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Victor Sinclair Primeros

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An eye-catching, mild-bodied gem from the Dominican.

For those seeking a mild-bodied cigar but with ample flavor, one that is priced right and consistent time after time, Primeros answers the bell. Loaded with smooth, creamy flavors, this pleasantly mellow smoke features a golden brown Connecticut wrapper and an aged filler blend of Dominican Seco tobaccos with a sliver of Ligero. A handmade light enough for rookie palates yet enough finesse and flavor to satisfy you grizzled veterans too.

  Size Pack In Stock MSRP Price Qty Cart
Churchill (7.0"x50) Sale BOX OF 20 Sale In Stock $124.00 $34.99
  5-PACK In Stock $18.00
Gordo (6.0"x60) Sale BOX OF 20 Sale In Stock $150.00 $39.99
5-PACK In Stock $19.00
Primeros Tins (Cigarillos) (4.0"x30) 50 CIGARS Backordered $75.00 $29.99
TIN OF 10 Backordered $15.00 $7.99   Notify
Robusto (5.5"x50) Sale BOX OF 20 Sale In Stock $100.00 $29.99
5-PACK In Stock $16.00
Toro (6.0"x50) Sale BOX OF 20 Sale In Stock $115.00 $34.99
5-PACK In Stock $17.00
Torpedo (6.5"x54) Sale BOX OF 20 Sale In Stock $130.00 $34.99
5-PACK In Stock $18.00
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Customer Reviews of “Victor Sinclair Primeros”
I purchased the 5.5/50 bundle of thirty square pressed Primeros. I generally smoke a fuller bodied cigar such as Punch Maduro Rothchilde or the Gran Habano 2000 Reserve. Yet at times I enjoy a mild bodied cigar in the rotation. As I was taking them out of the cello to put in the humidor, I noticed a few had tears in the wrapper and others were mottled in color including green spots. The boxpress was uneven in some. I did not lite up the first one optimisticlly. I admit though that this stick burned perfectly and has a nice mellow flavor with a bit of spice through the nose and a slight creamy sweetness on the palate. Over all a very nice, yet mild smoke. Some cigars improve with age, others do not as they have already peaked. I suspect this might improve a bit with age. This stick is worth a try if you like mild and affordable.
FF of Eau Claire, WI
I have been a CI customer for years, i have smoked many different brands of cigars. i am a mild cigar smoker. the Victor Sinclair Primeros was given to me by my best friend L.Sloan (also major fan of CI) for me to try. this Cigar to me, is the best cigar for a mild smoker. this cigar i will put up there with any of the RP Connecticut brands. Victor Sinclair,Thank you for making such a fine Cigar.
What can I say about VS primeros. I was introduced to them by CI and paid less than $2 per stick. It is a basic, satisfying cigar. I used this cigar to transition two of my friends from CAO Moontrance to a real Cigar. One of them liked it, the other moved to CAO Gold as a stepping stone. This cigar ALWAYS has a place in my humidor. I will take another fan's advice and age them for a few months in my humidor. I smoked them within 2 weeks of delivery. I smoke cigars in my office afterhours, and there are still days when I come back to the office in the evening, and can't wait to get my fingers on the orange label, even though I usually have CAO's or Gurkhas waiting. In summary, a reliable, satisfying, mild, pleasant smoke.
RJ of Brooklyn, NY
Those who love a mild smoke and a pleasant draw are going to love this opportunity at such a bargain! (Victor Sinclair Primeros) From start to finish this cigar offers a mellow and smooth experience to the palate. Has this cigar been over looked? I see no other comments about it! If you're out there tettering on a bargain purchase for something mild and mellow this is it! Not to mention the freebie as an added bonus! Please! I do not work for CI and have only the cigar lovers best interest in mind. My only kick back is your ....."amen"!
SN of Napa, CA
Victor Sinclair Primeros are mild, like a grandma on the front porch. You just sit back and enjoy the cigar like a good "grandma" story. A little spice, but overall just a creamy delight. Mellow, like grandma. Ya know?
SL of Watauga, TX
I am into my first 50 of the Primeros Petites. The best little cigar I have had the pleasure to smoke. I was a Corona - Lonsdale type smoker for years. But I was wasting more cigars than I smoked. I found these bad boys and I am satisfied. Plus the price... Thank you CI... yea daddy oh.
JW of Coal Township, PA
The (Victor Sinclair Primeros) is a jewel of a find! Very mild with creamy notes, and hints of vanilla. They are at their absolute best when kept in your humidor for about three months. Time in the humidor evens out the flavors and boy do they marry well. They smoke a little uneven straight out of the box, but if you want to blow your mind, wait the three months. You will not believe you paid less than two dollars a stick. I purchased this cigar to have in my humidor for guests. You know the ones, yes they snuff out your $20.00 stick only after a few draws. Yes those guests. But I must say that I ended up falling in love with them. I plan on getting another box right now and letting them camp out a bit in the humidor. You can't go wrong.
PC of Brea, CA
Been very happy with the VS brand (Victor Sinclair Primeros). Introduced to them at a local cigar party, happy with the ones ordered at CI. Both the CT and Maduro are nice.
JE of Easthampton, MA
Just wanted to say how much I love the ( Victor Sinclair Primeros).I have finally found a cigar with everything I was looking for in this truly remarkable jewel. Try these, and you won't be disappointed.
WB of Ontario, OR
I'm new to CI,used to get my cigars from one of the other guy's..Been smoking for 13yrs.but the other guy doesn't carry Victor Sinclair,when I first looked at one of your catalogs.I saw this brand I thought this must be one of those close-out brands,that I was used to seeing in other catalogs..How wrong I was this is the second cigar I smoke(VS Primeros Robusto)I'm more of a medium-full smoker,but this being a mild smoke.You do not get bored w/this stick,like some of the other mild smoke's.Complex,volume's of smoke,great so sit back and relax you will enjoy this one,I burned my fingers it was so good..So I will stick w/this brand,just hope you guy's will always carry VS brand..Just hope the other guy's don't start selling it want them all to myself..
jb of hagerstown, MD
As I sit on the front porch enjoying this one a few things stand out. First off, it burns very even. As I approach the nub it is also staying cool. While mild, I wouldn't say it lacks flavor. I would honestly compare it in taste to a 5 Vegas Gold or a Gurkha Park Avenue, both of which I really like. I like a variety of strengths and flavors with my cigars, and this one is a GREAT addition! Very pleased with this purchase.
AF of Richmond, KY
what a great cigar for a great price i like all strength of cigars mild to stroooong. This is the best mild ive ever had creamy smooth all the way through. A small bite at the start only the first 2 puffs or so. after that like i said butter smooth all the way home. victor sinclair got this one just right....
PN of houghton lake , MI
Just purchased the 30 bundle of Primeros 55 box press. Very strong pepper taste at first light but does mellow out after an 1/2 inch with a mild palate. The wrapper is very thin so use caution when you attempt to remove the band (especially if you remove prior to smoking), it will definitely tear the wrapper. Wrapper does have a mottled look but hey, its an inexpensive daily cigar. One last issue, after unwrapping the bundle, the cigars were very "soft", but did not have any draw problems.
PM of Akron, OH
I'm on a quest for a mild $2.00 cigar for daily smokes and on the golf course. I recently bought a box of VS Premeros and here's how the first 15 sticks went. I feel required to state that I do not allow cigars age for a month or two before smoking them, how many of us really do that anyway? All cigars have good mild flavor. I have no problem here. 11 out of 15 unraveled in the middle of the cigar while smoking it. 2 of the 15 have been plugged and had to be tossed before I got a lung hernia trying to get smoke from them. 2 of the 15 have been great cigars. I shall continue my quest.
DC of San Clemente, CA
This is my third blend of VS cigars. I have tried the 10th anniv., Conn. Yankee and Primeros. All three are great values and excellent cigars. Additionally, the flavor and strength of the smokes are as advertised. The 10th Anniv. is medium-bold. The Yankee is medium with good flover start to finish. The Primeros is mild yet packed with mellow flavor. All three are great for any occassion. The smokes are well packaged and smokable right off the UPS van. Thanks CI for stocking these gems.
MT of Arnold, MD
Just smoked my first straight out of the bundle. Enjoyed it. More complex then I thought it would be. First 1/3 good but not great. 2/3 peppery and spicey. Final third straight foward flavor. Wished there was another third!
PM of Ocala, FL
A good stick at the price. Mild with just a hint of natural sweetness in the last third. I only tried one of these as part of a VS sampler, but was quite satisfied. No burn problems at all. I generally like a firm draw. This one was more in the middle. A little too much glue on the wrapper makes removing the wrapper dicey. I have had lots of more expensive cigars that were not as good as this!
PB of Deland, FL
I've smoked a box of primrose ,after reading all the feedbacks I must say victor Sinclair made himself a winner.these cigars are a 10. The burn is even ,the draw is perfect only thing I found is you can't remove the ring until your almost there the glue gets hot and comes right off. The taste is wonderful,fantastic ,marvelous . Can't decide on a cigar? Make it a Victor Sinclair-your mouth will thank you.
AS of St Clair, MI
I like a mild cigar. These Primeros are excellent cigars. They are well made and burn wonderful. The draw is smooth and the taste consistent throughout the smoke. I let them sit a few days in the Humi with a little cognac added. Yum!!! I will surely buy more of these.
MO of Little Egg Harbor, NJ
Not a review guy but had to review this cigar...I smoked my first VS Primeros as part of a VS sampler. The primeros was the only one I liked, and I liked it a lot. It's almost as creamy as the Perdomo Champagne 10th Anniversary, but for a much lower price.
I enjoy a mild / medium cigar that starts smooth and burns smooth all the way through. I like the Robusto size and smoke this knockout when I'm out walking the dog, relaxing on the deck or enjoying a night out. I will always have this one in my humidor right next to my Drew Estate Tabak Especial.
I dont like them at all, just me never buy any more.
KN of overton, NV
The Victor Sinclair Primeros are great, the draw is perfect and produces tons of smoke. It is a very mild smoke with a good earthy/ nutty taste. The burn was nice and even all the way down to the nub, once you get to the last third there is a hint a pepper but not much. It stays cool and firm all the way down. Very smooth cigar, it is a perfect cigar for beginner smokers.
RQ of Albertville, AL
Love these 6x60's on the golf course ...great mild smoke ..can't beat the price
I tried the VS Primeros cigarellos in my hunt for a decent little smoke for a quick smoke break. I have tried many cigarello brands and have been disappointed by most. Victor Sinclair is my new go to brand, replacing Macanudo Ascots, they have a great flavor, the packaging holds in moisture to the point that they seem straight from the humidor. Macanudo's needed a week in the humidor just so I could cut them without them cracking. VS Primeros are good to go right out the box and man what a buzz!
DS of Doraville, GA
Got a tin of the cigarillos. They are pretty good little cigars for when I want a short smoke. Not my favorite, but the price is nice. Less than a dollar each.
BW of Pomona, CA
Smooth and silky. Slight creamy taste. Good morning cigar. Mine had a weird citrus taste at the beginning. I think it was caused by a damp spot on the end of the cigar that wouldn't burn. Great for the price! (7/10)
MK of Farmington, IL
Great smooth smoke. Just now ordering another box!
RM of Elk River, MN
Excellent for that quick smoke with the same great flavor of the full size Victor Sinclair! Very good at a great price! James in Louisiana.
WR of Pineville, LA