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Desktop Vertical Display Humidor

Showcase your cigars with pride!

Ideal for 75-100 cigars, this gorgeous display humidor offers 45-degree shelves perfect for viewing.

- 75+ capacity
- 3-pane display
- 3 Spanish cedar trays with dividers
- Rich mahogany finish
- Interior shelving made of Premium kiln-dried Spanish cedar
- External hygrometer & large rectangle humidifier
- Gold plated lock & key with hidden quadrant hinges

 * Must ship ground service only. Standard arrival may be increased by 2-3 business days. Express shipping not available on this item

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Desktop Vertical Display Humidor Shipping Constraints
75 CAPACITY In Stock $200.00 $99.99
75 CAPACITY Backordered $225.00 $124.99
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Oversized items ship to street addresses in the Continental USA only (no PO Boxes or APOs). These will be shipped via ground delivery services and cannot be expedited.
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Overall Rating 4.39 out of 5 Based on 66 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Desktop Vertical Display Humidor”

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1 out of 5
NOT keeping the humidity
I bought this for my husbands birthday gift. I read the other reviews, hoping I wouldn't have the many problems this humidor has...but we do see how air gets in. The door has gaps. We have not attempted to apply the weather strip. Other people have recommend that. I bought this so my husbands cigars would stay good, but they dry within days:( they look pretty in the case!
5 out of 5
Great Value
Looks Great! Was able to season in less than 24 hrs, and shelves fit perfectly (must be facing the right way). Twice the quality and value of similar Humidors online. Would definitely recommend! Add a digital Hygrometer option and this deal couldn't get any better!
5 out of 5
Looks Like a Million Bucks!!!
Purchased this lil jewel as a upgrade to my Whitetail. Took it out the box ,came packaged and arrived in mint condition. Started taking off the wrapping and stood it up on the living room floor and sat down to have a look at it. I was in awe how sweet this looks, quality,expensive and classy!!! For the price you cant beat it and I looked at several differnet sites but CI continues to BUSS the competition. You cant go wrong so think no more if you are looking at this baby. Reccomendation as I had trouble keeing the H level correct. I solve this by contact CI service and got me a Oasis Ultra Humidifer. Sha Bam headache and worry done. Now my stoggs stay nice,comfortable, looking like a million dollars inside and waiting to BURN!!!
5 out of 5
Perfect fit for us
Perfect fit for us
5 out of 5
Desktop Humidor
It was a gift for my Fiancé and he loved price was so worth it, I myself liked it the size is perfect I thought it would be smaller but it is perfect. Amazing as a gift for all those Cigar lovers.
4 out of 5
Display Humidor
Great product, just wish more shelves were available to add.
4 out of 5
Visually appealing
It is a very nice display that will look great on your table and display your smokes for your viewing pleasures and other to awe. Doesn't hold 100 smokes, I would say number is truer to 75/80, which for my needs is no where near enough. Further more, you will Need to use the key to lock to though, the magnetic seals aren't too powerful. Good overall.
4 out of 5
Highly recommend
Absolutely love this humidor display! The only way to make it better would be to have a 4th cedar tray. I went out and ordered one from another company. CI should make that an option just saying. Other then that I highly recommend it, it's well built and I get a lot of complements when my house guest see it.
4 out of 5
Nice humidor
Great humidor for the price. Holds the humidity just right. One downside is the shelf lung at an angle won't allow the door to close properly. Had to make a slight adjustment and fix for it to work.
5 out of 5
Really nice!!!
This is a well constructed humidor that looks and works awsome. Since I got it going it has had no trouble maintaining 70% humidity. I was even able to buy an addtional cider tray to go on the very bottom and increase my storge capacity.
2 out of 5
Looks cool but it doesn't hold 75
It's a very nice cool looking humidor. But I can't get the humidor to work, I've looked it up on the web and have tried 3 different solutions and it still has changed. It also says it holds 75 cigars but it doesn't, you would have to order more shelves if you want it to but then if you do it will be packed and you wouldn't be able to see all of them.
2 out of 5
Needs Work
This humidor is nice looking but, it requires some work to make it functional. Out of the box, it will not maintain the proper humidity. I had to install weather seal on the inside of the door to get it stabilized. Also, the hygrometer needed to be calibrated as it was off by 10%. Dissatisfied!!!
4 out of 5
It's great i think it should come with the humidor fluid though.
5 out of 5
Awesome Product
Absolutely awesome! I was reluctant buy it after I read a few bad reviews but definitely glad I didn't let them deter me. Seasoned it up in 24 hours and it hasn't dropped below 72% since I've had it. Beautiful focal piece for my mini bar in the basement
5 out of 5
Vertical Disply Humidor
I bought the humidor and a few cigar samplers as a retirement gift for one of my friends retiring from the US Navy. No need to say, but the set was the talk of the town. I know the person i bought it for will be using CI when his cigars get low.
1 out of 5
Poorly made. Lock doesn't work no door doesn't seal.
Nice looking, but open it up and you'll notice it's poorly made. Glass on door doesn't fit correctly, and with the shelves installed, the door will not close and keep sealed. Definitely not worth the money. Very disappointed.
5 out of 5
glass house's
Best home ever for my cigars. Well crafted and a classy look for my an cave. Easy to get up and running especially with the kit.
4 out of 5
Classy addition
I was very impressed with the speed in which you humidor was delivered. It arrived at my house the very next day after placing my order. although I did have difficulty at first maintaining a consistent humidity level. I was eventually able to overcome that obstacle. The humidor has become the center piece of my bar area and a beautiful way to display my collection.
3 out of 5
leak fix
Nice looking, however IT IS NOT AIR TIGHT, were the hinges in the door are, is huuuug air gap. take a flash light and run down the edges while looking through from the other side, you will see the light. Solution: cut some "mole-skin" and place it over the henge now you have "SURE SEAL" like the tag on the door says.
5 out of 5
This is a good product
5 out of 5
Excellent humidor!
Great packaging, took about a week to season. Now it's easy to maintain. Can't wait to get home everyday and pick one out.
1 out of 5
Not a good humidor
The inside is not totally cedar lined. It smells of the varnish or stain used, and will invariably impart that on cigars stored within. There is a visible gap in the door, this will not properly regulate humidity.
5 out of 5
Vertical display Humidor & Deluxe Starter kit
Very pleased with the products, however delivery was an issue for the humidor and I took longer than expected, other than that no other problems.
5 out of 5
Pretty nice
Doing a great job of keeping my cigar collection nice and happy....
4 out of 5
Perfect Now
Like most, I bought this humidor for its looks. It was bigger than I thought which was a plus for me. Just as others have mentioned, I too had trouble with keeping humidity at 70 percent. I purchased the thinnest foam weather stripping I could find and trimmed it to fit around the door. Now with the foam trim and three crystal jars, it keeps 70 percent. It took a little extra but I'm very satisfied with it now.
2 out of 5
Won't hold 70
Love the look but it does not hold humidification. There are obvious gaps in the hinges and around the door. I put some weather stripping on it, but still won't hold. I have the foam humidifier, a jar in the bottom, and small jars on the shelves. Still doesn't hold. Thought the hygrometer was off, so I calibrated it and tested it in my other humidor and it works fine. Disappointed.
3 out of 5
Great looking humidor for the price
I was extremely pleased when I took delivery of my new humidor. It looks great, has the perfect shelf structure and the construction is very solid. One problem, I can't get it to maintain a humidity level over 62. I followed the directions to the letter and even put in two extra gel pots. After 3 days I took the cigars out and redid all the wood surfaces. After 24 hours the humidity was at 71but after 12 hours with the cigars back in the humidity was back at 64. This is my third humidifier and I have bee able to keep the other two at 70 but not this one yet. I will keep trying as I really am pleased with the style of the humidifier .
4 out of 5
Nice humidor
It is going to make a nice display unit for some of my cigars. Definetly worth the money. Downside was, very strong lacquer smelling when new. Had to let it off gas before using. Not a lot of Cedar inside, so difficult to maintain humidity.
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Very sharp to look at easy to use and put together
5 out of 5
Beautiful humidor
I have had zero problems with the seal after three months. I did replace the humidifier that came with the unit with an electronic device from Cigar Oasis, but that was more of a 'set and forget' type issue on my part. I keep my high-end cigars in this unit and have a desktop humidor for my every day smokes. Pleased with this buy.
2 out of 5
Not a Good Seal
While this unit looks beautiful, it is by no means a useful humidor. Light is clearly visible through the hinges, therefore air and humidity are traveling in and/or out of the humidor. The SureSeal sticker is misleading, as even the cedar lining on the door does not fit snuggly against the unit. This humidor might work where the ambient humidity is already close to 65-70%, but for drier (or wetter) climates it will not do the job.
5 out of 5
Happy customer!
Fast shipping great products. Love shopping with you guys. Makes it easy!!
5 out of 5
Mark Wolfberg
This Desktop humidor is the perfect size for the room. It's appearance and function work perfect for my collection.
5 out of 5
A fine piece of craftsmanship.
This is a really nice humidor and a great price. I added the humidor starter kit to my order and it is holding the correct humidity perfectly. You won't be disappointed with this.
5 out of 5
Great purchase!
I have nothing bad to say about this humidor, from the way it looks good in any room to its performance. It seasoned very well and surprisingly quick. Once I stocked it it has worked better than I expected or could've asked. I did not use the humidifier that came with it however added the cigar oasis electrical and humi-care's black ice 8oz crystal humidifiers. Since then, with no adjustments or changing ideas, this humidor has been right at the temp and humidity level I want to protect, age and store my smoking investment.
5 out of 5
Great case
Have it at 70%
5 out of 5
Great addition for me.
This is a very nice and well built display and was secured in the packing box nicely. The Starter kit came a couple of days later. Having never owned humidor the video they emailed was great, it just would have been better if that email did not come a week after receiving it. You will love it though. In fact never knew that having them stored this way made for a much better smoke. It does take a bit for the humidity level to get up to 70 but I am in a somewhat arid state.
5 out of 5
Love the Humidor!
This is a very handsome, large capacity humidor. I appreciate the mahogany and cedar wood construction. There is plenty of room for me cigar stock and tray separation. Highly recommend.
5 out of 5
Great people, excellent service
Great people, excellent service
5 out of 5
Well worth the wait for me!!!
If you are reading reviews because you like this humidor but aren't sure about buying it, stop now and buy it! I read all the reviews, and it still took over a year for me to pull the trigger on this humidor. Kicking myself now for waiting so long. It comes well packaged so you don't have to worry about shipping damage. I spent 4 days seasoning it and it's holding steady at 67% RH. I put a digital hygrometer in it and the built in analog is dead on. My wife even commented that it looks really good, and I can't wait to see my friend's reaction on Super Bowl Sunday.
5 out of 5
Great Humidor for the money!
I have been looking at this humidor for a little over a year and finally decided to pull the trigger and get it. I had some concern with shipping since it does have a lot of glass, it was packed so good I had trouble getting it out of the box! It did take a few extra days of seasoning to get it to maintain a steady 68% RH but that didn't surprise me with as much glass as it has. If you are thinking about buying this, you will not be disappointed for the price. It looks amazing and let's be honest, who doesn't like to show off their top shelf sticks when friends come over! My wife even complimented on how good it looks.
5 out of 5
Great humidor
Took two days to get it right at 70% great humidor!
5 out of 5
Thanks my husband love the
Thanks my husband love the cabinet .
5 out of 5
Simply Beautiful
Received mine a few days ago and seasoned it over a two-day period. Still monitoring but humidity looks rock solid so far. Was a little worried because I had read several reviews from others stating that they had to use weather stripping and add Spanish cedar, etc. Maybe that was a unit without the 'sure seal' technology, I don't know. When you turn the key, it tightens this bad boy right up! I am using a digital hygrometer during seasoning and comparing the results with the built-in analog unit. The analog is a little bit off (~4) but that is not an issue. I will adjust once everything balances out. I am using black ice along with the standard humidifier that came with the unit. So far, so good, very good looking unit. An impressive way to store the high dollar smokes while keeping the 'every day' ones in a separate humidor elsewhere. Proud of this purchase.
5 out of 5
Amazing awesome outstanding
The humidor was beyond words on how beautiful it really was in person ! We bought two desktop humidors ! Thank you so much for having a great sale and allowing us to have a remarable Christmas! Customer from Nebraska.
5 out of 5
Perfect for my husband.
It's so beautiful! I put the shelves in diagonally instead of just flat so it's better for displaying. Smells like fresh wood and is much bigger than expected. I also love that you can lock the cabinet up in case some of my house guests try to get sneaky. Perfect for storing the more expensive cigars. So classy.
5 out of 5
Happy customer!
Couldn't be happier! Looks great, holds humidity like a champ.
5 out of 5
Vertical Humidor
My husband loved this as his Christmas present this year! It was easy to get set up and at proper settings. It looks great sitting in our home office!
5 out of 5
Excellent. Keeps my cigars humid, and looks awesome. I love when someone comes to the house and asks me about it and I can explain what it is and how it works. Great showpiece and works great! Thanx CI!
5 out of 5
Thanks for the great prices, quick delivery, and easy checkout!
5 out of 5
I display my cigars with proud to my friend in that beautifull humidor excellent ans supper invertion
3 out of 5
Looks Great, but proper humidification is better...
Pros: Looks awesome! Keeps my collection within view. Cons: So much glass... So little Spanish Cedar. Evolved from passive humidification jars to active. I have the Hydra-SM in it now with strips of cedar from empty boxes on the bottom floor and propped up in back out of view. A couple of jar wedges on top and middle. Now humidification is holding great now.
5 out of 5
Love it
Love it
5 out of 5
top of the line
great humidor storage..freshness it!!
5 out of 5
Very nice Humidor.
Nice unit. Taller than I expected but works well and maintains the humidity
5 out of 5
Great Deal
Looks great and holds the humidity very well. Definitely recommend it
5 out of 5
Exceeded expectations
I bought this humidor for a wedding cigar, port, chocolate lounge. It was a big hit! Beautiful.
5 out of 5
Down South
Humidor is beautiful. It needs to be pre seasoned prior to using. I determined the humidity beads were not enough so I used one of my cigar oasis plus humidifiers and BAM! Perfect!
4 out of 5
Only wish it was bigger. As for function and looks, it does the job
5 out of 5
love it!!
love it!!
4 out of 5
Great piece after a few minor fixes
This is a great humidor for the price. That being said, I had to buy some cheap weather stripping for 6 bucks or so to go around the door seal (it failed the flashlight test, run a light along all the seams to check the seal) and I used some elmer's glue to fill in some cracks in the seams on the back. I love this humidor though, I keep my prized cigars in here (it really holds closer to 50) and underneath the bottom shelf I have the real good cigars that I plan on aging for several years. The hygrometer is decently reliable, but I use bovedas (1 on each shelf) so I don't even really need the hygro. It read a little low for a while, but I just wiped the fronts of the shelves with distilled water until it held at 72%
5 out of 5
Good and Sturdy
The desktop vertical display humidor is solid, the quality of the exterior and glass is great. The inside smells great because of the wood used in making it. Pros: looks nice, sturdy, good displaying ability, cigar trays are easily movable with notches to hold them in place Cons: the case isnt all that sealed and lets air and humidity out, but nothing a some thin weather-stripping cant fix
5 out of 5
Classy under the Arizona sun.
Awesome mid sized cabinet. Gives a little class to this Desert Rats man cave!
5 out of 5
Desktop humidor
Smoking deal on this humidor! On sale for half price, you cannot find a better deal then this. Thanks guys
5 out of 5
Looks great, works great
Customer Testimonials
Absolutely LOVE THIS HUMIDOR! Anyone that comes over to my place always compliments it, plus it is a great conversation starter. Very good quality! I also installed two thin LED light strips to display my stock inside. I do not regret this purchase even for a second!
Great looking humidor. Seasoned in one day and holding charge in the desert heat. Very pleased with the newest addition to the man cave. Can't wait to fill it to the brim with great cigars, every color, shape, size, and strength.
This is a very good humidor for the price. They can fit a very good amount of cigars. Very well-built; very happy with the product. Overall a good purchase; I recommend it.
Love this humidor! Seasoned in less than 48 hours! If you don't mind double stacking I have 65 sticks in it now and can easily get 15+ more into it before triple stacking. This unit does have SureSeal Technology and has stabilized very well. Factory hygrometer was off quite a bit, but since being calibrated it has stayed true. Only wish CI offered additional shelves for this unit. You can easily add one maybe two shelves if you keep them flat. They are out there on other "cheap humidor" sites for about $15 each. Overall I am very pleased and would recommend this unit to anyone.
Doesn't have exquisite craftsmanship; there are minor flaws all around. However, it's amazing for the $99.00 price and I absolutely LOVE it! If you're on the fence about it, I hope this helps you off of it!
Seals awesome and holds humidity perfect. Per other reviews I also purchased 2 Humi-Care bead jars along with the humidor. I use those and the humidifier that came with the unit and it holds 70 percent perfectly. Would recommend as a purchase to keep your nice cigars in with no worries.
Absolutely love this humidor. It's the second one I've ever bought so I'm not to hip to all of the things I'm supposed to look for, but I can tell you that the display is beautiful. It's well made and durable, and it gives my living room a touch of class. I've heard that Sure Seal is the way to go and this humidor has the stamp. The only trouble I have is getting the hygrometer to read more than 65%. Other than that, great buy for $100. I definitely recomend this buy to anyone looking to upgrade their humidor size, or for just a way to show off your cigars. You're the best C.I.
I have to start with, WOW! I received this humidor as a 50th Birthday gift. I've been looking at it for a long time, studying the reviews, and trying to decide if this was the right one for me. My only question now is, why didn't I get this sooner?? It is a beautifully constructed, much heavier than I expected, and fully adjustable piece of art. From the three multi-position shelves, to the gold tasseled brass keys (you get two), to the engraveable faceplate, it's just perfect. It is exactly what I wanted!!! I have the hygrometer calibration in progress, and cannot wait for my next day off to start seasoning this piece. It arrived with not a single mark on it. You gotta worry about anything with 4 glass sides, but I can tell you, it's well packed!! And I have to give a HUGE shout out to CI. My wife ordered this on the evening of the January 28th. It was ON MY PORCH by noon, on the 31st!!! I don't know how they do it, but I could not be more impressed. I've always given their customer service 5 stars, but they knocked this one out of the park!!! So if you're waffling, I would say take the plunge. You will not beat the quality and capacity, for the price. I LOVE the fact that I can now SEE what I have waiting for me. The Coleman Coolidor worked great when it had to, but it's time to relegate that back to the garage and it's rightful task of Frosty Pop Master!! After reading all the reviews, and now seeing the piece for myself, I have absolutely no concerns about the quality of this piece, or it's ability to provide the proper protection and humidification my sticks deserve. I know my wife won't see this review, but a HUGE thanks to her for a great choice. And once again, THANK YOU CI for your outstanding service to the cigar smokers in this great nation!!!
Excellent humidor, great look, fits my needs perfectly.
I am a long time cigar smoker and this humidor is the TOP value as far as holding humidity and appearance. Forget the drawer type or box type humidors...they do not suspend the cigars for 100% surface humidification like this one does. First thing to do when getting this humidor is to wipe the entire inside down with a damp sponge. Then you will need to spend an extra 6 dollars or so to buy another elongated humidifier bar that is magnetized just like the ONE that came with the humidor. Mount one humidification bar at the center top, and the other at the center bottom. I am able to keep a perfect 76-78% humidity this way (just the way I like my smokes) with no problem. The seal, hinges, and appearance are perfect. I get compliments from my wife's friends that are not married to cigar smokers. Looks like a furniture piece. I cannot give this humidor high enough praise. I have smoked cigars over 25 years and this is the BEST...hands down.
I received my humidor as a Christmas gift from my wife and I set it up in a good location. Thank God it has a lock because there are people who claim they smoke cigars and they actually waste them and as much as good quality cigars cost... I be John Broen if I watch someone mess up a stogie (now that's disrespectful). At first I couldn't get it to lock because the latch was upside down and the drawers were sliding and the door wouldn't shut tight but with a few alterations my humidor is up and running and keeping my cigars fresh.. I would honestly recommend this to a friend.
All the reviews said it was nice, but wow! This is a very nice unit, great value, fast shipping thanks CI as always you rock!
Great humidor! Very pleased with the price and its ability to hold humidity. Can anyone share with me whether or not the lower tray is able to be removed and slanted at 45*? Mine feels like it wants to move, but I don't want to force anything. Thanks, and Happy Thanksgiving all.
Have this beauty sitting at my work desk, looks great. very glad I chose this one. I did everything I was supposed to do to setup humidor and after a few weeks it finally stabilized. You just need patience I guess.
Omg I love this! Just got it, it looks really good in my smoking room but my lock kinda sticks but over all 1-10 I give this product a 10 hands down.
Let me just say THIS IS BEAUTIFUL! Such a great piece to have in my man cave, everyone that comes over complements me on it. Great wood finish and color, had some sticky stuff on the glass but it came off quick and easy, I have noticed a few minor problems. One I have noticed being when you shut the front door sometimes the magnets shut the door kind of hard and it moves the analog hygrometer making it incorrect, but this isn't a big issue if you just put a digital one inside witch, you should do anyways to know the temp. The second issue is the amount of space it says 75+ but honestly your only doing that if you triple stack all of your cigars; which just makes it look like 10 lbs of crap in a 5 lb bucket. I also have a wide variety of brands and cigars, and I like to see them all, so about 50 cigars is a good number that way you only have to double stack the same cigars and you can see all the different cigars and brands. Overall worth the price and very pleased with my purchase.
Great humidor for the price! It is not a custom box but I was very pleased with the finished product. It is definitely more susceptible to tempature swings so make sure to keep in a somewhat temp controlled room all the time. My only regret is not going bigger. I filled this humi up quicker than I thought.
This Humidor is awesome! Great value, I strongly recommended!
UNDENIABLY AMAZINGLY AWESOME! Pictures can not do this thing justice! It is such a piece of artwork and beauty. If I had enough places to put them, (and cigars to fill them) I'd buy 20 more. There aren't enough stars to properly rate this. If you told me it cost between $400-$600 I would believe it in a second. Anyone that has any complaint about this other then it made to many people jealous doesn't deserve it.
Gorgeous! One small nick upon arrival, but was easily taken care of with furniture marker. Keeps a constant and steady temp/humidity after a 48hr seasoning. My prized sticks are already in it!
It's a master piece guys!!! Very satisfied with the product, came in great condition, fast del and most important thing: holds the humidity right at 70 so u can't go wrong with that...
overall the thing looks awesome... but theres a problem with the seal i did the flashlight test an found numerous locations where light got thru.. not to happy with the purchase
Over all I am happy with this humidor. It seals well, looks good and I can view my favorite smokes when ever I wish. The only issues I have with it are a few minor nicks and one indention. Nothing noticeable from a distance. I'd give this an 8 out of 10.
This thing is a beast. Right out of the box (after 36 hr. seasoning) it holds tight @ 65 RH without problem (both analog and digital). Aesthetics are that of designer quality and leave little to be desired. Very satisfied with the overall construction. A tight squeeze @ 75 cigars, but that's what I've got in it right now and still maintaining a gorgeous presentation. A no brainer really... (Note: A great feature to this produce is the shelf placement. Shelf pegs can be placed evenly [for level presentation of trays] or at an off-set angle [for 45 degree presentation]. This is a great unit and offers significant diversity. For example, I've personally set the bottom tray up off the bottom of the humidor and placed Heartfielt Beads underneath for bottom humidification and attached the supplied humidification [flower show rectangle] to the top. That way humidification comes from both above and below all trays.)
The display is extraordinary, and the craftsmanship is of a quality much higher than I expected for such an eye-catching stick holder.......especially at this low price point. The only downside is that I have found it difficult to use the included humidifer. It did not hold when I placed it at the top, and it doesn't seem to work efficiently when placed at the bottom. The best solution I could think of was to either use the humidification jars, or to apply mulitple smaller humidifers at the top and bottom. Regardless, I am thrilled with this offering and foresee many years of enjoyment admiring my sticks through the glass.
Awsome addition to my man cave !! Great Price...
Got this Humidor for my boyfriends Christmas Present. He opened it early and we have been enjoying it ever since. The quality of the wood is very nice, closes tightly. Beautiful way to present your cigars.... There was just a TAD ding in the front of the unit but it is easily overlooked.
Great Humidor, SEASON SEASON SEASON!!!. once we got it all good to go it works flawlessly.
Great size and is a conversational peace up in the "loft / man cave." Ordered two and the first one came with scratches on it. really disappointed with that. However, everything else about them fits.
great humidor, construction is fantastic, and holds humidity great. Will invest in a electric humidifier next. great shipping and packing. Thank you CI...
I got this humidor in two days ago. I'm loving it! It's a beautiful display piece. It's holding between 68-69% humidity. Now to fill it up! Time to order some more cigars!
Just ordered this today and can't wait until it arrives. Will be a nice display for my cigars. Will post again once I have it set up. Haven't been disappointed yet by CI so I'm looking forward to my new arrival.
Can't put into words how happy I am that I found CI. I've been getting some great cigars at a lower price than pretty much anywhere else that I could find. Not only that, but this humidor managed to arrive a day early. What a great surprise to come home to after a long day at work. Letting my humidifier do its work overnight before I put my cigars into it. Looks great and seems to have a pretty solid seal. Eventually I'll have to get a digital hygrometer, but the analog one that this unit comes with will have to do for now. Sturdy packing with tons of foam, and not a single nick or ding. Thanks, CI, for the great products at great prices.
Humidor looks great virtually on anything. It's also very durable and well made, the only flaw is the hinges they look very old. Still, this is an awesome humidor overall.
Very pleased. Just what I was hoping for, and what a deal!
I spent several days seasoning and then added some cigars. After several days of seasoning the cedar, it began to stabilize. I was concerned if the seal would be good enough since it was a side door and didn't have the weight/gravity to help keep a tight fit. I have been pleasantly surprised how well it maintains a solid seal. I added the Cigar Oasis XL to provide a better control of the enviorment, but rarely do I hear it even distribute moisture. This is a beautiful piece and a great conversation item. I will most likely get another one soon to display more of my favorites everyday cigars! This does require a longer setup and perhaps a bit more maintenance, but a fun piece. I would recommend this to anyone who takes pride in their collection and wants to display them.
Just received it yesterday, steady frame, good looking just needs more attention than your avg desktop humidor. 4.5/5
Really nice display humidor for the price. The only issue with this piece is the seal, It has some spots where the door can let light in when using the flash light trick. It may take more to maintain 70/70 but the look and construction of this well made humi make up for it. 8 out 10.
"My fiancé bought this for me as a birthday present, This thing looks great in the pictures.. But.. Looks even better in person! It's only going to hold 75 if you double stack, however, in my opinion, looks fine stacked. Analog Hygrometer looks very nice but is rarely accurate (as most are). I have the bottom tray on the first line (pegs included) which leaves ample room underneath for your humidification weapon of choice and thus allows for maximum smoke storage. This thing would be well worth the $200 MSRP, but at CIs $89.95, it is an absolute steal!
First week with this humidor. Nice one overall. Pluses: looks beautiful. Can put the shelves at a 45 degree angle or flat. Clean looking. When I first got it there were a few small gaps in between the cedar frames that hold the glass in place so I filled them withj silicone caulking and weather stripped the front door (holds humidity well now but never tried to see what it was like before the mods) Negatives: Mahogany finish/paint is a little light/spotty around the edges and corners. Mine had a small scratch in the wood near the analog hygrometer. Hygrometer hole is a little sloppy. Cedar shelves had a bit of white fuzzy mold in the cut out slots when it arrived but I scraped it away before seasoning.
Excellent Humidor, the seal around the door is tight. I have had the unit for 1 month now and it maintains a humidity level between 68 and 74 rh.
What a beauty!! Recieved this a week ago in a large box shipped with heavy duty styroform protection!! Came with great direction for seasoning and calibrating the hydrogmeter, good thing because I had no clue. I did the salt test and it was 10% off! I used distilled water in the humidifer and used hot steamy water and fogged up the windows which did the trick to stabilize the cedar without damaging, now its sits at a great 70% accurate humidity! This a a great humidor that has good weight to it and solid construction all the way through!!
(Desktop Vertical Display Humidor), I just finished my indoor Tiki Bar conversion from our old dining room and wanted a cool cigar display cabinet. Basically the cigars that I intended to put in it would be from the chosen one and mega samplers, just decently good cigars for company and the regular smoke. Well, I got it and the thing is perfect. I stack my cigars in doubles and it sits as one hell of a cool piece for the room. The seal is decent and really tight if kept locked. There are magnets in the door to keep it closed, but lock it to seal it properly. The shelves are movable but I think that it looks best how the ad shows it. The hygrometer is analog and I rely on it like how I rely on a flat tire, but if you swap it out for a digital hygrometer, or atleast put a digital hygrometer in it to babysit, then alls good. I got it at 70 percent and it stays pretty well as long as you don't open the door too much, as expected. This humidor is very sturdy and the finish is really nice. I say, it's top notch for a display piece but I'd recommend keeping your best cigars in another humidor all together, preferably one without a glass window, which is common knowledge in the humidor business. As a final note, if this thing caught your eye and your debating, and now your looking at the reviews to help you consider, well... that's what I did also. This is exactly why I'm writing my review, to help recommend this to you for I felt the same way. Oh, as far as the shipping alert, it came quick. I live in SW Florida and it got here in about 4 days if I remember right. Thanks CI!
Had this for about a year now. It was fine the first 6 months but the last 6 have been horrible. I cannot keep stable humidity...and yes, I tried all the "common" fixes. I took all my sticks out and started inspecting...there are gaps between the cedar and door as well as between the cedar pieces holding the glass and the glass itself so it does not seal well. It appears the glue holding cedar in place around the glass has either come loose or there was not enough to begin with and the strips are popping off. As for the door strips, they are held in place with three small nails and pretty much came off in my hand. While this is a pretty piece, it has proven to be useless as a humi. I would return it if I could, but as its a year old I am sure that is no longer an option.
The price was awesome, got it via 'Make Me an Offer' It looks fabulous on my desk in my study and best of all I could see the sticks on display, not like the other humis out there. It did have minor scratches, but touched it up with a stain-marker and looks great. Thanks CI for making it affordable and making me feel like a Millionare. You have a customer for life!
I have had this humidor for about 10 days now. I love the looks and details, but I can't get to read below 74. Got the jelly jar and the rectangular water holder.
Got this humidor last week, got my jelly jar, filled up the H2O tablet, but I can't get the humidity below 74. Any suggestion?
Got it a week ago, looks really nice but only able to get it to 50. I have two shot glasses of distilled water with the rectangular humidifier plus humi care crystal gel jar. Anybody have any remedies?
Got this humodor a couple of weeks ago. What a beautiful piece of furniture. Came in perfect condition. Only issue I had is that the door was slightly misaligned. Being a woodworker I fixed it in no time. Really like the quality magnetic catches that keep the door shut without latches. It only holds 75 cigars, but it is a display masterpiece. It is also very heavy which allows you pull the door open without it sliding across the table. The huge compartment gives you a wonderful smell of spanish cedar and cigars everytime you open it. It does require a little more attention to keep the humidity where you want it, but you will enjoy doing it. You can't go wrong and for $89.00 it is truly a steal.
What a beautiful piece of furniture. Holds a 70/70 balance all the time. Well worth $200.00 let alone $89.99. I see some people are not happy with the seal of the unit. KEEP IT LOCKED and it is air tight. Great item, nothing but the best. A++++
I bought this humidor about a month ago. It has a very sturdy constuction, tight seal and is a great display with a nice antique look to it. I calibrated the hygrometer when I got it and then placed it and one of my digitals inside for comparison and it's spot on. One minor issue, the humidfier needs to be recharged more often than my other humidors. I think this is probably due to the fact that although it is only a 75 cigar humidor it has a lot greater internal volume because of all the space between shelves as you can see in the picture.
Just got this for an early Xmas present box even though it said glass and fragile on it was dented, the girlfriend was panicking about it so she said to open it up and make sure it wasn't cracked. Very well packaged with styrofoam and bubble wrap you could throw the box down a flight of stairs and it wouldn't surprise me if it didn't break. This thing is a beauty I'm seasoning it as I type this, analog is off but that seems to be the case with all of em, I don't use it anyways can't wait to display my new limited edition "my Uzi weighs a ton" sticks I just picked up. Also a few nice padron series 1926 sticks are going right in front and I'm locking the door!!!!
I am a new owner of this gem, puchased with a cigar oasis xl electronic humidifier. Seasoned it for 72 hours with distilled water and two gel bricks. Would only come to 60 percent humidity, so none of my prize sticks went in. On a whim I put the electronic humidifier in it , and voila within 24 hours two digis and the analog were at 70 percent. Started to add my prized sticks, about ten at a time, and to my amazement, it held within minutes at 70. Now have about 100 sticks in it and it is holding steady. And the humi itself is a work of art. Really needs a place to be shown off. The analog hygrometer really works and is consistant with my digis. Would highly recommend the humi, the digis and the cigar oasis humidifier. And 5 star to CI for the service.
This Humidor is very well constructed, it looks great, and keeps the humidity great, it also has a good seal. The Hydrometer came in broken but no big deal, I dont use the analog hydrometers anyway, I ordered an electronic humidifier that has one built in. But besides that it really is a beauty. Thanks CI for yet another great product, at a great price. If you are thinking about purchasing one, dont think, just do!
This is one beautiful piece of furniture. As mentioned though, you'll have to stack your cigars in order to get 75 of 'em in there. That's ok with me though. Humidification is a problem if you go with the stock humidifier. I could'nt get it past 50% (I live in Nevada where it's pretty arid). However, the guys at CI suggested I buy their tube type humidifiers and place three of them in with the cigars (along with the stock flat rectangle humidifier). That did the trick. I get a constant 73% humidity now. Boy! Do my cigars look good in there!!!
I have a differnent version of this humidor. Made by the same company, almost identical. It's great. Excellent construction and I love it when friends see it and and they're like, "Wow!" The only complaint I have is it requires a lot of attention, the seal isn't the best and I think I'm sacraficing humidity. I keep my good smokes in my other humi.
An awsome display!!! Looks beautiful(Desktop Vertical Display Humidor) anywere you put it. It's also very durable and well made. It comes with extra pegs for the shelves so you can arrange them anyway you like. The 75 cigar capacity is kinda pushing it though, I can fit about 12 cigars on each shelf without double stacking, so about 24-25 on each shelf but it looks kinda taky with them double stacke. Still, this is an awsome humidor and I couldn't be happier!!
"WOW" This humidor (Desktop Vertical Display Humidor) is incredible. It is very easy to maintain and I recomend this humidor to anyone looking to buy one.
WOW this humi is bad ,(Desktop Vertical Display Humidor) way more heavy-duty than i thought it would be. Girlfriend got it for me as a gift and I could not be happier with it. now she cant get mad when i blow paychecks at Cigars International so i can keep this baby stocked!!!!
Great humidor (Desktop Vertical Display Humidor)! Got it as a gift and it fits the bill perfectly. Displays my cigars with pride and I do not need to mess around to find my cigars as they are all laid out in their glory for me to choose! Came in mint condition and I cannot say enough good things about this humidor! What a great birthday!
Great humidor (Desktop Vertical Display)!!! This holds a decent amount on its 3 shelves and looks good doing it. With this, I don't need to open it up and lose my humidity to see what kind of glorious smoke I'm going to enjoy. I make my pick, open, grab, and close. Great buy!
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