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Get a Grip!

I'll be honest, when I first saw this thing I was extremely skeptical. I mean, c'mon, it looks more like a high school shop project than an actual production cigar accessory. But at the urging of the pesky buyer that sits across the office from me, I gave it a shot and did a little product testing of my own. I still hate the way it looks, but I've gotta be honest, this thing works exceptionally well.

Two different tension clips are used. One side is rubberized, with a harder tension spring - that's the side you clip to the golf cart, desk, car hood or whatever else. The rubberized texture prevents scratching and the strong clip holds tight. The other side has a softer spring - this is where you clip the cigar. The gentle spring holds well without crushing. Plus, the two clip pieces swivel smoothly letting your cigar safely dangle wherever.

The truth is, there are other clips like this on the market - we even sell a few. But this one is unique for a couple of reasons. First, it's all metal so it won't crack like some of the others have a habit of doing. Secondly, the unique design with the two clips and swivel action allows this thing to clip onto just about anything. In short....sorry for doubting you Vern (he's the fella I spoke of previously...the pesky one), you were right....the Get a Grip Clip is actually pretty nice.

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