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CAO Flavours


Subtle, exotic flavors by CAO cigars.

CAO Flavours are top-notch flavored cigars with subtle, real flavors that don’t overpower. As one customer gushed, “this is the Godiva of flavored cigars!” CAO Flavours are different than most flavoreds. Made of high-quality long-fillers only, they’re very mellow and offer a great change of pace - plus CAO handmade quality.

CAO Bella Vanilla: uses top-tier vanilla beans from Madagascar, considered the finest source for vanilla in the world. Complex flavors abound and these superior beans are imbued into a blend of rich Cuban seed tobaccos, resulting in a subtle, well balanced cigar with a rich, layered complexity.

CAO Caramelo Joe: a rich and complex cigar developed to resemble the deep, roasted espresso, cream, and caramel notes of a macchiato. Made with a genuine Cameroon wrapper, expect a balanced cigar with smooth subtleties and a sweet, nutty finish.

CAO Cherrybomb: Cherrybomb explodes on the palate, quite literally, releasing an exceedingly flavorful and enjoyable series of cherry and black currant flavors. This explosion is soon tamed by a creamy core of vanilla and sweet, almost citrusy aroma. 

CAO Earth Nectar: a delicious, all-natural combination of cocoa, toasted almonds, and raisins that is touched with sweet honey then infused with fine chianti. The Cameroon leaf and Cuban-seed Dominican fillers achieve a mild, smooth smoke that satisfies the palate with a sweet, flavorful offering of nature's finest fruits.

CAO Eileen's Dream: quite possibly the most unique of CAO's Flavours. Comprised of a smooth Cameroon wrapper and mild Dominican filler that have been infused with an explosion of ingredients including Irish whiskey, cream, coconut milk, hazelnut, white chocolate, almonds, cocoa, and vanilla bean. This is a must-try.

CAO Gold Honey: made with high quality orange blossom honey. Together with fine tobaccos, this is an exquisite, delicate blend with a faint citrus flavor.

CAO Moontrance: an intricate blend of 100% natural exotic fruit and bourbon vanilla extracts. Offering a fantastic, caramel-like sweetness. When combined with a genuine Cameroon wrapper, Moontrance is sure to delight even the most skeptical of palates.

CAO American Slyce: this new, limited-edition blend was created by utilizing natural apple flavor and a special blend of spices. The end result is a delicious profile of cinnamon, apples, and nutmeg. CAO says it smells like freedom, and let’s face it nothing smells more American than fresh apple pie.   

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