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Machine Made

   » Wrapper: Sumatra

Machine made cigars include classics like Middleton's Black and Mild, Swisher Sweets and Backwoods. Yes, these cigars are extremely well known. Though these are not handmade premium cigars, it does not mean they aren't tasty. Typcially made with short filler and in mass quantities, machine made cigars are usually less expensive but can often times resemble and be just as enjoyable as a handmade. 

Grid List
    Country Man by Good Times
    $0.64 - $0.70 per cigar
    Villiger Export
    $0.72 - $36.95 per cigar
    $0.40 - $0.90 per cigar
    Agio Mehari's
    $0.54 - $0.60 per cigar
    Cubero Blend No. 12
    $0.48 - $0.70 per cigar
    Cubero Blend No. 35
    $0.48 - $0.70 per cigar
    Game by Garcia y Vega
    $0.54 - $0.95 per cigar
    Prince Albert
    $0.74 - $0.78 per cigar
    Villiger Cigarillos
    $0.60 - $0.80 per cigar
    Good Times Double Maestro
    $0.50 - $0.73 per cigar