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Drew Estate Tabak Especial

Half cigar, half amazing.

Drew Estate cannot be touched when it comes to top-caliber infused cigars with deliciously unique aromas. With Tabak Especial they’ve taken the coffee-infused cigar to bold new heights that thrill the taste buds. Jonathan Drew has carefully influenced Esteli-grown long-leaf tobaccos with the robust nuances of Nicaragua’s finest coffee beans. The result is a rich tobacco core layered with savory espresso notes and a touch of milk chocolate, all perfectly balanced by by a sweet, velvety aftertaste.

The regular Tabak Especial is available in two varieties, Dulce, which employs a silky shade grown Connecticut wrapper; Negra, a dark broadleaf maduro-wrapped beauty.

The Limited Edition Cafe Con Leche fuses these two into one spectacular, Torpedo-shaped offering....highly recommended!

The Limited Edition Red Eye is a stout, 4.5"x54 flavor bomb wrapped 'en negro' and made with three times the ligero to produce a bold blend that booms with big, rich Nicaraguan flavors supported by the slightest touch of coffee undertones.

  Size Pack In Stock MSRP Price Qty Cart
Belicoso Dulce (Robusto) (5.0"x54) BOX OF 24 In Stock $193.04 $150.57
5-PACK In Stock $33.00
Belicoso Negra (Robusto) (5.0"x54) BOX OF 24 In Stock $193.04 $150.57
5-PACK In Stock $33.00
Cafecita Dulce (Cigarillos) (4.0"x32) 50 CIGARS In Stock $90.00 $70.20
TIN OF 10 In Stock $18.00 $16.99
Cafecita Negra (Cigarillos) (4.0"x32) 50 CIGARS In Stock $90.00 $70.20
TIN OF 10 In Stock $18.00 $16.99
Corona Dulce (4.2"x46) BOX OF 24 In Stock $159.30 $124.25
5-PACK In Stock $27.00
Corona Negra (4.2"x46) BOX OF 24 In Stock $159.30 $124.25
5-PACK In Stock $27.00
Robusto Dulce (5.0"x54) BOX OF 24 In Stock $191.94 $149.71
5-PACK In Stock $32.50
Robusto Negra (5.0"x54) BOX OF 24 In Stock $191.94 $149.71
5-PACK In Stock $32.50
Toro Dulce (6.0"x52) BOX OF 24 In Stock $202.98 $158.32
5-PACK In Stock $34.50
Toro Negra (6.0"x52) BOX OF 24 In Stock $202.98 $158.32
5-PACK In Stock $34.50
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Customer Reviews of “Drew Estate Tabak Especial”
I have been fixated with the Tabak Especial after reading the CI catalog description. I have smoked the Java by Drew Estate which is an excellent cigar if you have not tried it. Naturally I wanted to try the Tabak Especial to compare. They are excellent, outstanding and superb. However, they are completely different smokes. The Tabak Especial has a sweet cap, a smooth draw and a mild coffee flavor that does not completely over-power the cigar. The Java is a stronger cigar in my opinion and has a more pronounced coffee flavor. The Java has a very oily extra dark Maduro wrapper. The Tabak is not as oily, not as strong and has a smoother draw. I think the Tabak is more polished and refined with excellent flavor, medium strength and smooth draw. Everything is just right with the Tabak and you know you are in for something special as soon as you light it and get that first draw. The Java line is also excellent but a little less refined. I would recommend buying both of the Drew Estate Cigar Lines. They seem to be priced in the same neighborhood with the Java having the higher price tag of the two. I am surprised that the Tabak does not have the higher price but the Java is a product of The Drew Estate and Rocky Patel. I am sure the teamwork increased the price of the Java so that both could be in on some of the profits. Buy a five pack of each in your preferred ring gauge and construction and decide which you like best. I promise you these are not junk flavored cigars like you get at Eckerds Drug Store. You will like both of these cigars.
MF of Washington, NC
Just 'finished' apopting Drew Estates CHATEAU REAL maduro line as a top three pick... In my book (and this is DAMNED important) DO NOT SMOKE THESE before first aging them (breathing room) in a humidor for almost a week... PHENOMENAL>>> Had my first TABAK last night and one for the drive home from work... BLISS, NIRVANA... W O W !!! Almost TOO good for every single day... but at least 2 to three per week!.. The Drew Estates Maduros (NO MATTER WHICH LINEAGE) are, hands down, the most complex, uniform and PLEASING dark stick you'll EVER smoke!! Beats a Bahia, Partagas Black, Ashton 60 and even the Arturo Fuente Gran Reserva for consistent and PLEASANT flavor... GET 'em wherever and whenever you can (IF you LOVE a deep and flavorful MADURO).
BL of DBeverly Hills, CA
Ok lets say it all together..........."Kahlua" I was addicted to the Kahlua to the point of having a closet full of empty boxes. When DE lsot the "rights" to the name and I couldnt find any I was devastated. Then a new smoke shop opened up and I started talking to the owner who was at the factory and he told me these were the replacement. I purchased a few of each(dulce and negra) and was impressed. The dulce was spot on with the Kahlua and the negra is great for a change from the inital sweetness on the caps of the dulce.Cant wait to try the LTD! Also if you like these try the Java im sure youll like them.
RC of Villas, NJ
The Robusto Dulce is just plain heaven.Paired with some rootbeer and the the flavors really shine...awesome
CL of Ashburn, VA
What a sweet smoke you can taste the honey. Me and my army buddies enjoy this one the most way to go Drew Estate.
BP of Huntsville, AL
already knowing how awesome the tabak line is ... I tried the robusto dulce ... smoked one right off the truck ... lost track of time and in my focus on this excellent gar I blew about an hour or more just goin .. "ya know what ... dont care about anything else" ... now ... on my second stick from the truck today ... I hear alot of folks pumpin up the java ... I DID like the java .. but I really dont think the java is as good as these .. start with java ... you will like it .. then upgrade if you want to take it slow .. but I say just go for it ... if you got the email about 10 sticks ... buy it now ! ... cause if I had the room Id be ordering another 10 right now ... and if I keep enjoyin these like I am ... they may be out of stock by the time you make up your mind ... the word I used on the first one that I said out loud with no one in the room was ... "heavenly"
TM of Reynoldsville, PA
Drew Estate Tabak Especial are GREAT! They remind me of one of my old favorits ;) ;). nice and smooth, not super sweet of over powering. I had one with a cup of coffee first thing in the morning and it was a great way to start the day!
JB of Woodland , WA
I swear I am not into the infused or flavored cigars, but I needed to mow the lawn and had a ton of Ciagrfest Cigars to go through so I said what the heck I'll try this one (Tabak Especial Negra robusto). Well let me tell you, this cigar is freakin good! I was really impressed with the flavor, burn, draw and overall construction. Nice Job! Also I have yet to find a crappy cigar from my Cigarfest package! Good Job CI all primo smokes.
RR of Suffern, NY
Got a sampler of 20 cigars. This is without a doubt my favorite. Great cigar! Just enough kick. Not overly sweet (for my taste). Just got my order in to share at my 40th class reunion next weekend!
RR of Jacksonville, FL
There is a big difference between these same some of the other cigars I have smoked. When my wife tells me I have something to do and I'm less than half-way through a knockaround stick I chuck it in th yard. When she bugs me and I have a Tabak Especial stick same situation, she'll be told "It can wait." They're that good, I cannot rush them and I smoke them till they burn my knuckles every time.
JH of Port Orchard, WA
I was told to try a Tabak Especial by the Drew Estate Rep Fabian... I'm not a big fan of infused cigars... I will smoke one every now and then to do something different. Just smelling the Tabak it had a wonderful smell... like fresh mocha coffee first thing in the morning. I cut and sparked one up and was very pleased with smooth creamy mocha and a slight hint of spice. Anyone that isn't an infused cigar smoker should give this a try! I promise you will not be disappointed! Very satisfying! Great Job Drew Estate!!!
RN of Laguna Niguel, CA
Picked one of these up during my local visit to the smoke shop. I like most of the Drew Estate blends, but this one was amazing. I was planning on saving it for another time, but the aroma drove me to light it up as soon as I got home. I enjoyed it so much that as soon as a I finished it I immediately drove to the shop and bought three more. I have a felling I will be picking these up on a regular basis from now on.
JF of OKlahoma City, OK
These cigars are amazing by far the best cigars from the Drew Estate!
P of Rlake havasu, AZ
This cigar is Sooo good. I just love the way the coffee flavors mingle with the sweetened cap of the toro dulce cigar. I have introduced over 75 other women to cigars with this very cigar ( Tabak dulce toro). Over 20 of them had never smoked anything before and over 40 of them it was their first cigar. I think that speaks for itself.
DC of Quinlan, TX
This is perhaps one of the smoothest and finest cigars I have ever enjoyed
RW of Oley, PA
Another great cigar made by drew estate. When I first came across the Robusto Negra it smelled to me like it was a little bit spicey. After finally lighting this cigar I was blown away!!! Highly recommended
RG of Hudson Falls , NY
Robusto Dulce=very good smoke. From 1-10 I give it a 10. The smell is ooh so good. We were outside with a lot of people and a few ask what we were smoking. A good cigar- buy them in a 5 pack you will love them. Bar-none one of the best I have had. I like to smoke a big cigar 6x60 ring. These are only 54 ring but the taste is very good and a good draw. Give them a try for sure.
TT of Bel Air, MD
wanted to give my 2 cents on the red eye... I am a med to full fan and have never tried an infused cigar...until now. The stick started sweet very SWEET almost too sweet for my taste,but thank goodness i have patience. About 3/4 thru the ligero kicked in and complemented the sweetness which calmed down a bit,pepper and spice was a reward for my patience.the last 1/4 was awesome, stronger pepper and spice. Yes there was a coffee infused aroma which was nice and the burn was PERFECT. This gents, was 2 days off the truck. Great after breakfast smoke, and nice for your friends who don't regularly partake in the big boy leaf. It put my worrys to rest about infused smokes. Fire it up!
FP of Newnan, GA
These are amazing cigars and a great buy. Drew Estate has a great lineup of cigars but the Tabak Especial Corona Dulce are my new up and coming favorite.
I am a younger guy, but I've been smoking cigars for about 4 or 5 years now. I never really smoked the expensive ones with the exception of a Macanudo every once in a while. Last year, my cousin gave me one of these cigars. I was hooked. Every time I walk into a cigar shop, I buy some. I just purchased a big box from CI last night. Can't wait to get them. These things have a great taste and are smooth. I just can't say enough about this product. I want to try the Java soon.
DC of Monongahela, PA
Cafe con Leche one of the best cigar ever. Always get 2 3/4 inches of ash every time, even outside in a 40 mile an hour West Texas sand storm. A very well made cigar.
KP of Levelland, TX
I just enjoyed one of these Drew Estate Tabak Especial Robusto Dulce. I got these because I am a big fan of the Java and these are a little easier on the wallet. This was a great smoke. Great flavor all the way through. A hint of coffee was present throughout the entire stick. I let these marinate in the humidor for a few weeks before trying one. The burn was even and the draw was good all the way through. I was surprised that there was no aftertaste at all. I just purchased 3 more of the 9 pack samplers off of the Jambalya along with two 10 packs of the Java. Both are great smokes and have a permanent place in my humidor.
JS of Claremore, OK
I enjoyed one of these (Dulce) the other day I received in a DE sampler. I was greatly impressed and surprised. Have since ordered the Negra version because I prefer maduro wrappers. Just a very enjoyable smoke that left me wanting another one. Enjoy!
DS of Jacksonville, FL
I just recieved my box of tabak has to be one of the best I ever smoked. so far everything I have smoked by drew estate has been wonderful. keep them coming!
DE of Jasper, AL
I just had my first Toro Dulce - what a great cigar! I'm saving the wrapper for this one so I can make sure to get more later. Very smooth, while the infused flavor was not overpowering.
PA of Hinesville, GA
I got into cigars through the Acid infused sticks... The more I experienced fine and full cigars the less I liked anything with an added flavor... That said, I still love Tabaks as a change of pace stick... Underneath the sweet tip lies a fantastic, cool & even burning smoke with a flavorful tobacco punch that is merely complimented by the coffee undertones. Whether you are a seasoned cigar smoker or a flavor/infusion nut, these cigars are the only ones that cover both sides appropriately without missing the beat on either.
RS of Valhalla, NY
Love this one for those lazy puttering around days. Smooth, coffee infused taste is just the right balance. Calming, this is my early morning on the deck smoke whilst on the iPad or listening to deck tunes, or both.
MS of Bethlehem, PA
Tabak Especials are my favorite! I love the smoothness & the flavor!!!
LM of Laguna Hills, CA
Never smoked before except for tryin cigarettes while growing up and never liked the smell or anything about it. Recently had a Cigars International store open up close to where I live and a friend of mine said we should stop in after Cabellas. They were running a promotion at the time $8.00 got you a beer (labatts was my choice) and a cigar. I took a chance with the Drew Tabak Special Toro Dulce and for my first time experience it is a great flavored cigar! If anyone's feeling to try a cigar I would highly recommend this one! I am new to the whole cigar thing so I'm sure theres better out there but, I'm sticking to thin one.
KW of Hamburg, PA
Drew estate tabak especial, its like smoking a cup of coffee, your taste buds cant get enough, if you could eat it you would. Great cigar, thanks drew estate. Keep up the good work.
I had the pleasure of having one of these Tabak Belicosos this morning with a cup of joe. It was a great burn and a solid taste. lasted about 45 mins. it got hot a bit too soon, and I wish it would have lasted an hour. but overall it was a great cigar and I surely am feeling it now. strong enough for me. Worth the money.
JS of New Lenox, IL
I bought one Tabak Especial when I was at Camp Lejeune for training and came back to Quantico and smoked it. What a flavor! I just received my two boxes of cigars and can't wait to smoke one when I am out cutting the lawn. The flavor is incredible and the infused coffee flavor continues throughout the entire cigar. I am hooked and intend to stick with this make. CI please do not ever discontinue this item.
WH of Stafford, VA
Tabak Especial, Toro Negra. I cannot believe the amount of flavors that came out of this cigar. I only have had one, and it has made such an impression on me that I'm urging anyone to try this cigar. If the thought of an infused cigar makes you cringe, I understand... But you haven't had THIS cigar yet. I strongly urge anyone to grab a fiver, maybe a nice drink of choice, and enjoy a nice, flavorful evening!
Just ordered 10 from the clearance section. The Java Lattes are good but seem to be inconsistent. Some have a stronger coffee flavor than others.
MW of Brighton, MI
I picked up a tin of the Cafecita Negra to try out the line. They're a very tasty 15 minute smoke with a medium-full body, very dark coffee and cocoa flavor, and a long peppery finish. They also give off tons of great smelling room smoke. I think they're a little overpriced, but they're a great option of enjoying a quick cigar when my friends are smoking a cigarette.
MF of Saint Louis, MO
Hands down one of the Best I have ever had. Just enjoyed a Robusto Duce on the way home from work. It is the best size and the best flavor i have ever had. Pair this with any good cup of coffee or a good drink of disaronno in the summer. I am telling you hands down the flavor, sweet tip, the draw, the complexity of this cigar will drive your taste buds wild! You will not be dissapointed. I just ordered more. I will be smoking these all summer long and winter too!
DS of Cedar Falls, IA
When my wife took a few draws and said, "Thanks!" and began to walk off with my cigar, I knew I had a winner with the Corona Dulce on the Tabak Especial.... Smoking this lovely stick was akin to enjoying that lingering smooth espresso taste that a quality cappuccino imparts. And yet, this cigar doesn't exhibit that sickening syrupy sweetness that you find in cheaper machine made cigars. In short, this cigar scored a 100 out of 100. Thanks, CI, for introducing my family to what may very well become a standard relaxing smoke. I can't wait to try the Negra in a different version, probably the Belicoso.
RS of Windsor, CO
Very tasty!
JH of Clinton, NY
My Cigar chomping buddies like to kid me because I am hooked on Tabak's Infused line. Kind of like they are smoking the manly man stick and I'm still working my way to their level. Don't get me wrong...I love a Fuente and Opus X is still king of the hill for me but for a fraction of the price this is one hell of a smoke. 6 x 52 Toro Dulce and a three finger neat Woodford Reserve...HEAVEN! The boys don't know what they're missin.
JC of Poughkeepsie, NY
Good but, not a good representative of the full size. Started unwrapping around the mouth end...
BM of Poplarville, MS
Drew Estates strikes again! Love these smokes! I like to use a punch on my cigars, and it works great on these. Has a good even burn and a very smooth draw. These are mild to mild-medium to me and have a creamy taste to them. Will defiantly purchase again...I always have these on hand to relax with at night with a cup DD coffee.
SH of Chesapeake, VA
Yes, please. These are great. They smell great, burn great, draw great, taste great. The only downside is that I'm pretty sure the tip is flavored with an artificial sweetener which sometimes bothers me. No problem, I just take off a little bit more of the tip when I cut it. The rest of the cigar is the real treat anyhow.
CG of Chagrin Falls, OH
I humbly hand over the mic...and walk away...simply amazing.
JS of Milwaukee, WI
Great smoke with your morning coffee or after your dinner meal!
MR of Fort Knox, KY
Drew Estate never disappoints me with the cigar line-up. The Tabak is a delicious cigar that goes great with a cup of java. It's a nice way to start of the day. Drew Estate makes some of the best flavored cigars in the industry.
EW of Virginia Beach, VA
Thank you for the last twenty+ years of service to me and all my brothers in arms. MSG Ragnar T.Soderlind USA. SFG.(ret)
RS of Southport, NC
What a great cigar. I love Tabak Especial. It's cigar first, with coffee favors in the background. I break them out when I want a good smoke that's a little different. I'm ordering a box; I don't care what the price is !!!
AP of Waynesboro, PA
I destroy one of these beautiful cigars with a cup of coffee EVERY morning. I'm on my third box already. My only complaint is the glue on the label seems to run and it consistently damages the wrapper....
Took these beauties camping. The cigars were light and a great treat after the 8 mile 4k elevation hike. I love Drew Estate however, these seemed a bit too sweet. Now this could be due to their small size, over all I'd give them a 8 out of 10.
BC of Lompoc, CA
I love the tast of these they are a great short smoke with flavor, if you are looking for a short smoke try some your going to like them.
BT of Federal Way, WA