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Backwoods cigars are a fan favorite and a staple in the cigar industry. Made of a 100% natural blend of mellow tobaccos, these rough-looking cigars have a freehand look to them. Backwoods cigars are most known for their mild and flavorful taste and an distinctive, sweet aroma.

Backwoods are also packaged in convenient resealable pouches.

Shipping Constraints:
These items cannot be shipped to Maryland or Washington state addresses.
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Pack In Stock MSRP Price Qty Cart
Black & Sweet (Cigarillos) (4.5"x32) Shipping Constraints
BOX OF 40 In Stock $50.80 $28.53
Honey Berry (Cigarillos) (4.5"x32) Shipping Constraints
BOX OF 40 Backordered $50.80 $28.53
Original (Cigarillos) (4.5"x32) Shipping Constraints
BOX OF 40 In Stock $50.80 $28.53
Sweet Aromatic (Cigarillos) (4.5"x32) Shipping Constraints
BOX OF 40 In Stock $50.80 $28.53
Shipping Constraints:
These items cannot be shipped to Maryland or Washington state addresses.
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Customer Reviews of “Backwoods”

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Can't beat these little cigars (Backwoods)! First of all, they are very masculine, right out of the Old Frontier days. They are just the right size---not to large so lighting one up is a time committment like a cigar. The smoke smells great, like a pipe, and tends not to be offensive to people around you. Finally, they smoke sweet and soft. One last thing...the flavored varieties are not over flavored, sicky sweet like many flavored cigars...or many pipe tobaccos. I don't know how Backwoods does it, but these are flavored smokes without overdoing the sweeting.
Bad Economy and Currently Temporarily Disabled From a Car accident. My Daily smokes have changed DRAMATICALLY. Every day i used to smoke Padron Coronas with my Daily Coffee. NOW that my entire Collection (of non super premiums of which I am down to a full 50 ct Humidor.) of daily smokes are GONE! So my new daily smokes have changed and these are one of the good ones. It is Machine made and is made with "Aromatic" tobacco although It at least has a Real Wrapper (not that tobacco paper crapola) its a Broadleaf Wrapper and is a nice dark natural not consistent at all in the wrapping nor the wrapper leaves but these are not beautiful they are dry cured. IDK about binder IDK if they even have one I never bothered to dissect one. But I find them to be a GREAT choice when it comes to machine made Cheap Cigars. IMO the Aromatic flavor masks any inconsiderateness of the smoke so they always taste the same even though they all look different. In all in my book they are a good smoke for the price less than 65 cents each they will not break your budget. Also on a second note these are good beginner cigars they are dry cured ( i believe) and i dont think they require a humidor as they come in 5 packs sealed in foil and as long as you at least fold the wrapper (the foil one not the cigar itself lol) I have not had one that was too dry to smoke. Although the first cigars i started smoking were Honey or Vanilla C.A.O. Flavored Cigars I now know I was paying way too much for the smokes as these give C.A.O. a fun for the money. So, if your like me and can stand an AROMATIC cigar for a daily, if you cannot afford something better, or want a cigar you can smoke anytime with little maintenance. As not needing a cutter, a cigar lighter (disposable lighters work fine) or a humidor. these are Especially good if your looking for something to start smoking give backwoods a try! They also have a nice aroma and smell much better than $1 cigars even long leaf at that price. so like i already said if you haven't already try a box you'll smoke them.
A friend introduced me to these (Backwoods) and they have been a regular staple ever since. Most people comment at how they smell good (the Aromatics) and the flavor from the smoke isn't too overpowering with sweetness. There also isn't some faux flavor on the cigar itself to taint the smoke. CI has them for the cheapest of anywhere i have seen and CI will ship them anywhere as I used to get regular shipments during my tour of duty in Iraq....they were always there within a very reasonable time.
Backwoods are a great quick smoke made from the best tobacco there is in machine made cigars good flavor and no moisture concerns
I have been smoking these cigars (Backwoods) for about a month and these are definitly my go to smoke. Very flavorfull. Love how they look. Taste as good as candy all the way down to the nub. All time faverite and CI has them cheaper than the gas station down the road. WooHooo!!!!!
Backwoods seem to be mini-cigars made with pipe tobacco. They do give an aromatic smoke that smells good even to non-smokers. But after one or two, you begin to get that chemical taste that most flavored tobacco cigars suffer from. The construction is very simple and to be honest, not much tobacco in each cigar. A good beginner cigar that you can find in any drug store, but there are better inexpensive flavored cigars at CI.
These things (Backwoods)smell like pipe tobacco. Skinny-looking things will almost inspire you to roll one yourself (if only you can find a place that sells whole tobacco leaves!) They taste perfect, mild, slightly sweet, with a reassuring smell that'd make you think of trees, log cabins, and cast-iron stoves. Unfortunately, QC is a concern: in a pack, there will be on average one or two that are a pain to draw on. They're good for a short break/escape, and on days off, you'll want to smoke three. Fun fact: if smoked in public, you WILL be approached by someone asking if you're smoking reefer, because well... they look like blunts.
Smell better than they taste. I've smoked both the Sweet and the Honey Berry, and they both are extremely aromatic. But even after a few draws, the chemical taste starts to get me. Honey Berry is ok though, the sweet flavor makes up for the chemical after-taste. Very woody and warm flavored. Not bad for a quick smoke on the cheap that I don't feel bad tossing out half smoked, or smoking around others....they do smell amazing, and I've gotten comments on them.
Great, but just went up in price.
Love these small cigars. Perfect for a 20 minute smoke, or if want some cheapies to bring with you on a trip. The original have a good cigar flavor and the honey berry are very sweet and have a good aroma. I've tried an aromatic one and didn't care for for it, but I personally think it was just a dud since it had a bad draw. The aromatic does have a nice cocoa scent. The honey berry is the most sweetened and flavored. Plus, they look freakin' awesome. I wish more cigars had a shag-foot. Pick some up for your next fishing trip.
Meh....not terrible for quick smoke that you can get at most convenience stores when you're desperate. I much prefer the Ashton Half Corona for the quick smoke. The Ashton's not as easy to get and aren't $2 per stick...but much more flavor than Backwoods Original.
Tried one of the originals from Backwoods today, not that impressed, maybe I should have tried one of the flavored versions. Stuck some in the humi, to try to see if it can be seasoned some.
Bye, bye Backwoods. I've had 20+ years of smoking Backwoods. I even stuck with them some years back when they jumped prices by going from the 8 pack to the 5 pack. The reason? The best very cheap mild cigar on the market. But not any more! Despite my 20+ year loyalty, I have always been very frustrated by the poor construction of Backwoods. Holes, tears, cigars packed too tight to smoke....
Thoroughly disappointed in these. I had worked my way through a bale of Bandidos and wanted to try out something different for a quick smoke so I picked up a box of the aromatics after researching my options for quite a while. I wanted something quick and tasty, but not too small. I wish I had gone for more Bandidos instead. The Backwoods are really mild, and pleasant to those in the vicinity smelling the smoke. Their smell doesn't linger in/on me for hours and their aftertaste dissipates faster than most other cigars too. Though mild, they unfortunately taste pretty awful to me. I thought they were going to be a little sweet, but I'm not getting that at all. I keep craving a cigar and when I go out to have one of these I'm reminded all over again how unsatisfying they are. I'm not sure how best to describe them, but I guess the smoke tastes stale to me and there is no pleasure to be had gnawing on them. I don't recommend these and won't be buying them again.
The Black & Sweets have a great taste and aroma. My only problem is consistency of the cigars: some are rolled too tight, others fall apart from being so loose.
It seems the quality just keeps going down and the cigars just keep getting smaller until they raise the price. The wrapper is getting so thin, it's hard to get a decent draw sometimes. Still, none of the competition really matches up for a cheap cigar.
wild and mild all the way to the nub
Very nice little cigars, I got the natural, gives a 10 minute break or so, good little flavor, but they really improve if you take them out of the individual wrappers and store them for a few days. I did that and smoked all 24 in about a week and a half. Good flavor and well worth the buy!
Love these smokes; hate the 5 instead of the 8 we used to get. I also don't like the occasional 1 or 2 bad ones in a pack, with only 5 to start with. That being said, Cigars Intl is excellent and Backwoods are excellent cigars.
Love these cigars! Usually buy at least 4-6 of the 40 ct boxes every few months! Wish there was free shipping for them all the time.
Love these little smokes. Great when you're in a crowd. The smell of the smoke is not offensive to everyone. Great for the cigar and beer on the deck.
I enjoy these little smokes, has a chocolate brownie smell, cool draw, good light flavor when smoking and nice puffs of smoke.
Cheap, and you can find them almost anywhere. Allen and me don't have time plus we are not near a cigar shop. These are my go to. The wrapper is whole leaf tobacco, and the filler is tasty. Definitely a good alternative when you don't have the time, money, or availability of a premium cigar.
"Best Cigars" out there for your money! Backwoods Honeyberry!
Good gar sometimes....seems the quality of the roll got better.
I love the taste of the honey berry cigars, however, I am disappointed with the consistency of the construction of these cigars. Though some are good, at least a third of the cigars are in poor condition. On more than one occurrence the cigar broke in half when I was simply taking it out of the packaging. Because of the construction of these cigars, I would not recommend them.
My fiance loves these I share them with friends, they always go over great. First time I bought one box they didn't last, next time I bought two boxes we will see how long they last!