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HUMI-CARE Crystal Gel Humidification

This is fantastic stuff!

Just saturate your HUMI-CARE jar with a small amount of distilled water and the beads absorb and expand. These specially-formulated beads contain a humidity-balancing solution of propylene glycol, so you’re assured of a slow, steady release of moisture and constant humidity of 65-70%. Each refill with water typically lasts 1 to 2 months, and each jar can be refilled over and over for up to a year before replacing. It’s a no-brainer, ideal for 25-150 capacity humidors - grab a couple of jars if you have bigger humidor or multiple shelves. Keeps your stash in good stead and means very, very little babysitting by you. Each jar is 4oz.

2.5"H x 2.63"D

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HUMI-CARE Crystal Humidification Bead Jar
4 OZ. PG JAR In Stock $12.00 $9.99
Overall Rating 4.44 out of 5 Based on 55 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “HUMI-CARE Crystal Gel Humidification”

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5 out of 5
Jar of Beads
I was having trouble getting my humidity up in the cold Winter. The beads totally work! Brought me up to 68% which is a lot better than the 59 I was hovering around.
5 out of 5
Another bunch of fine smokes. I've shared with friends and they should be coming to the CI family.
5 out of 5
Keep the best
I have tried other products, nothing compares to this.
2 out of 5
dont last long and not as accurate/effective as advertised
I think the beads are overrated. in two different humidors they have failed to maintain the level.
5 out of 5
Another Great Product
Great product and service as usual.
5 out of 5
Great product!!!
I filled my jar with distilled water the day it arrived (almost 2 weeks ago) and it has maintained steadily at 75%. I have a 100 capacity humidor with about 40 sticks in there and the HumiCare jar is doing more than fine keeping up my collection. I'd highly recommend it to cigar lovers old and new!
5 out of 5
Awesome product
CI always has the best prices and quick delivery!!!!!!!!!
5 out of 5
Does what it claims
5 out of 5
Awesome product
I am using this in a 49 cigar Herfador and it's working perfectly to keep my cigars at the correct level even in a desert environment
5 out of 5
Humi-care crystal gel bead jar
Works great. Highly recommend
4 out of 5
Good and on time
Got just what I expected, on time, I will order again.
5 out of 5
Excellent Service
The pricing and service provided is excellent.
1 out of 5
Humidification beads
I recently purchased 2 jars of these in the 50-100 count range. Either I don't know how to apply these or they don't work period. Have had these fo about a month now and they just do not keep the 70% range that was promised!! If I keep they humidifier in with them they will work but then why purchase the jars? The best they will do is 60%. Will never waste my money on these again!
5 out of 5
Great place to buy top
Great place to buy top quality cigars
5 out of 5
first time customer
I ordered a special deal from yall. I got exactly what I ordered and I'm very happy with the quality of most of the items. The lighter I ordered is the only thing I have had an issue with. I had it in my pocket with a knife and the paint started coming off the first time I carried it. I would definitely use this company again.
5 out of 5
Humi-care crystal gel humidification.
Works great took about a day toy get humidity right put has been good sense.
1 out of 5
wont raise humidity above 60% It was 70 % before I put it in . Just keeps dropping . Waist of money
wont raise humidity above 60% It was 70 % before I put it in . Just keeps dropping . Waist of money
5 out of 5
Great Humi-Care!!
This is the best way to preserve your cigars!!
5 out of 5
A must for every humidor
this may be the easiest way to keep your humidor in the pecfect range. Bought the as gifts, big hit.
5 out of 5
Does what it is made to do
5 out of 5
Great Product
This is my primary method for my humidor and keeps the cigars in perfect condition. Much better than a sponge since you only have to check every few weeks. Highly Recommend.
2 out of 5
I put two in my
I put two in my 50 cigar humidor and humidity indicator in only in the first line Not happy with it
5 out of 5
No instructions
It works great!!, but I wasn't sure how much water to put.. so the gel balls grew and over flowed into the box... clean up was easy, no mess.. It would have been good to know how much water to add, initially....
4 out of 5
Beads are better
I've used the crystals for years, and they're a great product, but I live the beads! Just be careful when you re-rill the jar, or you'll have beads rolling all around your humidor.
4 out of 5
It Works!
Assuming you have a decent humidor, this does exactly what it's supposed to do. -1 star because its awkward shape is less than efficient in the average humi… Preferred the "Black Ice" version.
4 out of 5
All in all it works.
This is keeping my whitetail glass top humidor with 35 sticks at a steady 67%. This is a little lower then I would like.
2 out of 5
humi-care crystal gel humidification bead jar
When i got the product there were beads on the top of jar. When i filled up with little water and beads expanded the lid came off. I had to put rubberband on the jar so the beads wouldn't come out
5 out of 5
The Best Stuff Ever!!!
I was having a problem with my humidor humidification system until I purchased a jar of Humi-Care! Now my cigars are perfect! Thanks CI!
5 out of 5
humi care
It's been about a week since it arrived. Placed in my humidor after the salt test and seasoning my new humidor. So far works great.
5 out of 5
Wet it and forget it. A great time saver in keeping up with my humidor.
5 out of 5
Herfador and perdomo
Best deal to date! I bungee the case on my bars and go share my good fortune!
5 out of 5
Great products and service
I have been a customer for a few years. I have tried others, but ended up as a loyal CI customer. Great service. All of my orders come on time and correct.
5 out of 5
Great product
Simple as 1...2...3 Order--add water---put in humidor
5 out of 5
Great service better smokes
It has been a long time since I ordered from CI but nothing has changed. Great prices and fast service!
5 out of 5
Excellent Quality Product
This is by far the best humi-care product I've purchased. Going to make this a constant item in my inventory
5 out of 5
Great product
Works great, nice and easy!
4 out of 5
long lasting never had a problem with these crystals
1 out of 5
Lack of
with a small a out of sticks in a seasoned humidifier I am not able to keep it above 65% even with 35 sticks in a 50 stick plus humidor.
5 out of 5
Great product
This isn't the first time I've purchased this product. It works exactly as advertised. It keeps my humidor and cigars in perfect condition.
4 out of 5
Everything worked great great deals!
Everything worked great great deals!
5 out of 5
Good product
Has been keeping my humi at 70 for about 2 months.
5 out of 5
Great product
Add your water and it's good for a month... Can't get any easier!
4 out of 5
Works very well
First time using gel in my humidor and this seems to work very well with a consistent humidity.
5 out of 5
Humid are beads
These are great! So simple to use and they work so well and the fact that you can re-charge them with distiller water makes them a no brainier!!
5 out of 5
Great little device
I’ve ordered these for a few years now. they do last a long time, just keep ‘em full of distilled water and my humidor is perfect. I use one in a 50 cigar sized box. Have not had any issues. The humidifier that came with the humidor got a mold bloom pretty bad and i didn’t trust it anymore. Switched to this solution and no issues in past 3 years. Each does last over a year
5 out of 5
Worth it
Good stuff
4 out of 5
Best for medium sized humidors
This product works well. Not going to be big enough for those monster humidors, and would take up too much space in a small one but perfect in the 50 - 100 stick sized ones.
4 out of 5
It is a great product
I don't give it 5 stars because of how slow it can be. If you need to raise your humidity it will work, but it takes days to weeks to work. If you just want more buffer to maintain, this works perfect. I personally think that 1 was not enough for my humidor though. I'm contemplating buying another one to hopefully make my humidor more stable.
5 out of 5
What's not to like!
I have been ordering from CI for years now and I will continue to. The humi-care products are great as are the deals!
5 out of 5
Humi-care crystals jar
Once I reseasoned the humidor per packet instruction and put that little gem of a jar in there for 24 hours and restocked.........good to go. A perfect 70% humidity. Product works well.
4 out of 5
humi-care beads
Very happy with product, but need in smaller container to fit in some of my humidors.
5 out of 5
Humi-Care Crystal
Excellent as advertised and my cigars are perfect!
5 out of 5
Great humi beads
ive been a true and loyal customer from CI for a while, and all I can say about this purchase is these lil bad boys are spot on when they say it stays at relavent 70%!! Great stuff!! Highly recommended
5 out of 5
These jars are awesome!
I bought one of these to replace the one that came with my humidor. Being that the one I had couldn't keep a ideal steady humidity of 70%, I popped this sucker in and it has kept all of my cigars perfect for well over 2 months!
5 out of 5
Humi care
Great product
Customer Testimonials
Thing works like a beast. I never need to worry about how my humidor is doing.
Still keeps going. Threw this in with others in my new 600 count humi. As I start adding more stogies, humidity is staying at between 67 ~ 70.
Great product. Keeping my cigars fresh and tasty.
Wow, this little jar really works. I have a 250 count humidor. This little jar keeps me right at 72%, so I'm glad I did my homework. Thanks CI!
Brilliant! It works exactly as advertised. It keeps my humidor at a constant 70%. It's well worth the purchase.
I put off trying the gel humidification for years because it just seemed like the easy way out to me, but then I gave it a try. What an idiot I was for waiting! These jars make humidification a no-hassle task. VERY well worth the small price to pay.
Seems to be working fine, I use it for my large humidor in conjunction with some Boveda humidifying packs. The only negative I have with this jar was that the inner-lid that keeps the beads inside is pretty lose, so be careful when you grab the jar (I thought the lid would be tighter like my Xikar Jar which I had previously used).
Good purchase, I was going through the packets every few weeks and these beads have been great, saving me good money.
Much better less watching and checking.
Take it easy with these little beads!!
These work perfect for 50 ct humidors!!!
Work's great and hold's humidity just like it say's.
Seems to do its job. Very low maintenance.
Works as advertised.....happy humidor!
Simple to use, works great, even pre charged from the get go. Lasts for a couple months before needing more water, highly recommend.
Wonderful product, keeps my humidor at the proper levels and my cigars in wonderful smoking condition. This is the "set it and forget it" of the humidification world and if the crystals start to shrink just at a little distilled water and you're good to go.
A nice alternative to cheap foam disks. The only problem I had was with the size of my humidor. It was too small (50 count) to hold the jar and the cigars. Would be great in a larger humidor.
this product is great for a novice like myself. it is simple and works great in the toughest of environments.
Threw this in my 50 cigar humidor about a week ago and its been sitting at a solid 70%, my stock humidifier was crap compared to this! Defiantly recommend this to everyone.
These are great. I filled the jar to the line with distilled water and placed them in the corner of my humidifier. I was of course leary like any cigar lover and watched over them like a mother hen. However rest assured I did get a constant 70 which is great this of course coupled with a digital Hydrometer was the key. Put these babies in and who dont have to check in for at least a month.....These are a must have.....happy smokes
Just what I needed, back on track.
Directions are a bit hard to read. Just add some distilled water and viola.. A+++
it seems to be working great keeps my humidor right at 69 percent
Awesome! Just pop it in your humidor! Butterfield for President!
I have not had much luck with this product, unfortunately. I have a fairly large humidor and it they still takes up a lot of space, and it seems like I have to constantly refill them with water. They are a little more expensive but I would recommend the humidification packets, which seem to keep your humidor at a more constant level and leave more room to stock up on additional cigars. I've just had too many fluctuations using these to recommend them. May work better in a small humidor that isn't full and can spare the extra space.
It takes a lot to impress me enough to write a review on anything, but I gotta say these humidification elements are nothing short of miraculous. I live in AZ where temperature and humidity levels change drastically throughout the year and it has made it difficult/impossible to maintain humidity levels. I have two decent sized humidors and was having mold issues with the traditional water elements so I had to clean/sterilize the humidors and switched over to Xikar gel elements to prevent having future mold problems. Humidity levels would not rise about 60% and ended up ruining about 40 cigars. After being unable to get the humidors to achieve correct levels, I stopped storing cigars in them since I assumed it was something wrong with the humidors. After reading the reviews for the Humi-Care units I decided to give them a try. I ordered in some Humi-Care elements from CI along with a big bottle of Cigar Juice, and after getting the elements "juiced" I put them in the humidors. Within an hour both humidors were holding steady at 72% humidity. Dropped 70 cigars into the humidors and the Humi-Care elements continued to maintain 72% humidity, weeks later the humidity levels haven't budged and the stogies are resting comfortably. I don't know what is different about the Humi-Care units over others on the market, all I know is it WORKS and it works WELL. Don't waste your time with the other stuff, get a Humi-Care element and some Cigar Juice and save yourself a ton of headache. Wish I would have found this stuff years ago.
This product takes all thought out of keeping the perfect amount of moisture
I'm having a problem getting mine to 65-70%. Maybe it's a user error.
These things are AWESOME!!! Just a word of advice though: if you attempt to drain out any excess water, MAKE SURE YOU HOLD THE VENT/LID IN PLACE! or you will be wondering if it is worth it to try and dig all the beads out of the trash can! I decided to just buy a new one. The blow the brands away.
Consistent 70% for my humidor!
What a difference these make in my Humi. I was struggling to stay under the 75% mark with factory pads. I put these in and bam within the hour I was down to 70% and it has not moved from there. Great product.
Very good choice; keeps humidity perfect.
Seem to hold humidity at about 68-70% using a digital hygrometer. Fairly hassle free. Mine arrived slightly dry. Just be careful if adding more distilled water or solution. They expand and can overflow from the container. I only keep the jar in a 50 count humidor. Adding additional humidification causes too much humidity. Overall a good product and low maintenance.
Love these
Works perfect.
I am gonna keep it short and sweet....It friggin works!!! Keeps my humidor at a perfect 70 degrees and it's easy to use. I keep the crystals moist with Humi-care cigar juice. Stupid-proof way to keep your yummy cigars in pristine condition. A must for all cigar smokers.
Works perfectly. Easy, just pop it in, close the lid, done.
If you don't have one of these inside your humidor then there is a problem. Keeps my cigars and humidor at a perfect 70% humidity and you do not have to refill it with cigar juice every 4-5 days. Amazing product!
These are worth their weight in gold! Work great and I find them much easier then tending a sponge.
I had one of these in a humidor I had let sit for at least 2 years. Full of cigars.. (I know, cigar abuse) They were cheap smokes. The jar was in there, a few crumbs in the bottom.. I figured, what the heck, I'll just put some water in it to start getting this humidor back to the right moisture content. I came in the next day and opened the humidor, and it was like the Humi-Care angel came in and put all new stuff in the jar. All the 'crystals' had grown back. If your jar gets dry and looks like it's empty, just put some water in there. It's awesome! They lost a sale as I was going to replace the jar but, they gained a loyal customer. I'll put them in all my humidors now!
good stuff, buy it
Good jar. I keep all of my 5 Vegas in here. Do yourself a favor and tear out the foam humi and replace it with a few humi beads.
I just put one jar in my small humidor this morning, and already my hygrometer is reading a perfect 70-71%!! I am so happy with this product, and happy with this site!Thanks Humi-Care!
I love this addition to my humidor along with the humidifier. It does help to maintain the 70% humidity level. I am a new stoggie smoking person. I am checking my humidor everyday to insure my stoggies are in the propper range of humidity. I did buy a second one for my second humidor and I love it.
Using only this jar in my 50 max humidor, I must say that I have had no issues with consistency in the humidity level. I see very minor fluctuations in the range, but all within the 68-72% range. I initially used the disc humidifier that came with the humidifier and remained frustrated by levels that were too temperamental. My humidor has been in use for a few weeks and was seasoned properly (by following aficionados expert advice exactly). From day one with this product, I have had nothing but perfect levels of humidity without constantly worrying about my stogies. Buy this.
So far so good, does the job.
I just seasoned my humidor for the 48 hour mark and let the gel in for the last 24 hours to make sure everything is 100% for the cigars. Went to bed with the hygrometer reading 75%, woke up and BAM! A PERFECT 70% humidity. Been a couple days now and still a perfect reading of 70%. Havent seen it below or above 70%. Awesome product for every humidor.
great product, reasonably priced
Keeps them fresh
Works excellent and no problems at all. Keeps my humidor at the % that I need it at. Everyone who has a humidor (big enough to at least fit the jar) should own some of these. Satisfied once again CI.
Thanks to CI’s incredible prices, I’ve found myself greatly expanding my cigar stocks. Just as recently as 3 months ago, I was still using distilled water in the pad of my first humidor’s included humidification box. Boy, what a pain that was – constantly worrying how long it had been since I last checked the hygrometer – constantly worrying that my pad had dried out. These crystal bead jars are fantastic. I started with a second 100 capacity humidor and these 4oz jars, and realized that they were not drying out, even over the course of weeks. At 2.5 inches wide and 2.25 inches tall (with the lid off), they take up a corner, but placing them at the end of 5 inch long cigars, that fits pretty well. I recently bought a 300 capacity humidor, and use two 4oz jars in that one – mostly so I don’t have to refill as often. While I still use the hygrometers in all four of my boxes, nothing ever needs to be adjusted. I love that! Planning to take the beads out of the jar and use them in a custom plastic box? No problem, the perforated lid can be removed easily; it’s snapped in place – not welded (I was curious about that after reading the other reviews here).
Awesome product! I'm using it in the Milano Glass Top 100 count humidor. Easy to use and maintain.
Perfect jar for everyone. Just add solution or water an your humidor becomes a Perfect enviroment. I own 3 myself almost a year ago.
This is really great stuff! You get all the humidity you need inside a convenient jar. I got one of these for my 100 count humidor and it works great! Keeps my humidity at a constant 70%. I also love the fact that I can recharge it when it runs out. Great buy!
The Humi-Care product really works. I added distilled water in the jar for a 100 count humidor. After preparing the humidor with sponge and distilled water (just follow directions that comes with new humidor) I am happy with humidity and temperature. The rectangle humidifiers that come with most humidors you have to be charged. I could not reach the desired levels of humidity with the rectangle humidifiers. I took the humidifier out (forever) and only rely on the Humi-Care jar which is what keeps my humidor at desired numbers. I highly recommend this product as it really does work. I have to admit I had little faith in the product but after experimenting it gets 5 out of 5 stars for my 100 count humidor.
The Humi-Care crystals are the perfect no-nonsense way to keep your cigars fresh whether you're a veteran cigar collector or just starting out. It doesn't get any easier to maintain a humidor than with these. I haven't had any mold problems, which was a recurring issue with the "foam puck" humidification elements. The only downside is the physical size of the 4oz jar. If you have a smaller humidor (<100 ct) then I would recommend purchasing the CI crystals (2 oz) instead.
This is a great product, but there are some things you can do to make it even better. The jar takes up to much space, which leads to less room in the humidor. I took a clear plastic box that some I-bolts came in, which was more longer than wide. These boxes are also used for screws, nuts, or other hardware items you may purchase. They make them so you can get out the number of screws you need, then push the lid back down. Using the plastic box lit that is attached to the box it's self. I took a 2X4, layed the lid on top of it, and started punching lines of holes in it. Then I poured the gel beads into the plastic container then laid it on it's side in the humidor. Due to it not being wide, I have more space, and the gel still works just as good as in the jar. I got the idea from the long humidfier I ordered on CI that you lay in water for a couple of hours. It was the same principle as the plastic box I use.
Dont forget to add water because it will never work without it.
I bought a 300 capacity humidor. It's stable at 72 or 74. But the only problem I'm having. I have too many gars an humidifiers plus two home made humidifier. Its taken alot of space. I'm wondering if the device would work better with a fan.
This stuff is like magic! I decided to try the crystals in my 100 count humidor because the humidifier that came with it was keeping my humidor too humid even though I was using the CI Juice. I put the HUMI-CARE Crystals in and by the next morning my digital read 70% and now hardly moves unless I open the box. Great product!
I bought the Humi-care Crystals to go along with my humidor I purchased a Tuscany Cherry 100 count humidor. I just use these crystals without the humidifier and it is at 70-72 %. It is a great.
These work great (HUMI-CARE Crystal Gel Humidification)! I put one in my Tupperdor and it holds a perfect 70%! Amazing!
Just place it in your humi and "forgetaboutit" (HumiCare).
This stuff (HUMI-CARE Crystal Gel Humidification) works and it is amazing. I placed it inside of my hundred count humidor and it keeps the humidity between 70 and 72. This stuff works great. Thanks again. I am going to place an order for two of friends.