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Tuscany Cherry Humidor

Desktop organization at its finest!

The Tuscany is an attractive mid-size humidor that combines a simple, clean design with SureSeal Technology to offer an optimized 100-capacity storage unit. Fully-lined with premium Spanish cedar and equipped with a lift-out Spanish cedar tray and dividers, the Tuscany is an easy answer to keeping your cigars fresh and tasting great.

- 100 cigar capacity
- Fully lined with premium Spanish cedar
- SureSeal Technology for optimized humidity control
- Removable Spanish cedar tray
- 3 Spanish cedar dividers
- Analog hygrometer
- Hidden quadrant and piano hinges
- Brass handles
- Gold-plated lock & key and engravable nameplate

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Tuscany Cherry Humidor
100 CAPACITY In Stock $120.00 $69.99
100 CAPACITY In Stock $145.00 $94.99
Overall Rating 4.6 out of 5 Based on 68 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Tuscany Cherry Humidor”

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5 out of 5
Tuscany cherry humidor
I have owned one of these for at least 2 years .I use black ice and water pillows to maintain 67 to 69 percent humidity The black ice has lasted all this time as well .I guess it will for a long time .The box still looks good and the seal works fine.If you use command velcro strips before you season the box you can stick humi pillows to the lid and a round plastic humdity/temperature guage in the round place . Works very well.
5 out of 5
One great humidor!
I was in need of a larger capacity humidor and found the Tuscany Cherry Humidor on sale. It’s quite large with a two-tier system (I always remove the partitions for greater air movement). As noted in earlier reviews (thanks to all for these bits of advice!) I superglued the magnetic backs (one for the hygrometer and one for the humidifier) and there have been no issues. I use Black Ice jars along humidification tubes (2 of each) and a little water in the shelf-lid humidifier and have been at 70-71% at 70 degrees after a good initial prep thanks to Humi-Care wipes. Great humidor for a great price!
4 out of 5
Very nice for the money
This is my first humidor, so take my review with a grain of salt. Mine has a very nice finish, seals well, and looks great. The high gloss does show fingerprints easily, but that is to be expected with such a glossy finish. It is currently holding 70 sticks, all of which are Robusto, Toro, and even 10 Churchills in size, as well as, two 4oz. Humi-care gel bead jars. I am happy with the purchase and would recommend. Makes a great first humidor for sure.
3 out of 5
Unworthy of the hype.
It's functional, indeed. Finish is lacking in quality, as it's spotty. The key-lock would have been better off as a latch. The humidifier refuses to stick to the lid. On an upside, the hygrometer is dead on accurate.
5 out of 5
Humidor is great!
I love the look of the Tuscany. Seasoned it as instructed and it is holding the proper range of humidity . . .great product!
5 out of 5
King B
Very pleased
5 out of 5
Awesome humidor with the starter kit! The wipes did a great job seasoning and the cigar juice matched with the black ice and digital hygrometer are a good combonation!
5 out of 5
Worth the money spent.
I have no problems with the humidor, it seasoned well and now has a good supply of my favorite cigars in it.
5 out of 5
Just as expected
For the value it was easy to prime and is holding the humidity well. The key is a pretty much worthless and cheap, but hey, why make it hard for me to get into.
5 out of 5
Expectations Met
After reading the reviews on this humidor, I thought it best to add the starter kit to my purchase. With the assistance of the starter kit products, I have been able to maintain my target humidity of 71% with ease. The humidor has performed exactly as I had wished.
5 out of 5
Will forever be a Cigars International customer!
Bought this as an upgrade from a desk humidor and I absolutely love it! No problem seasoning because of the easy instructions. I also purchased the blue beads and let it sit over night. The next day, right on 70%. Looks great in the dining room and it's huge! With this I also purchased a cigar sampler and was very pleased with the condition of the cigars and the packaging of all the products! I live about an hour from the closest cigar shop so it's a hassle to get good quality merchandise whenever I want but I will forever be a customer!
5 out of 5
Everything was like I thought it would be. Very satisfied
5 out of 5
Tuscany Cherry Humidor
I bought it for my son in San Diego and when he recived it he loved it Thank You for the chooses !!
5 out of 5
Great value
Really solid humidor for the price. Definitely recommend for a person ready to move up in size but not to drop a pile of cash
5 out of 5
100 ct size Humidor
Great Value. Good Looks. Very Functional. Hint: I changed out the humidifier green sponge for beads. Very easy to do. (easy to open and change out) I used the rest of the 1/2 lb bag of beads in a nylon stocking in the bottom. Great solution for perfect humidity solution.
5 out of 5
Tuscany Cherry Humidor
It's great, all I need as a beginner. Room for 100 sticks and a beautiful finish. Love the smell of Spanish cedar and the way the humidor seals when closed. Timely delivery and no damage. Thank you CI.
5 out of 5
Great Humidor!!
Love the Humidor, once I got it all seasoned and had everything checked out, it works great. Not one problem with it. I would recommend this Humidor to all my friends, and the price was just right. Thanks CI. keep up the great work.
5 out of 5
Great Service
My new Humidor, Love It!!!!
5 out of 5
Great capacity, looks great
3 out of 5
Good price, fair quality.
Humidor is what I expected for the price. There was a minor issue with the humidifier inside falling off due the magnet not being glued on properly. I rescuered it and haven't had any further issues. Humidor seems to seal properly and is holding humidity after seasoning. Overall I would recommend the humidor but would keep your expectations in check, after all you get what you pay for.
5 out of 5
It was pretty simple and
It was pretty simple and came with instructions mine holds about 75% humidity
1 out of 5
Cherry Tuscany humidor
Received this product in good shape,really nice humidor,wiped it down with humicare pads,waited 24 hours repeated wiping.Seasoned Humidifier,added 3 boveia packets,one quarter jar of black ice,60 cigars and still can't humidity under 77%.Whats up with that????
5 out of 5
Would love to have clearer instructions on amount of liquid for beads in the seasoning kit, but very satisfied.
4 out of 5
Very nice.
Very nice.
5 out of 5
Excellent Humidor
Good looking, tight seal and holds it's RH perfectly with proper seasoning. 8 oz. Black Ice jar barely fits under the tray. Good value for an excellent 100 ct. humidor.
4 out of 5
It was exactly what I was looking for. Only problem I'm having is keeping the humidity steady. It's all over the place. I've tried everything
5 out of 5
Cherry Humidor well worth the sale price I paid
Love my humidor. Very nice quality.
2 out of 5
Looks nice, but shoddy parts.
The hinges on the humidor are poor quality. Mine doesn't seal the whole way as their sure-seal technology advertises. The humidifier block leaked water as well, and the hygrometer never seems to be accurate. I also have a digital version so I'm able to check against it. All that being said, it's not expensive, so I guess you get what you pay for.
5 out of 5
Great humidor- seasoned in about a week. I use an active humidifier to keep the smokes where they want to be. A little restrictive on space because of that humidifier- but well worth it. Comfortably fitting 70 or so cigars at the moment.
5 out of 5
Great Humidor
Holds humidity well!! Lots of room!! Love it. Would highly recommend.
5 out of 5
Works as advertised
A beautifully finished box. It took about a week to get it seasoned and hold the humidity around the correct level. I used humi-care wipes and humi-care black ice in addition to the humidifier that came with it for the first week and then pulled the black ice out. The stock humidifier seem to hold at about 71%. Calibrated the analog hygrometer with the salt test and verified the digital one, that came with the starter kit, using the same method.. So far I have no complaints.
4 out of 5
Great quality for the money
Made in China, but very nice nevertheless. Beautiful on the outside and the lid seals up properly.
5 out of 5
Very impressed it was nicer than I thought it was going to be plus they include a humastat and humidifier. I would definitely recommend for any cigar enthusiast
5 out of 5
excellent humidor. Very happy with
excellent humidor. Very happy with my purchase
5 out of 5
Tuscany Cherry Humidor
2 days after receiving my humidor it has been at 70% and stays between 68 and 72. I love it, and the price was great. You won't go wrong.
5 out of 5
Lots for the Money
Unobtrusive, good finish, solid build with decent seals. A lot for the buck
5 out of 5
LOVE this humidor!!
once it was seasoned, has worked REALLY well with the humicare products we purchased...looks really nice in our bedroom too!
4 out of 5
Tuscany Cherry Humidor
This is the 2nd Tuscany Cherry Humidor I have purchased from CI. They are great looking. They seal well & hold the humidity. If you order one make sure you order a hygrometer at the same time because the one that is included will not work!!
4 out of 5
Good stuff
nice humidor, sticks, and punch cutters
3 out of 5
New humidor is not maintaining
New humidor is not maintaining desired humidity. I’ll have to purchase additional humidifying elements.
4 out of 5
Worth it.
Decent humidor, easy set up. After seasoning holds it's Relative humidity well. The "kit" extras are ok. Fair price for what seems to be a great humidor.
5 out of 5
Humidor 100 count
Nicely made does nice job for my cigars I made a good choice
5 out of 5
Great Humidor
You can't go wrong with this humidor! Very happy with the size, quality and price and so will you.
4 out of 5
Works Great. Improves the Cigars.
Finish is very nice but not important to me. Works like it's supposed to. Cigars smoke and taste better after spending time in the humidor. The only issue I have is the humidifier keeps detaching from the lid. Think it is too heavy with full.
5 out of 5
Top notch Humidor
Eagerly waiting for the seasoning to complete to get all of my sticks loaded. This is a really beautiful humi, well constructed, nice finish, and holds the humidity very well.
5 out of 5
Perfect Kit for anyone that loves cigars!
I love this humidor, it smells wonderful and very easy to manage and keep my cigar’s humidity. I have this humidor as a centerpiece in my office. Beautiful as it is functional. I upgraded to the Black Ice digital hygrometer that came with the start kit deal. The upgrade kit is a killer deal compared to if you have to piece it together.
5 out of 5
Happy Wife
Purchased the Tuscany Cherry Humidor for my husband and he is very happy. Shipping was super speedy and the quality is great!! Will shop here again.
5 out of 5
Tuscany Cherry Humidor
Me and my son in law bought these for each others Christmas present. We love them and the seal is great. Never had a humidor but after extensive research I cant believe I got this at the CI price. I can feel the vacuum when I open or close it. Only negative was the hygrometer. It included instructions on how to calibrate it. I followed the instructions and at the end of the period adjusted it to the 75% as stated. In the humidor it has not budged off 75% hopefully its correct. Will probably upgrade to a better one.
5 out of 5
Tuscany Cherry Humidor with cedar lining
This is a very nice and well constructed humidor. Considering the price, its also a great value. Easily holds 100 cigars. I had been looking for a new humidor locally at my cigar shop but anything comparable to this was twice the price. So once again CI saved me money. Very nice humidor, great price, fast shipping.
5 out of 5
All Set!
After a few years away, I'm back in the humidor world! I'm happy with my choices. The Tuscany Cherry Humidor is bigger than I needed, but that's a small problem. Took a minute to get it cured. Followed instructions and it spiked. Left it open for a few hours and brought it back down. Finally got it just right at 68. I'm a happy guy!
4 out of 5
A+ customer service.
Coustomers service was awesome however, the humidore was sent to me locked. Coustomers service worked quickly to remedy the problem. They were awesome. I had to wait for a second key to be sent to me. As I opened it with the new key the original key was inside. The products I received were of the highest quintessential standard. I would of given them more stars but, the key locked in the box kinds took that star away.
3 out of 5
First one came, not built to quality...returned no problems in house for a better built one(close to retail store) currently holding about 60 sticks. No real complaints three stars for having to return and craftsmanship but a good humi...CI has the best price and Customer service around!
5 out of 5
Tuscany cherry humidor
Beautifully crafted. With the exception of the magnets not holding, a great humidor for the price.
5 out of 5
Great value
Love this humidor. Well made, easily holds 75-100 cigars. The analog hygrometer was calibrated right on the money, and if it goes bad I can replace it with digital. Prior to this I owned smaller capacity humidors, but you run out of space if you buy boxes or bundles. This is now the place where I stash all of my favorites.
4 out of 5
Good bargain
Great humidor for the money. Seals very well. The tray holders were not mounted level.
5 out of 5
Look great at a great price. I bought it as an overflow humidor and made it my primary.
5 out of 5
Don't Think Buy
Great humidor seasoned well good deal looks nice and is perfect for my needs buy if your looking for a 100ct humi. Thanks CI
5 out of 5
Perfect First Humidor!
I received my Humidor and it is very nice! I seasoned it and installed an electronic humidifier. In 2 days it was at 70% humidity and has not dropped in three weeks. Still smells excellent every time I open it to get a cigar!! I have 40 cigars in it now and has plenty of room to spare! I have been given several compliments on it's beautiful finish and size. I would highly recommend this humidor!!
5 out of 5
Great humidor
This is a top notch humidor. I own a few others and wish I would have known about this one first. I have other 100 count humidors that do not come close to holding 100 cigars. This one easily holds 100 cigars. It s very good looking and functional. The sure seal technology is the cherry on top. I am very pleased and highly recommend it.
4 out of 5
Would be 3 starts except CI corrected the issue.
I had originally ordered the El Diablo. Turns out it was backordered (the website didn’t say that when I ordered it). A couple of months went by with no solid time provided as to when the humidor would actually be provided. I got the Tuscany humidor instead and am very happy with it…
5 out of 5
Everything it was advertised to be
Very nice looking unit. Startup was super easy with the starter kit. In just 3 days 70 percent humidity achieved and has stayed there. Very pleased.
5 out of 5
Better then smaller ones!
Holding together versus the smaller ones with the same hardware.
5 out of 5
Great Value
I recently ordered this humidor and was very pleased with the quality of workmanship and looks. This is a great value, as was the starter kit that came with it!
5 out of 5
Not going to find a better 100 count humidor for the money
The quality of this humidor is beyond expectations. The storage is well in line with the claimed capacity. I have about 80 sticks in my Tuscany humidor right now, and it could probably hold another 10-15 before I was really pushing the capacity limits. As far as seasoning: the sure-seal is perfect on my unit, seasoned and holding around 67%RH. Add all these positives together and you get one helluva deal at a nickle shy of seventy bucks. I elected to NOT use the stock humidifier brick, and have invested in the Black Ice jar. It's holding RH right where I want it at 65-67% If you are in the market for a new humidor or if you need to expand your storage, this is a sturdy, well built, quality box. Thanks CI for providing awesome products at reasonable prices
4 out of 5
Great value for a great humidor!
Purchased this set to allow for my growing cigar collection. It arrived looking great. The starter kit allowed for easy seasoning and the Black Ice Humidification system is fantastic. I did have a problem with the seal though, but I was able to quickly fix that with some cedar splints I had laying around. It keeps a steady 67% humidity and there's plenty of room for all my sticks.
5 out of 5
Just got this humidor in the other day. It seems to be of great quality and is already up to speed and ready for some smokes :).. Cant beat the price!
5 out of 5
Charles Graf
A beautiful box, delivering top performance and the price is a bonus.
5 out of 5
Great humidor at a great price!
Love this humidor. Good price, good quality. Received it and seasoned it immediately. Within a couple of days it was a perfect 70. Been holding steady since. Great humidor.
Customer Testimonials
I love my humidors. I have many of different sizes, but none more important to my cigar smoking well-being than my Tuscany Cherry, 100 ct. Spanish cedar-lined, Sure-Seal lid technology fitted, 70% humidity holding humidor. I bought it over a year ago for a meager $46.00. At the time I was using two Yukon 40 ct. boxes & an assortment of smaller, less dependable units. From day two, (one day for seasoning) my Tuscany has held a constant 70% humidity at the top of the box & 65% at the bottom. Perfect for my use. I stow unopened bundles or vitolas that like it a bit dryer, like my Alec Bradley sticks, in the bottom. A digital hygrometer monitors it. One stick type 50ct. humidifier augments two circular ones. Even though both the analog hygrometer & humidifier in the lid experienced glue failure in the beginning, once the humidity levels became constant, they were reattached without further incident. The large humidifying unit can be recharged many times. I do use Humi-Care Pillows during the dry Winter months or to help maintain constant humidity levels. One man reported problems with his Tuscany, while eighty more had nothing but glowing remarks about its value & performance. He may have gotten a lemon, but I would advise anyone owning a humidor as nice as the Tuscany, to maintain it. Once a year check all screws & tighten as needed. Always season gently to avoid warping the Spanish cedar. Keep the environment constant by regularly checking & adjusting humidity, temperature & hardware. For less than fifty dollars, I have a furniture grade box, capable of maintaining my precious puros in tip-top condition. Taking good care of my investment just makes common sense.
Three years ago I bought one for my son in law (a novice) along with a few sampler packs and a jar of juice to expand his range; then he could load up his favorites, all at under $200. It didn’t have to be perfect, just work as a starter. I was so impressed with its quality and operation that two years ago I bought one for my summer house (tired of taking portables for the weekend). Both have been flawless. The hygrometers both tested out on the nose and work perfectly. My area has 90%+ humidity in summer and 20% in winter. I would recommend this humidor to anyone, novice or grizzled veteran. This is just one example why I have been a loyal CI customer for years.
Beautiful humidor. Shipped and packed excellent; I would recommend this one.
I guess I am going to have to be the one to go against the grain here, but my advice is NOT to buy this humidor. If I'd written this review a week after receiving it, my comments would be glowing. But I've had issues with this since day one. When I received it, the tray was adhered to the box. It was a sloppy glueing job. I wound up having to break the tray slightly in order to free it. No real big deal, but disappointing. But I'm a "form over function" guy and as long as it works well, I'm happy. Within 2 weeks, the glue holding the magnet sheet to the hygrometer started to fail. After a few months, the glue holding the magnets to the humidifier failed. On top of that, a week ago, when I opened up the top, the cedar holding the hinges cracked and the tiny screws holding the hinges all completely stripped. I wasn't aggressively opening it, but I guess I wasn't gingerly enough. It's still useable, but I'm very disappointed. It's cheaply built.... and is not worth the money....
I just got this humidor as a Christmas/Hanukkah gift from my wonderful girlfriend (Had a 50ct that doesn't work well). It's SO MUCH more handsome and bigger than I realized! (CI sent a replacement after the 1st one showed up damaged...CI's Customer Service is unparalleled!) I'll be seasoning it w/ 4 Boveda 84% packets...Can't wait to get my sticks in this badboy!
Very nice humidor, stylish, looks good wherever you place it. Does an excellent job of getting the right humi level and keeping it. Holds Roughy 100, but I sometimes have had more than that in its. I would recommend this product
I just received my humidor and wow what a beautiful piece of furniture. The cherry wood and cedar lining with spacious room I did not expect that much quality but (wow) it's much more, and for the price I think I ripped them off! They must have sent me the wrong one! I quickly put all my cigars in it and can't wait until several weeks to try one, thanks CI for your outstanding cigars and the wonderful accessories you offer.
Well worth the sale price. No problems with it at all.
Most all humidors, no matter where you buy it, have the adhesives for the hygrometer and humidifier that soon give out because of moisture. I solved this problem by buying velcro and attaching it to the hydrometer and humidifier. No more problems. I would get some and use it when you get your humidor or simply replace in your existing humidor. Velcro comes in small rolls, you cut to size, or small strips, you choose.
Wow could not believe how nice this humi was for the price. As a novice and being my first one it definitely rivals the 2 and 300 dollar ones at my local store may buy another for my buddy.
This humidor is beyond my expectations. This is very short money for this caliber humidor. As many of my fellow cigar colleagues have noted, if you are in the market for a new humidor, do NOT hesitate to buy this humidor. Worth every penny. I elected to season my humidor using the Boveda seasoning packs (84% seasoning). I used two packs. Now, I did season my humidor for 14 days as recommended, but within 5 days, the humidity held steady at 72%. In fact, I may even keep the analog hygrometer. Great humidor! Buy it!
Hey maniacs of Cigar International. This Tuscany Cherry humidor looks very neat, beautiful, and most of all very mysteriously attractive to your eye. The color of this Humidor talks by it self. It will look great in your living room. Its a great cool inversion for you, your cigars, and your living room will look greater. For $59.99 its very comfortable and you will be so happy with this product.
I bought this humidor in 2009 and it is still operating like it was new. I can't believe how cheap and works better than others. If they can make one three too four times bigger that would be great.
Beautiful humidor, very constant humidity. Thanks for this one CI, it's great!
This humidor is great! My old one GREATLY struggled in the very dry climate that I live in. This one, on the other hand, works very well. I calibrated the hygrometer that came with it using salt water. It was a little bit off, but overall not bad and easy to fix. Took the full couple days to season the humidor the old-fashioned right way (with distilled water and a cloth) and ever since then, it has been great! The only thing I will say about it (which is not a big deal at all) is that the double sided tape provided for the humidifier that shipped with it is not strong enough to hold up the humidifier when it's full. It constantly falls onto the cigars that are on the top shelf (good thing they were still wrapped!). So, I haven't done it yet, but I'm planning on buying a role of double sided tape to see if what I can find at the store is stronger than what CI shipped. Great humidor for a great price!
This is quite a humidor for the price, it has a wonderful finish and a felt bottom. But as a function over form kinda guy I am far more impressed with the ease of seasoning and the way it holds 70% humidity constant.
New to the rich world of cigar enjoyment. I had a few friends treat me to some nice cigars and I fell in love with the ability to relax and just have a smoke. I found myself in need of a humidor and found this one here on CI. Although skeptical I bought it anyway and just felt like it was a good $60 gamble. It is amazing! The look, the feel, the construction and the SMELL. I do have 2 complaints though. 1 it should come with the solution in the humidor to get it to 70% I ended up at my B&M and spend $12 on it. No big deal but it would have been nice to know. 2 the cost to fill it. CI didn't tell me I was going to turn around and spend $200 on top quality cigars to fill it and my wife is PISSED! DAMN YOU CI!!!! Ha Ha! If you see this thing in stock and your looking, just press add to cart and check out! Don't even hesitate!
better than I expected. says 100 ct but I believe I got around 80 in it. of course 20 of those were 70 guage. smiles.
I love this humidor, it has plenty of room for my cigars.
Excellent humidor for the money! Appearance-wise, it is the little brother to the Havana foot locker. Same hardware, color, and finish.
I just seasoned this humidor this past Friday with the humicare jar, 24 hours later I was at 68 degrees. I rubbed it down with a little more distilled water, let it sit for another 24 hours and it is now sitting at a consistent 72 degrees. The humidor is bigger than what it appears on the picture. Very nice, clean polished look. Like others have mentioned, the humidifier never sticks as it should, so I just put it to the side. You can't be the price for this nice humidor!
I have to admit, I was truly impressed with this humidor when I opened the box. It is extremely elegant, well finished, and it feels solid. Although I knew the dimensions, it looks larger than I expected, which is good! This is a great buy for less than $60...ES, Manassas, VA
Nice humidor, as this is my first humidor I found out the hard way that you must ensure you close it all the way for the "sure seal" to do its job. You should also invest in a digital hygrometer, the analog one is not even close to accurate. Also, pony up for the humi-care wipes and crystals, it takes all the guess work out.
This is a great humidor for the price. At just $60, you'll have some extra coin to drop on a few sticks, or a couple bundles for that matter! The build is great. The only downside to this little beauty is the humidifier. Within 2 days, the adhesive let loose and the humidifier fell into my cigars. I tried to put it back up with super glue but failed. I now have brass brackets holding it in position and it looks like it was actually built that way. This humidor will keep your smokes at ready with a nice 70% humidity, no problem. I highly recommend this humidor if you're looking for medium storage but don't want to spend a lot.
This is a great humidor for the price so far. It holds a great seal and has stayed at a constant 71 percent humidity.
This is the third humidor I have purchased from CI. Starting with a 50 count, then a 300, & now one that holds 100. One thing you have to pay close attention to when purchasing a humidor is reading how it's made. There are many on EBay for sale, but when you read the fine print the only cedar you will find are the dividers. The inside walls will be made of some other type of wood. When you purchase one from CI. The description will read: completely lined with Spanish cedar. If your going to invest in a product that holds cigars that you don't want to keep the smokes you paid for to turn bad. Never cut corners that can cost you in the long run. In addition to being made with the right wood. You can't beat the price of the humidors offered by CI. My 50 & 300 count humidors are several years old & I have never had a problem. The 100 count I just purchased was around $60.00 dollars, not only is it great looking it's also well made. Just make sure you watch the video clip on how to season the humidor, & take the time to do it.
Great value, I needed a humidor to age new cigars for a few weeks, this one fit the bill perfectly. This item is well built and has a tight seal. As with any humi, the amount of cigars they hold is left to the user, while 100 will fit I recommend keeping it to 75 or less of similar wrapper, flavor and strength. The humidifier is large, the hygrometer is accurate (I checked calibration, it was spot on), both remove easily from their magnetic base. I did add some adhesive to steel and magnetic backs on humidifier and hygrometer as the included sticky backs were not enough to hold them in place. Overall a great purchase, well worth the cost for the quality.
This humidor is wonderful and not just for the price. Before I go on I will say that I upgraded to a digital Thermohygrometer and to a better humidifier. That being said this baby holds a steady humidity. The only times it has trouble is in the middle of winter and where I live our winters are very very dry. The pictures I have seen on this website and pretty much every other place I have seen it do not do it justice. It is a gorgeous humidor. A lot of people say it doesn't hold 100 cigars. They must only smoke very large gauge or long cigars because I was able to fit 119 sticks of various sizes in this (albeit it was a bit cramped). Everything from a 4.0x49 to a 6x60. I highly recommend this humidor as long as it fits your size constraints.
Got my new humidor in fast and was very impressed by the workmanship, it was even better than I expected. After reading all the reviews, I went ahead and ordered a digital hygrometer and black ice humidifier beads to go along with it. I set it up per the instructions and was surprised to find it was ready to go in less than 24 hours. I've got it about 4/5 full of tasty treats at the moment, and can't wait to fill it the rest of the way. Bottom line: it's not only perfect, it's better than I expected. Happy Birthday to me!
Not much more to said than what others have stated, but you'd be dumb to pass this deal up. This humi is really nice and spacious, I'm considering buying another for aging only.
This humidor is made with great craftsmanship and sustains humidity perfectly. For the price and size, this humidor is almost a no brainer!
The Tuscany Cherry Humidor is very nice. It is well made - the finish is smooth, the color is rich, the cedar lining is clear and aromatic, and the seal is very tight. This humidor is made in China, but there is obviously some good quality control during its manufacture. I had no problem placing the adhesive magnets on the inside lid of the box (be sure the wood is dry before placing the adhesive); once in place the humidifier and hydrometer attach and remove magnetically very easily. Nice humidor and a good price. I have about 60 cigars in it now, and I still have plenty of room for more great CI cigar offerings.
Very nice humidor - easily the best value out there.
Love the Tuscany Cherry Humidor. When it first arrived I was blown away by its beauty. Currently seasoning, cant wit till it is done and ready to use!
Is there still any doubt that CI offers the best products at the best prices? You can't beat the quality of this basic Tuscany humidor for the price. Frankly I was concerned that it would struggle to maintain ideal humidity out here during our DRY Colorado winters, like so many humidors do in the sometimes single-digit humidity. So I upgraded to a crystal gel humidifier (and a digital hygrometer), and if anything I must be careful to not OVER-humidify--the seal is that tight! Yeah the dividers are a bit loose and overall it's a pretty simple design, but in my opinion, as long as a humidor maintains a fairly constant humidity in all four seasons, it's doing its job. Beyond that you're really just paying more for furniture. I think you'll be happy with the Tuscany. At this price you really can't go wrong for a solid humidor with a nice capacity.
This thing is wonderful. Charged it at 70% and it stays at 70%. Well built and great looking. A whole lotta humi for not much scratch.
Exceptional value! This is my 3rd box (previously bought the RP and MOW humidors) and is the exact same quality as the others at 60% of the price. You will be very pleased with this product!
Nice Humidor, Very nice cherry wood and made a great seal and maintaining humidity..
This is my first humidor and I got to say it was very easy to setup. I got the humidity I wanted on the first try (beginners luck :)) The box itself looks incredible it's very classy and just makes you want to look at it. Great buy!
This is the one you want! It is a lot bigger than I thought it would be. I added a Humi-Care humidifier and digital gauge. Both fit in the framed locations on the lid. First class!
I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the materials and construction of this humidor. Fit and finish are great. The humidor is quite spacious and convenient for my storage needs. The lid fits and seals very well to the body. I truly feel that I got a good deal on this purchase. My only complaint though would be regarding the included humidifier and analog hygrometer. The humidifier was quite discolored and showed signs of corrosion. I did not feel comfortable using the included humidifier so I tossed it. Also, as most are, the analog hygrometer is just for looks. I recommend adding to the purchase of this humidor a reliable digital hygrometer and a higher quality humidification system. I went Humi-Care on both accounts. All in all, I am happy with this product considering the price point, form, and function.
Beautiful....great construction, seals tight as a drum....bought it for a gift, but I have got to order one for me, it is that nice!
This is a great deal for a great starter humidor. It was shipped without damage and works great. It was easy to season and get stablized in just a couple days.
Ordered it on Tuesday, delivered on Thursday. The humidor was holding steady at 72% by Sunday. Transferred my sticks on Monday. With the increased capacity, I am now way understocked. The humidor is constructed very well. Great finish. The dividers for the lift out tray and the bottom give you a ton of flexibility to customize storage areas. My only complaint is that the adhesive for the humidifier on the lid failed once the the unit was seasoned. It is now resting on the upper tray.
I bought this humidor and was a little nervous about whether it would be nice or not. The low price sometimes determines the condition and I thought, for $59 bucks, it might not be as nice as I wanted. To my surprise, this box is great. The cherry finish is beautiful, the hardware is nice, and the seal is perfect. I used a dollar to check the seal on all four sides and it was solid all the way around. If you are thinking about buying a humidor, I highly recommend this box and especially recommend getting one that holds 100 or more cigars. I don't smoke that often, but wanted to try a couple of different kinds of cigars so I bought five packs of each and the box fills fast. I have plenty of room for how much I smoke, but it's nice to know that I could easily put more in if I desire.
The humidor makes an awesome center piece. A gorgeous finish coupled with the fact that it holds humidity at about 70% makes for an awesome value. I would recommend it and buy one again, if needed.
I tried to find one local, but for this price there was nothing close to it! Now I just need more cigars. Thanks CI!
Grabbed one of these at about 1/3 off the price listed here & with that in mind, consider this a good value option for anyone, like me, who is constantly moving cigars about between smaller humidors. With its 100+ capacity, it swallows up bundles & boxes of vitolas. It easily holds as much as my two Yukon humis combined. The Cherry finish is beautiful & the quality of the Spanish cedar lining seems too luxurious for such a bargain priced unit. I love the cedar tray, that holds about 25 of my finest 'gars & keeps them handy when I feel like a special treat. The analog hygrometer did fail to adhere to the top of the box, as has been noted by previous reviewers. It does stick to the back wall & may be more valuable there, by allowing the humidity to be checked from the bottom of the box. The humidifying unit is large & works well. I give the single unit an assist with humi-pillows & can easily maintain a perfect 70% humidity for my precious puros. Do yourself a big favor & invest in a sure-seal dynamo like the Tuscany Cherry humidor. When you consider how much you invest in your cigars, it just makes sense to spend a little bit to protect them.
Beautiful wood, the foam edges come off on dividers.... other than a little glue and whatnot good deal...
I just received this humidor and it is a beautiful one. It a nice size and very easy to season. I like the shelf in it and the ajustable spacers to fit your stogies in.
I've had it for almost a week now, a lot bigger than the pictures make it out to be. So far I have to say its a great humidor, nice look to it and a great seal. Most definitely buying my self another one of these humidors at some point.
Update: I have now had this humidor for almost one year and I am very happy with its performance. Not once have I lost any humidity and no issues with any cracks or the seals themselves. I only use one large jar of humicare and it works great. I store all of my weekly cigars in this humidor and am loving it! It is a good purchase to make, you'll be pleasantly surprised like I was.
I really like this humidor. Solid construction and very pleasing to look at. Easily maintains the desired humidity. The only flaw I've experienced is the locking mechanism wouldn't fully lock into place. Simple fix and now it works perfect. Worth the money.
This is my second humidor and suspect that I will be purchasing more of the Tuscany Cherry humidors in the future. My parents had given me a beautiful glass top one around Christmas (purchased from the local CI store down the street) which I had filled just last week on a buying spree. I have a habit of overdoing things and cigars are no exception. After some quick accounting, I realized I need something to house my everyday smokes to let my more expensive sticks age a bit. Currently have this humidor seasoning but could not be happier with the fit/finish and nothing else comes remotely close to the price point. I've got 85 sticks that look like they should fit and leave a little bit extra if need be.
This is my first humidor. What can I say other than it's absolutely beautiful. Construction is solid, finish is smooth and the aroma of the interior cedar is to die for. It arrived quickly in very good packing so the humidor stayed safe during shipment. The only thing I'm going to change is the hygrometer. I already ordered a digital one so that I can keep a more accurate record of the temp and humidity. This will not disappoint. Ladies, get this for the stogie lover in your life. I am very happy with my purchase. CI, you rock.
Great Humidor, looks amazing in the office and recieved some real positive comments on it, not to mention it fits all my cigar storage needs.
Purchased this humidor Black Friday at the Hamburg location. Price could not be beat for the quality of this box. It has now been a few weeks and I absolutely love it. Stores my cigars perfectly and am about 50% stocked. Recently added a digital hygrometer, more for personal satisfaction, I wanted the exact readings. Great box and highly recommended.
First off, this is a great humidor for the price. Holds the RH very well, great construction and excellent finish. I'm extremely pleased with the quality of this product. My only complaint is that the size is incorrectly listed. This humidor is actually 10 x 15 x 6.5, not the 8" height as advertised.
Great surprise. I was expecting a nice humidor but to my surprise the craftmanship on this is fantastic. I've only had it a couple days but seems to be holding humidity very well and I just added about seventy five of my cherished morsales to the box. I will keep my other humidors but this is a definite buy if your looking to upgrade from a smaller box.
All I have to say is WOW! this beauty on a friday and by sunday is was 3/4 stocked with nice sticks. I used the CI recommended sponge and distilled water method worked great!..... only different thing I did was I threw 2 72% Boveda packs into it 3 hours after I wiped it down..... and after 24 hours bam! a steady 69%......its monday now and its about 3/4 stocked and RH is still perfect. Once again CI came thru in the clutch!...Amazing Humi at a unbeatable price.
Just bought this humidor to upgrade from my basic humidor. After ordering it came within a week and it was packed very well. The look and finish are spot on. It has a very large capacity inside, the pictures don't do this humidor justice. I was surprised how big it was. The humidor comes with 2 dividers for the bottom and 1 divider for the pull out tray. Besides the humidifier that it comes with I would suggest another humidifier for the bottom. I am using a jar of Humi-Care. Just got done seasoning it and already put my cigars in it. Holding at 71%, not bad. A good buy for the money.
Bought this humidor 6 months ago..I used a couple of CI humi jars and it worked great for a few months. Now the weather has gotten colder and my humi level has dropped below 50%...bought the humicare crystals and still no luck. My stogies are dry as a bone. I really like the humidor so im gonna get abetter humi system to put in the humidor and hope this will work.Will update after i get it up and running agin.I hope my poor stogies will survive!Superbowl next week and my GIANTS are in it but i need to have a cigar to properly celebrate!I think it's JAM time!!!!
I am seasoning this beaut right now. Shipped fast and in a big, well packed box to protect the humidor and the sticks I ordered with it. The hygrometer is kinda cheap looking but it did register after doing the salt test overnight, should be good. As with a few of the others, the adhesives on all the stickies (hygrometer, humidifier, engraveable nameplate) were junk and had no ability to stick anything to anything. Have to mention, the humidifier is bigger than I expected. I must have been used to the Yukon I bought earlier, but this thing should hold 80+ sticks from the eye test. I am very please so far. Will update if necessary.
I just received my 2nd Tuscany humidor and couldn't be happier. These are very well made humidors and quite attractive to boot. I've opted for a few mid-sized humidors over one or two large humidors as this allows me to maintain different humidity levels for different wrapper types. I also prefer medium sized humidors as this seems to reduce the amount of digging for a certain cigar that occurs with larger humidors. I would recommend this humidor without reservation. I do advise upgrading the hygrometer and humidifier. I have also found that by removing the tray, I can fit more cigars and also maintain a more uniform humidity within the humidor.
I own two of these, they are well made, have a great seal, and they look great. For the money I think its the best humidor CI offers. My only complaint is the adhesive on the hygrometer and the humidifier has lost its stickiness. It is a crap shoot if the analog hygrometer will be functional. Something they should address. I feel the analog meters can be just as accurate as the digital ones. I have two analog and two digital hygrometers that I use and both types work equally well.
Gotta put my two cents in on this JEM! Treated myself to a new humidor, and am damn glad I bought this one. In two days it was upto a perfect 72% and has stayed strong since. I use a 4oz jar of humi crystals to keep it stable. A true jem!!!!
I picked up this humidor a little over a week ago and I can honestly say it's one of the best decisions I've made. Great quality and as stated by many others, holds a steady humidity very well.
I love this humidor its amazing, but its a 75 count at best and I mostly keep robustos in it
Ordered this gorgeous humidor for my husband. It is a beautiful piece. He loves it.........Really nice especially when you consider the price. It does look like a much higher priced one. However, I have to agree with some of the other remarks. The adhesive on the hygrometer and the humidifer are ineffective. Hygrometer was on the bottom in one day and the adhesive on the humidifier was dry rotted. But, I do not regret buying this at all and would not even consider sending it back.
This is the best working humi beside the other five. I use CI two 2oz crystal and it's been at 72/70 ever since. I've been checking humidity levels for over 2 months with my digital hygrometer and I also been testing the hygrometer once a month. I just can't believe this one was the cheapest and works better. Now I'm debating should I buy a larger one or just buy two more. Time will tell but if you're looking for one this is it. PluS sometimes it's over filled and it still holds 70% humidity with the same two jars of crystal.
As much as I love to support my local B&M, there's no way I could score a humidor as beautiful as this for under $200. My lovely wife recognized my need for a larger humidor and got this one for me as a gift. With all the money she saved there was enough left over to fill it with some of my favorite smokes! Thank you, CI! The build quality is amazing for the price. Great attention to detail, solid construction, and a perfect seal. In less than 2 days it was holding steady at 64% which is just right. It comes with a large rectangular sponge humidification element, but I tossed a 2oz jar of the CI crystals in the bottom for good measure. From the outside it looks simple yet elegant, with its concealed hinges and high gloss finish. Form AND function! I would strongly suggest this to anyone looking for a 100-ct humidor. It's worth every cent!
I got the humidor on the 22 of Feb, this thing is BEAUTIFUL!, very well made. I am seasoning it as we speak. I will comment on how it works later.
Great humidor holding at 70%. Really nice looking smells great.
When I went to my local cigar shop and asked for a 100 ct. humidor for around $60, the manager just laughed at me. He said it was impossible. CI proved him wrong! This is a great humidor. I'm not sure if it fits 100 yet, but it's pretty big. I suggest buying a HUMI-CARE Crystal Gel Humidification for the bottom of the humidor because when the top shelf is full, it absorbs all the humidity coming from the sponge humidifier. You can't go wrong with this humidor.
This humidor definately maintains a steady climate for your cigars. HOWEVER!!! I do have one gripe.....keeping in mind that it is still a good deal for the price. The adhesive for the humidfier and the hygrometer is rubbish! They held for less then a day before falling off! So instead I place the hygrometer on the bottom of the humidor and I use the humicare crystal tub and a humicare pillow and we are sitting at 70. If this had been a high dollar humidor, I would have sent it back for the adhesive reasons. Being that you can pick one up for the pittance of 59.99, it is, in my opinion a very functional and good looking humidor. I have a 20 stoagie humidor that I keep my ready to smokes in...this one is going to be for storage...and by God there is plenty of storage space in this puppy! If you are looking for perfection spend more and get more.....If you are looking for a handsome and very functional humidor for a right price......look no further.......on a scale of 1 to 10...I give it a 7!
New to the cigar world Purchased this humidor when I was in the states at my family home. Brought it back in my hand luggage to the UK and fired it up. This is a lovely piece of furniture, looks great and works well keeping my cigars at a constant 74', that's something in sunny England. Would highly recommend this humidor and its also a talking point when friends visit. All I need now is to buy some better cigars.
This was my "back from Iraq" present to myself.Tuscany Cherry Humidor What a big, beautiful piece of quality workmanship for a great price! I'm already scanning my favorites list to get more stogies to fill this baby up. I love it!
Very well made for the price. (Tuscany Cherry Humidor) I can't stop ordering more to keep it full. The outside looks great and fits perfect on top of my desk. The only problem so far is once it's full i think I might need a 300 capacity. Then i notice how much I spend to fill this one up. It's perfect for me(a middle class once a day smoker) so far.
I was a little skeptical of this amazing deal (Tuscany Cherry Humidor), since all the cigar snobs said I need to spend $200+ for a respectable humidor. Well, I bit the bullet and bought it and I am very satisfied with the purchase. The workmanship is great, it's a high quality attractive product with a good seal. Took only a few days to season and bring upto 70% humidity. The only problem is, with all the deals at CI, I'll run out of space in two weeks! P.S. Just days after I bought this item, it has gone out of stock. Don't hesitate when it's back in stock!
This (Tuscany Cherry Humidor) was more that I expected for the price, great construction, the felt bottom is a nice touch, but most important to me is the fact that humidity readings are stable, she locked in at 70 and stays there.. this a great value and highly recommended.
This is a very attractive, well-constructed humidor that can be a showpiece for anyone' s den or office (Tuscany Cherry Humidor). I thoroughly researched several websites (I won't mention any competitors names, but they like to put their name on everything they sell. Duh?) in search of the best product for the money (capacity as well as looks) and CI's offering in this catagory was by far supreme. Works great, looks fabulous! My "Smokin' Stubby Smiley" cap's off to you guys at CI.
​For a limited time, add on the Deluxe Humidor Starter Kit for a mere $25!

For a limited time, add on the Deluxe Humidor Starter Kit for a mere $25!

Start your new humidor off in superior condition! For a limited time, with the purchase of this humidor, add the Deluxe Humidor Starter Kit for only $25 more. This kit comes equipped with a premium 8 oz. Black Ice humidification jar, a matching Black Ice digital hygrometer, a 16oz bottle of Humi-Care cigar juice, and lastly a 4 pack of Humi-Care seasoning wipes. Add this upgrade and save over 63% off suggested retail…only a fool would let this pass by! 
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