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Humi-Care Portable Humidification Pillows Reviews

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Want to save a few bucks? Pick up these little humi pillows and grab one of those nice empty cedar cigar boxes, drop one in and you've got a great travel humi. Also good for putting on a black eye after your wife finds your C.I. sales sheet folder. The springs in this couch suck....Ahhhh, but my cigars are fresh.
These things are absolutely awesome! I picked some of these up on level from Afghanistan, then stuffed two into a small humidor I took back to Afghanistan (in late-June of 2010: the hottest part of the year where I was and the humidity was 25-40% on average). These things maintained humification (via a small experiment) in the same small humidor I travelled with for approximately 5 months now. These two packs still are somewhat plump and working as we speak, even back in Ohio where I am now. I must buy for small humidors; you cannot beat the price.
I just recently used VB's suggestion with the water pillows. I placed an order at CI and realized I was going to be limited on space for my smokes. I placed a single water pillow dipped in distilled water into an old cigar box. A week later the cigars are properly seasoned and I have yet to refill the pillow. Another great product from CI!!! Thanks..
These little bags work GREAT in a glass sealed jar, which I then put on the floor in a cool, closed closet. I use them to humidify 15 -20 cigars. I hadn't thought about using them on a black eye after wifey see's the CI receipt but, that is also a GREAT idea (or hey, just destroy the receipt)!
Considering the price, you can make a case for these technological wonders being the most cost effective way to keep your investment in good cigars in premium condition. I recommend using cigar juice for keeping the glycol crystals in the best shape & allowing for repeated refills. I have a few that I have been using for several years. They work wonders in small humidors. I attach one or two pillows to the lid of a ten or twenty count box & can maintain a constant 68-70% humidity, for months at a time without sacrificing the space a round or rectangular device takes up. Toss one or two into any humidor you are having trouble keeping a constant level of humidity & the problem is solved immediately. Travel or even makeshift humidors are perfect places to use these humidification pillows. A double sawbuck investment in 10 pillows & a bottle of cigar juice will give you months & months of protection for every precious puro in your collection. Give 'em a try & see if you don't agree that H-CPHPs are worth their weight in gold!
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