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Oliva Serie V Reviews

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Consistent quality is very important to me in cigars. I have found Oliva to be relentlessly reliable in the consistent quality of all the lines that bear their name. The “V” stands out even from that standard. It is one of a handful of uniquely exquisite cigars available to the average aficionado today. The praise it gathers is not hype and the experience is well worth the price of admission. One tip, use your nose to experience all the “V” has to offer and give it your undivided attention.
Great cigar the Oliva series V !! I really like the belicosos with deep reddish wrappers......... Mmmmmmmm Mmmmmmmmm good!!! Very tasty cigar with a great long finish.
One of the best cigars I've ever had (torpedo). (Oliva Serie V) The robustos have a bit more pepper in the after-taste, but those! Very, very smooth, but complexed at the same time. A real work of art! Glad I have a box to go...
If you like full bodied cigars, there are 2 smokes you must try. (The Oliva V, and San Cristobal). Let the Oliva rest a few months for best results though.
1st off this is my initial posting. Started seriously smoking in 1995. Goal was to try 100 different cigars. Past that milestone years ago. With all the fanfare for these cigs I was hesitant to post anything negative. Love well aged Maduro's (Padron, Fuente Hem Mad & Anejo, 601's, Gurkhas, Perdomo ESV) to name a few. Also, given a choice I tend to fall back to Nicaraguan's as a preference. Now the cigar. It has to be one of the worst cigs I have ever smoked. Tried the Special V (twice - different boxes) and the Regular Torpedo (3 - different stores) and ALL tasted like burnt wood and burnt toast with an awful stale cedar after taste. Hope everyone keeps smoking these and leaves the Hemingway and Padron maduro's for me! FYI...I do like the Oliva O Mad....good smoke for $$$
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