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Diesel Unlimited Maduro

Just when you thought it was safe to leave the house – Diesel. Unlimited. Maduro.

That’s right, gents, your favorite new blend has a whole new look, and you better believe it’s more enticing than ever. Another winning combination from Diesel should come as no surprise, especially since I can’t tell you how many requests I’ve been fielding for the maduro version of Unlimited. Well, your wishes are granted and your prayers are answered. This tasty little sucker has finally arrived, and it’s just as good as you hoped it would be.

Unlimited Maduro is a full-bodied masterpiece, draped in an absolutely gorgeous Broadleaf maduro wrapper that glistens with natural oils. A quick peek beneath the sheets reveals the real meat and potatoes – a lovely San Andres binder and a bold mix of Honduran and Nicaraguan long-fillers. Think we’re done? Oh, hardly. Flavorful, feisty, and expertly crafted, this premium handmade will take you on a journey through notes of leather, coffee, cocoa, and spice, all complemented by a slightly sweet, slightly peppery taste. It’s rich. It’s satisfying. It’s the one you’ve been waiting for....Diesel Unlimited Maduro. 

  Size Pack In Stock MSRP Price Qty Cart
d.4 (Robusto) (4.7"x52) BOX OF 20 Backordered $140.00 $79.99
5-PACK Backordered $22.00
d.5 (Robusto) (5.5"x54) BOX OF 20 In Stock $150.00 $84.99
5-PACK Backordered $24.00
d.6 (Gordo) (6.0"x60) BOX OF 20 In Stock $160.00 $94.99
5-PACK In Stock $26.00
d.7 (Gordo) (7.0"x58) BOX OF 20 In Stock $170.00 $99.99
5-PACK In Stock $28.00
d.c (corona) (5.0"x42) 20 CIGARS In Stock $140.00 $79.99
5-PACK In Stock $22.00
d.P (perfecto) (5.0"x58) 20 CIGARS In Stock $160.00 $94.99
5-PACK In Stock $24.00
d.X (beli) (Belicoso) (5.7"x56) BOX OF 20 In Stock $160.00 $94.99
5-PACK In Stock $26.00
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Customer Reviews of “Diesel Unlimited Maduro”
This line has been my favorite since I picked up a box of the Robustos on sale. I have been hooked ever since. The Belicoso size is even better than the Robusto. Rich chocolate, espresso and farm.
AW of Munhall, PA
All the great strength and complexity of the regular Diesel Unlimited and the Unholy Cocktail; but the maduro wrapper calms it down a bit, lets you savor the stick without getting your head taken off. (FYI, Diesel's head-taking-off cigars are excellent as well.)
PS of Philadelphia, PA
I smoked the Salomon I got in the Diesel Salomon Flight. This is the best of the bunch. I found Hair of the Dog a bit acrid and the Unholy Cocktail good but nothing special, but the Unlimited Maduro really stands out as a complex and enjoyable smoke. Other reviewers notes of coffee and cocoa are spot on - its a seriously enjoyable smoke.
TD of Brooklyn, NY
Love the Diesel Shorty, love the Unlimited, just got my paws on some of these babies and have one going right now. Absolutely superb! Excellent flavor, excellent draw, tons of smoke! What else could you want? A must try!
MM of Clayton, NJ
I usually don't write reviews, but this one deserves it! This cigar blew me away! Lots of pepper off the top and then smoothed out to a nearly two hour smoke-filled experience. I waited for a week before I decided to try one. My humidors are full, so I hadn't even given these gordos a chance to get out of their cellophane wrappers to rest, but I had to have one. Nice three fingers of Johnny Walker Black, a good book and I'm ready for an hour. Nope. Try about two hours. This beast kept burning and burning and tasting better every puff. I still get a wicked burn in the nose from retro-haling, but I could definitely taste the cocoa and cedar. This is a wonderful cigar, but still very potent. There was some serious power lurking, like what you expect from a Diesel, but mellowed a bit by the Maduro. I will keep at least five in my humidor, especially when I have at least a couple of hours to burn.
JH of Wichita, KS
Got a bunch of the gordos from cbid. Tasty after some rest in humi. Keep them drier. Thick dense smoke when smoked slow. If the stick is too moist it'll go out on you. Sweetness to the charred leather taste. Good value. Aroma is unbeatable!
What a great cigar! I'm usually done with one in an hour, but this baby lasted nearly two hours. Spicy at the beginning and then a long experience of great taste, cocoa, leather and other goodies. It was a great way to relax after a long week. I will be ordering these beauties again!
JH of Wichita, KS
WOW! Big flavor upon lighting - not overly spicy. Mellowed through the middle, but still provided much complexity and flavor. Bold flavor returned towards the end, smoked to my fingernails. A friend raved about this one. I caught it in one of my samplers. Halfway through the smoke, I ordered a 5-pack. Could be my new go-to favorite! My fav's are and go-to's are: CAO Brazilla Samba and Rocky Patel Decades...the Diesel Unlimited Maduro d.x Belicoso may just have taken the lead. Absolutely delicious, well constructed, smooth full draw with rich creamy smoke. Can't wait for my order to come in.
CM of Kansas City, MO
I have many different brands in my humi, however this one really stands out. Reasonably priced but sure does taste good. I will be buying a box or 2 of these every month.
SM of beaverton, OR
I do not know what to say that has not already been said. This stick does not disappoint. I was extremely impressed when I lit it up and took my first drag. It was a smooth draw from start to finish and provided hints of earthy chocolate. I highly recommend this cigar to anyone who enjoys a medium to bold cigar. Great quality at a reasonable price. The only drawback is the lingering cigar taste the rest of the day, even after brushing your teeth.
CS of El Paso, TX
It's by far my favorite in the Diesel line. Love them all, but this is the standout! Beautiful wrapper, perfect draw and burn. Leather, pepper, some chocolate/mocha. If you love maduro, you can't help but to love the Diesel Unlimited Maduro!
JL of Jefferson, TX
Exceptional flavor, smoke, construction and consistency. I'm a CAO Brazilia go-to and enjoy my Oliva's as well, along with the occasional RP Decade...all great. But these Diesel Unlimited Maduro's are going to force me into a second humidor (50 stick now). Well made, beautiful wrapper and consistent, long, smooth burn. Toasty, spicy, smooth, full flavored and ever so slightly-sweet and absolutely full on delicious. Truly looking forward to the spring when I can enjoy more often outside with a nice bourbon, a CI magazine or good book, and some jazz or classical in the background. This is what cigar smoking is all about.
CM of Kansas City, MO
Another great Diesel! Took awhile for me to grab these, but glad I did! For me it started out with a nice wood/pepper mix followed by a very nice dried cherry/cedar combo. Not overly complex, but awesome all the same.
WG of Bossier City, LA
Smooth for such a full bodied smoke, Diesel Unlimited Maduro is a worthy addition to the line & another "must have" in my humidor. Featuring a dark broadleaf maduro wrapper & a Mexican binder, over Nicaraguan & Honduran ligeros, you will undoubtedly agree, DUM is delicious!
I got a chance to try Diesel Unlimited Maduro for the 1st time when I bought a couple of the AJ Fernandez Full Bodied Feast Mega-Samplers. I thought the Diesel offering was the regular Unlimited until I looked a little closer at the wrapper & band. The former was obviously a Broadleaf Maduro & the latter was lighter in color. They are Unlimited Maduro d5 robustos & I was enamored with its full bodied/ full flavored profile. It's really no surprise considering the impressive portfolio of full flavored maduro blends already being produced by AJ Fernandez. Estd. 1844, San Lotano, Diesel & Uncut, to name just a few. I enjoy the San Andres binder utilized & the way it marries to the ligero fillers. A perfect compliment to the maduro wrapper. I am storing these at 70% humidity due to some wrapper issues, but otherwise am pleased with the purchase. Expect to taste earth, leather & an underlying sweetness from the broadleaf wrapper. Already affordable, they are an even better deal, when you find them in a special or sampler. Fullheads & maduro lovers should both find plenty to like about this new blend. 90/100
I've been on a cigar sampling bender for the last few months and picked up some of these. The one I smoked had a great consistent burn and held ash well, but the flavor was the best part! Spices, coffee, dark chocolate, loved every puff all the way to the nub. Then I stood up and felt the power! Great stick of you can find 'em on sale..
AM of Papillion, NE
OK so, let me get this take the best line of cigars on the market, then wrap up some AJ Fernandez blended filler with a San Andres binder and finish it with a Broadleaf Maduro wrapper? Heavens to Betsy, gents! This is the best cigar dollar for dollar by a freaking mile! Hell, it might be a top 5 at any price point. I have a box of D.7 gordos I will age and absolutely cherish for years on special occasions. This is just as good as a Man O' War Ruination at half the price! Words cannot do this piece of art justice, so I'll just shut up.
SJ of Tatum, TX