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Magellan Dominicans Reviews

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Got two more bundles and they are great short smokes as always. I too got a Palma Real in there!
great cigar for the money. i'm amazed at the price, but 1 out of every 5 or 6 is a train wreck (tight wrap and tobacco "veins" make the draw impossible) and can't be smoked.....irrelevant at these prices. it's better than several other brands at $3 a stick. just toss the bad ones and move on.....
I just got this in the mail today, and my first impression was "wow they're tiny". I think the ring size on mine was closer to 32.
I'm really impressed with these little guys, especially for the price. As far as I can tell, all of mine in the 4 bundles received are consistent in size. There is some variation in wrapper color, and they sure ain't the prettiest girls at the prom. But who cares? All draw very well and are the perfect size and strength for my 20 minute morning commute. Taste is clean, creamy, mild and they go great with a cup o' joe. I SERIOUSLY hope CI continues to offer these, especially at prices like this. I can stuff my large 'daily smokes' humidor for peanuts.
I smoke these on a pretty regular basis, maybe switching to the Principe every other order. I love these cigars! For a cheap bastard like me, and with no guts for anything heavier, these guys are perfect. Also, just like TQ, I also ended up with some Palma Reals mixed in, 2 in each bundle last order. I notice that size Palma isn't available here but I'm ordering some Palma Lonsdales now. Anyway, these Magellans are an excellent smoke at an unbelievably excellent price.
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