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Yukon Cherry Humidor

A nice humidor at an economical price.

The Yukon looks great, with a rich, dark cherry finish, and it’s well-made with features that include Spanish cedar lining, brass hinges, felt underside, and humidification regulator. Keeps 35-50 cigars in optimum condition.

  Name Type In Stock MSRP Price Qty Cart
Yukon Humidor 35-50 CAPACITY In Stock $50.00 $29.99
Yukon Humidor+Basic Humidor Starter Kit 35-50 CAPACITY In Stock $70.00 $49.99
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Customer Reviews of “Yukon Cherry Humidor”
I bought this humidor along with a jar of HumiCare crystals. I seasoned it for a week, but it's actually been holding steady at 72% since the second day. It holds a decent amount of cigars if you are a part time smoker, but a jar of crystals will take up some space if you use that instead of attaching the humidification device it comes with to the lid. It's not an extravagent humidor, but I'm definitely happy with it. The online transaction was smooth and the shipping was very quick.
EF of Philadelphia, PA
When I received this humidor (Yukon Humidor) I was pleasantly surprised. Ever inch of this humidor is of high quality and very nice looking. I have already set mine up and stocked it up to the max!!!!
BP of North Beach, MD
Love my humidor. Ordered on saturday and got it on Tuesday. Seasoning the humidor now. Very well constructed and looks great.
GP of Stafford, VA
Ordered this guy in the Blue Chip combo #8 to keep my delicious hand mades moist and tasty. Even in the Dry, extremely hot, Iraqi desert this dude keeps a cozy 71%. Only took 2 days to season and now all my buddies come to me to store their cigars. Only problem is ... now I need another to hold them all! Beautiful cherry wood case. A must have if you are a function over fashion guy like me, although this one looks great on my desk. Great Buy!!!
SL of Buckhannon, WV
I got this Humidor with the Blue Chip Special #9. This is my first large humidor. I have a small 20 ct. travel humidor. I am deployed in Afghanistan and the climate is very dry. I started using the wipe down method immediately after getting it. Using a a brand new sock and distilled water. Filled the humidifier puck with 50/50 Dist/Glycol CI Cigar juice. Opened the Jar of Humi-Crystals. I kept the whole humidor inside of a plastic Ziploc bag, with the end folded over under it not zipped. I administered approximately 7 careful wipe downs with distilled water over 45 hours. I successfully seasoned it under 48 hours! It is sitting at 70 degrees F / 72% Humidity with a single Boveda 72 packet and the Disk humidifier. I removed the humi-care crystal jar because the humidity was TOO high :) It has 40 sticks in it. Plan on smoking the Man O' Wars for new years. Thank you CI!
PS of Apo, AE
I bought the Yukon in August as a combo deal with 10 Punch cigars. It is a birthday gift for my son. I took my time seasoning it over several days. Once I had it set up I added the 10 cigars and several others that I am giving to him. It is almost the new year and it has kept the humidity perfectly. I haven't smoke any of the cigars but I might have to swap one or two to make sure it is doing the job. Definitely a nice piece that you can easily sit out and display while keeping those smokes close at hand.
TO of Concord, NC
This was my first humidor. I purchased it based on reviews that I read here on CI. The box has a nice construction with a nice dark wood finish. It comes with 1 plastic foam humidifier and 1 cedar divider. I seasoned it with the wipe down technique using reverse osmosis water. The first day I wiped it down briefly inside with the water and put in a 4oz gel jar and kept it closed till the next day. I then repeated the wipe down once in the morning on the second day and once at night before bed, just using enough water to damp the surface of the wood. One the 3rd day I put in a calibrated analog hygrometer and closed it inside with just the gel jar. That night it was reading 72%. I put in 30 cigars the next day. I waited 1 day and then checked the reading again and it was reading 71%. It stayed at 71% for approx 2 weeks. It has since dropped down to about 67-68% and has been holding there steady. It's doing a great job of holding humidity and I live in the desert where the humidity is usually less than 10%. I think this is a great humidor and would buy another. Definetly worth the money
SW of El Paso, TX
When I received this humidor (Yukon Humidor) I was pleasantly surprised. I made a bid on MMAO Got it for a great price. CI Rocks!
AE of Fredericksburg, VA
Excellent humidor! I currently have 3 of these and they maintain the proper levels without a care, I have no issues with these and you can't beat the price.
I don't know how CI does it, but the quality far out weighs the price on everything I have purchased from them. The Yukon Humidor doesn't disappoint.
GF of savannah, GA
Great humidor. Did the classic seasoning process and it held at 75% for about 2 weeks with the foam humidifier. I ended up getting a Xikar humidifier and I replaced the foam one with the Xikar. Currently it has about 35 cigars in it. It's holding at a fantastic 66-68% humidity- perfect for storing and aging cigars. Very impressed at craftsmanship and price.
RO of Statesboro, GA
I own two of these & have gifted three more, over the years. I can season at least 40 Robustos or almost as many big sticks in one of these & know that they will keep my puros safe with a minimum of effort. Two well maintained humi-pillows or one humi-stick, depending on your preference of humidity level. Really, it's season & go & you can expect years of faithful service from a unit that is reasonably priced. One of mine is 15 years old & performs as well as the newest one I purchased last Summer. Everything from finish, to hinges, to the Spanish cedar lining is top notch, as if you had paid much more. Toss a few sticks & a humi pillow into one & wrap it up for the kind of gift that keeps on giving. Look for specials that feature the Yukon & stogies for one low price. I remember purchasing my 1st Yukon, along with 10 really good, expensive vitolas at a price which meant the Yukon was a freebie. I still have & use that Yukon Cherry humidor today!
Excellent humidor! I received mine for Christmas and seasoned it with Boveda Season Kit. It passed the light and paper test before seasoning. I have about 41 stogies kept in it along with a Humi-Care Bead Jar and 2 Boveda 69% packs, and it works great. Holds a constant 68% rH; however,.the Florida Summer will be the true test.
DH of Plant City, FL
Just got in to cigars and this is my first Humi, after seasoning it holds 70% no problems... well I guess the only problem is I jumped on too many sampler pack deals and have now filled it up... oh well... might buy another, maybe get something bigger though
ES of Hemet, CA
Awesome deal for a 50 count humidor. It works well. Thanks CI !
Good quality, great price.
RR of Toms River, NJ
I'm happy with the humidor. Quality is good and does the job. I would recommend the 4 oz humidifier considering the low price for it and you are going to need one anyways that is better than the one it comes with. Some suggestions; Place the 4 oz humidifier in the upper left corner and slide the divider up next to it. This will give you maximum storage space. 6 inchers can fit left to right and 5 inchers top to bottom in the space the humidifier occupies. Take the wrappers off and you can stash a lot of cigars in this thing. Another tip. Take the cheap humidifier that is comes with and stick it on the screw off cap of the 4 oz one. Why? if you take the humi on the road with you, the humidifier beads can spill out. Cap it and use the supplied humidifier which is cleverly adhered to the cap to take over during transport.
KM of Milwaukee, WI
Great Humidor I got mine given to me as a gift. it hold humidity at 70 Iam using a Dry Mistat humidification device in mine now. started out with Boveda 69% packs it took 7 to 10 days to season.Looks great on my Desk.
JC of Wichita, KS
This is my first humidor (Yukon cherry). I am no cigar aficionado but I am an avid woodworker. For the price offered here it would cost at least double to build your own with the price of lumber in my area. It's not a perfect seal but for about $30 it can't be beat. The veneer is flawless on mine, can barely even see the seams. I might buy another one or two for extra capacity and infused cigars as well.
RW of Fort Stewart, GA
This was my first humidor. Solid, easy to season, a decent seal, and can hold right around 35 cigars (of torpedo size, less if you like gordos). It requires 2 humidification devices for me to keep it just under 70% (a crystal bead jar and power stick), so I blame the seal for being a tad weak and my climate for being harsh. Overall, you cannot beat the price. Would buy again.
TP of San Antonio, TX
This humidor looks and works very well! Besides a bubble in the finish on the front of the lid and one near the hinge it looks nice. Seasoned for two days and is holding steady RH. Definitely recommend this for a starter humi or even an overflow.
AM of Vandalia, OH
A nice box for the price. They felt at the bottom may slide a small amount if you move the box around too too much. The hinges are pretty decent, and the seal is pretty good as well. A beautiful color both inside and outside. How many cigars this box can fit varies as cigars can be different sizes, I'd say the count is more for robusto sized cigars, but managed to put around 26 churchhill sized cigars in one. A very sturdy box that feels like it will hold together even if you plan on possibly moving it around every once in a while. 7/10
RS of New Iberia, LA
Not a bad humi. Nothing special, but holds humidity and looks decent.
MS of Palm Beach Gardens, FL
Just got this humidor and it looks AMAZING! Great quality for the price. Strongly recommend getting the basic humidor starter kit with it. It's a great value and it gets your humidor started off right!
NC of Hastings, NE
Great starter humidor. This is my first humidor, after smoking all my friend's and family's cigars, I figured it was time for me to have my own selection on hand.
JS of midlothian, IL
Was shipped in with good enough protection because I ordered a bunch of other stuff so there was a box in a box. Everything was intact and a good size for a bunch of robusto's and cigarillos. I also got a box of shrapnel sweets and alta garcia so they fit.
LD of Santa Clara, CA
This is an outstanding humidor. I have many deployments and this would be my second yukon I have owned and maintained overseas. Its perfect and well worth the money. However, when I ordered it and upgraded it to include the 4oz jar of humidification crystal, I got the little hockey puck instead. No big deal, it does the trick. I submitted a email to them and I know 100% that they will pull through and fix it fast. No worries people, they are the best you will ever deal with as far as cigars and customer service. BUY THIS HUMIDOR
BG of Fort Knox, KY
Great deal for the price, but you don't really need the 4oz jar. For the size 2oz is enough. And the construction is ever so slightly off but it does the job.
Got it real quick. Good quality, good fit and workmanship.
AR of Merritt Island, FL
Very nice gift, gave it to my son
JM of Apollo, PA
​For a limited time, add on the Basic Humidor Starter Kit for a mere $20!

For a limited time, add on the Basic Humidor Starter Kit for a mere $20!

Start your new humidor off in pristine condition! For a limited time, with the purchase of this humidor, add the Basic Humidor Starter Kit for only $20 more. This kit comes equipped with a select 4 oz. Humi-Care humidification jar, a Humi-Care digital hygrometer, a 16 oz. bottle of Humi-Care cigar juice, and lastly a 2-pack of Humi-Care seasoning wipes. Add this upgrade and save over 69% off suggested retail…only a fool would let this pass by!

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