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Cigar Jar Humidor

A great starter humidor or one for the office.

The cigar jar humidor is made of heavy acrylic, boasts an airtight seal, and comes fully equipped with a humidification system hidden inside. This is a terrific way to ensure 25 of your finest cigars are protected in the right environment.

A step up from some of the "extra cheap-o" cigar jar humidors on the market, this Ravello model has thicker acrylic and a reliable seal.
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Cigar Jar Humidor - Ravello
Acrylic Jar In Stock $35.00 $19.99
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Customer Reviews of “Cigar Jar Humidor”
The Cigar Jar Humidor - Ravello is a handy little container to keep a small stash of your favorite cigars handy at the office or wherever else you decide to hide them. I've been using mine to hold some of those "Joe Cigar" deals I knew wouldn't be around again for a while, but didn't have enough room in my humidor to hold. It's swing-top lid seals in moisture extremely well - so well in fact that I needed to find an alternative humidifier besides the foam disk that's included. Using it with CI's Cigar Juice left my digital hygrometer reading above 80%. If you happen to pick up this little jar, I've found that a Humi-Care Pillow is the best choice to keep your cigars at 70%.
CH of Ballwin, MO
What a great way to display your cigars on a desk or bookshelf...It is a very practical way to store cigars with a tight sealing lid that keeps the humidity in the jar very very well. In fact it does keep the humidity levels extremely well for an extended period of time. I had to toss some cigars due to high humidity exposure, be careful with this humidor! You can't complain about a humidor that contains humidity well, but minus one star for an over-sized humidifier.
BK of Sacramento , CA
Awesome travel humidor. I got one of these for Afghanistan, and it held up without a scratch my entire time in the war. It says it holds 25 cigars, but those must be tiny ring guages, if you're throwing in bellicosos and robustos you're looking more like 18 or so, but there was no issues with length, I've got some 7" Graycliffs in there right now. Great for the office or for hunting trips, and shows that you're serious about your smokes, but without coming off too snobby. Also agree you have to watch the humidity, my I don't know what the percentage was, but I'd let my sticks air a day before I smoked them if they stayed in the jar for a few weeks. Not an issue if you're steadily changing them out though, and it's good for a "rehab" of your cigars after they've been shipped.
SP of Apo, AE
I was surprised at the size of this humidor. I guess I was thinking more along the lines of an actual jar. Instead, the humi is huge! Great for storing cigars of any shape and size, or those Joe Cigar deals you don’t want to pass up, but just don’t have room for in your other humidors. I haven’t seen this in other reviews, so will mention that it also comes with a cedar disc at the bottom. Great feature. Can’t wait to get this on the desk and start getting some comments!
FS of Lake Helen, FL
Agreed a great humidor, personally don't care for the strong cedar flavor that a lined box humidor imparts to my stogies. No seasoning involved and they cure up pretty quick. But constant soaking the disc too often can get the cigars too moist really fast, so have to be sparing with juice. Great in hot, dry weather. Made a good gift for cigars buddies.
Great overflow humi. I now have (3). I don't use the humidification device that comes with it, I use (1) 72% Boveda Humi Pack and know that it is at my desired level. I keep a wide variety in them as my go to humi to keep from opening my desktop humis as often. Love them. Great item. Would Buy again. I also plan to use them as long time storage and feel that they would work great for this.
AQ of Hephzibah, GA
Just purchased this and I was definitely surprised at the size of this humidor. For some reason I had envisioned something a little bigger than a mason jar or something. This humidor is HUGE and seals really well. I have like 10 cigars in there and there is definitely room for a few more. I am using the humi-care pillows to humidify as others have said the humidification device provided is too much. This will definitely work for an overflow or for new cigars before I put them in my other larger humidors. I will probably also use it for when I try infused cigars down the road to keep them separate from my natural cigars. Definitely recommend for the reasons I stated above.
JT of Hanover, PA
Love this! Moved, had this stash keeper in the house for 3+ years. Opened and enjoyed a perfectly kept Punch even after all this time!
This jar humidor works great! Excellent for keeping that tasty stash of cigars nice and fresh. I am very pleased with the product. Fresh cigar, anyone?
TY of Saint Louis, MO
This jar works really good. Great for holding a box of cigars. The jar is larger than I expected!
DT of Pittsfield, MA
Great as a back up humidor when your 250 unit fills to capacity.
WD of Greensboro, NC
I bought three but have discontinued using except for very short-term storage. They tend to over-humidify and make the cigars wet on the "light" end...not good.
Tight seal, used a 69% Boveda instead of the humidifier that came with it. Holds about 15-20 sticks.
TL of Hauppauge, NY
Love this item.. Very sturdy and well sealed...
I bought two of these to use for cigar recovery. I like to use them to put freshly bought cigars from CI in for a week before I add them to my big humidor. They work well for that. I can only fit about 12-15 churchhills in the jar FYI.
AS of Winter Park, FL
For a small humidor, this one does the trick. I ordered one to assist while being deployed to Afghanistan. This was perfect. It was just big enough to hold my favorite cigars and kept them fresh through the entire 9 month deployment. I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking for something small, strong, and reliable.
Man, I like this thing. I added a Humicare Hygrometer and use the Humicare pillows and it maintains levels like crazy. I add my new cigars to it after 2-3 weeks of shipping to the Navy ship I am on, and BAM!, they are holding steady in this baby for smoking status. Then I move them to my regular Humidor... Great for traveling also!