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Il Duomo Display Dome Humidor Reviews

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“I've gotta agree with the first guy. The Il Duomo Display Dome Humidor is a beautiful humidor and a great bargain for a mid-sized humidor. The hygrometer was calibrated out-of-the-box (in sync with my digital). I don't know if it's worth the price difference opposed to something you'll find on Ebay, but what is worth the difference is how well it's constructed. The only complaint I had was the cheesy yellow tassle on the key. Nothing that can't be fixed with a quick snip. My only problem now is what to do with all this extra space in my new humidor. CI - please feel free to send any freebies my way to help fill the void...”
CH of Ballwin, MO
“This is one fine humidor (Il Duomo Display Dome Humidor). It is so much nicer than I expected for only $100. What a joy it was this weekend to put all my cigar stock in one humidor (rather than the 3 smaller ones I had been using). I also was impressed with the beveled glass dome lid so I could view my supper primiums and drool over their beauty. Now if I can just get my wife to let me keep in on the kitchen counter.”
RS of New Boston, NH
“OK, my first humidor came from ebay. The deal seemed pretty good but the quality (as I should have suspected) was not there. The hygrometer was plastic and was way off calibration (could not be adjusted). When I opened the box and saw the Il Duomo (Il Duomo Display Dome Humidor) was also made in China, I expected more of the same. Wrong! The humidor was beautiful; the hygrometer was worth the difference in price alone. It was perfectly calibrated and made of stainless and brass. It is well worth the money and CI sells it for at least $20 less than anyone else (check the competitor's S&H). Thanks CI!”
JW of Sidney, OH
“Just got the humidor, bought it as a birthday gift for my husband. It looks awesome, high quality, got here in one piece. I was surprised to see it's so big, I didn't know what 150 capacity means :). It's a good buy for sure!”
EC of Lantana, FL
“I got this for my birthday. Before this I had just a small count humidor I got from a sampler combo. Something to get my by as I learned the ropes of having my own constant collection of stogies. Obviously this is superior, but for under $100 this is quite the humidor. The craftsmanship is outstanding. Humidity is a constant 63% to 72% depending on the weather, and lately our weather has been crazy. You will need more than just the pucks it comes with, so be prepared. I highly recommend a Xicar gel dispenser, and some solution to go with it. That mixed with the two pucks and I never have to mess with it more than once a month. But I can't stay away and love making sure my baby is just right, so I find myself doing it just to do it.”
DH of Spokane, WA
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