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Treasure Dome Humidor

Make this Treasure Dome your Pleasure Dome!

The Treasure Dome is a beautiful large capacity chest humidor with a glossy dark burl finish. Fully lined with premium Spanish cedar, this gorgeous piece will store up to 250 of your favorite smokes.

Features include:
- Two removable trays
- Four cedar dividers for increased organization
- Two large rectangle humidification elements
- Analog hygrometer
- Handles for easy transportation
- Lock and key

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Treasure Dome Humidor Shipping Constraints
250 CAPACITY In Stock $275.00 $159.99
Shipping Constraints:
Oversized items ship to street addresses in the Continental USA only (no PO Boxes or APOs). These will be shipped via ground delivery services and cannot be expedited.
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Overall Rating 4.59 out of 5 Based on 22 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Treasure Dome Humidor”

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5 out of 5
Treasure Dome Humidor
Beautiful product, easy ordering and faster than expected shipping. Thank you!
5 out of 5
Great humidor and at a great price.
I purchased mine about a month ago and love it. It was easy to get up and running. About 10 days and the humidity was at 70, it would have been faster if I would have thrown the cheap humidifiers away from the beginning. I installed a Humicare 8oz pie jar and have one piece in all four corners and it maintains a constant humidity. I have around 150 cigars in it and could hold more. I also had to calibrate the hydrometer but that is something that should be done first with every new one.
5 out of 5
Beautiful Humidor
Everything is as advertised is true, even the capacity. It's a great desktop decor for my office. I have just under 200 sticks inside. I've always been told to not fill the humidor to the max so all the reviews complaining about capacity should spend more money for a larger humidor.
4 out of 5
Very solid
Nice humi, solid construction, holds humidity pretty well, feels nice and chunky. Down side is the key latch is pretty cheap and was installed crooked so the key sticks out at a angle, still works though so not a huge deal. Also as is the case with most humis you get online these days the hygrometer and humidification devices that come with it are bare bones basic and really cheap, pitch em and drop a little extra coin for better.
5 out of 5
Treasure Dome Humidor
Hands down one the best humidors ever purchased and there have quite a few. Look aside and they are incredible, the inside design and construction should be a template for all others. It functions flawlessly holding relative humidity. I simply love the aroma each time I open it too. For just a few $$ compared to others in class, I';d buy 10-more of these if my wife wouldn't find out!
2 out of 5
Check the corners for gaps. Will only hold about 130-150 cigars.
First humidor had a 2mm gap on the front left corner. CI did a wonderful job with their support and they will be replacing the humidor with a new one after I sent them a picture of the gap. Awesome support from CI. I am still waiting to see my new one and I hope that there isn't any sort of gap or space in the corners of the new humidor. Other than that the humidor was beautiful and seemed very sturdy. The lock was a little lose and i could still lift the lid a little bit when it was locked. Also it only held about 110 cigars realistically. I could maybe get 130 max but not even close to 250.
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
great buy
value,build,seal are all above average. looks great holds alot
5 out of 5
Great humidor. It holds all my cigars with plenty of room to spare.
5 out of 5
Beautiful humidor
Beautiful humidor, excellent price, holds humidity very well.
5 out of 5
Excellent value.
Excellent value, solid construction. Seasoned in 2 days, and holding humidity levels very well. My second humidor, and a great value.
2 out of 5
looks aren't everything
Purchased four months ago for 150 +/- cigars. Seasoned for two days and then put in cigars. I now have Black Ice/8 oz pie , one 1/4 pie of 4 oz size and a 4 oz jar of Ixkar jell all at the same time. I cannot get to the humidity to stay in the 69 to 72 range. I seasoned a second time and kept cigars in a plastic bag with humi pillows. The humidity keeps declining and every few days I have to wipe the humidor with distilled water to get humidity back up. Cigars are getting bitter form the range going all over the place and I am annoyed. I think the seal or construction are poor and the humidity is leaking from the humidor. It looks great but does not perform well.
5 out of 5
Great Humidor and price
Best price for this humidor I could find. Shipped free arrived quickly and well packed
5 out of 5
Terrific product!
Beautiful piece purchased 4 months ago. The unit has performed perfect from day one. Seasoned once and put the "Black Ice" pie jar in the 4 corners, placed anout 100 cigars in all in the same day. 70% humidity every time I open it regardless of air temp or humidity. Highly recommend!
5 out of 5
Treasure Dome Humidor
This is the second one i have purchased. The first on worked so well, why not have two. It really keeps my cigars juicy and i order. It is easy to keep everything segragated. holds all my 6X60's with no problem. It has a really attractive appearance which fits in great with any room in the house. A great product and a great price. I recommed this one for any serious cigar lover.
5 out of 5
It's very nice , well built, large, holds all of my cigars neatly. Was worth the price
5 out of 5
Great Humidor!
At first I thought the humidor was huge leaning toward too big. But after I filled it with several of my favorite cigars I've decided it's just the right size. The quality is great. The hydrometer is accurate and classy. Overall a very good purchase.
3 out of 5
Humidifiers magnets don't stick
no issues except that all the magnets that came with it stick temporary and fall off , I had to use special glue to make it stick.
5 out of 5
Long time customer
Always great selection, fantastic prices and prompt delivery. The specials and sales are absolutely the best deals. Why waste time trying to buy cigars from other websites. I love the catalogs you send each month. Let the truth be known I do all my shopping from the catalog then go on line and order it up.
5 out of 5
Great humidor!
I immediately filled this with sticks and I love it. Plenty of room for all my favorites. Thanks CI
5 out of 5
Big and beautiful
I picked this humidor as an award for our "man of the year" It was beautiful in fit and finish. I was pleased and so was the recipient.
5 out of 5
Treasure Dome
It is every bit as good as I've heard. It holds a fair amount of cigars and keeps a stable humidity. Very satisfied with my purchase.
Customer Testimonials
Just received it yesterday. Better than I expected: well made and HUGE! Now just need a place nice enough to put it.
Functions well. Built well. Overstated the realistic capacity in description.
This Humidor is very elegant and beautiful in addition to its superb function of protecting and preserving your cigars. I would recommend this humidor to anyone thinking of upgrading to a larger capacity unit. I would also recommend buying the humi-care 4oz jar in case you intend to fill it to capacity.
I ordered this humidor to compliment the two Savoy's I have. I figured I would use it as my "regular" humidor, and keep other cigars that are special in my smaller humi's. This thing does that in spades! Its beautiful, and fits on my table perfectly. My only complaint is that the humidifiers didn't want to stay mounted. Nothing that a lil' super glue couldnt fix. And the price was tough to beat. LOVE it!
I had to buy this humidor and have it shipped to my folks in the states. Apparently it's too large to ship to FPOs. So I had my folks send it to my FPO over here in Afghanistan. It arrived with no problems. My first impression when I opened the box was a good one. This is an absolutely gorgeous humidor! Inside and out. Very well constructed and the finish is flawless. All the joints inside are tight and it keeps a great seal. I did some research and read that the aerator and the bottom of the trays were made of particle board and smelled really bad. I had to risk it due to the beauty of this thing. Apparently that design flaw was done away with because everything inside this humidor is made of top-quality spanish cedar. I'm glad they fixed those issues because now this is the perfect humidor. Seasoning was fast and easy. It was thirsty and now it's holding the moisture perfectly. I also swapped out the analog hygrometer for a digital Humi-Care hygro (also bought from CI). I absolutely love it and plan on keeping it for a long time. I might even buy another one for long-term storing some particular cigars. I also kept the box it was shipped in so it can be safely shipped back to Japan when I leave the desert. Thanks CI for the awesome products and the outstanding customer service. My fellow Marines and I buy from you guys a lot and you never let us down.
Happy with it. Not completely excited about it. Mine came with sap/resin along two walls of the humidor. The top lid interior lining was also literally off by 1/4' inch. So i'm gonna fill it in with a plastic wedge that I am shaving down right now. Other than that, it looks great and can fit about 150-175 smokes, not 250. Only a few reasons I used the word happy.
I'm very pleased with this purchase. It is a bargain too considering the quality. I don't think the dome serves any purpose except making it look cool. Stock, the humi is just fine. The humistat that it came with worked perfectly after calibration. I did swap out the foam humidifiers for a crystal one. There seems no real difference other than frequency of adding PG. I did not experience any problem with the adhesives for the humifiers and humistat. May I suggest putting them on before seasoning, while the wood is still relatively dry. After six months of use I can rest assured that my cigars are in good care.
Purchased one of these beauties last year, one of six in my rotation. Have had many compliments on this one, all very good. I've purchased several from CI Nation, two from the so called competition, well do I need to say more. CI Nation is by far number one in all categories. Only the best for my Cigar Collection (90 % CI purchases) and CI Nation is NUMBER ONE... Thanks Again, One USA company that stands out from the rest.....
Just got the treasure dome today and started the seasoning process. This thing is beutiful. I'm a woodworker and have made many intricate jewelry and decorative boxes out of exotic woods with the same hardware the treasure dome has. I'll tell you one thing, if I had to purchase all the spanish cedar and hardware, not to mention the amboyna laminates to wrap it in, and then have to craft all the interior and removeable trays, you have no idea unless you've done this sort of handywork. I could never make something like this for the money I spent at CI.
Oh, and like the instructions in the humidor says for a more reliable humistat do yourself a favor and spend a few bucks on a digital one. It's a small additional cost for piece of mind.
What can I say, It's everything you want in a humi. It's big but will only fit about 125 cigars comfortably because I'm using a Cigar Oasis XL Plus. Without a doubt I can't complain, the construction and quality is well worth more than what I paid for it. I purchased the same humi from another store and it came damaged, the packaging sucked. This one came without a flaw, except that it was missing the trays. BUT the great people at CI sent me out a set of trays the next day. All in all the best bang for your buck. Don't hesitate buy this one NOW!!!
This is one heck of a great humi for the money! Looks good on the outside and much more importantly it is soundly constructed. All joints are tight, the trays fit perfectly and the hinges are true. It has a nice seal and the lid closes with a lovely whoosh as if on a pillow of air; just as I hoped. The cedar is of good quality and smells terrific. Have been using it for about two weeks and I've not had to refill the humidifiers. Was skeptical about the use of what I consider to be old school foam (in humidifiers) but so far so good. It has been keeping a perfect 70/70. The brass and real glass hygrometer is undersized as mentioned by other reviewers so I upgraded to a Xikar digital which fits perfectly in the dedicated space on the lid. The only problem I encountered on the setup was with the adhesive on the humidifier magnets but I considered it minor and was a simple fix. The chest holds about 150 robusto size (50 ring) sticks. I am just thrilled with this purchase overall and look forward to many yrs of faithful service.
I just recieved my third and final humidor.The treasure dome which is quite a site to see! What a great size humidor to store the many cigars i plan to age and puff also. i would highly recommend this humidor to any cigar lover. The packaging was superb not to worry about any damage to this fine piece of art. I give this humidor a 9.5 thanks CI nation !
I have been using this humidor for a year and a half and overall have been very pleased. It is large enough to store plenty of every day cigars as well as my gems that are napping for future enjoyment. It is a nice looking piece and I had no trouble with any of the accessories. I replace the analog hydrometer with a digital model. It has been keeping a steady 70% without much attention. A good humidor for those who take their cigars seriously, but don't want to drop huge bucks.
Just received this humidor. Wasn't too happy with it. It had a magnet missing and squeaked like a wooden floor! Returned it for a refund. Too bad I really like the size of it. Oh well, back to shopping for another humi.
Just got my humidor (Treasure Dome Humidor) in last weekend. Packaged very well for shipping. When I opened the inner box I was very happy with the initial look. Very nice fit and finish. When I opened it up the tray were nicely done and fit just right. The overall box was well crafted and I have seen some in stores that were 4 time as expensive and had lesser quality. The hygrometer could have been a little larger to fill the spot but it works just fine. Very impressive humidor.
I couldn't be more pleased with the (Treasure Dome Humidor). Its' fit and finish is something to behold, a piece not out of place amongst fine furniture. While the suggestion that it'll hold up to 250 cigars is a little misleading, I suppose it's a function of the size of cigar one prefers. I've loaded it with about 150 cigars and it's getting full. Then again, most of my cigars are in the 50 ring gauge size. To be honest, it's of better quality than I expected and a good value for the price.
I have had this (Treasure Dome Humidor) for about a month now. It holds the humidity fairly well despite a 1/8th inch gap on the inside where 2 pieces of cedar are supposed to meet at a corner. Like many things we purchase these days, this was made in China. Even so, the burlwood veneer finish is spectacular. It was well packed in a box within a box. No worries for shipping. I plan to seal the interior gap - how I am not yet sure. It comes with dividers that allow you to set up compartments for different sized cigars both top and bottom (only one divider for the top 3 for the bottom). The hygrometer is cheap and is too small for the 2 1/4 inch opening in the lid (would look odd if I actually mounted it). However it is fairly accurate compared against a digital.
I got this humidor (Treasure Dome Humidor) from a different vendor and I am very happy with it. I like to have a variety of cigars, and like them to be as pure as possible, therefore the abundance of empty space gives my gars space to breathe. Cedar is top quality. Also not mentioned, the floor of the humidor is an extra plank of cedar raised above the actual floor with 1 cm holes in it from end to end. One of my 'afficiando' friends gave it respect, saying that is a feature not found in cheap humidors.