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Drew Estate Tabak Especial Limited

The ultimate coffee infusion by Drew Estate.

Drew Estate Tabak Especial is a delicious infusion of Nicaragua’s finest coffee beans and aged, Esteli-grown long-fillers. This infusion results in a rich tobacco core layered by savory notes of espresso and milk chocolate, finished by a sweet, velvety aftertaste.

The Cafe con Leche is a special, limited production size that employs two premium wrappers to generate a wealth of exquisitely satisfying nuances and aromas. Both the foot and head of the cigar are cloaked with a dark Connecticut Broadleaf maduro, while the center of the cigar utilizes a silky shade-grown Connecticut leaf. Complexity is an understatement, as this cigar unloads a bold series of rich and creamy sensations throughout the slow burn.

Red Eye is a serious handmade for the serious enthusiast. To craft this stout, maduro-wrapped lovely, the masterminds at Drew Estate tripled the amount of ligero at play while maintaining a slight influence of rich coffee subtleties throughout the blend. More ligero means more Nicaraguan tobacco goodness, and Red Eye will certainly satisfy. A rich core of black tobacco flavors and bold earthy undertones is met with subtle hints of coffee and sweetness - a sweetness that fades as the aged long-leaf ligeros take center stage throughout the burn. Medium to full in body and savory with every last puff, the Tabak Especial Red Eye is a work of art to be enjoyed by the conventional and unconventional alike.

Java fans, when it comes to coffee-infused blends, the Tabak Especial Limited Series is as good as it gets!

  Size Pack In Stock MSRP Price Qty Cart
Limited Edition Cafe con Leche (Belicoso) (5.5"x54) BOX OF 21 In Stock $170.00 $124.99
5-PACK In Stock $31.00
Limited Edition Red Eye (Robusto) (4.5"x54) BOX OF 21 In Stock $170.00 $124.99
5-PACK In Stock $31.00
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Customer Reviews of “Drew Estate Tabak Especial Limited”
A great smoke for a change of pace. If you like the Natural line such as ROOT and DIRT, you will LOVE these! Great chocolate burst at the start followed by notes of creamy goodness and a sweet ending! Great blend!!
DD of Oradell, NJ
Absolutely nothing like this cigar... I look at the other supposed cigars I used to love, now I can't even think about smoking one of them. Drew Estates has a winner here, boxes will be flying off the shelves... and if they don't good, I'll take all the leftovers.
JR of Brewster, WA
The Drew Estate Tabak con Leche, beautiful cigar. I love the idea of this stick, but not flavored cigars, however I love coffee so I gave it a try. I found the cigar from first puff to last, too sweet, like candy. I could not pick up on the coffee. I'm not saying this is a bad cigar, just not my type. If your a fan of mellow sweet sticks, be my guest.
VB of San Francisco, CA
I never thought much about infused cigars. I gave a couple of cigars to a co-worker and he returned the favor with a couple of ACIDs. I tried them and liked them. When I got the special offer from CI for the Cafe Con Leche by Drew Estates, the description, and my love of cigars and coffee got to me and I took a chance and bought a box and gave a couple to my co-worker. Over the weekend we tried them and both agreed they are GREAT. Mild flavorful smoke that was simply wonderful. I immediately ordered another box and a box of the Toro Dulce to try. Drew has made a really enjoyable cigar.
MK of Houston, TX
I ordered a sampler pack recently and this cigar was definately the best of the bunch. I actually got online to order a 5 pack right now. This cigar is delicious
RM of Barstow, CA
I've tried it........NEXT!
VB of San Francisco, CA
The Drew Estate Tabak Especial Ltd was a BIG surprise! An infused cigar has to really impress me to like it, and this one was very complex. Great with a dark beer or a coffee. Lots of mocha and cedar flavor, big pillowing plumes of smoke.
GR of Sterling, VA
I tried these on a sample pack (Drew Estate Tabak Especial Ltd.) on a whim, I tend to really like and enjoy Acid and Drew Estate cigars anyway, but when I got these and had a couple over the weekend, I was hooked! I turned around and ordered a box at an awesome price from CI so now I can not only enjoy them whenever I want, I can share with my son hen he brings the family over! Most excellent cigar from the Estate family- you will not go wrong on these!
HA of Watauga, TX
I cant give much more praise than the previous posts, will just say if you loved java, the con leche is your new mistress, wow .. excellent excellent cigar .. try it !
TM of Reynoldsville, PA
By far the asboslute best cigar I have ever had! While the price is what you'd expect from any premium Drew Estate stick, it has a great draw of creamy coffee flavor from beginning to end. These milds draw smooth and finish just as good as they start. I am a huge fan and I will be saving up for my box.
JH of Port Orchard, WA
This is one of the best cigars i ever had. It's like smoking my chocolate candy and my coffee all in one. I am waiting for a nice special on the cafe con leche!
RM of Milford, OH
In a word, amazing! I have to admit,I was not a connoisseur of flavored cigars. I figured, "why mess up a good thing?" But, when you first open the wrapper and inhale the rich mocha aroma, your hooked. Using a match to light the stick, immediate flavors of dark chocolate and coffee greet you. A little further in, you start to taste the creaminess and subtle hints of milk chocolate. With a toothy, sweet tip, producing clouds of smoke, you understand the genius of this cigar!
CJ of Freeport, NY
I don't get impressed very often by a cigar (although I enjoy a good smoke) but this cigar blew me away!! The coffee taste from beginning to end was unbeileveable!!! I even had my wife take a taste and she was impressed!! Super Job Drew Estate!!!!!
TA of Mabank, TX
Thank You CI for the best cigar I have ever had! A friend of mine give me 1 of the Tabak Especials and I was hooked. I am a Combat Firefighter in Iraq and deal with alot stress from time to time. It is an awsome experience to sit back at the end of the day to enjoy a fine cigar like these and wind down. Kinda makes you feel at home. And that means alot over here. Thank You for shipping to an APO.......Alot of companys don't...Thank You..
ST of Elizabethtown, NC
I LOVE THESE!!!!! Really, if you like flavored cigars, you will really like these. I have found my new favorite!
DA of Odenton, MD
Would it be too much to ask for a sampler with acouple of these in it?
KB of dartmouth, MA
Just not my thing - and I love coffee and love cigars! I bought a box (and definitely did not steal them). Gave them a little time in the humi, and have tried 3 so far. Nothing wrong with them. Well made etc, etc, but I guess they tasted more sweet than coffee. I was looking for a coffee taste, but really its just a sweet taste. Not my style I guess, if you like sweet cigars these should be fine. I like Padron anniversaries, and from drew estate the liga privada. Java's have more coffee flavor!
JH of San Diego, CA
Absolutly unbelieveable,great smoke,great flavor,big billowing clouds of smoke AND NO COMPLAINING FROM THE WIFE THAT THEY STINK. a REALLY GOOD SMOKE!!!
LL of merrick, NY
Hey Gang,just get the Drew Estate Red Eye,you won't regret it.There's a slight hint of coffee but the high content of well-aged Nic tobacco,(esp. the ligero), makes this a special treat for traditionalists,(like myself), as well as fans of infused cigars.To top it all off,when I got to the last 1-2 inches I tasted a flavor similar to Liga Privada #9-YOWZA!!IMO-Construction-100,Flavor-96,Aroma-100,Burn-razor sharp and very slow,Draw-excellent,Burn time-about 90 mn.Oh yeah,and the shaggy foot makes this real fun to light.I hope everyone enjoys this blend as much and more than I do.Jonathan Drew was born to make cigars.Thanks CI!
RK of College Park, MD
Been a big fan of Drew Estates ever since my first puff on a Kuba Kuba. I must say that the Cafe con Leche has solidified my love for this company even more! You get that same sweetness that you do from other Drew Estates infused cigars, although it's a little more subtle. Then there's a spicy, peppery taste and all of a sudden the back note of coffee comes into play. A very enjoyable smoking experience! Good work guys!
JG of Hilo, HI
RH of Bethlehem, PA
Last night my neighbor and I tried for the first time the Tabak Especial Cafe Con Leche, let me say we were both floored by its creamy, sugary flavor!! Definitely the perfect after dinner stick to enjoy. My favorite in the Drew Estate (Acid) collection has been the Kuba Kuba Maduro, but now I have found my new favorite! It burned smooth and even, and filled my lounge with a sweet smelling wafe. And now today I purchased 26 more sticks to enjoy. Once again thank you Drew Estate...
CS of Beaumont, CA
Thanks to my buddy Vince who made me buy a Tabak Speciale red eye. I am an avid smoker who really don't love 'flavored smokes' but this smoke has such a great flavor and not overweming at all with an awesome burn. Whether its with a coffee in the am or a good Cognac in the eve this smoke is up there with the best. Ordering my 2nd box.
NM of Hatfield, PA
Can you say TASTY! I'm a first time smoker and what a way to start. I ordered the flavored mix and within that mix stood the Cafe Con Leche. As I worked my through, it kept moving it's way to the back of my humi like a panther positioning itself to pounce and when it did, I could not get enough. I finally gave in to the heat at my finger tips. It smoked so good, I wanted to smack my momma. I'm adding these ladies to my quarterly budget.
CE of Roanoke, TX
By far, the single best cigar experience of my life to date. I'm still rather new to flavored cigars, but good god this one is delicious. Between the sweetened cap and the two wrappers, this cigar creates a smooth, even flavored smoke from start to finish. It is very sweet at the beginning but evens with highlights of sweet cream, caramel and coffee. Simply amazing! There will definitely be a box of these in my next order.
MM of Stamford, CT
My friend and I like to enjoy a cigar once or twice a week when we're out. Sampling new ones at these times has become a normal practice. First he brought the 1992 which was just an awesome cigar. My personal favorite was the Java. then he brought this one. amazing cigar. very much a sweet, coacoa flavor but that's what I enjoy. The difference in the wrappers really shows you the effect the wrapper has on the flavor of the cigars. It's a unique experience with three distinct flavors as you progress and absolutely the best cigar we've sampled so far. I personally would love to find one that's a full maduro though. I'd like to have that rich flavor you get at the beginning and end through the whole cigar. But this cigar is a definite must for anybody.
CC of Sierra Vista, AZ
This is a smooth laid back relaxing smoke. Yes, it does have to do with the coffee infusement. The association with coffee combined with a good smoke on its own enhances the subtly relaxing effect. I like these on a lazy puttering around time of day.
MS of Bethlehem, PA
OMG I Love Love Love Love this cigar!!!! My Fiance Loves it too, it is now his FAVORITE cigar. ok drew estate i see you.
JR of Allentown, PA
Holy Crap!!! After a long deployment in Mosul, Iraq, my buddy asked me to try this cigar. It was the "Cafe con Leche". I have to say, after a year long deployment in Iraq, this little piece of heaven made it all worth it. Great, Great cigar. I will definitely be buying a bunch of these.
JD of Danville, AL
I adore this cigar but, for me, I can do without the sweetened cap. I wrap the tip with tape to avoid that. Great smoke!
HS of Jacksonville, OR
Had the Cafe Con Leche (Negro) and it was fantastic. Similar to the CI Legends Copper Label (also a Drew Estate blend) only this one is stronger and more "tobacco-ish". Very good cigar, going to buy more of them. Got one of these and a "Red Eye" in a sampler package. Will be trying the Red Eye soon.
CL of Wyoming, PA
The best, gave one to a friend and he commented the best he's ever smoked. Have a tendency to try something else, but always go back to this one. Would be nice to have a special on them sometime. This is a great smoke, thanks for keeping them on hand.
Without a doubt, Drew Estate's magical touch has made the Red Eye, the finest flavored or infused cigar, in the world! I smoked my last one, last night, & already I am experiencing withdrawal. The bold flavors of chocolate, expresso & caramel coat the palate & excite the senses. If you have never appreciated a flavored cigar, try this one & you will know why the madmen at Drew Estates know exactly what they are doing. Now to figure out how I can get my hands on a 10 pack of my absolute favorite infused vitola.
Theses are some of the best smokes. Its to bad they are a limited edition (if that is the real case), I believe they would do just fine as a permenant item in the infusion garrison.
Wow, what a great smoke. The red eye is so far my favorite cigar ever, and I am not a fan of infused cigars normally. The cafe con leche is also great, milder but tasteful. The red eye is more flavorful, great taste of coffee throughout the smoke, fantastic to the nub. A must for any coffee and cigar lover.
I thought the Java Mint was awesome until I tried this cigar. This one is f--kin awesome period....
AC of Cape Coral, FL
Great smoke from start to finish. Sweet chocolate and coffee taste throughout. Good draw on each puff. Will buy again.
AM of Elkridge, MD
Absolutely amazing, for the price you couldn't have gotten a single thing better. I took it to my friends and they were all amazed, thank you CI for my favorite Drew estate cigar ever and for a good price too.
VO of Windsor, KY
Love Cafe con Lechi literally one of the best smokes ive had when it comes to flavored smokes. This cigar is perfect in the morning with a nice cup of coffee on a cool day. Love em!!
I had a Cafe Con Leche hanging around in my humidor for months after ordering an infused sampler. Just never got around to trying this one. I think the two-toned wrapper was making me think it was probably just a gimmick cigar. Smoked it and immediately ordered a box. There are not enough adjectives to praise this smoke! WOW, just WOW.
SB of Columbia, SC
Great cigars!
Tried these in a sampler, then ordered a box! Smooth, smooth, smooth!
TL of Westampton, NJ
I love this cigar, being a nubbie I have spent a lot of money trying many samplers, I have landed on Drew Estate cigars. After getting a Tabac Especial in one of my samplers I purchesded a box right away. I would highly recommend.
JN of Honolulu, HI
I don't usually like flavored sticks, but these are fantastic with a good strong cup of coffee, or on their own.
GW of Grapevine, TX
Absolutely the best cigar with a cup of joe in the early AM. Personally my favorite of all Drew Estates lines including the overpriced ones, a must try for all.
RP of Port Byron, IL
ATTENTION!!! Cigars International is "The bomb" for APO members. DONT BUY from others. They can take over a month to deliver. Ships PARCEL POST versus USPS Priority like CI. Now for the review of this cigar - The tip is a little too sweet from the beginning, but what a great cigar all the way through. The draw is smooth and creamy with hints of coffee. The dual wrapper plays tricks on you making you look at the cigar and think you puffing on two. This is one of if not my favorite cigar! Everyone needs to know your company is the best if they want the product delivered quickly. My average has been 8-10 days shipping to an APO in Japan. Great Job Drew Estates and CI!
It is December 26th, sitting on my back porch enjoying my Irish coffee and a cigar to start the day. I couldn't have chosen a finer cigar to pair with. Started off slightly sweet, developed into a creamy smoothness that complements the coffee perfectly. Wonderful aroma, never a bite to it all the way to the nub. Got this in the recent Drew Estate upgrade when I bought my box of Dirt Torpedoes. Couldn't think of a finer cigar in the morning.
MK of Fleetwood, PA
Tried the "Red Eye" and the "Balada" and they were good. Nothing to get excited about, but nothing wrong with them. The Tabak con Leche though..... one of the best cigars you'll ever find. If you like the Java line you'll fall in love with this. It is simply put, perfection.
GW of Stafford, VA
Love Love Love --- My Tabak Especial - Cafe Con Leche!!! I now have my friends loving them also. Sweet beginning & good pull with a great aroma!
EG of Bronx, NY
The Tabak Especial is a wonderful smoke! Smooth, creamy, delightful coffee and cream flavor, rich-smelling and extremely pleasant after-taste. This is my dessert cigar, after a good meal, relaxing. I smoke it until my lips get blistered, and only then, reluctantly set the stub in the ashtray. I wait all day, just so I can have one on the evening as a reward for being a good boy! Thanks, Drew Estate!
MD of Port Orchard, WA
I think that this is the best cigar that I have had ever. This is going to be my go to cigar. I love the flavor and the mild taste. No after taste. Great cigar.
BT of Federal Way, WA
Fantastic smokes. Will definitely buy again
LC of Fresno, CA
Incredibly smooth and sweet flavored cigar. I may have found a new favorite. Five stars and two thumbs way up!
CR of Watts, OK
I'm not a big fan of infused, but this is a real delight. As far as coffee/chocolate infused cigars this would have to be my personal favorite. No matter when I travel I ensure I have a few in my herf. It's perfect to pair with dessert or to enjoy with a cup of coffee in the morning.
JB of Pemberton, NJ
This has quickly become one of my new favorite cigars. From start to finish you will enjoy a smooth cigar with a well balanced mix of coffee, chocolate, and spice. If you smoke it all the way to the end you will get to experience a stronger coffee sensation which keeps me smoking this cigar for as long as I can keep my fingers on it.
MV of Raeford, NC
A thoroughly enjoyable smoke. Tasteful all the way to the end. Will definitely purchase again.
CN of Crossville, TN