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Perdomo Mistakes Reviews

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“Dear CI, You have to be kidding right? I can't believe that you would sell a product like this (Perdomo 2 "Mistakes"). I am willing to let you send me all of these cigars and I will properly dispose of them so that no one else in your family of customers will have to suffer smoking them. I know it is the ultimate sacrifice to make, but it is one that I am willing to make....yeah, right. This is just another example of how sick you guys are. These torpedo's for just over $2 a stick. If people aren't buying these, they aren't very ah, everyone, don't buy these, you won't like them.....Once again, you guys, and Nick Perdomo, ROCK!!”
MR of Pittsburgh, PA
“Have had a chance to smoke a couple of these beauties (Perdomo 2 'Mistakes') and was very surprised at how good they were especially for the price. I prefer the milder, smoother cigars and these were just the ticket.”
RB of Ellington, CT
“First impression- Not pretty, but smokes well. (Perdomo 2 Mistakes) Excellent draw, even burn. A bit harsh. I like the sweetness, the cedary aroma from Cameroon wrappers, and it isn't very prominent in these. However, the more I smoke these, the more I appreciate the creamier aspect, the fullness of the smoke, the cooler burning of this torpedo. I am usually asked "Hey that smells good- what is it?" and at this price and quality, I'm happy to share.”
DR of louisville, KY
“I forgot about a half bundle(Perdomo 2 'Mistakes') in the humidor and they aged for a little over a year, unbelievable if you can wait it is well worth it.Of course they are great as soon as they arrive too.”
RM of Pearsall, TX
“I got one of these(Perdomo 2 ''Mistakes'')with a sampler pack. What a great smoke. It burns evenly throughout and has a consistent, wonderful taste till the end. I now order these by the box!”
MM of Big Pine, CA
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