Care XG1000 Pro Humidifier for a cabinet humidifier and it works very well. In the winter I see the humidity drop a bit in the upper levels so I add some crystal gel or bead humidification to these shelves, but the humidity never came up. Then I added the Humi-Care EH Plus Electronic Humidifier Fan Kit and it made a big difference. The kit comes with a shorter ribbon cable that I swapped out for the one that came with the XG1000, ran it up to the upper section, and placed it next to a gel container. I set the power to come on when the humidifier comes on. The fan moves enough air to even out the humidification in the upper levels of the humidor, and is small enough not to reduce storage capacity or be in the way. This fan kit is an easy and effective addition to any larger humidor.
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